PAC give Mutharika and DPP fail grade, says Malawi needs ‘new political architect’:  Media grills grouping

The quasi-religious group Public Affairs Committee (Pac) has strongly condemned President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying they have  performed dismally to tackle  socio-economic and political  issues  since  it got  elected  into   power in 2014.

Fr Mulomole: There is basis to radically redifine Malawi future

Pac members told  a news conference at Mount Soche in Blantyre on Thursday afternoon following their two-day meeting through which they released a statement attacking President Peter Mutharika’s led government on issues that have already been covered in the media, and have extensively been debated and argued about by Malawians on various forums including social media.

During the news conference, PAC said the Mutharika administration lack vision to steer the country into prosperity.

Among the issues Pac raised in its statement are Mutharika’s last year United General Assembly bloated delegation; procurement of maize by Malawi Energy regulatory Authority (Mera); Zambia maize procurement scandal involving fired minister of agriculture, George Chaponda and the Agricultural Development and marketing Corporation (Admarc).

Other issues include the tractor-gate; K577 billion Cashgate; the unsolved murder of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) official Issa Njaunju, Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa’s murder;  Ministry of Health fraud; the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) raid on Times Media Group over unpaid taxes, and the purchase of Mutharika’s new presidential vehicle.

In the statement, the organization argued that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has failed as it is riddled with corruption and fraud and that the Mutharika administration has lost track of its promises.

Pac while calling for a new political and state architecture, it demanded that Chaponda should be taken to task on his role in the maizegate saga though he has already been fired from cabinet and is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on the same.

Journalists at the news conference  took to task the  interfaith civil society organization, for being reactive to issues affecting Malawians and questioned its political stand

The media comprised of private owned institutions such as Zodiak, Capital Radio, Nyasa Times, Joy Media Group, The Nation, Times television, Radio Maria, Radio Islam and MIJ Radio queried why it took Pac so long to issue out the statement on the raised issues which have been extensively debated by Malawians including the media, civil society organizations and opposition political parties.

The media also queried Pac’s failure to raise suggestions on the course of action it will take on behalf of Malawians amid reports of divisions within the organization.

Led by its chairperson, Reverend Dr Felix Chingota, Pac failed to convincingly respond to some of the imposed questions by journalists, and rarely attempted to clarify at length reportedly divisions within the grouping, the pull out of some its funders due to its political inclination and claims that it is being influenced by the opposition political parties.

“We are not reactive. As Pac we lived by our mandate to raise these issues. So we are not reactive,” argued Pac’s vice-chairperson, Osman Karim of Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM).

“Last year we made some resolutions which we presented to government. By not getting feedback from government up to now, we take it that they appreciated our resolutions.”

Asked about the pulling out of funding by some of its financiers including UNDP, Publicity Secretary, Father Peter Mulomole played down the issue, claiming they were not aware of the pull out.

On opposition shielding and influence, Mulomole said: “Government is the one in-charge of this country. If we need change, our contact dialogue partner is government and not opposition. Government has dismally failed and there is lack of vision to steer this country to prosperity. The opposition is in disarray. They have to put their house in order. Look what is happening in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for example.”

Father Mulomole could not however rule out that some of its members have political affiliations, arguing “Some of us have political colours and some of us do not.”

Questioned on what criteria it used to determine government’s failure, Reverend Chingota failed to justify their statement instead used Bible and Quran references to back their stand.

Pac is expected to meet in May this year for its All-inclusive Conference where it will come up with resolutions on the issues it raised in the statement issued out on Thursday.

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27 thoughts on “PAC give Mutharika and DPP fail grade, says Malawi needs ‘new political architect’:  Media grills grouping”

  1. John Black says:

    Let us hope the PAC all-inclusive indaba will be inclusive this time. The last time only rich old men (and a few rich old women) were included. Representing youth by old people, or women by men, or poor by rich does not make the mark.

  2. mtete says:

    Like it or not, PAC has spoken and it is up to Government to make good the shortfalls highlighted.

