Opposition salutes DPP govt over systems to battle food shortage

Vocal opposition legislators have given rare applause to government for putting in place a vibrant system that would ensure every Malawian has a plateful food up to March next year, the next harvest season.

Felix Jumbe: We are very impressed, from what we have seen

Felix Jumbe: We are very impressed, from what we have seen

Chairman of the parliamentary Agriculture and Natural Resources Felix Jumbe said on Friday he was amazed to see well stocked National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) silos in Kanengo, Lilongwe contrary to the views the committee held before the surprise visit.

“We are very impressed, from what we have seen, people should not panic. They have enough food, this is rare,” said Jumbe.

This is a rare applause to the Peter Mutharika administration which had received severe criticism in parliament from Jumbe and other opposition Malawi Congress Party and Peoples Party backbenchers, in the way the government is handling the impending food crisis situation.

National Food Reserve Agency general manager Nasimuko Saukira said his organisation is despatching 1, 000 metric tonnes of maize per day or 24 trucks full of maize to all Admarc and other designated selling points.

He said there are 50000 metric tonnes in the silos, enough to take the country through to the next harvest season.

Saukira said the government instructed NFRA to distribute 27000 metric tonnes of maize to World Food Programme out of which 16000 metric tonnes has been given the last consignment will be given before the end of the month.

The World Food Programme is giving relief food to close to 3 million Malawians.

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38 thoughts on “Opposition salutes DPP govt over systems to battle food shortage”

  1. Wow! What A Turning Point For Malawian Politics- Bravo Feli Umbatiimilira Umbatipangambo Lipulizenting’i. Osati Dzinyau Zinazi Ku Nsutsutsa Ndi Zeru Zomwe, Nkhwidzi,kaduka Ndi Nsanje. It Only Portray Lack Of Monitoring And Evaluation As A Follow-up Measure To National Issues. Another Angle Of The Spectrum, Might Be Raising Suspicion Over Opposition Rhetorical Rebuke To Govt. This Is In Accordance With What The Same Leaders Of Opposition How They Were Showering Hailstorm To Govt Over Understocked N.F.R.A Silos Without Feasibility Study Of The Situation. Okey, Thumb Up For Telling The Nation The Truth Over And Above Party Politiking.

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    My arithmetic tells me that 1,000 tonnes dispatched per day and the silos have 50,000 tonnes will result in the maize ending in early February which is a crucial month as far as hunger is concerned in Malawi.

  3. Koma Kumeneko says:

    He was paid to say this, anthu akuvutika ndi njala uku the plan can be good but implementation, tell us what is on the ground hon. Jumbe. Inu mukuti uyu amafunika kukhala leader of opposition mutengeni akakhale presedent ku chipani chanu cha DPP. Can you compare Jumbe or Njovu ndi Chakwera? Chakwera is in the category of Bingu, wa first term, Obama, Magufuli, Kagame You cant compare him with mare politicians like Jumbe or APM. Chakwera could have been the vice president when Bingu was president and take over from him malawi couldnt be the same by this time.

  4. Manuel says:

    Jumbe and Njobvuyalema have always been honest and objective opposition MPs. I often wonder why the latter wasn’t considered for the speaker’s post and why leader of opposition must be a party leader and not any genuinely capable MP(eg Jumbe) frm that largest opposition party?

  5. John Semani says:

    Chongu we are looking matured people like you Mr, keep it up we can’t go anywhere with criticism let’s make Malawi to be a better place to be

  6. Alfred Minjo says:

    Happy Nyirenda kuthyakula chizungu. They doesn’t…..tazingolembani m’chichewa basi.

  7. chimwene says:


  8. mwamwitu says:

    This guy deserves to be a leader of opposition he is always frank.Not zinazi za chakwerankhwende

  9. The Most Concerned says:

    Let them talk while ife a DPP tikumenya smart games underground. Chakwera, Kabwira & Lunguzi will be caught unawares. This is the Government headed by a learned Professor.

  10. chindaxi says:

    Take the maize to the hospitals. Patients are starving…rather than just keeping it in silos

  11. Dolo weni weni says:

    This is just a total nonsense! The issue is not having stocks of maize with NFRA but how ADMARC depots will sell fairly to all intended customers. Most of the depot staff are corrupt and take advantage of the remoteness of most market to sell to vendors who in turn reap off poor people. Secondly, crops from farmers were bought at very cheaper prices by vendors and even tobacco at the auction floors. How will people buy this maize when their pockets are empty? Wake up Jumbe and don’t just praise nonsense!

  12. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Let me first plead with the leaders especially MPs to provide transport for their particular areas because transport use to be the main problem in this maize distribution process.
    How I wish this maize to be transported to the most needed areas first which happens to be in the most remote areas before the rains because most of these areas use to be impassable during rainy seasons.

