Opposition to quiz govt on food, medicine shortages: Malawi Parliament meets Feb 22

Malawi opposition parties have said they will take government to task in the forthcoming mid-year budget review of parliament, accusing the Peter Mutharika administration to have failed to address the problem.

Kabwila:   We will seek answers from government

Kabwila: We will seek answers from government

The opposition lamented food and medicine shortages and skyrocketing food prices as the nation grapples with a severe drought.

Parliament meets from February 22 to review the national budget that was passed in June last year.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government that it has failed to handle the hunger situation in terms of relief food and distribution and the fertilizer subsidy programme.

.”They should show us how the procurement of maize happened and why things have gone wrong,” MCP spokeswoman, Jessie Kabwila, said.

Kabwila said government has to explain why it’s allowing its citizens to spend nights on queue at Admarc depots in empty stomachs when billions of kwacha was allocated by parliament in the budget for maize.

She said the DPP government “needs to provide clear answers.”

MCP said they will also raise the issue on electricity problems and the collapsing health system, saying government should ensure that the right to food and essential health services is grantee to Malawian citizens by making sure that maize is available in Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) deports and that adequate drug supply is also available in all public hospitals.

Peoples Party (PP) Leader in Parliament, Uladi Mussa, also said they will raise the issues if hunger and medicine shortages.

Uladi Mussa: We wiill demand answers

Uladi Mussa: We will demand answers

Mussa said: “Poor Malawians are suffering. They are failing to buy maize because either the maize is not there or they don’t have money to buy it. Why is government failing to control the food crisis?”

The PP acting president pointed out that Malawians pare dying [from] diseases that can easily be cured.

He said poor people are also “feeling the pinch “as they don’t have the financial muscle to buy the medicine from Pharmacies.

On food shortage situation, Mussa calls upon government to take necessary measures to make sure that maize is readily available in all Admarc deports.

Mussa also said they will demand answers from Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe on how the budget is being implemented and the skyrocketing inflation.

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24 thoughts on “Opposition to quiz govt on food, medicine shortages: Malawi Parliament meets Feb 22”

  1. shemstone zimba says:

    lets joins hands in combating hunger blame game can not work here hunger is sometimes natural dont say we are in opposition to oppose tmrw y’ll be in the same shoes we have to understand donors are not giving aid and malawi has been relying on donors for a long time even if we can give yu the mandate without donors yu will still fail this is tough going according to us try to be productive while in opposition so that malawians can assess yu better for whatever yu can say yu will still rely on revenue
    assist the Government in anyway malawians will see yu while in opposition and will grade yu

  2. Sapitwa says:

    Sure Kabwila do that. We just don’t want you to make useless noises that will not yield corrective actions. School the government on what tools they can apply to lower the commodity prices or appreciate the Kwacha against the foreign currency.
    School them on the maize scarcity on what they could do better to fix the problem if it were you in government.
    School them on how you think they could rectify the hospital problem.
    We need robust debate not just empty noises.
    We support you Kabwila and your team. If you fail this time again, then osadzatinyasanso ndi chinkonono chanucho.

  3. james Mutuwankhwandwe says:

    Opposition, please stop promising us that you will take government to task when Parliament sits. This is is always always your signature tune, once you receive allowances, you sit phwiii especially you Kabwila. You must know the difference between Parliament and College- stupid.

  4. Mlomwe says:

    Professor without leadership skill amangodziwa kugwa basi ngati mene yagwera kwacha.Alomwe ndi mburi zotheratu

  5. Jimbo says:

    The Malawi Kwacha seems to be losing value as each day passes. It is currently 1,081 to the GB Pound!! This means the Kwacha is virtually valueless. Goodall Gondwe’s answer is to leave the economy in God’s hands. He is the Minister of Finance not God. He cannot abrogate his responsibilities in this way. He is clearly without any ideas as to how to improve the economy. Why does APM keep him in post? He should be dismissed at once and replaced by someone with financial ability whether DPP or not. The country is in crisis and the government are like headless chickens. Malawi deserves better.

  6. mangu says:

    Mufanso simkumva olo pang’ono adpp makani.

  7. Enukweni gondwe says:

    Dpp always is not alert for every disaster. too shame to all leaders of dpp with your supporters. failure is a failure. Go home before you more and difficult problems.

  8. Enukweni gondwe says:

    Apa boma la Dpp latondekaso kachiwiri ndimo vikawira na bingu kukana kusambizgika namuwonerera waka masuzgo mucharu.

  9. Matongoanu says:

    The problem is we have a very weak opposition that only knows how to bark and not how to bite. How can you let this fool reduce Malawians to this level. The opposition is pathetic and easy to corrupt and bribe. You are all in the same sinking boat as DPP.

  10. Grey mpithi says:

    Brothers and sisters, especially u the so called honourable members. U are so provokative on issues that even urself doesnt ve answer to it. U cannot gain any political milestone here, even us from the villages we know the truth. Our government have no money to address all the problems u mention. We go by zero deficit, we spend as we earn. Uladi Mussa do not forget that ur PP government its the major causitive of this, where can the government get money knowingly that u stole it. Hunger and problems will never last coz its one sign of end time. Malawians wake up, stop trusting at any man trust God. If u think Chakwera can change anything its a waste of time, things will never go back to its originality bcoz its beyond redemption. Chakwera is a man running away from God, he failed to serve God, can he serve u. He is a cursed person nothing will work for him. Take my words Malawians, if him was righteous could he run away from God? Politics is for devils, nothing is perfect in politics.

