Passport applicants paying for free forms

Passport applicants in Blantyre are being forced to pay for free application forms as the Immigration Department is unable to produce the forms.

Passport seekers at Immigration Department in Blantyre

Passport seekers at Immigration Department in Blantyre

The visit to the Immigration Department’s offices in Blantyre by Nyasa Times reporter noted that for almost two months now applicants are being turned back due to lack of application forms.

The applicants are instead forced to buy the forms on black market with a single form selling at K300.

Immigration Department Public Relations Officer, Martha Gonondo in an interview admitted they were currently failing to print the forms due to faulty printers.

Gonondo argued they were still issuing out the free forms but sporadically.

”Our printers developed a problem and we are relying on Lilongwe offices. We send papers to Lilongwe for printing but are not enough to meet the demand,” explained Gonondo.

The lack of free application forms has reduced congestion at the department.

Immigration Department hiked fees in November last year with an ordinary Passport now at MK48, 500 up from K15,000.

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49 thoughts on “Passport applicants paying for free forms”

  1. Hemaso says:

    Asians of Indian origin always in papers announcing there lost passports, my foot why on earth only these people loose there passports at this alarming frequency? Something is happening behind the scenes. Please Immigration authorities lets jack up, We don`t want to have a scenario of Malawi man hanged in China when in actual sense it is not a Malawian.

  2. wokwiya says:

    I thought documents are downloaded on the Internet. Is it also free? What is K300? When someone uses airtime, papers and toner to produce. If you don’t have money then you don’t need a passport.

  3. apundi says says:

    anazolowera katangale, muja ankalandira ziphuphu bwanji ma form sankasowa, ndiye mukufuna tizikuwonjezeraninso pa fee yonse manapereka. ma passport sakutulukanso akutuluka ndi omwe a diza basi ya ine diza simuiwona kuti passport yanga ndikuifuna agaru inu adyera, kumangoti network ayi uko kagwereni vitsiru

  4. Kennedy nali says:

    Viri ku malawi kwali, pitirizgani nkhaza na kuba uko.

  5. Malawi says:

    Please Mr Billionaire help. Am sure u can graffitti a fwifwifwi cheque to buy the printer, scanner & photocopier. Don’t just sit on those Billions ? Source.

  6. gwepenya says:

    Sizachilendo iz kwa ife a PRO , a Martha Gonondomuti mutinamizenji apa?

  7. Chris Chikwemba says:

    Amalawi kukonda chidule.


  9. Kachala NFJ says:

    Comment: frm 15 pin to 48 pin? Eish! Milking an already thin cow. Instead of milk guess what they will get? You mean the whole department can’t get a printer, min printer ka K18,500 kaja nkupanga print ma form wo? Ho. Laziness spiced with stubborness

  10. chatty man says:

    just go on the Malawian immigration site and download the forms easy otherwise azingokubereni mmaso muli mbee kugona a malawi tachangamukani!

  11. Kadakwiza says:

    How can government fight corruption while the same government is corrupt. Malawians we have to buy free application forms because we really need a passport. Do we have a choice? No! No jobs in the country and must go and look somewhere else. Nothing we can we can do. Is the government going to listen? I don’t think so.

  12. waganyu says:

    Immigration is too corrupt

  13. Khima says:

    Amangwetu chonde chonde tisamakhala ndi mitu ngati ya nkhunkhu the kwachas to buy printer toner cartridges that the dept was spending on why not temporarily go to Xerox and have the forms duplicated at may be 6 kwacha per paper??? mpakana kubwele mzungu consultant kuti atiuze kuti pakali pano angopita kaye ku Bureau????

  14. Doctor Beza says:

    The President is to blame for the mess n why such alot of money for the passport? I would rather not come home n stay outside Malawi without his so called passport.

  15. CHIPENYERE says:

    Who does not know the corrupt practices at Immigration,MRA etc.This is why ACB itself is questionable.

  16. MBACHI says:


  17. Ogo says:

    This is ridiculous. We celebrated 50 years of Independence that has ideally and realistically yielded nothing and nothing to show for.

