Parties endorse abortion law reforms in Malawi

Political parties in the country have endorsed abortion law reforms as Malawi Law Commission is considering a new bill liberalizing abortion.

Chombo: New abortion bill

Chombo: New abortion bill

Abortion is currently illegal in Malawi. It is punishable by a maximum of 14 years in jail except in cases where pregnancy threatens life of a woman.

Despite this, women still seek illegal abortion services.

Now the political parties DPP, MCP, UDF. PP, Aford, Umodzi Party, Petra and Mafunde have endorsed the Law Commission’s report on liberalising abortion., according to a communiqué they issued following their meeting in Mangochi from 21 to 22 August, 2015.

Releasing the report, Justice Esmie Chombo, chairperson of the Malawi Special Commission on Review of Abortion Law, said the new law would give women more decision-making power.

“We are extending the grounds on which abortion can be procured. If a woman is carrying a pregnancy but the doctor say ‘what you are going to give birth to, is a malfunctioned child that could not be compatible with life’ a women can decide ‘I will give birth or I can terminate the pregnancy,’” said Chombo.

The new law also allows for abortion in pregnancies that result from rape, incest, and defilement.

“We the political parties, having met and discussed problems of unsafe abortion, we fully support the process of enacting the proposed bill into law,” reads the communique.

The communique further read: ” We strongly encourage increased efforts on family planning and access to contraceptives at all levels in our society,”

The new bill is expected to be presented in parliament for deliberations.

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61 thoughts on “Parties endorse abortion law reforms in Malawi”

  1. Zuwulani says:

    Well done our parties!! This is what we call being realistic. The issue of abortion is based on research studies and medicine. Abortion drugs and equipment are available in the country. Women and girls are procuring abortion. The difference is that the rich are benefiting while the poor are suffering. No body has capacity to stop people from engaging in unprotected sex. Now those of you with a different views should provide solutions to the problem. Just just say something without offering solution. Otherwise WHO, UNFPA and UN Women already did a research on this and for several years whereby the solution is to change laws on abortion. This is being realistic. Nanga we want the rich to continue benefiting while the poor are suffering? Bravo parties. That is the only way for Malawi.

  2. Critic says:

    So Dr Chakwera signed for this abortion law. Politics and spirituals are immiscible indeed.If Chakwera stood on his theological beliefs he could not have signed this issue.

  3. bamusi says:

    Why abortion ? Malawins, where are we driving to?. No wonder our nation is facing various problems. Nkumati Malawi dziko loopa chauta? Warm heart for that matter? Kodi mmayesa muzipatala mulibe mankhwala? Nanga zipangizo zochotsera pa thupi mukazitenga kuti? Nanga mukachotsamo zizipita kuti? No that HELL in malawi.

  4. chakhalira says:

    It is seriously terrible decision to Legalize Abortion. Especially where you quote that ” Political Parties have endorsed it (Abortion). One other thing I find very difficult to appreciate is that this Law Reform committee used the Christian Judge to preside over this. I am not sure whether she understood their motive behind abortion.

    To me all the reasons given for abortion are NOT and NOT Going to solve the problem cited. Rather it is just complicating the problem even more.

    If I may ask, what authority or capacity do these parties have to legalize abortion (Killing Life of a Human Being)? Let me remind you. Whatever the process you are taking on or whatever explanations you are coining in, the end result of the whole process DOES NOT CHANGE GODS’ LAW ” THOU SHALT NOT KILL”!!!! Whether Law Commission, Parties, Activists Etc………………on the day of judgement, you will not be spared!!!!

    You fail to apply your own Laws of Malawi that who ever is found guilty of killing some one should also be killed, by saying the guilty killer has the right to life also. To date , for some years now no one has been hanged. A guilty killer!!!!!!!!!! But you are very happy to legalize killing the innocent unborn human being!!!! Check your thoughts / intents of your hearts. This is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. agalu malo momakambilana zandalama anaba a PP zija ndiye muli busy kukambilana zovuta mulungu akulangani Akambuku inu

  6. ine ndekha says:

    doing so will create a lot of loop holes. it will increase the possibility of contacting HIV

  7. masiku otsiiza zeru anthu sadzaiona.

