PAC cautions MCP on ‘civil war’

The interfaith democracy watchdog  Public Affairs Committee (Pac) has cautioned the country’s main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to resolve its internal wrangles if Malawians are to regard it seriously.

Mkaka: There is external force causing problems in MCP

MCP remains the only biggest opposition party in the country considered as an alternative government but lately the party has been subjected to divisions that have resulted in some of its top officials being expelled from executive committee as others are forming parallel forces to fight against the party president Lazarus Chakwera.

In an interview with Nyasa Times on Thursday, Pac Publicity Secretary, Father Peter Mulomole noted that the country’s opposition especially MCP is in disarray and is failing to fight for the plight of Malawians.

“The opposition is in disarray. They have to put their house in order. Look what is happening in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for example,” he said.

“Opposition is having problems. There is in-house fighting in MCP’ up today they are failing to put their house in order. They need to sort their issues out, because the party lacks leadership.”

MCP deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka conceded the party is experiencing internal wrangles but attributed the situation to external influences.

“We agree with the observation but it is important to note that the wrangles in the party are being fuelled by external forces. The purpose is to divide and rule. We are reliably informed that government is using some civil society organizations to discredit MCP,” said Mkaka.

Mkaka said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was taking advantage of some of weak minded officials in MCP to create disorder.

“These wrangles apparently are as theresult of some weak minds in the party. External forces are taking advantage of such minds that allow to be used, and we understand the concerns of Malawians,” said Mkaka.

He said currently the party was working on restoring order in readiness for 2019 elections.

“We are reorganizing ourselves to win back the trust of Malawians; we understand their concerns. We will make making sure that we are organized and united to give Malawians the hope they need. Malawians need to see that we are the alternative government,” he added.

Recently Pac attacked President Peter Mutharika’s led government, saying it has failed as it is riddled with corruption and fraud and that it has lost track of its promises.

Pac has since called for a new political and state architecture.


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Its a two man show. I miss the magnificent Kabwira, Njovuylema, Kalow, Chatinkha, Jumbe and others. The leadership of Chakwera and Mkaka has failed the party miserably. 2017 is the time to organise the party by firing these two arrogant leaders and elect a trusted leadership that will take APM by the horns. We hve no time to waste as this is the time to position the party to win elections in 2019. Game yagona ku South, 1+1=3, yes, we,need a new leadership that should ensure that MCP get 35% vote of the south for both presidential and mp; but… Read more »
Mnthanga boys

Title of the article is very misleading and dangerous. Nyasatimes please check your write ups before posting


nthawi yanu idzakwana


The first point is that Nyasa Times reporter who attended the press release by PAC must be taught dressing code when appearing on such forums, his looks resembled that of a street kid no worthy the title of a journalist. : A PHUNZITSENI KUSAMBA AKAMAPITA KUGULU”. (Teach them to be tidy and clean when attending public functions). Politics is all but conflict management, without decenting views, you cannot form a vibrant organization. It is healthy for MCP, remember that where there are two people agreeing on each and every point, one of them is a dead person.

berson kaunga

but the title and message do not match. where has the so called civil war and the pac thing been mentioned, if not only for pac little by little turning into mcp sympathisers according to mulomole outburst?


My congress ..mmmmmm

kodi MCP ndi mkaka ndi chakwela basi?kutha kwa Malawi Crocodile Party uku.Aise ungachite rebuild this NYAU CULT? how? as young as you are? Your vodoo-like organization will never win elections in new Malawi.Anyau inu mumalimbana ndi DPP bwanji ? This Chipani cha ng’ona must stop this childish mukaka vomiting his shit anyhow.He and his preacherman must also learn to respect the nyau elders OK,and how come the whole nyau cult (party)is being led by runaway Reverend when the REAL MCP( old Nkholokolo )are mitu phwi?kodi amavina gule abusa… mwikho!!!! ukhalirazomangolimbana ndi ma external forces ife tapita DPP BOMAAAAAAA!

Mr Trendex, I put it in black and white that MCP NEC was right to kick outspoken publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila because she is uninitiated on right sitting behaviours pachitumbuka alije nkhalo panyakhe titi mulunkhu, big hearted, know-it-all henceforth, she shud participate from sidelines. MCP is big than individual. She can also learn from Akweni Kaliati how she behaves when she has some arguments with her friends inside and out DPP


I like u Mkaka! Acceptance is the key word. Osati za Dausi, he opposses and quashes every thing that the word of wisdom says to correct DPP.

Mkaka, thats professionalism and sanity


The squabbles are being funded purposefully.

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