Out of order: Malawi deputy speakers in illegal allowances

Deputy speakers for the Malawi parliament have been caught up in dubious housing allowances scandal which the nation is eager to know how fair the country’s law would be perfected in their cases as some commentators have quickly noted that the act of the top law makers is nothing but another cash gate.

Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma: Out of order

Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma: Out of order

Chiwaya: Out of order

Chiwaya: Out of order

Deputy speakers for the Malawi National Assembly are entitled to MK 250,000 each as a monthly housing allowance if they stay in their own houses but instead of drawing the legal amounts the first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka-Chilenje and second deputy speaker Clement Chiwaya each is alleged to be drawing MK 300,000 more each month.

The second in command parliamentarians are reported to have cheated the government that they rent the houses they stay in from elsewhere so that each could be carting home MK 550,000 every month in housing allowances.

Many people have bemoaned the development saying the country has nowhere to look up to for checks and balances since parliament would be at pains to police the other arms of government if it is in the forefront engaging in malpractices.

Executive director of centre for human rights and rehabilitation Timothy Mtambo notes that if what has been laid bare is true, then it is nothing but another cash gate and a blow to parliament as it raises some moral issues that puts parliament in an awkward position as it can not check the other arms of government when it also abuses its systems.

“This could be another cash gate and the ACB has to deal with it so that peolple should desist from abusing public funds, otherwise this is a big problem because it wil be difficult for them to have a moral integrity to perform checks and balances on other braches of government,” noted Mtambo as quoted in Weekend Nation.

While official records at the Land Registry are reported to be indicating that a house in Area 47 in the capital Malawi which is on plot number 47/1/42 belongs to Esther Mcheka Chilenje, the first deputy speaker is said to have declared that she lives in a rented house which resulted in Mouse House Estates Agency claim a payment of MK 3.3 million as rental payment from July to December 2014.

On his part, the second deputy speaker, Clement Chiwaya, claims that while he owns the house he is staying in, the Mangochi central parliamentarian claims that he has not fully bought the house.

He told Weekend Nation that he is interested to buy the house from Tsogolani Estates agent, records show that claimed payment of MK 3.3 million on August 27 2014 for rentals of the deputy second speaker for a house in the Lilongwe’s Gulliver area 49 on plot number 49/1/921.

Nyasa Times understands that both Mcheka-Chilenje and Chiwaya leased the said houses from Malawi Housing Corporation for a period of 99 years on February 23 2002 and June 9 2014, respectively, although administrators at the two estates agents claim that they do let out the houses to the two.

Weekend Nation quotes Patricia Banda of Mouse House estates agents that they rent the house that official records show belongs to Mcheka-Chilenje to her raising eye blows as to who is cheating who.

At Tsogolani estates agency, the paper quotes Nathene Kadewere saying that they own the Gulliver house that Chiwaya is staying in hence the claim for the rentals. But records at the Lands registry show otherwise.

Interestingly, both legislatures are reported to have used the said properties as collateral for bank loans, an indication that they own the houses that they declared to government that they are rented.

Nyasa Times is yet to establish who owns the estate agents and how much they might have pocketed out of the deal. It is also not yet established what the Reserve Bank would do to the estate agents if established that they entered into wrong financial dealings, and what the banks where the two took loans from would do upon hearing that the two declared to the government that they do not own such properties.

If proved to be true the conduct of the two it is a big blow to the nation as it is also tantamount to cheating which could lead to loss of trust by both their respective constituents and the parliamentarians they lead in the August House as it means that both groups voted  wrong people in decision making positions.

CHRR says the conduct by the deputy speakers is not only unacceptable but unfair and disappointing considering that the nation regards parliament as a beacon of hope in ensuring that there is integrity and control of abuse of power, positions and resource currently rampant in the executive arm of government.

“Our country is struggling and limping economically at the very same time the social service delivery is in a pathetic state, so it is worrying when other people we trusted to inspire and bring integrity to the public are in the forefront perpetrating malpractices,” Mtambo said, observing g that at the receiving  is the ordinary person who is the victim and that the rights of people continue to be violated heavily.

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71 thoughts on “Out of order: Malawi deputy speakers in illegal allowances”

  1. Nganga says:

    Cashgate, the parliament style!

  2. Ndege says:

    Guys don’t be surprised by those defending Mcheka. MCHEKA has hired people to be answering for her. Believe this. Take these people to task. Let them resign Mr President. They are thieves.

  3. Ndege says:

    Mbava, proud of Nyasa! Musiye amenewa.

  4. Tengupenya says:

    not so fast on what is actually false in these declarations. Either the Banks were cheated or the govt was cheated. Did the honourables cheat the banks? Did they cheat the govt?

