Opposition trash Goodall’s statement seeking extra K32m: Malawi Mid-Term Budget

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) have trashed the minister of finance’s mid-term statement presented in Parliament on Friday proposing a supplementary expenditure amounting to K32 billion( $64-million).

Gondwe:  government missed its target on both domestic revenue—which comprises tax and non-tax revenue—and grants by K36.6 billion.t

Gondwe: government missed its target on both domestic revenue—which comprises tax and non-tax revenue—and grants by K36.6 billion.t

In his statement, Gondwe said government has under-spent by 1.5 percent of the total expenditure of the targeted K365.7 billion by mid-year.

The Finance Minister told the House that the implementation of the 2014/15 zero-aid budget  had  faced setbacks due to the under-collection of domestic resources and a lack of grants from donors.

Donors pulled aid out of Malawi following revelations that public resources had been pilfered in a corruption scandal known locally as “Cashgate.” Auditors claim the government lost close to $100 million as a result of the fraud.

Malawi was left with no choice but to craft a zero-aid budget for 2014/15.

“This requested extra funding is due to an interest bill that increased by 26 billion Malawian kwacha [some $52 million] and the Farm Input Subsidy Program, which increased by 10 billion Malawian kwacha [about $20 million],” Gondwe said.

The minister  proposed scaling down of the 2014/15 development programme to the five votes and transferring resources between votes as necessary.

The notable votes that have overspent include the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) which spent 63 percent of its annual vote by December 31st, 2014, the National Assembly (63 percent), the Accountant General’s Department (60 percent), the Malawi Police Service (156 percent), the Malawi Electoral Commission (99 percent) and the Immigration Department (62 percent).

“These, therefore, are among the votes that will require supplementary resources to allow them to operate to the end of the financial year,” he said.

Opposition parties, however, criticized the minister’s statement as “empty.”

MCP rubbished Gondwe’s statement as “concealing” and “lacking in specifics.”

MCP spokesperson on financial matters Joseph Njobvuyalema said Gondwe failed to outline how government has implemented the Farm Input Subsidy Programme as well as the cement and iron sheets subsidy.

“We did not hear how  the two main projects aimed at poverty reduction have performed,” said Njobvuyalema as quoted by Weekend Nation.

He said MCP expected Gondwe to provide details on how government has dealt with outstanding payments it owes the private sector.

Leader of PP in Parliament, Uladi Mussa, said his party would have loved to hear about “the magic” that has led to the stabilisation of the kwacha.

According to Mussa, his party has information that government borrowed money to help in the stabilisation of the currency.

“Gondwe was supposed to enlighten us on this allegation,” said Mussa as quoted by the paper.

Leaders of political parties represented in Parliament are expected to start reacting to the minister’s speech next Monday.

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43 thoughts on “Opposition trash Goodall’s statement seeking extra K32m: Malawi Mid-Term Budget”

  1. NZATHUZOMWE says:

    Useless opposition seeking clarification on what then what are they expected to do

  2. On the said subsidy program I really don’t understand how it has been implemented this season bcoz there’re other areas who have not yet received their full allocations and a good example is Makande Admarc(Ngabu Area) which received only 900 bags of Urea fertilizer but no NPK uptodate.So many intended benefiaries are still having the coupons.Opposition to seek clarification on the implementation of 2014/2015 subsidy program

  3. Uchindami says:

    Mutu wankhani K32m koma mu ndime yoyamba K32b! Chikuchitika nchiyani?

  4. wayunda says:

    wamalawi waseweleskeka

  5. david missi says:

    Am told in developed countries when one overspend is arrested immediately no discussion so Malawians what are going to do with over spenders advice please

  6. david missi says:

    Did we had flood in national assembly parliament for them to overspend to 63% of their allocation in the first quarter our govt in waiting imeneyo

  7. politician says:

    Opposion at work . kkkkkk

    1. politician says:

      Opposion @work. Kkkkkk

  8. aljx says:

    0 my CongressParty Ithought Chakwera would bring non jealousy politicS but alas let us play for our leader cChakwera. To play vissionary leadership not to be led by jealousy Kabwira Kapasula as name indicates dont close your eyes elections ahead we want to see God in your not jealousy and ill will .Dont be rude. Only satan is interested in ill will.Please be it far from you

  9. Okhrana says:

    Ukuona ngati akufa ndi ma flood ndi alomwe hede ndi asenatu. Alomwe nga nzeru amamanga mapiri. Kukalonga ndi mangochi nso kuli alomwe? Ndiwe chindere chakufikapo

  10. Mtupatupa says:

    For some dptments to overspent its reasonable, like the MDF, their helicopters are and hav been rescuing the flood victims whch could not wait for approval. Am not sure for Malawi Police Service, and for MEC am also not satisfied with this overspending becoz the money for elections were already in the previous year budget. To say about the stablisation of the Kwacha, i believe there is somethng bad these people have done, becoz Malawi had had no water neither power from October to January, there is no production whch can be done without water and power whch can be exported to generate forex, its Lipenga system. As for opposition parties to ask for an explainatio n frm the Finance Minister, they are doing their job, dont just blaim them for the sake of loving the unloved party. Let the government explain properly even about the Fertiliser and the Iron sheet/ cement subsidies