    I can’t believe that the whole Govt department as critical as immigration dept, you can’t download forms. First and foremost, those selling free items are robbing people and should be dealt with, in Malawi, it could be also that the forms are missing for the same purpose of having the sold and the sellers could be relations of the immigration officers. This is uncalled for, so what was the point of raising fees if you can’t even get the printers fixed? Sad Malawi. Sad

    1. Wozinyanyala says:

      What a beautiful comment… are true !!!!

  18. umziya says:

    Mbava zokhazokha anyani saseka dzikundu

  19. Jovelyn Kasondo says:

    Inefficiency, lack of insight and poor mindset at its best in Malawi. Yeah sitinati a malawi tiyamba kudya manyi tsopano

  20. PATRIC says:

    Comment It is not only this happening in the immirstion peope also foced to pay about 68500 or 78500 for the passport to come out fast these are not for renewed

  21. Chakuchaku says:

    Mtengo wa passport nanga ndiwokwera chifukwa chani? Cashgate Yalowa Kuformgate.U’re the same pple selling them at the black market thru vendors.Mudzafa Ndithu!

  22. toney samikwa says:

    Commentam the one who bought the form yet the immigration iz making more money

  23. sim says:

    u ar useless,all the money u get u cant even think of buying new printer?even a child can thnk of that and u say u ar qualified for that possion?to hell with u guys

  24. Neymar says:

    Malawi, we r funny people with full of drama

  25. Bwai bwai says:

    Akungofuna kubela anthu ndalama sangalephere kugula printer office yayikulu ngati imeneyi

  26. Prince Isaac Mnemo says:

    End of the world things will become worse….

  27. Lawrence Kutaumbe says:

    A Malawi ndi chani kodi china chilichonse kumangotikanika

  28. Wakantchende says:

    Pple r already paying huge amount ov money on passport,and yet u r failing to repair the printing machine.zakuba basi.


    Failing to renovate printers????shame

  30. Keen Follower says:

    Ndiye just bring down the fee to 15, 000 . What was the basis for for that hike???

  31. sukani says:

    Zonama it’s a plan to them so that they can sell the forms

  32. bingiza says:

    Mukupita kuti ? Kumene mukupitako fumu yawo sikukufunani tiyeni tizingokhala

  33. Patriot says:

    Thank you IMF, things will change for better now.

  34. short wamtali says:

    Uwu ndiwo tikuti uchindele…….ku immigration kukuwa nge kuli wanthu wakudumuka mitu pera. Printer? Unenesko? Vindere vyakufikapu…..sonu makopara ghanandi awo wanthu wakubadara wakuya Kochi?

  35. Wakuchindikika says:

    I blame the government for most of the problems immigration faces such as luck of forms,books and recently we heard they were not printing passports due to shortage of raw materials. It’s high time government supports these guys coz they generate a lot of money for the govt.

  36. NH says:

    Government can and should allow photo copies of forms till the printers are repaired.

  37. Blessings Banda says:

    Woe upon the poor, for they will be unable to pay extra money just for the forms that are meant to be free!

  38. Zatha says:

    Very sad

  39. Ngw'ena says:

    Chomwe ndaona ine ndi chakuti ili boma lathu is not good at investing,boma limafunika kuonetsetsa kuti zose zoyenera zilipo muma department ake onse,but this administration is not like that.Boma ili just knows how to milk ng’ombe zopanda mkaka kale.Anthu akuba awa.

  40. fkr says:

    why not fix the printer? I have an idea. why don’t we ask the government of Singapore to run Malawi for us for 5 years. then we can bev the Singapore of Africa! everyone will be rich .

  41. GUANTANAMO says:

    K48500 for ordinary passport? Day light theft by the DPP govt. Can a cross border vendor manage these fees? APM is not a pro poor president

  42. This is one of the biggest government’s money making machinery others are traffic , court and offcourse exborts pattages

  43. PETER says:


  44. brutsha says:

    Are policy makers happy to see Malawians being treated like slaves in their own country? Why can’t we decentralize passport and vehicle license issuing to districts?
    Who cares about poor people? May be the same poor people are to blame for electing irresponsible governments.
    This is too much!

  45. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The DPP government is in a total mess , nothing is moving . How can the civil service be reformed when the government is not in any support of the reform ?

  46. Terrah Mcdonald says:

    I think the Immigration Departiment is making a lot of money, why the goverment is not supplying them with new printers.

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