PAC demands state spies leave party politics

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) officials have demanded that state spies, the National Intelligence Bureau, is backed by the Republican Constitution so that they are professional instead of serving a ruling political party.

Dausi: Chief state spy

Dausi: Chief state spy

Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee Felix Chingota said the government needs to transform NIB into a professional security organ of the state so that it focuses on national security.

PAC’s observation comes amid concerns that the government is spending huge sums of money on NIB yet it is only involved in party politics rather than national security.

NIB recently authored a report which was sent to President Peter Mutharika alleging Leader of Opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera and civil society leaders were involved in plans to topple the legitimate government, claims that turned out to be false.

Chingota said this in Lilongwe after PAC officials met Mutharika.

Mutharika did not respond to this.

The PAC chair suggested to the president that after transforming NIB, it should be reporting directly to parliament not to the executive branch of government.

Head of the state spying  agency in Nicholous Dausi a DPP politician.

Chingota also raised a number of issues with the President including lack of adherence to the rule of law by the current government and excessive powers of the President.

Mutharika conceded there was somehow laxity in government that is why some services to the people are poor.

“In March, I asked for an audit, I wanted to know who is in government and what is he or she doing, up to now I have not received it, there is some resistance,” said the President in reference to the public sector reforms his administration has undertaken.

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one of stupid ones its u not dpp member

Benard tchale

all the DPP fans are most stupid people in this country

A Malawi tsiku lina tizachangamuka ndipamene muzadziwe ubwino wa intelligence,achifwamba akuchedwa kupulitsa malawi.Intelligence matter are not for public consumpion,anywhere I support that the Director General should not be a politician coz he saves the interest of his masters than to concertrate on real intelligence matters.Dziko silingaende kopanda intelligence zosatheka and the guys we have are very competent on their duties koma vuto zipangizo alibe.Zose za ma albino bweni NIB itathana nawo koma Dausi has no planning AND Direction even the coounter Intelligence Dept is just pwiiiii and does less to work on current threats koma job ndi yes bwana,nazo mbuzi… Read more »
O Jere

Tikhalitsepo apa a Malawi.APM knows that if Dausi is out of NIB all other things will be
o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like gy


APM does not rule Malawi. He is put there as a small dog And his duty get false information from people who want to destroy him. If a leader trust followers especially thieves advisers he is going to be blamed. His brother was destroyed by the same people. Malawians are evils and money hungry. They pray and steal. I have cut contact with relatives who pray but they are evils.


What does the constitution say on NIB’s operations? Don’t ask the president to change NIB’s terms of reference, go to parliament.

APM and his cronies are there to enrich themselves.


Remove the resistance mr president. How can some civil servants disobey a presidential order to reform? I thought you call yourself a tough president.

We know those resisting are within your dpp party with whom you steal together govt coffers.

Nixon mzakwacha

A pac,mumafuna president azikuwopani?Leave him its his time.Or mukanakhala inu a chingota,could u make malawi uk or rsa economicaly?Dpp woyee.Kagweleni uko a pac.Inu ndiye mungatani?Mzakwacha,pretoria.+27731440799.thax.


Of all the allegations about Dausi at NIB, what is Peter doing?


How can the whole Persident APM lie to us that he cares about the wild life and yet he knows that his boy Dausi is the number one killer of elephants. Dausi is in Ivory gate.

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