Opposition summon Mutharika in Parliament:  MPs to grill Malawi President in question’s time

Opposition legislators say they have summoned President Peter Mutharika to answer questions on food shortages and accessibility as well as the fast decaying economy.

Mutharika  expected  in parliament to answer questions

Mutharika expected in parliament to answer questions

Firebrand Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua has confirmed the summoning, saying he is expected to appear before Parliament this week.

“He was supposed to appear before parliament last Wednesday but as you might be aware, parliament was in committee of supply so he could not come,” said the outspoken Peoples Party vice president.

Kalua assured the President that the opposition would respect his presence, saying it will not be characteristic of South African parliament where the head of state is shouted at and booed by the opposition.

“He will have a dignified and peaceful atmosphere because the issues he will be tackling will be of great national importance. We want him to tackle issues of maize availability and accessibility as some people continue to die or faint. We want him to declare a state of emergency,” he said.

He also said the President should tell the nation how his administration is dealing with the ailing economy that has led to the high cost of living pushing more Malawians in untold poverty and misery.

Leader of the House Francis Kasaira could not be reached for comment but Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale said the President would attend to such summons if questions are filed in advance.

If Mutharika honours the summon, this will be the first time in over 20 years when a head of state has answered questions in the House after Bakili Muluzi who faced a myriad of questions in mid 1990s from the then leader of opposition Gwanda Chakuamba when parliament was meeting in Zomba.


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22 thoughts on “Opposition summon Mutharika in Parliament:  MPs to grill Malawi President in question’s time”

  1. phunziro says:

    this country is for us all.

  2. Kodi iwe Kamlepo atati akupatse mpata kwa mwezi umodzi kuti ungolamulirako ungakonze zinthu? osamangotchuka ndi kuvuta ngati an eye sore anthu azikutanani kuti mumalankhula.Ndale ziri ngati mpira umaona kuti sakusewera bwino koma lowani kumangokanika,inuyo ndinu M’malawi lithandizeni boma pomwe pakuvutapo zikatero tidzati we have a constructive opposition.Or APM abwere ku parliament zomwe mukufuna will it happen in 24hrs? Mabvuto ali mdziko muno ngofuna kugwirana manja osati momwe mukuchitira APM sabweretse njala if anything call JEHOVA for that questioning coz if read the Bible which the bôok of prophecies it rightly says that masiku otsiliza kudzakhala zinthu zomwe zikuchitikazi njala,nkhondo,zivomezi,anthu azayipilayipila,osakonda abwino,ana osamvera owabala ndi zambiri.Ndiye anthu omwe akuyenda ndi mau a Mulungu sitikuona cha chilendo chifukwa Jehova akunenetsa kuti mau ake sadzapita pa chabe adzakwanilitsidwa ndiye inu baba KK musaledzere ndi zochitika za dziko siyani ndale muyambe kutsatila mulungu.

  3. Phwisa says:

    A Jelbin Mk mwasonyesa utsilutu apa. Funsani odziwa kuti mafunso amene ma MPs amafunsa zimakhala bwanji. 21 years have passed since tha last Malawi president answered questions in parliament . Why today. We have been saying we want our MPs to come up with policies which will help prevent hunger in future not yesterday whether be it DPP govt or PP, MDP or MCP .

  4. Phita Muthanyula says:

    “If the questions are filed in advance”? Kalekeni Kaphale usilu wakowo.

  5. Phwisa says:

    Any sane Malawians knows why the country has such problems. Even outsiders know. PAC conference . Parliament . But opposition members of parliament do not know. The good thing is its the opposition members and not parliament. What these Opposition MPs are forgetting is chimanga chacha madela ena akukolola. What will opposition then say come Aprili May. Mukuzimbaitsila za treason. Muona mu akafoila mapulani anuwo. 2019 si panotu

  6. Jelbin mk says:

    Kaphale is another fool how can question time be pre-scribed? Then what will be the basis of summoning him if questions are already prepared? Do you want to answer for him?

  7. cymru says:

    KK, may be you have not read the other comments. For your information I’m not a support of any party. The president for Malawi is the president of all whether you like it or not. It is not proper to say your ”president” as if he is president of a party. As far as he is State president, then it is obvious that he is president of Malawians because the State of Malawi belongs to people of Malawi. If you are a foreigner then its alright he is not your president. For example Hon. Dr. Chakwera is president of MCP, if you are not a member of that party you have a right to say he is not your president. But if in future he wins the presidency, he shall be the president of all Malawians.

  8. 2016 welcome says:

    @5 you seem to be the pinnacle of ignorance almost in all spheres of life.Your writing tells it all. You can’t even know that a sentence needs to start with a capital letter. Then how can we expect such a dolt to understand the functions of the three arms of government? Arranging adult literacy classes is in order for you.

  9. KK says:

    11,Who is writing bad names of your leader what ever you call him here? read carefully before you start talking shit yah!! check again. No one has called your President any bad name here,
    Mukufunika kukayezetsa maso inu kuti muzivala mandalasi.

