Parliament authorises K14bn loan amid disgruntled voices over state of Mzuzu airport

Parliament on Monday authorised the government to borrow K14 billion to upgrade aviation security systems at Kamuzu International Airport and Chileka Airport in Lilongwe and Blantyre respectively.

Mzuzu Airport

Mzuzu Airport

However, most members of parliament from the northern region took the government to task over the state of Mzuzu airport, accusing the government of abandoning the facility.

Chitipa South MP Welani Chilenga said if upgraded, Mzuzu airport should be a busy place as tourists can take advantage of the air transport to visit exciting tourism places in the northern region.

However, minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said the government wants to construct a new airport in Mzuzu as the current one lies in the heart of the city and is very dangerous.

He said the problem is that people in Mzuzu are not agreeing on a site for a new airport in the north.

Gondwe said as soon as the site for a new airport is identified, the government would construct the airport immediately.

However, some legislators from Zomba also asked the government why it was not upgrading aviation systems at Zomba airport.

After the heated debate, parliament finally authorised the government to borrow the K14 billion from European Investments Bank.

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12 thoughts on “Parliament authorises K14bn loan amid disgruntled voices over state of Mzuzu airport”

  1. MWAPIYA says:

    Bvuto la mabwana aku information ndilimeneli.Pakakhala Mbewa tikumba ndife.Ntchito yimeneyi tamawasiyirani achisodzera.Munayamba kudyerera nthawi ya Atcheya, Malemu Pelese, Abiti Mtila pano uyu Bwampini. Kodi sizinakukwaneni.If there are people who have reduced once vibrant department its people like her.They are busy scrambling for foreign trips yet in your department things are running shambolically characterised by inconsistence in publication and circulation of government literature,ununstable,collapsing prone ; E-government and Manaonline websites.Worse more some districts and regional offices are without internet connection in this era where ICT is a necessity.

  2. km says:

    out of point goodall gondwe.there are alot of land as you go to ekwendeni or against the fact that there is no u want ppo to give u aplace for free inu mudyelepo ndalama

  3. shepherd says:

    On the 5th November nyasatimes carried the heading “Japanese govt gives K19 billion to Malawi govt for rehabilitation of Kamuzu International Airport”. Now you are saying the govt must borrow K14 billion for the same purpose. Are you out of your mind? The majority of poor Malawians are starving & hospitals are out of medicines and the whole parliament agrees to such madness. Put your priorities first. Lives are in danger. Work up!

  4. Listening yo the debate on bill ya aviation safety and security, I got so irritsted as what is an airport,and airpott terminal, runway etc.
    One thinking zzu needs intnnl airport to boost economy…yiti! Within airlaw and icao we hav airports or points of entry for each country,you just dont enter frm anywhere… About tourism development I reserve the rihht to remain silent but what holiday packages can compete with our neighbours zim on zambia or tanzania..lokk at pricing by say ulendo or widerness safaries by boat nkhatabay to likoma ukl700, how foe distance kess than 100kms..
    Ceo malawian airlines telling goodgidee that zzu airport extendion omly needs 300m extension then it can handle big planes..chopper without payload!
    Our domedtic airports can hav aviationactibity if we get light aircraft of say 5000kgs wieght ot we shud pave/tarmac the airports and lihhting too but alas escom outages !! Ndiye to me tjid id the blind leading the blind.
    The other time hearda ministet saying kia will now handle big planes.. Which big planes the airport can handle upto 9eidebody 16 narrow body per hour.. The trnsit lounge can handl upto 2000 passengers. For your info out of 16m pipo only less than 0.8% use airtransport….meaning less than one million use airtransport so be careful with this loan akudya a gondwe ndi spm ndi nankhumwa… Unbelievable debate by honorable mps crueless what needs tobd done?

  5. kamfana says:

    On my personal opinion, I’m saying, do not upgrade Mzuzu Airport, but just BUILD a New one.The issue of place identification is a FAKE reason. Gvt. has got powers to agree with its people where the airport can be constructed.Upgrading that airport now, will mean a new one will be constructed after decades of years.

  6. The real ujeni says:

    Whenever there is an argument for North, government keep coming up with lame excuses. Next time will hear some mad people saying people from the North don’t want to develop the north as if the European loan came from their pockets to upgrade the other airports. When we say there is no equal distribution of development project this is just the latest one example.

  7. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    I thought the DPP government said Chileka airport will be upgraded by the Chinese?so why EU money used to upgrade Chileka airport ?Opposition MPs please scrutinize these loans this is a duplication or another cash gate.


    Badall Gondwe do not lie to the nation.The Mzuzu City Council already designated the lands for a new Airport, Stadium, Regional Police and College of Medicine among others.Gondwe, you told the nation during your last tenure in office that you have completed feasibility studies and designs of Mzuzu Airport. Parliament even authourised funds for this initiative.I also recall that the then Publics Works Minister, Henry Mussa vowed during familiarisation tour that he would ensure that the project should come to pass but it has never happened.May be it won’t.May be until, Gondwe Mutharika or Chilima encounter accident at current Mzuzu Airport.What we know is that this Project gains momentum when there is an incident involving a high profile personality.

  9. Gracious Grantelious says:

    The argument that MZuzu Airport is in town is very lame excuse from hon Gondwe who has travelled around the world and has landed within town. on the contrary Mzuzu airport is strategically located for boosting tourism which Malawi currently needs to develop her economy!

  10. Prof Peter says:

    Ndalama zitha kubwerekedwa koma zizagwira ntchito yake. I only believe when the deal is in the hands of Chinese people they really pity of us such in a modern world we still not thinking out of the box. Our old Stone Age way when the government projects are in our hands what our thoughts are demolishing not building. We begin using the funds for our own purpose before even a layout of the project as a result either project no complete nor done but not strong. Please law makers think about the bus terminal as well ndi omwe aja awusamunda and ask what the city management doing to our so dusty dirty cities we feel not ashamed when visitors from abroad visit us.

  11. TUDZI says:

    kodi inu a nyasa mulibe ma Editor??? why is your news full of mistakes all the time. Is it MK14 Billion or MK124 Billion loan that has been approved by parliament??????

  12. The Patriot says:

    Put it on record: a loan to upgrade Mzuzu and Chileka airports. Amangwetu loan means tidzabweza through our tax. So noone should pompously and without shame claim that this development has come because of the leadership of the time. Zangongole zoti tizabweza ife a Malawi inu mutafa kalekale muzitisokosa nazo ife??? Omwewo osapita ku sukulu muziwanamiza!

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