  8. Thomson Phenduka Mwandira says:

    Don’t legalise abortion,in such doing azimayiwa pakakhala kusamvana mmabanjamu akakhala ndi pakati azizaganiza zokataya mimbayo.Kumawona zinazi anthuni.

  9. nachisale says:

    Good piece of law and bravo to DPP, MCP, UDF, PP, AFORD MAFUNDE etc. Women and girls are suffering because of heartless men and boys. Ana kumazunzika opanda bambo kumuona even one day. Let abortion be legalised. Mimba timanyamula tokha with so many risks on our lives and ana timalera tokha. ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGALISED.

  10. Chiuke says:

    Fyaa mbalame…kachengere ngeti kachengere- Wambali Mkandawire

  11. Fletcher Musukwa says:

    “Abortion can be permitted in cases of rape, incest and defilement” Abortion is wrong just as rape, incest and defilement. What is wrong cannot be corrected by another wrong. I find that our parliamentarians are only promoting evil in the culture of death much as what they are trying to put into law is something that tampers with sanctity of life. Our famous Hon Lucius sang Chigawenga chimapha koma ngati boma lichibwezera zasiyana pati? What is the difference if government in the name culture of death which is abortion is permitted just because one conceived under rape, incest or defilement? Does government protect life by allowing women to abort whose pregnancies come due to rape, incest or defilement?

  12. Fletcher Musukwa says:

    “Abortion can be permitted in cases of rape, incest and defilement” Abortion is wrong just as rape, incest and defilement. What is wrong cannot be corrected by another wrong. I find that our parliamentarians are only promoting evil in the culture of death much as what they are trying to put into law is something that tampers with sanctity of life. Our famous Hon Lucius sang Chigawenga chimapha koma ngati lichibwezera zasiyana pati? What is the difference if the government in the name of law aborts just because one conceived through rape, incest or defilement?

  13. chamtchire says:

    oooh my God come and judge the world earth, taonani azibusa kusainila kupha makanda.

  14. Joel Maganizo says:

    The honest truth is that women are aborting every day with most of these abortions being done at Banja Lamutsogolo Clinics. The women are given drugs that take out the pregnancy and are told to report to hospitals like KCH, Mzuzu and Queens when they start bleeding. Go to KCH gynae ward right now, they handle at least 20-30 cases of abortions daily.Most of them are induced and constitutionally illegal but none of these women are being persecuted. We also have some mothers who abort in aseptic conditions and end up dying. Apart from legalizing abortion, as a country we should also be working to reduce unwanted pregnancies by providing education and information and contraception. Some may feel that legalizing abortion eats through the core of our moral and social fabric but jailing a woman who has terminated her own pregnancy will not achieve anything. Let us decriminalize abortion and those who want to access the services will do so without fear. If for religious reasons you are against abortion, fine, nobody is forcing you to do it. You cannot force your religious beliefs on someone else.

  15. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Thise guyz they r running out of brain. The way they think is so satanistically. If their brain were sperms or vaginal fluid, I hop they cudnt hav ha kids. Their body parts must be reshuffled, otherwise misala, Iam telling u!

  16. Dango says:

    Baphani muzayankha nokha anthu oipa inu.

  17. nkhata vincent says:

    must not be done, lets pray for christ~like behaviour

  18. Kadziko ka fodya says:

    Akuti pregnancy from rape,incest zingathe kuchosedwa ,zoona,ngati moyo ulibe mtengo okhazikitsidwa ndi munthu,ndiye zifukwa zimenezo mwaziona kukhala zokwana kuti u can terminate moyo wa munthu osalakwa, komatu moyo in all forms needs to be protected,kaya from incest, rape etc.mukamakambirana zimenezi from now on muziziwa kuti mukukambirana za moyo osati incest,rape,dysfunctional pregnancy,kaya whatever name u call it.