  11. matako says:

    Mr Gondwe please help me understand. What is the meaning of a budget? If a household is spending according to its means, knowing that it has a certain amount to live on how can all of a sudden overspend? Do these government departments submit their budget estimates for their departments and your dept approve or do they just spend willy nilly irrespective of their budgetary allocation? This is why we have mismanagement of resources in this country. In fact this reminds me of the time JB overspent statehouse budget by 441%. You guys are nothing but a joke.

    1. Chief says:

      And the joke is starting with the president himself

  12. gogoda says:

    You booTliker Gondwe do you want to tell. Malawians that state house expenditure is normally expended

  13. Gondwes statements sounds better and was proposing it to be tabled,what i see with Malawian opposition is lack of association as far as government business is concerned.They are too sticky to opposing anything than in dialogue.Forgetting that they are there to work together & come up with collective decisions.

    1. Chief says:

      Iweso ndi nyapapi eti

  14. utamewakwe says:

    Kumalawi kwavuta basi earthquake saga, floods, no salary ma civil servant, kuphana,kuberana, mastraka, mavenda kuvuta kulilongwe, just to mention but a few, ndiye extra budget ndalama mukazitenga kuti?..,, kuba basi

  15. ine wanu says:

    So the controlled opposition Malawi Parliament is untouchable are shamelessly over spending than the statehouse am dissapointed with Malawi opposition bravo the executive for living within your means…the speaker please explain why….oh no my MCP ….crying for baba Tembo now

  16. ujeni says:

    How do MDF overspend, on what? Are we engage in a war such that we are buying arsenals pafupi pafupi? Asilikali athu all they do all day is sit pa Tavern and drink masese

  17. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    a goodwall gondee st it agsin blaming over expenditure etc mfd mp immigration surely opc ndi state hse sanapyole midterm burget!
    taneni zenizeni..

  18. Truth says:

    Its unfortunate we have such a dull opposition the likes of elephanttired and uladi mussa. you stupid people were happy to go to the bank and get subsidised loans and yet you expect miracles. you had backdoor salary increments you JC holder. Stupid people.

  19. jesus is lord says:

    This is just horse shit every year every Government same old story “we need to cut spending……. Uh we are sorry to announce that over the past six months Government has overspent….. We need to be independent to hell with donors….. We appeal to the donor community to resume aid…..” Craziness at its best if you ask me we keep going one step forward two steps back and that is why this country will never develop nor its people be free of poverty. Its sad really I know many malawians with big dreams and very capable too but this hell of a system just swallows all those dreams until we are left in some hopeless state no wonder the youth of today spend all their time drinking smoking or committing suicide I mean there is nothing on offer from our so called leaders.

  20. ,MYEGHA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, says:

    ,Don’t blame opposition, thats why there are there to check and balance. Some people from DPP understand what opposition talk about. What made overspent what were they? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Don’t allow , they were even donating some monenies to BEAM , each government Ministery donated MK600,000.00 to the wife of Pitala ,let that thieving CBO return the monenies first to the government . They stole votes and they want to continue stealing government monenies , don’t allow these croocks . By the way does Goodall still use a walking stick as he use to use during PP time of office ? Can you see how cheating they are ? They pretend alot as if they are not thieves.

  22. HILL says:

    Mhhhh. symptoms of mediocrity slowly engulfing mother Malawi

  23. Most people who are comenting just do NOT know the roll of the opposition and indeed the roll of the parliament.The law is clear that any money that government borriws through treasury has to first be approved by parliament and NOT otherwise and what Uladi Mussa is tyring to find out is if indeed they borrowed then who approved that borrowing and for some narrow minded comentators to start criticising Uladi simlly because he is pushing for transeparancy is utter nonsense.You stupid fools who are saying opposition is wrong then you want another cash gate jack up please and buy a copy of our constitution and read what it says about budget and any money that goes out and comes into the treasury.Do you know that the budget becomes a law up being passed? The minister brings in the appropriation bill at the end of the budge passing so that the budge becomes a law.CHANGAMUK

  24. nkunthamasese says:

    how is overexpenditure made possible when they are only allocated specific amounts? Gondwe explain

  25. Liberalist says:

    If Badall Gondwe indeed borrowed the money to stabalize the economy then two things will happen 1 government will spend a lot money repaying the debt. 2 Tobacco farmers will cry as price will be very low since government will want to hold the dolkars. Malawians must learn not to think as chickens. Prudence demands that No department should overspend when citizens are told to tighten up their belts. Why is it that human beings not zinjathropus support whatever their illvoted DPP does even if its trash. Munya kumwerako kuli njala chaka chino pamene a gogo akukuperekani nsembe kwa che mbuyawo.

