PAC tells govt to serve Malawians not donors, reject gays

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has told the government that it has mandate to serve Malawians not donors reminding the Peter Mutharika administration that homosexual laws are alien to Malawian culture and traditions.

Fr Mulomole: No to gays

Fr Mulomole: No to gays

Father Peter Mulomole, spokesman for PAC said this in response to Foreign Affairs minister George Chaponda who recently conceded that homosexuality laws were suspended because of pressure from donors.

Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom put pressure on governent to drop homosexual charges against Cuthbert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gomani latest suspects in gay case.

“Government should be decisive on this matter. It is very clear Malawians have rejected homosexuality therefore the government needs to tread carefully. Either it should serve Malawians or donrs,” said Mulomole.

Mulomole said Malawians respect human rights but that does not mean that alien culture and traditions should be imposed on Malawians.

Mulomole suggested there should be a countrywide survey to determine how many Malawians embrace gays.

However, Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation says human rights issues have no boundary.

“In human rights there is no such things as majority or minority, infact we protect the minority in human rights,” he said

. He said Malawi does not have the luxury of choosing which human rights issues issues to observe because Malawi embraced democracy in 1994 and is a signatory to several international human rights conventions.

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54 thoughts on “PAC tells govt to serve Malawians not donors, reject gays”

  1. Enawa says:

    U fools ! No one is talking about demonstration against donors but if it were issues to do with mutharika stupid evil doers. It is the same u who wl need to demonstrate if donors hold their aid if government do not bow down to them u u hipocrites !o u satanists

  2. palasiman says:

    so it seems every body can do whatever he/she need there is no boundary
    zopusa basi ,zinthu zikukwera mitengo the human rights kuli ziiiiii,anthu akuvutika where are you human rights you put your back at the cry of poor people.koma mukawona pali dollar pa zinthu zopusa ati no boundary,if the creator himself didn’t gave rights to a person who are you to say there is no boundary, why you didn’t marry your fellow man,who in your family did that palibe and sungalore.Now malawians can know who the big gays are.

  3. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    If the human rights charters of the Un are meant to defy Gods law then Malawi should recind those agreements.

  4. Daniel says:

    So, since LGBTA people outnumber Malawi, the LGBTA people can vote on the fate of the human rights of Malawians, right? Or is it only okay when sanctimonious segments of Malawi society want to violate the human rights of others? What if the LGBTA people just grow tired and vote to end Malawi through any number of means, would that be fair since they outnumber Malawi which is hurting LGBTA people? What is the proper response to the genocide against LGBTA people occuring each day LGBTA people have their human rights violated in the Malawi? Is the real question, do you have to outnumber people to violate their human rights, and if so, does that mean Malawi can be ended by any larger group that wishes it so? It always seems the LGBTA folks get targeted because they are civilized enough not to immediately retaliate even though clearly they can end all the regions harming them. Seems like they respect human rights regardless of whether they like their enemies or not. Perhaps the people so eager to violate human rights should stop and ask themselves about how valuable their own are as an individual and whether they would accept any two or more people outnumbering them to violate them?

  5. M Sizini says:

    What we need is an effective Environment Protection Agency. There are very few of us who wish to live in, and raise our children in, an environment in which deviant sexual and related behaviour is considered acceptable.

    The globalization of gross indecency that the West seems determined to achieve must be resisted. We must never surrender to those forces that would coerce us into welcoming attitudes and actions that we have hitherto considered contemptible.

    If we must have such people within our borders, I suggest that we set aside a Deviant Reserve in which they will be free to indulge their sexual proclivities without offending decent people or frightening the local fauna.

  6. Uta wa leza says:

    Im not surprised. You are obviously a homosexual, a well paid brainwashed agent or sadly both. Would you kindly tell the world why homosexuality was labelled a mental disorder by the american psychiatric asociation until 1975? Homosexuality is a trojan horse used by western governments to dismantle traditional family,cultural and religeous values and replace them with satanic worship, conducive to spiritual,mental,and physical enslavement.

  7. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    I am all for “human” rights. I take it, though, that the “rights” must and should be judged by “what if everybody behaved/acted that way” (in private or public) what would be the effect on society as a whole.

    That would be my yardstick for considering whether a particular “human right” is desirable or not.

    By this yardstick, drug abuser is prohibited because of the harm it causes to the individual’s normal functioning of his/her body functions. In some cases it leads to violence. Suicide is not accepted because taking away a life, including one’s own deprives society of it’s member. That is why capital punishment is increasingly outlawed.