  19. chipie says:

    If ligalising of termination of unplanned preganances was done 3yrs ago, my sister would her life saved and finished her bunchalor in nutrition health by last year. All was done in fear to face the law. What a cruel law! Saving unproductive life and messing already productive life. What painful. The point is ‘ligalise termination of uplanned pregnances’ to the extent that the woman is unwilling to nurse her pregnance.

  20. jona says:

    God is a solo creator of life.ngati uliwa MULUNGU umayimila malemba at all times,a busa a chakwera you are the costodian of the good values of life so stand for the truth we look up to u.fame is but of short period of time leave a legacy that better qualify your name.abortion is a sin period.

  21. WakaWaka B says:

    Akhristuno amenewo… Mwadyesana njoka ndikukwelana mwakachisi, in jesus name… Mwati sizinakwane… Pano mwati muyambe kupha makanda in jesus name as well… Tili pano kuonela mmene zithere

  22. nachisale says:

    Well done! Let the bill fully allow ALL women and girls to abort when they want to. Women need the right to choose to keep any pregnancy. Men and boys have that choice thats why they run away from pregnancy leaving children suffering in poverty, diseases, hungry. But most importantly, Malawi needs to control population – one reason we can’t develop is because of high population. Government can’t provide good schools, hospitals etc. chifukwa chochulukana. It shows there is good thinking in government. Let the abortion debate be defined by the needs of women, girls and our nation. Not the bigotry of religion or culture. Religion or culture does not feed or cloth children or even send them to school or hospital. Our parties and MPs have started well, they need our support to pass a bill that is comprehensive and allows all women and girls to abort without obstacles.


    mukati dziko liri mmnja mwa A GALU, thandizeni, mumuatanthauza chani.

  24. mwecho says:

    Most of these people that are against this development are useless men that have impregnated alot of our school girls and dumped them…. They don’t even know what it takes to raise a pregnant woman and then a kid itself to a stage when a child can care of himself/herself

  25. mwecho says:

    This is a welcome development coz our sisters are enticed, impregnated, and later on dumped…and and how do you expect such a girl to survive? And how about the unborn baby? And how will this single mother manage to send the kid to school?? Now unnecessary pregnancies should be terminated rather than letting the unborn kid into untold poverty…

  26. john banda says:

    bravo mcp for signing this communique.

  27. Samson says:

    Shame to mcp!!! I didn’t expect this

  28. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Oh shame on whoever endorsed this stupid law. Some people think that they can change God’s rules. If this bill is made into law, God’s wrath will be on this country. Thou shall not kill, says the Lord of Hosts. Ngati liri dyera, mtheradi mutembereredwa….

  29. malawian Malawi says:

    Malawi where are you going now? I cry for the unborn Malawian child, where are your morals now Malawi? God forgive Malawi for she doesn’t know what she is doing

  30. Lucifer is really taking charge of this planet, imagine people wants legal killing ,terminating life intentionally at at any stage is killing, God said thou shalt not kill.who else can say Kill,other than Satan the great opposser of our loving heavenly Father?

  31. James Phiri says:

    Slowly but surely gravitating towards liberalizing everything including gay marriage. The end time.

  32. mphatso says:

    That’s very nice development coz our sisters are dying in silence

  33. aha says:

    MCP if you are part of this I will withdraw my support. This is a satanic law that aims to kill.



  35. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Extend the grounds to when the woman doesn’t want the pregnancy. Osamangoswana ngati akalulu makamaka achawa ndi alomwe!

  36. Nyasosera says:

    Za usatana ndithu



  38. John says:

    Abortion should also be procured if the woman demands for it for whatever reason she deems necessary. This is the only way to tame the high population growth.

  39. mr fair comment says:

    A ginte ku 18b a kol ku mzuzu a achamba onse tiyeni nafe push for legalisation of chamba growing and smoking for good reasons
    including religious reasons

  40. Sailota says:

    Muzafa imfa yowaw!!!!!!!!!!

  41. .... says:

    Paja dziko liri mmanja mwa agalu. Kenako timva kuti achita legalize chamba and homosexuality.