  5. muchepa says:

    Gentlemen don’t panic the issue is simple what if Chilenje and Chiwaya rented on other houses and some people rented on their houses but at the same amount? Yes ,let them claim 4 that no difference.

  6. muchepa says:

    Gentlemen don’t panic the issue is simple what if Chilenje and Chiwaya rented on other houses and some people rented on their houses but at the amount? Yes ,let them claim 4 that.

  7. ABzione says:

    Officials in developed countries pay there own housing. Does the MW govt have such kind of money to be spending at liberty on these official? What makes these official special? Do civil servants receive housing allowance? If they do, is it this outrageous amount? Why does the govt ask for grants and loans? Is it to fund the lavish living style of the so called official? Think of how much ‘these people’ (and they are so many of them) have pocketed and will continue to pocket over time and think of how many lives can be saved with that kind of money? All this amounts to greedy, thievery, selfish, condescending, orrogant, callous, detached, and simply no shame. Sadly this will be just one of those; swept under the carpet and life of misery for many will continue as usual. Sad!

  8. Steve says:

    In other countries these Speakers are supposed to RESIGN

  9. Concerned citizen says:

    Why make the rate for a rented anb ones own home different? They should be the same.

  10. Mphamvu!!!!!!!! says:

    ACB , arrest immediately. The main case here is giving false information , theft by trick and abuse of office basi. Mangani mbava zimenezi.

  11. davidi davidi says:

    Chiwaya ndiwamponda ndinakamutengala galimoto take Toyota hilux Ku tanzania .mpaka lero akulephera Ku ndipatsa ndalama zanga.nzosadabwitsa zimenezo kwa iyeyo kuba

  12. Charter says:

    Thieves! Stone them!!!

  13. Beast Msonda says:

    THE IMPACT OF JEALOUSY AND HATRADE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The case of Northerners and Southerners in Malawi

  14. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Kaya tamadyani ndimwayi kaya nditsoka lanu sitikudziwa koma anzanufe tayamba kale kugona ndinjala koma ndilipantchito, ndalama yanga yambiri imathela msonkho omwe ndalama zake mumangoseweletsa ndinu andale kuyambira president mpaka phungu.

  15. MANKHAMBIRA says:




  16. peace pound says:

    Andare Akubayo yose paribe ya bino from mutu to nchira kuovutora kuti iZiba basi God help malawi

  17. The Couple Must Apologise to the country And resign forthwith.they are one who preside over the countrys low score on the grobol corruption index.they has brought shame to the nation. This scandle should be discussed in parliament when they meet.we have selfless&courage MPs like KAMLEPO KALUWA who cannot let this issue die like that

  18. dadaboma says:

    Senas, Yaos, Lomwes are all thieves. Whether they are women, lame, men, young, divorced, etc they are stinky thieves. They even steal their underpants. Wherever these people are, whatever they are doing, they will steal. This Chilenje woman had once stolen her former husband’s underwear, sparking fights that led to dissolution of her marriage. This Chiwaya boy has been a thief since childhood, stealing other children’s toys and crying for sympathy when the aggrieved children beat him up.

  19. Wabonda says:

    Inu these deputies have done nothing wrong guys it’s their condition of service that’s their intitement.The leader of Oposition Chakwera is said to be drawing the same amount as the deputy Speakers because their intitement are the same and the speaker is said to be drawing K800,000. And the conditions are clear that whether they have a house or not that’s their intitement Why is Msowoya and his girlfriend rabecca want to cheat Malawians by creating stories against his own deputies Atumbuka kupusa basi !! The truth shall always prevail why not talk about the leader of opposition as well .I guess this is MCP plot .you will be exposed

    1. material says:

      why are you defending mediocrity?

  20. kazeze says:

    These guys are not Homorables, not worthy that name. Can they prove it? They must pay back the money and ACB must act if they too have any balls or is it …..if they are women?

  21. Patrick Phiri says:

    No. 3, for your information, none of the two is a DPP MP. Mcheka Chilenje is an independent MP (Nsanje North) while Chiwaya is a UDF MP (Mangochi Central).

  22. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    Parliament yathu muli mitembo, maliro, mizukwa. Anthu opanda mizimu. Ma carcass. They are just witnesses to the plunder and destruction of Malawi

  23. Mbanangwa says:

    #20. We are talking about morals here and not the fact that we have not lost how much. It is this spirit that is killing the country. Cheating and stealing will remain to be evils.

  24. Patriot says:


  25. If people who know the laws can break them without even blinking an eye, thus pure evil. What happened to getting paid on ones honest day’s work. Integrity is the measuring stick of good people. How can Malawi work with the news of corruption coming out day and night? Men.

