PAC to hold another ‘future of Malawi’ conference: Govt opens doors for discussions

Quasi religious body, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has called for another high level  All-Inclusive Conference  indaba in September to chart the way forward following government decision to abruptly end the negotiations path.

PAC leadership: By the Grace of God we shall succeed

PAC leadership: By the Grace of God we shall succeed

PAC executive director Robert Phiri said the conference will accord an opportunity to stakeholders to interrogate the current economic and political situation in the country amid an outcry by various groups of deteriorating public service delivery and economic malaise.

However, one of the members in the presidential negotiations team, Mabvuto Bamusi said the government has opened the door once more but PAC has rebuffed it.

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole says another all inclusive indaba is set in September.

“The government has not been cooperative on our talks. We had an all inclusive meeting in May and we engaged the government so that the resolutions could be implemented but the government seems not to be interested in this,” he said.

Mulomole said PAC members would decide on how best to push for the implementation of the May resolutions.

“We are not returning to the negotiating table, its too late, our members will make a decision on the matter,” he said.

He accused the government of hide and seek on finding ways to get lasting solutions to the problems rocking the country.

But Bamusi changed tune after PAC said it had called for another indaba to brief its members on the outcome of the PAC/government intended negotiations.

“As government we are ready to meet PAC. We failed to meet because of the parliament meeting and we communicated this to PAC,” he said.

President Peter Mutharika appointed some cabinet ministers and his senior aides in the negotiation team with PAC.

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11 thoughts on “PAC to hold another ‘future of Malawi’ conference: Govt opens doors for discussions”

  1. John Black says:

    Let’s make this PAC Indaba really inclusive: women make up 51% of the population, so they should make up approximately 51% of participants. The youth make up the majority of the population, so they should make up the majority of participants. The poor make up around 85% of the population. They cannot be “re-presented” by rich, highly educated old men. We need not “re-presentation”. We do not need “presentation”. We need the poor young lowly educated women to be “PRESENT” and we need them to be heard. We need their own authentic contributions, and their own authentic concerns. That will make the Indaba ALL-inclusive.

  2. Parallel Market says:

    I respect PAC.

    However, of late, PAC seems to have lost direction by allowing itself to be used or ‘contaminated’ by opposition political parties. In my layman’s understanding of the PAC of early 2000s it is not necessary to hold those so called All-inclusive Conferences because they have just become another social gathering without providing tangible solutions to Malawi’s problems but rather expressing frustrations at the Govt and expressing interest to usurp power through undemocratic means. These meetings have suddenly become platforms to incite civil disobedience, where opposition leaders denounce government and issue unnecessary ultimatums. This is actually degrading PAC and is slowly but surely rendering it irrelevant and spent force and i am not surprised to see or hear that they (PAC) has been snabbed by Govt.

    If PAC were to reclaim its lost glory it has to seriously restrategise its modus operandi and change its leadership. Not all church or mosque leaders are servants of GOD. Some are political activists in sheep’s skin. GOD is watching!!!!

  3. OMEX70 says:

    I applaud PAC for calling another Conference where people will discuss the way forward after attempts to engage government in dialogue failed. This government is full of people who have their own egos. They this all Malawians are fools.

  4. JOLOZA says:

    This government is playing with fire! They should ask John Tembo and Dr. Banda in heaven.Most advisors are very shallow minded and they pretend to be learned.

  5. Malawi says:

    Bamusi? Does that mean that when parliament is in session, Malawians stop suffering?

  6. yambani says:

    Bamusi, that is a very lame excuse you are giving. How can you say you were not meeting because of parliament. It has nothing to do with parliament. Are you saying you can’t meet weekend on Saturday? And how many people on the government side are MPs? Tembenu is not an MP. He is not required to be in parliament. He should only attend parliament to answer questions.

    Government is indeed not serious.

  7. yambani says:


  8. CHIKUTUMBWE says:


  9. Charombanthu says:

    What is the point of having these meetings and making resolutions without implementing the resolutions?

  10. Mwafulirwa says:

    Why is government shivering with this political party in sheep’s clothes called PAC? It was not this political party that voted for DPP government. Government must know this. And we have the Republican constitution which demands respect from all citizens including this political party called PAC. Let them go ahead with their so called conference. And you, the government, should be busy doing what you are supposed to be doing, serving Malawians. I don’t like these kid gloves that this political party (PAC) is enjoying.

    Malawi is bigger than PAC and it was not PAC that gave you mandate to rule this country. Rather, it was Malawians. And Malawians speak through their representatives, the MPs. PAC is not the Malawians’ mouthpiece, MPs are. It was not Malawians who put the Phiris and the Chingotas in those positions in PAC. Malawi belongs to both believers and non-believers. Why are they imposing themselves on us as our representatives? If the Chingotas are Malawians’ representatives, then who are the MPs and councilors?

  11. Central says:

    Kudos PAC! Your story that: “You (PAC) are not returning to the negotiating table,” has made me to be amongst the happiest person today!!

    Sincerely, to some of us, what we’ve noted is that Government ikukudelelani too much!!

    Worse still it appears people like Bamusi, Kaliati etc have of late proved to be too pompous and have shown that they are set to bury PAC’s existence!!

    Seriously I suggest nobody within the PAC can claim not to be aware that Bamusi, Kaliati etc amadziona ngati matchaleeeeeee and they look at you guys as under dogsssssssss!!

    Once again kudos for the route you’ve taken!! Amenewa osawafewelera, akugawana zakubaaaaaaaa ndipo they are ready to do more damage, and that’s why they are employing too many delaying tac tics!!

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