  42. zamba wankulu says:

    Bravo political parties take this message to your registrators they need to reform the law.

  43. clement says:

    Work of satanic

  44. mwana mulopwana says:

    All those MPs who are also involved in pastoral work were supposed to block this bill eg Chakwera and others,

    You were elected into the house so that you can bring light so that the rest should experience Gods presence, now you are approving something that is unholy in Gods presence, you will answer before God one day, Useless MPs

  45. Tchaka says:

    Sounds good but prone to be abused–

  46. nadheer says:

    Kkk, you are ligalising abortion from my point of view, coz one cannot fail to forge one of the mentioned reasons to justify her abortion. Besides, the law clearly stapulates that this act is illegal and yet every one knows that millions of women have been undertaking it for not just wanting babies without being penalised. so stop making no sense and God will deal with it alone.

  47. koma says:

    Abortion is silent murder! If u dont want to be pregnant stay away from sex, or use contraceptives. Stop killing innocent children. They die physically on earth but grow in heaven waiting for ur judgment day!!

  48. Tomato says:

    Kutaya mimba sichinthu chanzeru ayi,kodi anthu omwe amataya mimbawo makolo awo akadakhalanso ndimaganizo omataya mimba iwo akadabadwa?zimafunika kuganiza mwamzeru usadapange zinthu

  49. Makwembe says:

    Totaly forbiden in the bible u read it and at the same time doing it god will punish even u lawmakers

  50. Mwanga1 says:

    A Chakwera nanu mwasayinawo zakupha wana?

  51. Kondwani says:

    What barbarism!!!! Politicising Abortion doesn’t make the act right in the face of humankind …. stop this madness ….. we just need to improve the maturity state of mind in our girls and women so that they understand “sex” better…. and not dealing with the results of uncivilised behaviour from our girls and women.

  52. chefourpence says:

    You mean Rev. Chakwera has endorsed this?

  53. Munyane says:

    even if all political parties agree the fact remains abortion is murder prior.women will be given right to terminate life.where is the love of a woman?.some of the great people we adore today don’t even know their father because it was rape but they were given chance to live and show the glory of God.

  54. Steve says:

    Koma abale dziko likuthadi. Tie nazoni chigololocho zipangani ndithu mimbazo tengani muzikataya poti mwana mukutayayo alibe mau. Koma dziwani kuti chikakhala chizindikiro chokutsutsani pa mulandu wanu ndi Yehova. Ndithudi ngati Yudas uja , ndilatsoka dzanja lomwe likusainira nawo zopusazi.

  55. mr fair comment says:

    Chamba smokers let us fight for its legalisation zapweka tsopano

  56. kabotolokamo says:

    Mama Chombo , who decides God or man , these things we fool around with , what will we say when we are summoned before the maker ! ? Please value life !

  57. Challo says:

    Fellow citizens
    does the lame, the albino, the disabled have right to life? So when physician telles you that the pregnancy you have you are going give birth to a disabled baby, then eventually you decide to terminating the life of the baby. What is the viem of God?

  58. Havey says:

    Kutaya mimba ndikupha kwenikweni,pofunika kuwonapo bwino pokhapokha ngati ikuwopsyeza umoyo wamayiyo.

    Zokuti mimbayo wapeleka ndi mbale kapena kholo lamzimaiyo ndiye kamwana koyembekezela kubadwako kaphedwe pameneposo paonedwe bwino chifukwa kobadwako zimenezo sizikumukhudza.

  59. Davien says:

    Mukuti basi ngato mwana wachokela pomugwirira mkazi basi mwanayo mayi akhoza kupha. Uwu ndiye ufiti basi. 2 wrongs do not make a right. Ngati mwana wapangidwa, ndimwana basi regardless of the nature of fertilisation. Mwatiso ngati mwana sakhala ‘compatible with life.’ Ahhh!!! Who chooses compatibility with life BUT God? Please chonde we are not god’s and we can’t make that choice. Please stop this bill before Malawi get destroyed by the devil!!!!

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