Paladin drivers down tools at Malawi mine

Senior members of staff at the uranium mine, Kayelekera in Karonga were Tuesday morning forced to walk to work after drivers refused to pick them up over vehicle management disagreement.

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga, Malawi (Credit -Paladin Energy Ltd)

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga, Malawi (Credit -Paladin Energy Ltd)

Walker: No immediate comment

Walker: No immediate comment

Some of the drivers said in an interview that management had brought in strict and unbearable measures in a bid to stop illegal siphoning of fuel from company vehicles.

Paladin, an Australian firm runs the Kayelekera Uranium mine in northern district of Karonga which is partly closed down because, Paladin say, uranium prices have slumped on the market.

“These are draconian rules. Management just want to make our job difficult,” said one driver who refused to be named for fear of dismissal from his job.

Paladin general manager Gred Walker could not immediately comment.

However, a source at the company said some of the drivers have been selling fuel siphoned from the company vehicles.

The source said the new rules are meant to curb the malpractice, saying most companies have a set of rules that check illegal siphoning of fuel from company vehicle fuel tanks.

Senior members of staff, who live away from the mining site, are picked up in coaster vehicles every working day morning and are dropped each evening. The senior staff members include those from South Africa, Namibia and Malawi.

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18 thoughts on “Paladin drivers down tools at Malawi mine”

  1. Madalitso Mwembe says:

    The issue here is chronic fuel theft by people who don’t value their job
    or their employer. They are taught by the example set by the most senior people in government. This will decrease the liklihood of anyone else from outside ever wanting to invest in our country. Is it Paladin’s fault that they have so many theives for employees? Most of these people say they are church-goers. What a shame. If you were an employer and you discovered your employees were stealing fuel…. What would you do?? Hand them another jerry can?

  2. Issa Kabudula says:

    If every minister, member of parliament, CEOs, Directors/Chairmen of NGOs, Business owners, Famers were to employ drivers each, how many people would be working? Employment must be created and drivers are partly one way of unemployment response strategy.

    Whoever is has 3 cars must employ at least one driver – this must be in our policies, we see you driving alone, we will fine you, mukutha ntchito za anthu ena. Bwana must be driven to and from work.

  3. willey phiri says:

    Each of these drivers was stealing more than 50 liters of diesel everyday.They are big people financially.

  4. Chibade says:

    point of collection Greg walker anasiya kugwila ntchito ku paladin mu july ndiye inu mukunena Greg wake uti ? kumafusa kaye zinthuzi otherwise muzionongelapo mbiri.

  5. Pablo says:

    Paladin again!!!!!!

  6. Considering that Paladin is almost closing, let it take advantage of the striking to fire all these baseless laying down of tools drivers and just employe two. In this way, the company at one point in future will get lid of all the employees. Wake up Greg.

  7. redeemed says:

    What a shameless bunch of morons, have some common decency to hide your pathetic tendance. When the entity finally face liquidity and leave you jobless you will be the first ones to accuse the government of failing to create employment. Typical of Malawians
    Even here in RSA when you enter into a shop to buy some commodities and the shop happens to have a Malawian amongst it’s employees they always offer to siphon some goods as if we some body hinted that all of us are thieves.

  8. Hens master says:

    We do not need too many drivers. One or two are enough. Managers can drive and pick their friends.

    Government too should lay off some drivers. Senior managers can drive. SOne secretaries too should be released. A good number of government employees are computer literate.

    Services of watchmen and cleaners be outsourced.

    Government can save lots of resources.

  9. zamadura maganga says:

    If the whole government machinery is corrupt how do u think we drivers to survive. Why aren’t the head the multimillionaire APM be contented with what he claims he made during his teaching career. We know the nature of lectures do not cheat us as if USA is heaven. Mbanva in mudziwaso zaka zikubweraz no mpata ndipo mudzanyera magazi ndikusirira.

  10. mingoli says:

    Let’s be realistic. Kodi kuba m’mkwabwino? The drivers must be fired

  11. Biziwek Pakhala Nginere says:

    Stupid fools. striking kuti muzibabe??

  12. shepherd says:

    The headline is misleading. The drivers have resigned. Downing tools and resignation are two different things. All seven drivers have resigned

  13. Kavuluvulu says:

    Which are these rules that have been put in place ?Otherwise the story is incomplete.

  14. Namgabe says:

    No company in Malawi allows stealing fuel if there is any the managers must be fired

  15. tony more says:

    U drivers are really stupid. Not doing your work because u cannot steal. All u know is how to steal that’s why this country will never prosper. When measures are introduced to curb stealing u dowm your tools. Really crazy.

  16. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Koma ngati akuletsa kuba fuel malamulowo akhalepo ophwanyayo alangidwa. Alipo ambiri Ma driver. Unafunsira wekha udzichotsenso wekha popanga resign. Kufuna fuelgate basi. Kuzolowera kuba eti.

  17. Konza Chapasi says:

    Mbava inu

    1. Kuba ndikoyipa ndithu koma ngati kusiya ntchitoyo ndi solution?Vuto tili nalo ndilomwero kunyoza anthu kutukwana koma tiyeni tifufuze why people steal.The root cause of fuel theft.Kawirikawiri kwenikweni Malawi ogwira ntchito akuvutika ndiye kuti azapume ntchitoyo ukadali ndi umphawi zimawapweteka anthu as a result madulira akewo fuelgate,cashgate, kapena madilu.Chofunika Woyang’anila anthu apa ntchito tapangani kafukufuku to bring up solutions kuti munthu salary yake plus mabenefits ku ntchitoko munthu aliyense kaya muboma kapena muma companies ndithu azidziwika kuti anthuwa akuchita bwino.Mayiko otizungulirawa kunena mosilira anthu ogwira ntchito amalemekezeka unlike kwathu kuno.Ndicho chifukwa munthu wachi Malawi alibe 2koloko kuyisiya ntchito the reason being what are the benefits from being employed?Ndipo palibe ndimisozi mmaso, pomwe kumaiko ena kuthetsa mzako ntchito uyenera kusamala chifukwa akuchitira chiwembu kamba chakumva kuwawa wasiyana nawo benefits.Chonde MPs muparliament chonde sinthaniko anthu ntchito aziyilemekeza chifukwa cha phindu lake makamaka ma companies akulemera ndi anthu obwera ndiye a Malawi achita bwanji kungosilira pomwe mphamvu,nzeru,dziko,law materials zonsezi zawo.Yangananipo kawiri tonse tizipindula wobwera ngakhale mwini nthaka.Ambiri amatinyoza kuti sitilimbikira ntchito pomwe phindulo likutifokesa iye amalimbikira akulandira ma US dollar ndiye tifanana bwanji and akufuna ineyo company yimeneyo yipange makhobidi.Wake up otisogolera mdzikomu thandizani ana akwanu mwatani kodi?Titukuka bwanji?Chonde tikondane ndife amodzi eni nthaka.Zikomo.

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