    Hear my plea please especially you vocal for nothing opposition MPs. Bravo to APM and his DPP government.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!

  13. Berson says:

    The fact still remains that food security in Malawi is the brain child of DPP govt.no wonder they were voted back into office,a rare thing in Africa,they are caring.

  14. chipie says:

    ndiona koma .nanga mzipatalamu bwaji

  15. Ghadhaffi says:

    Chibadwire a Jumbe canzeru mwakamba nd cimeneci,ayi takunyadirani ndi mfundo yanuyo bola osangotibwatika nd bodza. Nanunso a Malawi tipewe kumangotukwana ndi zabwino zomwe,zikakoma tiyeni tinyadire nd kuyamikira,zikanyasa tiyeni tiwathire machaka a mau kuopa angadzolowere zopusa.

  16. andliza says:

    Nkhan yabwino. Bola zikhale zoona..

  17. Mkwapu says:

    How about food mu ma hospital?

  18. Prophet Bashiri says:

    This Jumbe is a joke. A farmer with no understanding of government business

  19. Busy brains says:

    What a misleading headline??? Is Jumbe opposition ???? The reporter should have written ” Jumbe salutes ………………….” It would have sounded logic if the salutation was coming from MCP publist, Dr Jessie Kabwira . Jumbe was speaking in his personal capacity as a would be catch of the DPP.

  20. Mhango says:

    Thanks hon Jumbe.Ngakhale kuti Kabwira and Lunguzu,non patriotic Malawians are not happy with this.God bless Malawi without asking them otherwise I don’t know what

  21. Spectator. says:

    Simple arithmetic it means the National Food reserve is keeping one million 50 kg bags of maize only for the next three and half months for the population of 14 million plus. Nanga mvula ikuchedwayi sitiona nazo maloza izi tikazakolola mochedwa. Pakufunikatu Joseph amasulire maloto a Pharao apa

  22. Kadakwiza says:

    This is good news. Let us thank our government for job well done if necessary.

  23. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    Government has done what it is is supposed to do– make sure that at any given time there is enough stock of maize available in the country. That is what the cilos were built for.

    Food is a basic necessity of life like water and medicine. Any lapse on the part of government to ensure that it discharges its basic responsibilities which include ensuring availability of food, medicine and water is a dereliction of duty.

    The operative word is “availability”. Availability is a necessary condition for addressing hunger; but it is not a sufficient condition. The other conditions needed are fair distribution, easy access to the distribution points by citizens and an affordable price for maize. I am not privy to these other requirements. Taken together the Government would have fulfilled its responsibilities. There is no need for a special praise for Government for doing its duty.

  24. kakoma nkuyenderana says:

    Good lucky . Bravo MG.

  25. Thats DPP i know.They doesnt just look at the fruits of the problem but they rather get deep down to its roots so that the problem is really exterminated.

  26. bles says:

    My first time to hear opposition salute ruling government.

  27. komkobb says:

    For how long are we going to wait. The rain season is on. Transportation will be very difficult.

  28. Nanga bwanji mumangonyoza boma?

  29. chembwiye says:

    Thumbs up Hon Jumbe, for telling the truth this time around.Actually Government is doing a lot under very difficult circumstances but the opposition choose to turn a blind eye on such achiements.

  30. guta says:

    Jumbe ulibwino!

  31. Angel of Doom says:

    Is it not this same idiot that was so vocal about how Malawians will starve to death?

    I have said it before I will say it again, Malawi is full of idiots. A Government can not inform citizens on everything.

    Sometimes it helps to wait and see.

    Is it not Joice Banda who labelled all Maize from the grain reserve with her name?
    Is it not Bakili who withheld maize for campaign while people were dying of starvation?

    All this is conveniently forgotten in the name of political popularity, it has nothing to do with peoples well being.

  32. matombodya says:

    Good indeed

  33. Chingolopiyo says:

    Mr F. Jumbe, stocking maize at the NRA does not means people have food! Go and check with the local ADMARC depots or ask people when did they bought maize at ADMARC depot? Much is it is said, give credit where it is due, but DPP has not yet come to that point, the food shortage is just beginning, wait Mr F. Jumbe and open your eyes to the cry of the masses

  34. Nankumba. (VG) says:

    A muthalika akanena zinthu zimachitika. DPP woooyeeee!

  35. mtumbuka says:

    Koma chakwera, kabwila ndi msonda. Sangayamikile pamenepo, kwawo kukhala kususa.oppositions of opposing every thing.dikilani mumva.

  36. ATF says:


  37. bingu says:

    Very good story to hear especially coming the opposition member. I think we are growing up mentally.

  38. Tengupenya says:

    Boma ilo!

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