Opposition MP pushes Malawi govt to invite Scotland Yard to investigate Njaunju killers, mysterious fires

An opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator has moved a motion that if passed, the government would be mandated to invite Scotland Yard, the UK state spies to investigate the brutal murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs Issa Njauju and mysterious fires.

Makowa Mwale: Bring Scotland Yard to Malawi

Nkhotakota South East member of Parliament (MP) Everson Makowa Mwale (MCP)  wants the government to invite the Scotland Yard to investigate the death of Njaunju and fires at the ministry of Agriculture headquarters at Capital Hill in Lilongwe, the fire at a warehouse of the Malawi Electoral Commission in Lilongwe and the fire at power utility provider Escom.

“This is about serious investigations of serious crimes that have affected the nation,” he said.

The legislator said local law enforcers, the police, have failed to investigate the murder of Njauju who was killed a year ago, the MEC fire two years ago so too the fire at Escom head office in Blantyre three years ago saying it  is only the arsonists or the murderers who would say no to thie proposal.

“Malawians have seen a warehouse of the Malawi Electoral Commission apparently set on fire, but with no answers coming two years down the line.  Malawians have seen the administrative harrow of ESCOM apparently set on fire, but with no plausible explanation provided.  Malawians have seen a beloved and distinguished son of the nation in the name of Issa Njauju, mysteriously and callously murdered but with no answer to the puzzle for over a year now,” said Makowa Mwale.

He continued: “ Malawians have this month seen a mysterious fire break-out at the very seat of government at Capital Hill with no hope that answers will be found.  What all this means Mr Speaker, Sir is that our investigative state organs lack the necessary capacity to carry out high profile investigations.”

Mwale  said the images of fire raging at the minister of Agriculture’s office circulating on social media shocked Malawians as well as development partners.


He said this was no strange for a country to seek help to investigate mysterious crimes.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, it is not strange for any country to seek external help, whenever there is such lack of local capacity. Our National Audit Office has done it, most recently by partnering with external forensic auditors in the infamous cash-gate scam.  We therefore, as a nation do not hesitate to seek help from outside the country, in our quest for wanting to get to the bottom of the long list of mysterious fires and murders.  It has been captured in the substantive motion; we can now seek help on the mentioned three mysterious fires and one mysterious death,” said Mwale.

The legislator said he had in mind the US FBI, the Israel’s Mossad but settled for Scotland Yard because Britain is a former colonial master of Malawi.

Nkhata Bay South South East member of Parliament (MP) Noah Chipeni  said the police in Malawi are failing to do their job well because of political interference.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, our investigating officers cannot do their fine job which they are known to be doing if constantly put on a short political leash. Mr Speaker, Sir, it is not to undermine our investigative institutions when we call upon government to ask for outside help but it is basically to deal with the delays that we have witnessed in these cases.  And again, it is not to accuse our men in uniform of any maladroitness Mr Speaker, Sir, but it is because of delays that we have witnessed,” said Chimpeni.

Mulanje West MP, who is also Minister of Civic Education Patricia Kaliati said the investigations should include powerful politicians killed in one state like Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and Dave Chiwanga as well as former Inspector General of Police Mac William Lunguzi.

“There are so many deaths which happened in Malawi so we should not be selective on which ones to investigate,” she said.

Kasungu Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo said the bill if passed into law would enhance transparency and accountability set of democracy.

“It has taken too long to uncover who killed Njauju. His death was an attack on democracy,” he said.

Mwenifumbo said the coming in of investigative experts from Scotland Yard would solve the jigsaw puzzle of the graves of Yatuta Chisiza and Letanayo Mwahimba from Karonga who were kiled in 1967 after the infamous cabinet crisis but the Kamuzu Banda regime hid where the two were buried.

He said the family, with the support of government, have tried in vain to find out the graves of the two in Zomba, suggesting their bodies might have been fed to crocodiles.

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10 thoughts on “Opposition MP pushes Malawi govt to invite Scotland Yard to investigate Njaunju killers, mysterious fires”

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    Tachotsani chi more in national ahhhh

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  4. Yahya Jammeh says:

    DPP has been cornered. What Kaliati is suggesting does not make sense because the truth about the Mwanza Accident was already made known to the public when Muluzi became President. He even went to the death spot at Thambani to hold a political rally. If DPP was not satisfied with the findings of UDF, they were at liberty to constitute another investigation during the years they have been in power, but now the issue at hand is about Njaunju’s death. and this has come at the initiative of MCP legislator. DPP should not run away from the shadow, it should wait until the figure of the shadow is seen. Kaliati’s argument could be interpreted as since MCP killed Gadama and others DPP also have a licence to kill Njaunju, Chasowa and others on 20 July 2011. You must be able o make a difference between one party state and multiparty system of government and two wrongs do not make a right. If you think MCP was wrong to kill the Ministers and MP, you should have avoided killing. Scotland Yard must come to probe the death of Njaunju and Chasowa period. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  5. Mavuto Banda says:

    Government will never do it since its within the government the murderer is. Let’s ask for help from donors, because its also their interest to know why as corrupted government officials steal donors money too.

  6. Mavuto Banda says:

    When the government don’t have expertise to investigate a murder case usually they ask for help. Supposing it was a president or any high official in the government who was killed in a brutal way could the government not ask for qualified investigators ? Is life of Nyaunji and Chisowa not worth? A Malawi your tax money is for those who can kill to protect their interests . Why not stop this now for all. They do this to bring fear to anyone who is trying to take a chance to view their names.

  7. so it has to cost us scotland yard to investigate the killings ?//////////////////////////////mmmmmmmmmmm i seee drama here

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  9. phoding says:

    So according to Kaliati DPP Govt is accepting Njaunju Killing & wondering why MCP shouldnt be investigated of their killings aswel? She wants Tit for Tat.This is a “Yes we did it but why only us?”

  10. Ngalamayi says:

    There is little point in bringing in overseas investigators if the government of the day then hides the results… just look at Cashgate and external auditors!

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