    Problem with the DPP Leadership, through it’s comical spokesperson is that they take every criticism as an attack on government.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    BRAVO PAC!!!! You have shawn courage and sense of patriotism to degrade the performance of one of the most failed State in the world.PAC,you are indeed,representing the aspirations and patriotic vehemence of our entire nation whose people have suffered untold injustices and degradations since independence in 53 years,this must end,we can not remain the political lepers of Africa and the laughing stock of the world for ever.Once again,magnificent performance PAC,you are truly and authentically representative of the masses of our people. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!!!

  4. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Is PAC still relevant to our modern social political developments? PAC has outlived its usefulness. Period. Religious organizations such as PAC are no part of development equation in all civilized countries. They are only relevant in such countries as Rwanda, CAR and DRC where their priests and bishops lead in prayers before they kill innocent souls. 20 years later Pope comes with stupid apology on behalf of the church. Damn it. We already have enough activists, NGOs, SCOs, political parties and foreign missions not this stupid PAC. .

  5. Andrew says:

    I do not know what will happen if we hate the voice of conscience. We will perpetually be poor. PAC is speaking on behalf our sorrows and pains. Anthutu akuvutika abale m’midzimu

  6. Phyuta says:

    KKKKKKKK !!! Mulomole akuchita kuwoneka kuti alibiletu nzeru .

  7. Ndizoona says:

    I think some Malawians are sick. How can one have all the courage to defend DPP with APM? Is PAC lying by saying that there is rampant corruption, Maizegate, Tractorgate, Technicalgate, Issa Njaunju Gate, Chasowagate etc all these unresolved. Please DPP love your country!!!

  8. Atusayemwakabanga says:

    Malawi doesn’t need a political architect but constitutional architectural designers who will erect strong pillars that will hold democratic governing statetutes.Let the laws drive these politicians where malawi want to go by time,if malawi want to be food secure within five years let it be done within that timeline.And if a politician who is the head of state of that time does not fulfil this assignment then he must step down&not given a chance to contest again for the next election he has proved to be a failure.Many politicians promise alot to people but when they are given a chance they forget what they promised they remember their collegemates,friends,relatives only to share the plunder.No law is there to prosecute those who dont fulfill promises,waste of resources using public property for personal gain.Malawi constitution needs complete overhaul if we are to develop,23yrs of democracy but no sign of prosperity.If malawi constitution is fully democratically amended then political architects will build

  9. Wanjiko says:

    Boma la Lhomwe lalephera ili.

  10. Useless analysis from PAC, in Malawi these old men talk nonsense thus why we cannot develop. In PAC there are old and useless people who cannot offer tangible solutions but noisy statements. You can easily see kuti ndi zongotumidwa opanda nzeru kukalamba kwawabvuta.

    1. Nzika says:

      @masiku otsiliza

      The last time I checked peter mutharika was older than Rev. mulomole. If age is an issual as you have alluded to, then you should worry more about your grand father president who is much much older than most PAC members including Rev. Mulomole. All the same can you look in the eyes of Malawians and point at one thing that PAC has raised that is not true you sycophant. You guys are simply a waste of time and surely malawi with you is doomed. Actually we are poorer today than we were four years ago. The reasons we are poorer today than we were 4 years ago is because mutharika is simply a failure. He is so inept. Pathetic lot and what you are

    2. Nzika c says:

      @ masiku otsiliza

      The last time I checked peter mutharika was older than Rev. mulomole. If age is an issue as you have alluded to, then you should worry more about your grand father president who is much much older than most PAC members including Rev. Mulomole. All the same can you look in the eyes of Malawians and point at one thing that PAC has raised that is not true you sycophant. You guys are simply a waste of time and surely malawi with you is doomed. Actually we are poorer today than we were four years ago. The reasons we are poorer today than we were 4 years ago is because mutharika is simply a failure. He is so inept. Pathetic lot is what you are

  11. Diffi says:

    looking at PAC today, one wonders, is this party registered?

    i have heard their concerns but they have no substantial basis as to how do they come up with their resolutions.
    the role of opposition is to find what is not done by government that they think could be done easily.
    for example, is it possible to bring water to malawians just in so so so period?
    if the answer is yes then that is a subject to discuss.
    PAC is instead doing those.
    i think PAC must be in the middle, have they talked anything about sabotage?
    whey shall they?
    coz this is the issue to talk about.

    i mean sobber Malawi, how can we have opposition throughout the term?
    daily opposing.
    don’t you think that’s sabotage?

    opposition should only exists during campaign time.
    not every time one is busy working and the other one peeps inside through the key-hole and goes out making noise about things he is not sure of.

