Pakistan national arrested in Malawi for illegal possession of forex: Owner of Pick and Shop

A 24-year-old Pakistan national, Muhammad Jawad, has been arrested at Chileka Airport in Blantyre after being found in possession of US$270,000 (approximately K143, 100,000) without supporting documents.

Police arrested businessman Jawad owner of Pick and Shop in Limbe as he was trying to leave the country for Dubai.

National police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo said in an interview that Jawad was currently in police custody.

Manjolo said Jawad will appear before court soon to answer to the charge of illegal possession of foreign currency.

“He did not have any supporting documents in relation to the money he had in possession, he was therefore arrested,” said Manjolo.

In March this year the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) arrested Tushar Vinodrai Lakhani of Lakhani Trading Company for using a fake Customs document to externalize forex amounting to US $39,112.50 contrary to provisions of the Customs and Excise Act (Cap 42:01 of the Laws of Malawi).

Lakhani is suspected to have forged a Customs seal, signature and initials used by an officer of the MRA in November 2014, contrary to section 132 (e) of the Customs and Excise Act.

“Lakhani presented a counterfeit signature and stamps to National Bank of Malawi as evidence for the importation of polyester fabrics from Infinity Trading Company in Dubai in order to externalize forex,” said Raphael Kamoto, MRA Commissioner General.

The suspect is also believed to have used a forged Customs Declaration Form 12, to purportedly deceive National Bank of Malawi to transfer the said amount contrary to Section 135 (d) of the Customs and Excise Act. The fake Form 12 was used to verify payment
for importation of polyester fabrics into the country,” added the statement.

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17 thoughts on “Pakistan national arrested in Malawi for illegal possession of forex: Owner of Pick and Shop”

  1. mduduzi nyanda says:

    and bikiloni and his cohorts in the gooferment are pretending that they don’t see these mwenyes and chinese syphoning forex out of the country. we need a strong leader who can send packing all these mwenyes and Chinese idiots BEFORE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS SEND MALAWI PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. benjones says:

    malawians are stupid people greedy and selfish no wonder foreigners are getting away with any crime. This will never end until we change ourselves.

  3. Third Eye says:

    I believe the Police were part and parcel of the scam, the guy passed through security check and had his bags scanned as per requirement. He then went to check in where the check in agent. At Chileka before you check in you have all your belongings scanned before checking in. Uyu anadutsa bwanji? Apolice tikukuonanitu.

  4. Gift F Nkupusa Brown says:


  5. Let it rain says:

    Bola a Police wo asabeponso.

  6. Likoma Economist says:

    By the way many foreigners (Indians, Pakistans, Nigerians, Chinees, etc) have been caught with forex, ivory, human body pats, illigal guns, etc,. Can someone tell me how many have been convicted and are in prision. Just mention 2 NOT 3; just 2. Now tell me how many indeginous Malawians have been convicted of similar offences and are at Maula prision?

  7. Hoitty says:

    Koma boma ndi ma company mumayambitsa ndinu kupereka ma cintract kwa amwenye ngati kuti mutapita kwao angakupatseni contract a black inu. Open ur eyes Malawi

  8. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  9. Don’t expect Malawi can develop with this cruelly behavirs of Indians, Paskistan etc.. Ndizifwamba anthu amenewa alibe mtima ofuna Malawi economy to stand on its feet. They came all the way from Asia just to open a grocery and leaving an indigeous Malawian instead of being an invester so that our economy can glow steadly. Mbava zimenezi ndizomwe zikulowetsa pansi dziko lathu lokongolari.

  10. chepetsani says:

    Take the money and throw him in prison. Amwenye ndiye mabvuto enanso. At least a Malawian will use it in the country. Please do not give CONTRACTS to amwenye.

  11. Achimidzimidzi says:

    A Malawi ife mbava. Anthu obwera ku Malawi kuno mbavanso.
    Pali nzeru apa?

  12. Cardiac Doctor says:

    Paja boma la Bingu limatchuka ndi nkhani zimenezi kwinaku iye akutibela ma biliyoni ndi anthu ake. Mwayambapotu kunamizira amwenye kuti ndi a mene akusowesa forex. Koma zikangofika pajapo ndiye muziwiletu kuti kusogoloku kulizovuta zambiri kwa asogoleri achinyengo. Mafuta ayambapo kusowa zayamba kuchitika!

  13. makito says:

    The problem of allowing foreigners to do petty trade and businesses.

  14. Analyst says:

    This explains the main reason why we always have forex shortages and why the Kwacha is depreciating dangerously. Unless you deal with this problem and deal with these amwenyes, forget about your economy. These guys don’t care about anything to do with Malawian well being.

  15. The real ujeni says:

    When we say Indians, Pakistanis’, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis’ are raping the country dry, siphoning forex to UK, Dubai and Canada , you think we are joking. In this mix are Malawians of Indian origin like owners of Globe, Lotus, and other motor companies plus other companies who are deep into this act.

    Malawi is used like a condom

  16. Nganga says:

    This gut did not bribe the officials

  17. original gobe says:

    akakutong’olelani mumusiya. sakudziwani ndani abakha inu

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