  11. 2016 welcome says:

    @2, Bentrey, If by any accident you happen to be in any leadership position then this country is really in for trouble. I am sorry to brand you a quiter if not a loser. So for you, if the problem has been there it’s okay to pertuate it? That’s what you are communicating. I thought the thinking should be with passage of time mankind should be able to find meaningful ways on how to solve problems once and for all? If you follow trends, when humanity was confronted with HIV/AIDS pandemic in the mid 1980s to early 2000s we were so ravaged that we lost hope but come mid 2000 there was breakthrough in ART and at least there is hope. I thought that’s how humans ought to respond to challenges?

  12. Boliwoli2 says:

    O!O! U Bentry and Mannuel simunkazitamika ndi chipani chanuchi mu mbuyomo kuti MUTHESA NJALA lero mwayiwala tangonenani kuti zakukanikani tangochokani mubomamu mukuzunza anthu ndikaboma kanu kobera.Tiyenawo Kabwira ndi Uladi mugube kuti inuso aku parl mwanyanyala bwinoburget yalowa cashgate.

  13. Mphini Zoyang'anira says:

    It doesn’t require a person who has graced what in modern times is called walking through the corridors of higher education for one to appreciate that the hunger being experienced in Malawi has not only affected one region. Who is not aware that the economy worldwide is in dire straits and Malawi being a country used to handouts can not manage on her own? Go to parliament session with positive contributions and not preparing to argue as has been the case since we got independent 52 years ago. Where is the contribution from the government in waiting if your reasoning is like that of dzigawenga?

  14. Modicai Longwe says:

    Lachuluka apa ndi dyera kanga ndiwamba. Ma MP athu aliyense atangoti asonkhe matumba ten okha a chimanga tikhoza kuona kuti anthu angapo apezako kansima. Koma eeishii! Nthawi yovota ndiye kubwera kumanyenegerera anthu pano anthu akuvutika ndinjala osawathandiza. Ambuye mutichitile chisoni.

  15. tsetsefly says:

    I find ascertions by Mr Patriotic laughable. Why do you always want opposition to be part of gvt when things are not working well? Why is it that when all is rosy the so called ruling party wants to take the whole credit? DPP munya muona. Useless boma being run by clueless idoits.

    We said that voting DPP back to power was the greatest mistake this country made. I am saying this assuming that no one stole the elections. As Usi and Kapito said we do not see direction in DPP. We do no feel they know what must be done to reverse the trend. So as a country we have three more years of weeping and wailing at the mess of the DPP. Lord have mercy on us. This burden of a president and his gvt is just too much.

  16. BOKHO says:

    Nonse mwapanga comment pamwambanu ndinu mbuli komanso ndinu ana. There was no such hunger in Malawi such that Admarc failing to supply. Admarc was buying power of all agricultural products even tobacco at low volume. Admarc was supplying maize every year from November to March every year. Kamuzu purchased maize in 1992 when there drought from Kenya and I myself ate that food red maize no one died in the time of Kamuzu. It is the job of GOVT to plan and buy maize for its citizen. Pulezident wanji wongakhalila kuitana anthu ku Kamuzu palace for nothing. This is rediculous, shame govt. That is why God is angrily

  17. Mecry says:

    Ndizoona mafazi its dont blm gvmnt

  18. Jambo says:

    Admarc general manager shud also be taken to task. He is the operational man. He’s just quiet

  19. anthony says:

    koma opposition yathu iyi,kungoyangana zolakwika bas osayang’choyambitsa iyai?vuto ndi peter kod? zot mvula yavuta simukuona? zot a pp anaba ndalama za boma nde ma donors anathawa simukuziwa?chakwela ur a man ov God,go back to church

  20. Washington Zoo Panda says:

    While comending the oposition parties MP are doing, my plea is you better have your deliberations on half allowances to save the money to buy maize.

  21. Manuel says:

    Kodi akati budget ndiye papezeka kale chithumba cha ndalama? What if the money hasn’t been found as planned or there is a disaster that needs urgent expenditure; can u still implement everything in the budget? Mbuli zophunzira dzolakwika, kulongolola….eeish!

  22. Bentrey says:

    Since 1949 they have been hunger in January through March. Even during MCP rule or UDF or PP, these months have been expected that food are scarce per house hold level let alone in ADMARC depots. Those who were born years ago when our land was fertile enough and when fertilizer was affordable, which district have had maize all year round? We should understand that with climate change, swelling of populations, natural disasters rising of farm inputs are some of the things that are affecting the production of food at house hold level. Now to blame the government, it just shows how ignorant one is about the global changes! Also it shows that some people do not follow history.

  23. patriotic says:

    as one way of solving the hunger problems, How many of you opposition MPs ever initiated irrigation farming in your areas from the Local Development Fund??? what we hear sub-standard school-block here and poor bridge there but worthy millions of Kwachas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid opposition,,, parliament is also government of which you are part of these alarming problems and source of solutions to these problems!!!!

    1. Dowa Boy says:

      Stupid person, do we give our taxes to opposition? Does DPP government take any piece of advice? useless support!!!

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