  10. Sizoona says:

    I know some think they are the wisest, but alas, too dull indeed. Admarc showing availability of maize in their markets, and it is reported that the kwacha is gaining strength, so what answers do you want? If I were an advisor to the president, i would tell him not to go. They want to fulfill their ritual on him aziti mulungu wawo wa ku Nigeria akunena zoona. Already some foolish people are celebrating saying they are waiting for a state funeral. Akuti aguliratu ng’ombe. Foolishness at its worst. Mwaiwala kuti mudampha munyenyembe ku parliament komweko?

  11. chakumbali michael abineli chisale says:

    the big man has to give us facts mainly on the poor economy…..look at the passport amount now?high amounts y this to malawi/food is another bt now thank God for the good harvest we r expecting to have……..so may the president work on the economy issues pliz before Malawi loses many of its youth to south africa for employment an other greener pastures.

  12. cymru says:

    Some comments are not worthy. Foul mouth will not help. Control your anger and emotions. It is not fair to call the president all those bad names even if you don’t like him. I don’t want to go to biblical verses but it the responsibility of every citizen to respect those in authority. You can criticize their management styles, policies and what have you but calling bad names and foul language to those in authority shows that we are still far behind civilization. Nyasa Times is not a forum for showing anger and dislike. Show your intelligence by giving comments that do not reflect your limited knowledge of the world. In any democracy, presidents, prime ministers and other leaders are free to go to parliament and respond to some critical questions. It is not even news or something extraordinary. But in Malawi, it is news or sounds strange because we are very far away from democracy and civilization. I wish Nyasa Times were critically looking at the comments posted because some are not adding any value. If you don’t like the current leadership, then start preparing now to change things in 2019, otherwise the foul mouthed writing shall not change anything.

  13. kk says:

    Inu amene mukuti Muntharika asapite ndinu mbuli theletu ndipo agang’a ngati inuyo sindinawawonepo,
    Apa ndipamene mkuluyu akuyenela kuonetsa chamuna chifukwa ma MP ake akumuonongela mbili pa zinthu zambiri,
    Osayiwala kuti ndiye mtsogoleri mwanva agang’a inu.
    Ngati sakwanitsa kupitako ndiye kuti dzanja laremba pakhoma akuyenela kutula pansi udindo wa mwera zikho za mfumu.
    Akuyenela kuyankha mafunso polongosola mmene iye akuganizila pa za tsogolo la Malawi osati la DPP agong’oli inu?

  14. jolozakapokola says:

    Pitala sangabwere..Nkuluyu is very dull..he was using likasa to get his PhD through open book exams..Kkkkkkk..He even doesnt know why we have such an economic mess. He also has no idea where the country is going….

  15. lipenga says:

    I still don’t understand why can’t you impeach this clueless Mbuzi , the country has no leader at all and Malawi is worse under his presidency .

    peter is not the alpha and omega of Malawi ,we can live without. Bingu was was the first curse and the second curse ,something wrong with the bloodline of the mutharikas .thousands of people in Brazil are demonstrating to force the President to resign and in Venezuela are doing the same I am sure we can do the same in Malawi without Billy Mayaya who received 500.0000 to cancel the demo .mutharika must fall

  16. Francis says:

    Those supporting the president not to appear seem to be very closed and ignorant about democracy. Do you ever watch what happens in other parliaments? We have alot of dunderheads in Malawi that donot even understand politics. They are just die hards or zealots that have no clue about issues. Just take your time to watch deliberations in South Africa and see how Jacob Zuma makes democracy work. Primitive politcs will drive us 100 years behind….These zealots will one day discover that the president has sold the country and they even have no toilet to use. Shupidt dunderheads! Let him appear before parliament if you think he is a professor and intelligent!

  17. ellias says:

    Kodi bwanji osafunsa ma MPs cos they are the ones staying with the people in the villages. Dont blame the president only but the MPs too.

  18. KAKA says:




  19. jubeki says:

    Cut my throat, mbuzi ya mantha iyi sibwera kumeneko. Paja wanena dzana kuti salemekeza chilichonse chanu chaku parliament. Ndipo akuti you waste your time there kukambirana zamavuto athu. Ndipo mukapanga bill yokamba za iye, sadzalora kuti ikhale lamulo. Za parliament alibe nazo ntchito.

  20. mzungumbuli says:

    I see no tangible responses coz this man is clueless and pig headed, he doesnt even know what to do in such situations.

  21. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The President should just ignore the so-called summons.
    He has more important things to do: like actually working on food security strategy; not just the short term supply.
    When will people like Kalua stop trumpeting their own horn, and behaving and acting in narcissistic fashion? When what they really are is matemba (small fry) in a pool shared with sharks.
    APM should send someone to represent him if he wants. But even that is optional. At your discretion, Sir.

  22. 2016 welcome says:

    Inu mukafunsa mafunso mbuli yoti sidziwa chilichonse. I just wonder what sort of a professor this guy was with his thick accent almost in all languages and more importantly his cluelessness.

Comments are closed.

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