Pastor Esau Banda launches five religious books

Senior Pastor for Pentecostal International Christian Centre (PICC) Pastor Esau Banda has launched five Christian books.

Pastor Esau Banda

Pastor Esau Banda

Speaking recently during the launch, Pastor Banda said his wish was for everyone to get hold of the books because the information in the books was not for PICC members only but for every Christian who believes in the word of God.

“Life may have dealt you with a hash hand, but I want to assure you that as you read any of these books, the hand of God will be ministering solutions in all aspects of your life,” he said.

The books are: Forgotten practices in Marriage, Why am I a man and not a woman, the hand of God, Launch out into the deep and God’s will is prosperity.

The first book “Launch out into the deep” is a call for greater commitment in such areas as prayer, faith, holiness, kingdom service, study and application of God’s word, obedience, the fear of the Lord, meekness and giving.

In the second book pastor Banda reminds married couples of the Forgotten Practice in Marriage. In this book he assures couples that the spark which was there at the beginning of the marriage will be rekindled because the book reminds married couples of the practices that should be upheld all times if marriage is to remain satisfying.

In the third book why I am a man and not a woman is aimed at showing men their primary calling in God, the essence of their existence. In this regard, it expounds the responsibilities of mans calling and how he ought to exercise this calling on earth for the benefit of his generation. It is time for all men to play the man they are supposed to be in all spheres of life.

The fourth book called the hand of God is an impeccable source of power for signs, wonders and buoyant living. For instance, it was by the hand of God that the children of Israel got out of the land of Egypt, but the question is, what is the hand of God? Is it visible? How does it look like? How do we invoke it upon our lives? All these questions will be answered after reading the book.

The last book is Gods will for you is prosperity. In this book Pastor Esau Banda captures the reader by telling them the secrets that will help them to prosper in all the works of their hands. It also challenges them to rise up and start doing something better with their life, now rather than later.

During the launch, he said all the books can be found at PICC church premises in Lilongwe and in all their branches across the country at an affordable price.

The books can also be accessed electronically on Amazon/kindle, once you sign up on Amazon/Kindle, simply search for “Esau Banda” and you will access these books.

Pastor Banda has authored more than 20 books on different topics which are essential to build a strong Christian and a productive citizen in the society.

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This is a most powerful Pastor in Malawi. Just by listening his sermon on Radio Galaxy, you get so much touched by the word of God and get convicted right away. moti nthawi yomweyo umafuna kulapa. I made up a decision to see him face to face at his church at Hajat complex then, there was heavy presence of God, the atmosphere in his Church was so Godly. I and my kids were so blessed! He is a Pastor with a difference, he speaks action and live by it exemplary. congrats Pastor! I am not of your members BUT I… Read more »

God bless you and the ministry


Kenako tisamve kuti mwapita ku jebuki mwagula ndege. Tumikilani nkhosa za mulungu ku malawi konkuno. Otherwise, congratulations Pastor.

Kamtedza Mwale

Pastor Esau God bless your ministry. You are a good ESAU.


Big up Pastor! But if the Books are meant for not only your Members, make them availlable in the public Book Shops.



advisory committee

All the best and congratulations

The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O The titles “The forgotten Practices in Marriage”, ” Why Am I a Man and Not a Woman OR Why Am I a Woman and Not a Man” sound very interesting hence captive-holding; and so should the contents be, I presume. However . . . The reading culture in Malawi, is long gone. The education system has taught us to read so as to pass exams. That’s all. The average urban Malawian would rather spend hours chatting on Facebook, Whatsapp or wherever/whatever or on youtube watching Annie Kansime, music videos, movies, or on DSTV e.t.c; than take a book and… Read more »

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