Pakistani escapes Malawi harsh prison sentence, pay fine for illegal forex

A Pakistani national who was convicted by Blantyre Magistrate Court for illegal possession of foreign currency amounting to $269 970 (about K154 million at the current exchange rate) has walked free from court after paying a fine of K950 000 to escape harsh Malawi prison sentence.

Muhammad Jawad, 24, who faced charges of money laundering, illegal possession of foreign currency and attempted transfer of the same outside the country, pleaded not guilty to money laundering, but pleaded guilty to illegal possession and  attempting to transfer  forex illegally out of the country.

The Pakistani came to Malawi in 2009 and owns Pick and Buy Shop in Manja Township, Blantyre.

Jawad on August 11 this year intended to travel to Dubai, but upon being searched at Chileka International Airport, was found with $269 970 concealed in his travelling bag, the court heard

Senior resident magistrate Esther  Bodole went on to fine the convict K100 000 or in default serve eight months in prison with hard labour (IHL) .

The court further ordered forfeiture of the money to government.

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16 thoughts on “Pakistani escapes Malawi harsh prison sentence, pay fine for illegal forex”

  1. Real Patriot says:

    Malawi is country of free for all with no proper laws to guide it.No wonder its full of foreigners who can do whatever they like,knowing how sleepy it it.A Malawian wouldn’t do this in the Islamic Pakistan without facing a panga knife to get beheaded from their bloodthirsty sharia laws.Check the trend of Asians people losing their passport in Malawian Newspapers.This is very suspicious.Why should it be only Asians losing passports in Malawi.The immigration cannot read this trend?Poor Malawi.When will Malawians wake up?

  2. Winston msowoya says:

    First and foremost,the Pakistan criminal could have paid both fine and imprisonment.Indeed,it is heart breaking to see that Asians have gone deep into smuggling badly needed forex that ended up in already rich countries of Europeand the USA where Asians have established safe havens while back in Africa our hospitals are virtually empty of medicines.It is the fact that these unscrupulous economic vultures control the leaders first by giving hefty bribes to enable them easily make deal done.I have personally seen structures in Canada owned by Pakistanis and Indians who have their kinsmen in Tanznia,Kenya, Malawi and other parts of Africa.To be fair,Nigeria is one of the most corrupt nations in the world,but it hard to see a bloody Pakistanese or Indian run a store or any other business that Africans can do.In Malawi,Asians have an upper hand on the national overall economy and indeed,they confirm themselves by saying: Ndalama Watu and dziko want.What a denigrating expression? Wake up from your slumber Malawians.

  3. Chathunya says:

    Kkkkkkkkk ok

  4. Kenkkk says:

    There goes Dpp, thugs helping other thugs to get out of jail. It is the harsh conditions in jail that will stop these foreign thugs repeating their crimes. Why don’t authorities do the same to allow Malawian criminals in jail to pay money to get out?

    We are just stupid, thinking Asians can’t face harsh conditions or are more superior, have you seen their jail conditions in Pakistan and India? Harsher than Malawi.

    A jail sentence is jail sentence, it can’t be bought by money once the judge had decided that you go to jail. He should not have been allowed to come out of jail.

  5. Denguzman says:

    IG, Promote the officer who arrested him coz most of ur airport officers are corrupt.

  6. johnmasanza says:

    Mr benjnes ur so brave n a big up 4 u.These Asia’s are taking advantages of our weak laws ndikumangopiliza kubela ndi kusaukisa our mother Malawi.They have penetrated even to the rular areas selling mandas and even owning farms

  7. benjnes says:

    This judge is bribed our law is not serious surely the judge cannot see how these foreigners (pakistani) have destroyed our country . This guy should have been fined heavy and also sent to jail the money he was syphoning could have helped our hospitals for at least six months. This is not the first time he has done this is probably 50th time. These so called Asians are behind cashgate and povertry in Malawi. Why are we so scared of these brown skinned Asians why are they so superior. His Malawi citizenship should be cancelled and he must go to jail. By the way the money recovered I hope is not given back to him or landed in wrong corrupt hands. we want accountability immediately.

  8. Nabanda says:

    Mleme!!! You are right which is which? 950,000 or 100,000

  9. Ndende ndiya amphawife!

  10. mfumbi ndiwe mwini says:

    this shows if u work hard u can make. how do these pipo make so much money if nkumakanika.let’s wake up

  11. Likoma Economist says:

    Even an embicile would have opted to pay the peanuts (K100,000) than go to jail. The correct punishment would have been: pay K400 million or 65 years in prisonment without parole. This sends a message to potential thieves. In Islamic states which include Paskstan, this guy would be stoned to deatth or hanged. But in Malawi we basically set them free by paying K100,000 or $150. But this is not a surprise. We are NOT a serious country, and I suspect God has decided to ignore us.

  12. mleme says:

    This story is not adding up. Up there you are saying he paid mk950000 but towards the end you are saying magistrate fined him mk100000. Which is which?

  13. Nabetha says:

    Mwamupanga bwino.

  14. captain says:

    Zilowa Ku government or Ku Dpp? Popeza government money is already budget so which account is this money going? Kkkk mwamubela munthuyu

  15. Peter27 says:

    Munthu wapezeka ndi k154 million akulipira less than 1 million mlandu? How will that deter people from doing it again?is that a punishment? It looks like a good business to me worth the risk….

  16. Thako Lambeta says:

    Uyu tanva mwamulanda and zapita ku Govt nanga ajawa anapezeka ndi milandu ya cashgate aja bwanji simukuwalanda. Ngati amene aja simuwalanda nde uyunso basi mumubwezere zake

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