  26. Jelbin mk says:

    Corruption at the highest degree. A speaker is a highest regarded individual with very strong powers in steering democracy to its betterment but what we are hearing now is so discouraging and uncalled for. These two should resign or they will be impeached by the opposition soon or later. Dpp and UDF are all sons and daughters of the same corrupt father by the name Muluzi so no wonder they are doing that and their coalition is not up to any good they are here for a filthy business last time it was Ngalande demanding my taxes to honour his personal bills he accumulated far from official duties thus why am saying this country needs to total revolution not otherwise.

  27. I think it is true that politician God shall punish them ..many politicians are not god fearing

  28. Madalo Mzembe says:

    The policy is illegal and no one can take another person to court based on an illegal rule or policy. It discourages ownership and punishes deputy speakers who live in the homes they own. It is unconstitutional for violating equal protection principle under the law. Also, I notice that no one investigated Richard Msowoya’s housing allowances as Speaker. Can someone tell us why? Is it because he is from the North and you are trying to keep him out of these issues? Is he not the one milking Malawians MK800,000 for housing allowances according to Nation’s article today (read it)? Isn’t Msowoya the one who started this to tarnish the reputation of his two competent deputies he hates?

  29. Manyaziulibe says:

    We will never ever trust these two honourables. Let’s wait and see. ACB that’s one of your duties to show Malawians how capable you are don’t be selective when discharging your duties . Tax payers Money is stolen here and no dought about it. No one is above the law.

  30. Katanje says:

    A malawi tangogwidwa ndi chiwanda cha kuba.If it is true shame!

  31. Ganizani Phiri says:


  32. Dr Mbewe says:

    This is the sad news. Malawi cannot develop with these kind of pipo. Let ACB dig the truth

  33. In Malawi & not Malawi alone, it would be silly for us to suggest that the MPs are saints. They’re politicians from political parties. Nothing strange but very bad indeed.

  34. Misozi says:


  35. Mpiya says:

    Ife anthu wophunzira bwino tikuvutika koma mbuzi izi zikutidyera masukua. Revolution basi

  36. Phwado says:

    They are also fighting over trips!They are making external trips like hell just to raise money for themselves.Shame!

  37. george says:

    arrest them 4 keeping them alittle longer will rob us more, mind u robbers r all over,no man or woman is trusted.i prefer British Police, British Magestrate Court Administration, Just image if three{3} arms of goverment r corrupt i e executive,legislature,& judiciary,,what we nid is to borrow foreign personel for sound administration

  38. Soko says:

    You guys suck. Why all these benefits? The country is so poor and you spend all this much? CUT THE ALLOWANCES in the time of trouble. These three branches of Gov SUCKS.

  39. Tili Chenene says:

    The case is not about which houses. To me, whether they love in their personal houses or not, rentals have to be paid. The main issue is about how much is being collected from Govt. If the illegal amounts are the ones paid to them, no issue. But of they draw more that legal amounts, they remain guilty just like others who bought Houses from MHC at funny prices. We will demand our money

  40. Masharubu says:

    Wakula apa ndi umphawi . Most of these so-called “Honourables” are as poverty stricken as any ordinary Malawian despite the titles. Akakhala Chiwaya nde ngongole ziri thoo!

  41. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Malawi politicians without integrity. If it were in the UK or US we would hear somebody has resigned, but not so with greedy African politicians.

  42. Bristol says:

    Malawi needs healing from God. Our country is at critical point of untold corruption and looting of public funds both at Capital hill and Local assemblies.

  43. kesterchipala says:

    Tonse mdziko kuno ndife okuba mnjira zosiyanasiyana pano tingoti muliri wakhazikika mdziko kuno.pamene msogolero akulonza zinthu Ena kwao ndi Ku gumula.

  44. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    Achokee, achokee, achokee

  45. Dziko says:

    Malawians need to wake up from their sleep. When did corrupt practices go away simply by complaining and sitting mphwii? Small economy like Malawi’s basi people failing to bring corrupt politicians to their knees! Too much tulo amalawi!

  46. vyaya says:

    Disabled people Achiwaya nanunso mwayamba cash gate???? We feel sorry for you guys but izi mupangazi you deserve jail bwana Chiwaya.

  47. Esther Bro says:

    Am Esther brother house in 47 on plot 47/1/42 belongs to my Sister Esther Mcheka Nkhoma kulankhula moopa Mulungu.

    I am shocked and ashamed why she decided to do this, its embarrassing. Take it from me nyumbayi ndiyawo Achemwa or ask her former husband Nkhoma akuuzaninso zonse imu a Nyasatimes ask him.

    But she claims to be born again koma kuba chonchi? She doesn’t even help us ku Nsanje kunyumba and we can’t even step into her house in 47 after helping her to build it. Esther ndimunthu wankhanza zedi are you not surprised marriage ndi Nkhoma lasted less than a year?
    Ana ali nawo awiri each from own father…my sister please change.

