Passengers terrified as plane fail to land at Malawi’s Chileka Airpot

High winds forced aborted plane landings at Malawi’s  Chileka International Airport, leaving passengers ‘terrified’.

Malawian Airlines

Malawian Airlines

Some planes were forced to abort landing attempts before being diverted to Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe

KIA commandant Donnie Chimtengo said there is bad weather right overhead the Chileka airport “ which is causing visibility difficulties.”

Chitengo said  Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways,  “which were supposed to land at Chileka Airport, are here [in Lilongwe.”

Director of Metrological Services and Climate Change Management Elina Kululanga said  the weather forecast shows that the rains will continue to persist mostly in the North and Centre, but will slightly drop in the South.

Incessant rainfall has continued to wreak havoc across the country and at least 48 people have been killed.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed and large swathes of crops washed away.

Malawi’s Department of Disaster Management Affairs said the number of those who had been displaced as a result of the flooding had risen to some 45,000 people – or 7,500 households – in 14 districts.

So far, rescue efforts have been hampered by funding shortfalls, given that an initial budget of $200,000 has been exhausted.

Malawi’s rainy season begins in October and ends in April.

Since the rains began last year, heavy downpours have been common in most parts of the country.

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28 thoughts on “Passengers terrified as plane fail to land at Malawi’s Chileka Airpot”

  1. Mphwache says:

    Didn’t we go pray for rain, just a few weeks ago? Don’t confuse God now and request it to stop. Somehow, we don’t knwo what we need and just pray, pray without knowing the consequences.

  2. Ajuju says:

    Malawi will remain poor until when? Uuuuuuuuu you are not serious

  3. tadala mawale says:

    They just know how to prophecies about food and politics only. Woo to them who follow!. Just read
    your bible my friend.

  4. godobaman says:

    Ambiuye akwiya akufuna ndalama za cash gate zibwere basi

  5. Mase says:

    Kodi ma prophet amangopanga prophesize zama votes,,imfa,,,,,,wat wat,,,,,osapanga prophesize zama disaster bwaa?

  6. A COMMONER says:

    Where is my comment.?

  7. prince william says:

    let thy will be done mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm zanyanya a malawi mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets wait and see

  8. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Ndege yakanika kutera ku Blantyre. Wazanyengo akunena zovuta za kagwedwe ka mvula kumpoto ndipakati. Nde kugwirizana kwake kuli pati? Kutenga zinyalala kuwapatsa maudindo bola mwana wa chemwali alandirepo makobidi.

  9. Only concerned about loss of life,other things comes after.

  10. pali kugwirizana kotani pa nkhani ya nyengo ndi mavoti?Ndemangazi tasiirani ophunzirafe.

  11. OGO!! says:

    Of all the money that is wasted on selfish deeds MK90m for rescue efforts in times of such disaster has been exhausted? It seriously shows how useless this government is in terms of preparedness and prioritisation of funding.

    God bless the souls of those that passed away during this disastrous time.

  12. Clement says:

    kodi dziko muno tilibe maprophet woti angati ziwitse zatsogolo? uprophet wamalilo tatopa nawo

  13. Gerald says:

    Tavgisyusga vgangozi

  14. out says:

    We mourn the loss of life. May their souls rest in peace. It is even more difficult to condole the bereaved families rt now but for some of us we saw this coming. Soche Hill has been a forest reserve for a long time. Deforestation started wen GVH misesa started settling people rt on the slopes of the hill. The ministry of Forestry has never raised any objection to this despite the danger this irresponsible locating of people posed. The people are sitting on a time bomb which will explode with devastating effects. I fear for them if the floods start displacing rocks from the top of the hill. Please govt relocate these people to safe place. We should be proactive rather than reacting wen things get off hand. The people responsible for allocating people to these death traps should be brought to book for firstly selling govt property and endangering peoples lives. Arrest them nobody is above the law.

  15. mimi says:

    So bad

  16. MSENA says:


  17. MSENA says:


  18. Kasenye says:

    In The History Of Israel, if Ungodly People Assumed Office, Disaster Fell On Ther Nation. Check!

  19. mavuto says:

    Wina nkumati alhomwe akulangika. What about those other districts not in the lomwe belt. Please let us unite

  20. misiche says:

    Who is to blame????

  21. titus Scoti says:

    Dziko lithera ife tokha aMalawi? These are the effects of climate change

  22. josephy says:

    Ok ndanva poti tiliipe president titan

  23. josephy says:

    Ok ndam

  24. ophunzira says:

    vimanyikilo va kuwumaliro wa chalu.

  25. Pido says:

    Tili Ku Mavote

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