Pastor applauds Scots government aid to Malawi: Hails APM for welcoming openly gay minister

UK based Malawian multi-faith charitable organisation, ‘The Faith in Love Project’ director,  outspoken civil rights activist, Evangelist Elizabeth Kalonga has taken a sweeping commonsense ‘hashtag’ in applauding the Scottish Government for coming to the rescue of Malawi at a time the people of the impoverished southern African nation are going through economic meltdown.

Evangelist Kalonga

Evangelist Kalonga

In giving her round of applause to Her Majesty’s government after Glasgow sent to Lilongwe, David Mundell, a UK government minister of state who openly declared himself as a homosexual, to hand in financial aid  in the tune of K87 Billion (£86 million),  the Luton based blunt pastor, repeated the famous phrase “Gays needs love, not judgement” which has been internationally embraced for succinctly rejecting the notion that homosexuals are sinners in her brave commendation of the two governments.

Evangelist Kalonga who recently stirred a hornet’s nest for rallying support on gay people also commended Malawi President, Peter Mutharika for personally welcoming to Kamuzu Palace a UK cabinet minister amid public resistance on gay rights saying the Malawi government and its leadership has done a commendable job.

“Firstly, I would like to applaud the UK government through Scotland for sending out aid to Malawi at a time when people are dying of hunger. It was brave of the Scottish Government to send a gay politician to a country where homosexuals are vilified and secondly let me laud the Malawian government for taking a bold move in welcoming Mr Mundell with open arms.

“ It appears to me that the Malawi government now realises that gays must be embraced into our society, because they are part of us, they are as human as everybody else,” said Evangelist Kalonga.

Evangelist Kalonga said the money the Queen’s government send to Malawi through the British secretary of state, will not be spend on homosexuals or minority rights but will go a long way in alleviating hunger and other problems that the financially-strapped country is going through.

“I am happy that Malawi affably received Mr Mundell as just British politician with open hands and did not judge him for his sex orientation. This is stepping stone towards changing our attitudes on people. We must not judge people for who they are, who they want to love or what they choose to be. Judgement is not for us but for God. After all we are all sinners so there is no need for us to point others with dirty fingers,” she declared.

Evangelist Kalonga said President Mutharika and his government must stand firm on ground of authority to defend the interests of international laws and conventions as stipulated in the charter of international human rights laws adding that all citizens must be protected by law.

She said: “Malawi is a signatory and party to the international human rights treaty and it is criminal under these laws and the UN obligations to reprimand, hate, ostracise or chastise anyone for choosing to be who they are. My appeal to the government and the people of Malawi is that they must  stop living in the past and realise that times have changed. “

Evangelist Kalonga further took a swipe at the clergy in the country for promoting hate speech by preaching to the world that homosexuals are sinners saying such acts are dangerous to modernity and to the human race saying it is only God who has the power to judge who is a sinner and who is not and not a man.

“If God is love, why then must we, who claim to be men and women of God, preach detestation and abhorrence and so much hate to our faithful and encourage them to hate other people and label them as sinners or the filthy lot before God?” Kalonga asked matter-of-factly. “Seriously, in this time and age we still think being homophobic is a right way to go?”

‘Deep-seated mediocrity’

Kalonga chided those Malawians who reproach others for being themselves and for making different choices in their lives.

“Malawians must wake up from their deep slumber and start realising that our problems as a country are not homosexuals but our stinking attitudes towards our fellow human beings. As people, we pride ourselves being wicked. We’re stuck in our deep-seated mediocrity; we love to hate ourselves, always moving backwards. It is time we come to our senses that we cannot pick and choose rights among the human rights conventions.”

Kalonga further stated that every person mustn’t be discriminated against because of race, colour, creed, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

“Why are we so bent on judging people based on their sexual orientation and judge them harshly on what they believe in and for their happiness other than their character?” she further asked.

The 53-year-old Scottish MP, David Mundell is a divorcee and has three grown up children, who has just finished his tour of duty in Malawi recently came out as a homosexual and he described his bold and barefaced decision to acknowledge his sexuality as one of the most important of his life.

Mundell visited Malawi at a time when the country is reeling from rising homophobic emotions with the majority of people in the conservative society and there have been comments from political, social and religious circles that that gay people are “worse than dogs” and should be killed.

In Malawi, a country that calls itself ‘a God fearing nation,’ gay sex is illegal and is punishable up to 14 years imprisonment.

Recently, the government suspended the law pending review but High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise sitting in Mzuzu a few weeks ago  quashed the moratorium, effectively reinstating anti-homosexual laws.

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25 thoughts on “Pastor applauds Scots government aid to Malawi: Hails APM for welcoming openly gay minister”

  1. Richard says:

    That’s the Devilish Heart Of Africa

    but continue to abuse, violate and criticize THEM!

    Shit hole country

  2. Angoni apaphata says:

    I agree with the pastor. Only one point though. Gays have rights. So do thieves and murderers. They need to be away from normal people.

  3. Kalonga u r a lesbian, period!!! Which God are u worshing?? Which Bible are u using??? Shame on you demon posessed pastor…

  4. Tt says:

    A country that hates gays, but willing to take guys people money is stupid! In Fact you malawians are worse than the gays you hate! Hypocrites, scumbags really! You are guys are not at all ashamed of yourselves, ndinu omvetsa chisoni! Just accept it basi and let their money by you maize. If your homophobic god loved you, would you be poor?