    Let’s deal with homosexuality. Suppose everyone would be a homosexual how will the society ensure its reproduction? That is the rub.

    You will argue that it is impossible for everybody to be a homosexual. That is a valid point. But equally true not everybody commits suicide (one commits duicude alone) or abuses drugs(drug abusers deal in drugs by mutual consent). And yet these latter two social problems are outlawed and homosexuality is permitted. What is the yardstick for acceptance or rejection of a particular behaviour or act?

    Can the advocates of homosexuality throw light on the criteria for upholding a particular “human right” and not allowing other ” human rights”? Should it be just because Americans and the British say so? By the way the USA upholds the “right ” of its citizens to own guns. They it is in their Constitution. We all are aware of the wanton shootings of school children, people in churches, random shootings, shootings in cinemas? Should we follow that that too?

    We have much to learn from the USA and Europe. But, we cannot and should not copy everything from them. Even in the USA and some European countries, opinion is divided about homosexuality. It is unconscionable and blackmail for these countries to withhold aid because so that we accept everything they do as socially correct in our society. Our societies must be allowed to assess and evaluate what can be acceptable norms of social relations. This is true of polygamy, drug abuse, homosexuality and other social/cultural practices and customs.

  8. John K Black says:

    PAC was corrupt when we demonstrated against the abuses of Bingu. They have lost all credibility. Read my blog about gayism:

  9. bob says:

    Mulomole of PAC should behave like broadminded person and not impose his wishes on minority groups. He can not stop homosexuals from choosing their way of life.

  10. Mr mrambi are u gay urself? Where is ur consciour or ability between chosing right and wrong, is zat human right too! Ur bonkers….oops!

  11. George Kamanga says:

    Atsogoleri a PAC if truly you were God’s Commission Servants the dogs in leadership would have followed your voice but you are devil’s agent and they will never hearken to you nonsense voice. The same people you oppose now are the same people who bribe you with bloody cash to make Malawians suffer the most.

    Malawians are dying under this illegitimate leadership but yesterday you were saying that Malawians are happy with DPP leadership after they filled your empty bellies with bloody cash. Today you speak against people who feed you what nonsense you are talking. If you want to be God’s Voice for the voiceless then start s fresh with God’s pure hearts and definitely these evil leaders in DPP will surely hearken to your voice because it will be God’s Voice not your voice. Your devilish voice can’t leap anything at all. Evil men that you are at this moment.

  12. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:

    Kodi munthu wotchedwa Mtambo ndi ndani? Kodi minority group itayamba kumayenda literary naked, will that still be protected as a human rights issue? Zinazitu kumazisefa. I agree with the views expressed by PAC. Malawi despite being a Democratic country, it is a sovereign state which is independen with its own culture and traditions, values and has a constitution. Being a democratic country does not not mean abandoning our culture, values and traditions.

  13. Kunta says:

    Any way God almighty is the best judge on this!

  14. I disagree with the Father from PAC and agree fully with Timothy Mtambo – human rights are for EVERYONE, not just the majority.

  15. ChaweZi Gomes says:

    Oh no!! Silly PAC

  16. molande says:

    The fact that we are heavily dependent on donors makes it difficult not to listen to them. Why don’t we improve our economy. Let us begin to set our financial priorities right then they will respect our complaints.

  17. william says:

    Some sleeps With own daughter and claims its his righ. Mtambo please Stop telling us nosense

  18. Don says:

    Babylon, malawi what r we doing?

  19. haward says:

    Vuto ndi ife a Malawi tidasankha boma lofanana zochitika ndi USA, ndithu tiyembekezere zoterezi muzaka zambiri zikubweraziw

  20. Malipeya says:


  21. ChaweZi Gomes says:

    Church people – lets respect the separation of church from government.
    Do your job of growing the population of the faithful and the government do its as well
    Imagine if boma started to regulate which church is true? PAC would be abolished – you embiciles masquerading as God messangers – those catholic priests who in fact brought gay ism to Malawi by fucking little boys in the butt for many years. PAC has swept all than under the rug
    Leave us a lone – we can vote for government and how I wish we could also vote for the church of the year

  22. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    Sorry Mtambo you are a fool!

