PAC vindicated, corruption a reality in Malawi – Analyst

A local social political commentator Makhumbo Munthali says the outcome of  country’s biggest anti-corruption conference ended in Lilongwe  organized by government has vindicated Malawi’s vibrant multi-faith body Public Affairs Committee (PAC) which has all along been pressing for strong political will to address the scourge of corruption in Malawi.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affai … embenu makes a speach(C)govati Nyirenda

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya delivering his speach(C)Govati Nyirenda Mana

Makhumbo Munthali: PAC vindicated

PAC has recently landed itself in trouble with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following its recent statement that the DPP leadership had failed the country by amongst other things failing to deal with corruption and also not addressing the issues raised at the 5th all-inclusive stakeholders’ conference held in February 2016.

However, during a National Anti Corruption Conference held at t Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc) it turned out that some of the issues which were raised during PAC’s 5th all-inclusive stakeholders’ conference, and also during its recent public statements were prominent during this government-led conference.

“It is interesting to note that some of the key issues that were raised during PAC’s 5th all-inclusive stakeholders conference last year, and those recently raised by PAC and other CSOs like Youth and Society, Church and Society of CCAP Livingstonia Synod, MLS, CCJP and CHRR dominated the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs’ consultation paper which was delivered by the Solicitor General on the first day, and also the subsequent agreed points during the conference which were partially presented during his speech by the Minister of Justice before the President on the second day,” said Munthali, a Lilongwe based analyst who is also the National Secretary of the Ethics, Peace, and Justice Commission (EPJC).

He added:“For example, issues relating to reducing of Presidential powers as regards to the appointment of ACB directors;  selective justice on  cashgate, maize gate and other high profile cases;  the problem of patronage, cronyism, nepotism and clientelism as breeding ground for corruption; the need to pass a law on sources of political parties funding; the lack of independence of ACB; breach of procurement procedures; and also the need for strong political will especially by the President to fight corruption  had been previously raised in either PAC’s all-inclusive conferences and recent statements or by the mentioned CSOs and others.

“ All this coupled by the fact that other prominent figures including the Speaker of National Assembly, the EU ambassador, and also Kenyan professor Lumumba also raised these issues during the conference largely vindicates PAC as a voice for the voiceless.”

However, Munthali said the fact that some of the issues which were raised during the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs-initiated consultations and conference on corruption had been previously by PAC and other stakeholders does not mean that the conference was irrelevant.

“It was a brilliant idea by to host these consultations and conference on corruption in order to get the views from the various stakeholders under the 8 pillars of National Anti-corruption Strategy of 2008. The inclusive, openness and objective manner in which the Minister Tembenu  himself spearheaded these consultation meetings as well as the actual conference especially the first day is something worthy commending him.

“  It required a sense of humility, calmness, courage, tolerance, and openness for one to lead consultations on such a highly sensitive and often politicized topic,” he said.

Munthali said while some issues may have already been raised during PAC forums, the fact that they were also raised on the Lilongwe forum provided more credibility, attention, and call to urgent action by the relevant duty bearers to address the same.

In addition, other new issues and strategies like the need for review of laws on anti-corruption in order to check if they are adequate in the fight against corruption were also raised.

“ It is therefore premised on this that the conference provided a renewed hope for a collective action in addressing the issues raised in. Not only that while government may have perceived PAC as politically- motivated for advancing the common shared issues, the fact that they were also raised by other stakeholders-besides PAC- means government may now collaborate with PAC in addressing those issues in the general interest of the nation.” argued Munthali.

Munthali also urged government to come up with a clear strategy on how it would address the agreed action points from the conference.

Speaking on behalf of all development partners, the EU ambassador Germann faulted the snail’s pace in investigation and prosecuting corrupt cases involving high-profile personalities and asked government to speed up the same.

“High profile and high value corruption cases should be accelerated. Recent forensic audits have revealed the systematic plunder of public resources, but most of the culprits have, so far, not been charged let alone sentenced. As the President himself has said, there should be no sacred cows” argued Germann

Kenyan Professor Patrick Loch Lumumba emphasized that political will especially from the President was key in the fight against corruption

“The tone in the fight against corruption must start from the top. It is becoming a license in Africa that if you want to join politics then you must be a thief of any kind. You need an independent anti-corruption bureau to fight corruption. Any anti-corruption bureau director must be someone who is a crusader with divine mission to eradicate corruption. As long as our politics is not clean, we will not fight corruption.

The Speaker of National AssemblyRichard Msowoya urged Malawians that the fight against corruption must be premised on concrete conviction if Malawi was to be victorious

“Corruption is a about mindset. Is our fight against corruption premised on concrete conviction that we fight this evil? There can never be perceptions of corruption if there is no reality of corruption. It is wrong to suggest that theft and corruption are not related. You can’t be corrupt without having a mentality of theft.” Argued Msowoya.