  5. Tbird says:

    Please when us thieves start to cry for our right to steal, back us up because if homosexcuality is not sin, neither is my being a thief!! Kalonga, I don’t want to even abuse the word Pastor by calling you such because you are not one!!

    I don’t hate homosecuals when they choose to sin that way because it is their choice just like us we choose to sin by being thieves! What I don’t like is the noise claiming to be their rights! Our Constitution criminalises such just as it does with theft!! If am caught stealing, I will be jailed and the same should apply to the other evil act of homosexuality otherwise everything evil act will be legalized huh??

    All what these people need is deliverance and pray to God for save them and show them the light just like all others sinners are called to repentance!!!

  6. The Gate Keeper says:

    Pangani manyazi abusa….i didnt expect these words to come from u…..Shame on you

  7. Ngongoliwa says:

    as far as am concerned i love my wife and her breast!!!!!… so if yours has beards and no breast shame on you!!!

  8. Jahman says:

    A typical satanic woman.

  9. amen says:

    Za ziii leave Evangelist Kalonga alone

  10. Akungolonje says:

    A Kalonga, which version of the Bible does your church use which tolerates mathanyula and kunyinula? You must be a foolish, ignorant and shameless evangelist Malawi has ever witnessed, perhaps you are also one of those who indulge nyinulaism. The way you look evangelist Kalonga really you are a nyinula evangelist, who is teaching your amayi amvano, achigwirizano, whatever you call them in that your devilish denomination this act of lesbianism.

  11. THAMBOKI says:


  12. Anaosidwa says:

    M’busa opanda manyazi ndi nzeru God forgive you bcz you know not what you are doing.

  13. Tt says:

    Malawians, especially you religious fools! Can you please be consistent! Refuse this aid brought by a gay people, please! If you were praying to god, does he answer in a very funny and peculiar way??? Kkkkkk, religious hypocrites, kkkkkk

  14. levelheaded says:

    You idiot evangelist Kalonga, Malawi does not criminalise people by declaring that they are gay or lesbian rather it criminalised people caught of indiscent acts like what gays do of doing anal sex with a fellow man. When one is caught doing that is when he faces the arm of law.

    Malawi does not criminalise one for declaring that he smokes chamba but only when they catch you with that weed.
    You cannot be jailed for saying that you kill people in malawi but when they catch you killing is when you face the law.

    Our professor APM is more learned than your stupid hide and seek games.

  15. Funzo says:

    As usual, so many of these comments are based on complete ignorance of homosexuals. You will not understand or know such people if you treat them with such hate.

  16. The Real Analyst says:

    He didn’t realise he was gay at 50. He revealed his status at that age. Wamva iwe Ovilera? Obviously gay rights were not recognised even in the West and until recently people were stigmatised for coming out gay.
    I’m beginning to like Pastor Kalonga. I really I’m fed up with the hate fuelled pastors and reverends here in Malawi who preach homophobia. We need pastors like Kalonga to preach love, the greatest commandment of all!
    So Hon. Mundell visited Malawi…can anyone tell me if this caused any harm to Malawi or any of its citizens? Did anyone’s hair fall as a result? This is why as a Christian I am for the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Homosexuality may be culturally wrong but it certainly should not be a crime

  17. So sad indeed, if Malawi leaders allow the funds because of gay; I feel sorry for our not all in white belong to God. Even the devil comes like an angel of light, but his plan is to steal, kill and destroy .Wake up Malawi repent for the kingdom of God is near. Why the emphasis is on homosexual not seeking the kingdom of God. We need to rise and start working hard otherwise whosoever passby with dirty money we will cause us run to because of poverty. Lord have mercy on our land Malawi.

  18. naphili says:

    Takananitu aid wabweletsa munhtu wa GAY! Anhtu osauka inu. Beggars cannot be choosers!

  19. naphili says:

    SO you have welcomed him in the country despite being gay just because of the aid he is bringing in the country,HYPOCRITES!

  20. ovilera says:

    Hahahaha, that’s very funny. So he just realized that he is gay after 50 years or so, after making and raising children? That’s why I don’t agree that someone is born gay, one choose to be gay.

  21. wo says:

    There is no such as sexual orientation …………to hell …….Devil pastor

  22. Myao says:

    Potchukilapo basi. A classic case of a gay thief welcome a gay politician and being blessed by an idol worshipper. So all those answering murder, maize theft in admarc depots, human trafficking cases will be welcomed at KP simply bcoz humans cant judge them rt? No wonder churches are being built with dirt money without the Bible custodians questioning, afterall the bigger the donation,the more the takehome package. Kukamwa kwako.

  23. maxwell nsani says:

    Disgraceful preacher, it’s a shame you call yourself a servant of God when you are just another hired activist. Malawi does not forbid foreigners from being homosexuals or practicing their filthy habits, that is outside the jurisdiction of Malawi law. What the law says is that in Malawi…that is not allowed! So ofcourse the Scottish minister is welcome here, but his ungodly ways are not welcome. So welcoming him is not welcoming homosexuality and Malawi is feeling from hunger which concerns Malawians not not homophobic sentiments which aren’t important to the citizenry. They have more crucial things to worry about other that anal intercourse.

  24. willy says:


  25. Gogo Zion says:

    M’busa opanda nzeru iwe,no wonder ur barking outside,I guess ur 1 of the lesbians

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