  23. choka phiri says:

    Its men everywhere in The world Who are sensitive about homosexuellt. Women are not on resbians. In boarding schools girls practise to each others. And for a girl to hug and kiss another girl is not big issue. But a man dos not dare to hug another man fear of being called gay. The main reason is a mans indentit is historia dick. A dick which should be a pris to satify a Woman and make children. If a man dos not bear children he is considers as not man this is what African culture interpretation. African call homosexualitet is only for Whites. They also say a White man is not good in sex than them. The problem is how we look at colour than understanding the nature. NO research so far has shown why same sex are attracted to each others. The sad thing for a patent is to hear my son or daughter is homosexuel. What do u as a patent? Or a priest? Why churches still have homosexuel priests?

  24. choka phiri says:

    Peter u definition is clear my question is what should we Who say what is human should do to those we see or interpretation not living as human? We have to kill gays or resbians? What about those Who sleeps with animals or dead person. In every race There are people Who are not like others. Those people should be protected because they are blood and fresh. Homosexuellt has been for long timer in all races as long as a human been in the world. But it was a secret. Is normal for a father to sleeps with historia daughter? What The priest dont call that a sin? We are now living of science not beliefs. Even in Europe Asia middle East homosexualit is not easy to be accepted that is why they Made a law in UN to protect them. They are children of God like u priest.

  25. Human rights my foot,white people do have sex with their own families they see absolutely nothing wrong about it (they say you can’t control the way you feel)really?
    White people
    are a
    In case our government bow down to this insanity we as the citizens of this nation gonna panel beat whosoever act cross
    -gender, and there won’t be any
    coexistence,darkness and light will never coexist in harmony
    If my memory serves me right sometimes back Bob Robert Mugabe did propose to Obama surprisingly up to date Mugabe is waiting for an answer

  26. Hamza Wotch says:

    Mugabe ndidolo!adaneneratu kuti amukwatira Obama ngati angakane no Gays in his country.

  27. chris says:

    Kupusa kwake kwantunduwanji kumene tikupanga anthufe, zidzitiposa nyama zoona kuganiza , nchifukwa chiani Mulungu analenga chachimuna ndi chachikazi.

  28. Safari Wakumudzi says:

    Mr Mtambo should tell us whether he is a gay/not and why he is insisting that stupid act under the concept of human right

  29. padoko says:

    Malawians are talking about human rights in Malawi not Devil’s rights as Mtambo is talking about. Feel ashamed of your religious and cultural back ground. in case you have none of the two, leave this issue to rightful God fearing Malawians not the Trepence or twopence minded. As for you PAC, you rushed to do what you called survey on federalism and after your sinister oppressive results against the north, the Govt claimed the issue was over. If you are indeed credible enough and stand for Malawians, why dont you do the same on this issue so that we should hear the same response from the Government that the issue is finally water under the bridge. Malawi is more and more getting rotten.

  30. ngongoliwa says:


  31. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Before doctoring -in the factor of belief and religion let us look at the issue with our human reason. We know that man is naturally a rational being. Through our human rational nature we know what lies under our being human. Biologically sex is between meant men and women and we know that sex is meant to perpetuate humanity. If lesbians and gays cannot produce then there is something missing to the equation. Even the design our human sexuality clearly shows that sex is meant between men and women. If men can sleep with men and women with women, what can prohibit siblings of the opposite sex (brothers and sisters of the same the family) sleep together? What more about a father and daughter or mother and own son? Or even worse a man and an animal??? What should we tolerate insanity for the sake of respecting the so called human rights???

  32. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Insofar as normal sex is concerned,there is male and female. Hence the normal understanding of sexual orientation is a swing between male and female. Mtambo and company will have a difficult task convincing Malawians that Satan is not at work,through them and those they serve, otherwise their existence on this planet earth is a biproduct of that normal union of male and female.

  33. Shem says:

    Some call it life style. I think it is deliquency at worst or disability at least. Delinquents are sent to a reformatory while disabled are sent to a rehabilitation facility. And l like it that there is freedom to hold an opinion and the right of expression. All the key world leaders that are promote LGTG for political expediency have married someone of opposite sex and have children and are po-family. They play double standards.

  34. Mgabi wa DZikwanje says:

    when human rights is used as a scapegoat of pocket rights, then the country is awash with Mtabolism or trepencelism. Where in your Reasoning Mr. Mtambo is Cultural right for Malawians when some world cultures are purpotedly superior than others.