    PAC is another opposition party, they see things through the key-hole and are busy out there with such disgusting noise.

    PAC must now go and talk about sabotage.

    1. Mayesa says:

      @ Diffi

      Surely blaming peter mutharika’s failure on opposition or what you are calling sabotage is simply being shallow minded and rather stupid if I am to call a spade a spade. Be man enough and accept your fail and never bring others in your failure. When you succeed you pump your chest praising peter mutharika to the moon and when you fail as succinctly pointed out by PAC you blame on opposition. That’s a sign of being stupid. Take it or leave PAC has presented what most Malawians are saying and going through. Sorry mate you just have to face it because that is what it is out here.

  12. John says:

    “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.” – Anton Ego

    1. Watipaso says:

      @ john

      This is a quote often used by failures to justify their failure and it’s really pathetic. Come on john this line of thinking makes me think that you are a failure in life. Avoid reading such kind of books as you will simply become misguided. Not every book on the shelf is worth reading and not every quote is worth the paper it is written on.

  13. tman says:


  14. falliot says:

    Any organization like PAC has successes and shortfalls,,,what is more important for an organization is to be transparent and accountable on the way they are conducting their duties and their mission as a whole within a specific time frame. As an organization defending good governance and democracy, is PAC working towards its goals.? … It is obvious those in power will look at PAC as an opposition to the evil they are doing. But PAC should always take its stand to give government better solution for the country to move forward despite being brandish as opposition. So PAC must also learn to communicate to the public in time. If PAC was was fearing Dr BANDA regime in 1994,I hope fighting for multiparty democracy, and general elections could not be achieved… Communication is important to the public. PAC must always publish what they are doing and give copies to the citizens whether sold or free, not always relying on media that has capacity to change or manipulate the information.

  15. pixy says:

    Celaka PAC. What next, NOTHING.

  16. Becks says:

    Even those accusing PAC are not giving alternative views how PAC should conduct itself. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO CREATE ENEMIES DON’T BECOME A LEADER, GO AND OPEN AN ICE-CREAM SHOP.

  17. Coco says:

    This is a great development and recommendable job by PAC. This government is getting worse. Too much corruption and yet the majority is getting poorer and poorer!

  18. The Pillar says:

    Kodi inu anthu a DPP bwanji simufuna kuvomeleza zofooka zanu? OK you’re saying PAC is for Opposition tatiuzani zinthu zolozeka zomwe wachita pa zaka zomwe mwakhala m’boma. Nthawi ya Campaign 2014 APM (DPP) amatiuza kuti adzachita zomwe amachita m’bale wake Bingu and we voted him into office, kodi angapezeke wa DPP pa campaign ya 2019 angazaime kunena kuti sankhani ine ndizachita zomwe amachita Peter Mutharika and convince the electorate? Zero !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thin says:

    If there were theological qualified pastors, prophets, elders forming organisation and building schools etc from Old Testament were from Jezebel denominations, prophets of baal and the Pharisees who denied Jesus. So there is no surprise to see their intervention in politics, gender issues, HIV/aids organisation. I myself as a believer of The WORD, deserve respect, obeying our leaders if the Leader is corrupt there the system of leadership is also corrupt cause since Malawi adopted demon- cracy there has been no perfect leaders and never will. Don’t put your blaming at the President but Rotten Corruptic American New world order Democracy with papacy incarnate.

  20. mika says:


  21. frank mwesi says:

    this is the worst Pac leadership that has no focus and vision on the nation. they can not appreciate
    some little notable things while they dwell on past irrevant issues , Just go and serve your opposition
    friends Rev Chingota and your Mulomole

  22. chikoti says:

    Pac tsopano.ok

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