Outgoing British envoy tips Malawi on how to grow economy: ‘Take politics out of private sector’

Outgoing British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, has told the government to depoliticise the private sector if the country’s economy is to grow.

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi: No politics for private sector

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi: No politics for private sector

Nevin, who is heading to Iceland on another diplomatic tour of duty, said the economy has potential to grow at a higher rate only if the government takes politics out of its dealings of the private sector.

He was speaking on Saturday in Blantyre during the celebrations marking the 90th birth day of Queen Elizabeth.

“The private sector should operate without political interference,” he said.

There have been growing concerns that ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cronies and family friends continue to be favoured with government contracts which include the awarding of transportation of Farm input subsidy program inputs like fertilizer.

Nevin said depoliticising the government dealings with the private sector and creating a conducive environment for the private sector who grow the economy at a much faster pace than anticipated.

President of the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Carl Chokotho said the government failure to release close to K300 billion in arrears to the private sector is choking the operations of the private sector dubbed engines of economy.

Government officials were not readily available for their comment.

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7 thoughts on “Outgoing British envoy tips Malawi on how to grow economy: ‘Take politics out of private sector’”

  1. The Patriot says:

    Not only should the government “take out politics when dealing with the private sector” but it should also take out “tribes!”.
    There is simply no way our economy can improve if all business contracts are given to one tribe, we all pay taxes remember? Nepotism and cronyism MUST go , there are the greatest hindrance to economic development in Malawi especially since 2004.

  2. john says:

    This colonist must just pack up and go to Iceland silently. His comment is misplaced

    1. Charombanthu says:

      Free advice and you say it is misplaced Mr or Ms John. What are your reasons John? Why is Nevin’s comment misplaced? At least he has given us his side with examples and fact. Tell us why it is misplaced or is it just blind loyalty? I would still take it even if it came from a mad person because I wont have to pay for it!

  3. Duff says:

    Please take your unsolicited advice and shove it where the sun never shines. I’ve just had it up to here with you donors, diplomats, international experts, imf advisors and whoever constitutes your Damn lot. Please leave us in peace and go back to serve your crown. And you media people can you stop giving so much space to these guys

    1. Chifwalure says:

      Tell them Duff. Malawian media still lives in the colonial era. Why respecting this Mzungu more than yourself? [email protected]….pathetic

  4. Bibo says:

    It is simple logic as the British envoy put it, too much politics in everything especially in awarding contracts and business permits. How can you grow an economy if the leadership succumbs to the wishes of his party leaders who are not professional businessmen but form briefcase companies that milk government money while not adding revenue to the economy.

    Malawian presidents have one thing in common and this common thing is that they are all surrounded by spoilers of the country instead of Technocrats who can advise the president on development plans. It’s more of politicization of development and business issues than easiness of doing business. The country is far from convincing investors on how easy it is to do business. Prospective investors have to bribe politicians to get license for business. Business or contract tenders have to be awarded on political lines even if that compromises efficiency and quality. Everything in Malawi is a rotten lot.You can not develop a country with the mindset of first being bribed or favoring a party die-hard or supporting a fellow tribe’s interest. It even takes a long time to acquire land for business establishment due to corrupt minds in both government and department of lands. Malawi has a lot of selfish people I think maybe because there are so many tribes and oneness is lacking. Another thing is that there is too much individualism or “You are on your own” attitude.

    1. nsinjiro says:

      tiyeni nazoni bambo nenani amve anthu aMalawi

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