  35. Nyamakumutu says:

    Alekeni tiwonana 2019 let’s tell them that we will only vote for those who will tell us that Malawi is a God Fearing Nation and not a Donnor fearing Nation. We know about the DPP and MCP or PP tell us about your side we will support you even in our Churches.

  36. Zachison says:


  37. Patriots says:

    Donors cannot detect the destiny of Malawi with the gay agenda only God holds the future of Malawi not mere men with temporal treasures and moral crisis.

  38. akuntinji anamuona says:

    Ine ndikuwona ngati ma gay tikuwapatsa matama. The more we talk about them the more akumadziva juice. If we can stop talking this nonsense, am telling you, they will shrink.

    Tikakhalanawo malinemu, tidzingokonza chapasi pasi. Tikudziwa kuti ma donor akuwagwiritsa ntchito ngati nyambo. Ma gay onse tidzingokozere kuchipinda basi.

  39. komkobb says:

    Kodi konyererako mumamva chiyani .kununkha kwa tudzu basi uchitsiru. Wins afapo kuti mudziwe kuti ndalama sikuphani za azungu

  40. You so called mr mtambo,you have wife? if yes y ? Kkkkkkkkkk God help us!!!!

  41. Alfred Minjo says:

    Agalu inu nonse amene mukubvomereza za umathanyulazi, zomvetsa chisoni ndithu. Malemu Bingu atisiyira nyansizi!! Now, Bwana APM, I very much respect you but on this issue, I am now trully loosing my trust and support to you and your ADMIN. This is very pathetic.

  42. william says:

    This useless.In america there is law that prohits homosexuals from donating blood is this not discrimination yet these same people want us to embrace homosexuals

  43. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    zisiyeni zikulire limodzi, podzatuta zina kwina zinanso kwina, asiyeni akwatane ndi kukwatirana, alalikireni za kumwamba. amudziwe yesu. auzeni Tayandikira kwathu,dziko limudziwe Yesu.

  44. Kenkkk says:

    Mtambo, human rights are human rights regardless of whether or not a country has democracy or is signatory to international human rights conventions. The implication you make is that some countries have the luxury to choose whether or not they should respect human rights. No country should have a luxury to choose on human rights conformation.

    We should not be abusing the term human rights for the sake of it and PAC are right in their advice to this dpp govt. Am certain they claim their own human rights of one form or another for those who kill, steal, commit adultery, rape, sodomise, etc and another claim of the human rights abuse by their victims. These are religious crimes and therefore sins, you don’t need a court to sentence the sinner. In a secular world the same religious crimes are treated differently, you have to be caught to commit a crime, tried in court and sentenced. Hence the homosexual saga and quandary facing Malawi.

    When a thief tries to tell the nation that stealing is good or is not wrong then that becomes a problem to the majority of people in Malawi who believe that stealing is bad or wrong. The same scenario is happening with homosexuality.

  45. snelia says:

    Mr Mtambo please protect these armed robbery’s because it’s also their rights to do so.Maufulu enawa tiziaona bwinotu ,osangoti ufulu ufulu.

  46. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Timothy you want to fuck your anus you are aweaked person now just bcoz you want bloody money from americans malawians will kill you one day

  47. Popanda kupanga ligalise homosexaulity mungadye inu?

  48. mixon manong'a says:

    Pliz government listen what Pac say.we don’t want gays in should not listen what Americans and Britain want.Mulungu atithangatile.

  49. witness phiri says:

    A question to a so called human rights activist, Mtambo, “Why is it that in some states in America (USA) they don’t accept gays? Maybe you don’t know, find out yourself.
    Gay rights are not human rights but a human DISGRACE. SHAME ON YOU MTAMBO and your friends. You know the truth but because of money, you’ve sold your dignity. shame! shame shame a big shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  50. racket says:

    Its just a small misunderstanding. If God exist he will deal with them himself. No need to get agitated over this little issue

  51. zimkambani says:

    Listen to PAC they have the people behind them you will need the vote of majority and not minority. Mukapanda kumva muzamva ngwangwa iri mumutu

  52. DR.CASHGATE says:

    The problem is not the Donors but the government themselves for failing to serve it’s people. Firstly Malawi govt signed UN charter saying that they are going to respect human rights of all it’s people and they will not discriminate against anyone whether by race,tribe , political affiliation, religion and sexual orientation. So the govt is on a tight corner as they seem to have shot themselves in the foot.

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