  26. Gudol usavutike ndi tiagologoloto yendesani boma. Chithumba chili ndinu pano. Ubwino wake iwonso ali mugulu lochita overspend. Asalandire mpaka mu June tione. Ma department enawo use ur economic magic skills to fund them. Muwasiye amenewo achimine, amaliza kale zawo.

  27. tuvitwana says:

    Alomwe nzeru mulibe, u jst sapot anything ur dpp govt daz whether it’s shit. They shud tell us whether it’s true they borrowed the money. Usilu basi, no brains. Mutha ndi ma floods muona.

  28. Che Litongo says:

    Bravo opposition,that’s what we call checks n balance kupanda kutelo azingogawana ndalama za bola pitala,banja lake ndi DPP,nkofunika kuwapanikiza ndipo tisanve kuti inu aDPP mwasonkhanitsa okutsatilani,ma Venda ndi mafumu kuti opposition ikhale chete Ai,ayenela kuonetsetsa kuti ngati pakufunika ndalama zoonjezela nanga zinazo zaenda bwanji? Musaiwale paja Bingu anagwilitsa ntchito bodza kuti zinthu zioneke ngati zikuenda map to ake a Malawi anamupatsa ma MP ambiri,mphanvu zochuluka ndi pamene anaba kwambiri komanso kulakwitsa zinthu anayamba kumadzinva kukoma ice cream,zimenezi sizinathandize a Malawi komanso iye mwini map to ake; “MPUMULO WA BATA” Ndie inu amene mukunyoza opposition simukumuthandiza m’dala Pitala ndi gondwe pokha-pokha ngati mukufuna kuti akapumule mwachangu ndie putilizani komano mulila.

  29. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This is good news. MCP and PP are opposition parties and they are just carrying out their duties. You know, the devil was condemned so he is even doing further damage every time there’s an opportunity.

    But Mr Gondwe, MP, how can Malawi Police spend 156% of the budget. MEC 99% of their budgets by this time.
    I am also interested to know what caused such over expenditures. Maybe over expenditure was caused by the new vehicles that APM claims to have bought for MPS? Were these vehicles properly budgeted?

    And if it’s true that borrowed money from this firm involved in land dispute, to stabilize the kwacha then you deserve custodial sentence at Maula prison.

    Opposition parties should continue opposing because the ruling party will still go ahead to do what feel it’s convenient to them.

  30. Mwalubazi says:

    DDP ndi mbava zoopsya UDF pansi they think if they mention MDF then money will be available. Why borrowing money for cement and iron sheets and yet you strugle paying debts………… Apatseni ana asukululu aphunzire

  31. all-i-can-say says:

    So who is supposed to control the appetite for spending what they do not have? Why are departments being allowed to overspend when there are no resources to cover such expenditure? Fiscal discipline needs to come from the will to start learning to spend what we have. Otherwise this lack of control just demonstrates “business as usual ” attitude which is inherent in our midst. Tragedy for Malawi.

    1. Elhapo says:

      Indeed, this approach rewards those who do not observe any fiscal discipline. What has been done to those controlling officers who have overspent?

  32. Leo says:

    Indeed it must be a great magic to stabilise the economy within a very short period of time. If it is indeed true that you have borrowed the money to blind fold Malawians then its a shame because we are repeating the same mistake which Lipenga did. Why do politicians always dont learn? Stupid

  33. angoni says:

    Kodi opp9sition iyi idakhala bwanji? Ine ñdimayesa kuti anena kuti since we underspent in some sectors why not take the surplus to the overspeñt ones. Koma kungokamba za mkutu….

  34. kalumadazi says:

    Mbuzi za opposition instead of kukambilana how this country might move forward collectively your busy kusutsa chilichonse.. Amalawi kudzolowela kupondelezana mmalo motukulana.. No wonder we are forever poor.. So what if gorvernment borrowed,ukamva nde utani iwe Uladi Musa,cant u say something productive for once.. All we do in malawi is try and trump each other down

    1. Achimidzimidzi says:

      If the govt really borrowed from someone, then we should know who authorized that loan.

      And the best for government is go to whoever authorized that loan to authorize the supplementary budget or to take money from other departments which have underspent. Why should government seek authorization in selected scenarios..

      Zophweka izi.

  35. Mmtumbuka opusa says:

    Kulira mpakana 2019…..

  36. Mmtumbuka opusa says:

    Total no sense from opposition MPs…. Kodi multiracial mpakana 2019….maso afika a potupatu

  37. Professor Amtumbo Pa Mulanje (APM) says:

    Afuna kuba kuti amange another Casablanca Ku Ndata. DEMETI

    1. powder says:

      you thought government would fail, instead under spend and gaining of the kwacha discipline and performing administration. koma nsanje mukufuna akululireni zinsinsi?zanu mudzaziona mukazakula ngati mungadzathe

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