    Ine B.

  48. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  49. mjiba says:

    not surprised that is the extent of rotteness in Malawi.

  50. Xander Jimmy says:

    This is very unfortunate for the 2 deputy speakers……how ever examining the substance that resulted in this abuse……I choose to side with them and feel the government has not really lost anything here in the economic sense, henc no need to raise an alarm……the policy itself of paying more when you a renting a house than if you a living in your own house is faulty, unfair and contrary to others laws like Taxation act which emphasise on using arms length (rentals to be charged and disclosed at same levels as it being charged between un related parties) of which these 2 speakers are right at charging themselves that higher rate, considering that if they declare lower rental income on their tax return…MRA has powers to estimate their income under section 89 of which reflected income will equate that arm’s length rental income.This argument hold s long this is not principal resident…although so long as this equate to income per section 11 of taxation act is taxable and it’s tax base shall be MK 300,000 not MK 250,000……justification can also be looked focusing on what did the rule intended to achieve? Why discriminating against speaker who own a house?……are they trying to discourage how ownership by speakers? Why?……..interms of economic argument of re distribution of wealth might make sense, but there is potential of contravening freedom of establishment and not to be discriminated against as stipulated in Malawi constitution….to get a clear view interms of framers intent when coming up with that condition there might be need to consider past practice by previous speakers as being endorsed by Parliamentaly service commission…..with all these arguments I feel its not a case worthy pursued by ACB……Speakers has right to challenge it or seek clarification on being in line with Malawi constitution which is supreme law of the land…….very likely to be declared un constitutional

  51. Sake Chilling says:

    If it is proven to be true, they must resign .

  52. Nyoni phiri says:

    Where wil we look to for help, if our own MPs are cheatin?

  53. Chembe lumbe says:

    One thing that people have to know and try to understand is that business minded honourables used the law to maximize the returns(profits).What these two did was to turn over their properties to realty professionals to lease them to easy to manipulate clients…in this case parliament.The article above does not explicitly say that the properties are sub par to attract such high rental fees,and only in that scenario a case can be brought up!

  54. Njolinji says:

    We are always planning how to rip government. Cry my beloved Malawi. Shame!!!!!

  55. pasimaro says:

    Shameless honourables. Mixxxxx

  56. Kasim says:

    Now I see there is too much hate of tumbukas in this country. In this same forum almost all commentators insulted branded tumbukas as thieves just because one Mhango has been arrested by acb.NOw because this issue involves southerners no harsh comments. Where is justice here. It shows that these people are feared because of something their counterparts can’t match them

  57. U r just a disgrace to the nation. Idiots

  58. Che BIKILONI says:

    Poti bomali ndi lachinyengo. Nkhani iyinso ilowa chinyengo. Zibani ndalama zabomazo ife kwathu ndi kuomba mmanja basi.

  59. C Sekeani says:

    If this is true, it is very shameful and ungrateful!

  60. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Please MCP leaders, donot get involved in these malpractices.

    I do not mind being in opposition for eternity but stealing public funds is unacceptable and shameful. It is inhumane behavior.

  61. Madala says:

    I know chilenje is corrupt lady. even the acquisition of her BSc. in Agric Education from Bunda has a lot of issues. She was registered as student with bunda while at the same time serving as deputy high commissioner in UK which was very unusual with UNIMA requirements then. she was paying needy male students to be writing assignments and submit on her behalf while she was enjoying in UK. Ask Prof. Kwapata he was the principal then & he sanctioned this. SO am not surprised.

    1. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

      Put the record straight she was deputy permanent representative in New York and not the UK

  62. ujeni says:

    kokakakaak shaaaa!! this is total theft. We are keenly following this case.

  63. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    Geli + mwai =God’s grace talimbikilani nanunso mukazapambana tizakuwoni mzapanga bwanji?

  64. mpimpa says:

    hahahahaha iiiiiii wat a nation! Ashiiiiiij kenako zitha basi!

  65. Tim Masamba says:

    Nothing to discuss here, you have two charges; Abuse of public office and Theft by public servant……issue closed see you in court “Honourables”

  66. cs says:


  67. Joseph says:

    Let me guess. They Are both from the ruling DPP? Surprise surprise!
    How do you declare a rented house as collateral to fhe bank? There is no hope for Malawians, that much people should know!

  68. winaaaa says:

    No integrity, no conviction between right and wrong and we expect to change as a country? What country are our children going to inherit with this mindset?

    Amalawi ndilibe nanu mawu…useless and mediocre people

    Nyasatimes please also try to report positive things maybe there’s hope somewhere

  69. Truck says:

    Kodi ku Malawi mabwana samatha kungolandira ndalama za malipiro popanda Cashgate et! That’s bad eh!

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