The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, under the stewardship of Tembenu, commenced nationwide consultation process between March and April 2017 with the key stakeholders under the 8 pillars of the National-Anti Corruption Strategy of 2008 in order to hear their views in the fight against corruption and what needs to be done to defeat the vice and win the war.

The climax of the consultation process was a high level 2-days National Anti-Corruption Conference held between 27 and 28 April at Bingu International Conference in Lilongwe –  attracted over 300 delegates from across the country and beyond.

In his speech at the end of the conference  Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Samuel Tembenu all the resolutions of the conference will be submitted to Cabinet for discussions after the justice ministry examines the proposals.

“Your Excellency, towards the end of the dialogue as the delegates returned from their groups with their recommendations, all of them pointed to leadership as being the main driver in the fight against corruption. I agree entirely,” he said.

The two-day conference was, among others, attended by ministers, judges, donors, heads of constitutional bodies, academia, civil society and experts.

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Nzovuta izi azatifuna 2019, can they fight against themselves?

I concur with the President that all of us have to fight this enemy. In Malawi, corruption is only when those in DPP government are involved. It is only corruption when it is Chaponda involved. Look at this: speaker Msowoya was involved in Tractorgate; Kamlepo Kalua in tax evasion at MRA, northern region waterboard corruption but parliament says they are convinced that no corruption was involved. Salima LL water project – it is not corruption simply because MCP is involved. Others talk of nepotism and tribalism and regionalism. Interestingly one tribe has always cried since colonial era and when that… Read more »

Able amalawi anzanga, Mr analist, corruption sinakule panopa ayi..corruption njakalekale iyi..kungoti panopa anthu ambiri akuilankhula komanso akuchitapo kanthu nde zikumaoneka ngati yakula panopa..this is a wrong analysis in my opinion…chikufunika ndi kutengapo udindo aliyense payekha.pali Ena amene zawo sizimatheka ngati sapanga katangale..ena akumalankhula za corruption drive koma akumapanga zomwezo iyaaaaa..ANTI CORRUPTION FIGHT IS POSSIBLE AND SUCCESSFUL.IT BEGINS WIYH YOUUUUUU.

Maganizo Autsiru

You need some rules of the game to change mindset. Sizoti aliyense atengepo gawo, we are different people and you can’t a group of a variety of attributes to behave the same way. The only way that group is going to follow the same direction is by strengthening the rules and regulation. This nonsense of aliyense atengepo gawo is dangerous.

Phaghlani Vwavwa

The root cause of corruption is cronyism, nepotism, tribalism regionalism and politics of patronage, in that order. They all lower standards of performance or doing anything. Merit and performance are thrown out of f he window by the above factors. Any citizen in any leadership position who is involved in any of the above evil practices is an enemy of this nation, he or she is a traitor, evil man or woman. They must be named and shamed at every opportunity. They are Dull and stupid people even if they have PHDs. Shame on them

With Lloyd Muhara at the helm of the Public Service there is no hope for Malawi . If you come from Phalombe or Lowe belt you are guaranteed a promotion. The guy is so tribalism ice as to promote someone from Grade H (P8) to Grade E (P4) simply because he/she is Lowe. At MARDEF he has elevated a lady by the name of Makunganya simply because he sleeps with her. How do you expect the service to perform when non Lomwes know that their performance will never be taken into account when promotions are Effected? You really can’t appoint… Read more »
tozer tsono

The best way to end corruption is by removing immunity from the President and his/her cabinet. A clause can be inserted in the constitution to postpone the prosecution the executive, incase of corruption, till the end of first term. In addition, the executive must cease being in-charge of ACB. You can’t have immunity and be in-charge of ACB. That weaponizes ACB against political opponents.

PAC was, Is & will Be There For The Voiceless,Poor And Neglected & Not A Few Greedy Or Deaf Person In Ruling Parties.The Topic At This Conference Attended By Mr Peter Mutharika My President Who Spoke Admitted To Many Facts Raised By The Same PAC.What Do We Make Of This? Is Lumumba Better Positioned To Solve Malawian Problems? Uku Ndikudelelana Kufuna Kudziwika Kwinaku Mukudyela A Ndale. Nthaona Chabulika,Malasa, Bvumbwe Ndi Maulana Angukamba Ngati Opanda Mitu.Apa Ndiye Lumumba Mumuwuza Kapena Mumuyankha Chani Poti Mbuyanu Ndi Dausi Anali Konko Nkhumavomereza? Please Don’t Behave Like Dogs Without Tails.You Should Know Malawians Are Watching… Read more »

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