Pastor Mwale’s symphasers seal off Assemblies of God Church

Sympathizers of Pastor Gersom Nkhata Mwale of the Assemblies of God Church on Sunday  locked their prayer house to block a high powered delegation sent by their Headquarters to announce the suspension of their Pastor.pastor cartoon

As per tradition, the suspension was supposed to be announced in the presence of the whole congregation, a move that those who are backing Pastor Mwale did not want to take place.

Although the  North Central Division Headquarters Team and other members sought the intervention of the Police, nothing fruitful came to their side.

A source in Dwangwa said that the revolting team took an extra gear to go and hold their prayers in the Kasasi Hills to make sure that the communication is not made so that Pastor Mwale should continue ministering at Dwangwa.

“One Member kept the keys after learning that there would be that announcement during the prayers so there was some commotion such that the Police were contacted by the other team, but no arrests were made.

“And no prayers were held in the Church,” he said.

Nkhunga Police acknowledged to have ben approached by the Church but failed to act further because they want the matter to be resolved within the Church hierarchy.

“We only made sure that there was no breach of peace  but the matter can surely be sorted out by themselves,” said a police fficer.

News has been viral that the Pastor went wild proposing one of the Church Members in the name of Esther Chimbwinda popularly known as ‘Amai a Farai’.

Malawi Assemblies of God president Edward Chitsonga said the Church’s Disciplinary Team headed by Director Reverend Smith found Pastor Mwale guilty of working contrary to the Ministry’s ethics.

“What Pastor Mwale did was against our Ministry’s ethics,” said the president, who revealed that the Church is concerned with the ensuing battles among Christians at the Dwangwa Church, after news went viral that Pastor Mwale went out of his Ministerial bounds.

There has been voice clips and Whatsapp screen shot messages circulating on social media with messages exposing the Pastor’s advances to Chimbwinda which she earlier on reported the Pastor to his seniors but it is understood that the Pastor has a backing of some top members that she was the one who proposed the pastor.

“Amai a Farai may you please remove the Facebook post on your wall about our issue for to error is human. I admit to have made a very big mistake,” pleads Mwale in one of the clips.

In one of the messages, Mwale who is married promises to take care of Chimbwinda’s children whom their father died last year.

The Church’s Welfare Director at Dwangwa Moses Mawaya said it is true that they locked up the Church because as Church Members, they were not consulted on the issue of Pastor Mwale.

“All what we wanted was protocol to be followed that include calling the Pastor’s witnesses to hear both sides of the story,” he said.

Our source however confided in us that the Pastor was called to a disciplinary hearing at the Division where he accepted and apologised. he was also told of the verdict and was aware that it would be made public as protocol; demanded in their Church.

Nyasa Times  could not establish what the next step would be as people are waiting for next Sunday to hear what matters would arise.

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Charles Maselle

All church conflicts should be solved within


Yemwe sanalakwepo pa moyo wake amugende ndi miyala m’busayo. Paulo ku Aroma akuti ‘Ngati tikuti tilibe uchimo tidzinyenga tokha, ndipo mwa ife mulibe chowonadi, chifukwa timakhumudwa tonse mu zinthu zambiri.

nyama ya nkhumba ndi dhilu
nyama ya nkhumba ndi dhilu

@ 4, hello (hell), wihich (which), waist (waste), truffle (trifle). wa haram iwe eti?

mr phalombe

i the churches in malawi learnt solving their issues in closed venues otherwise it embarasses their faithfuls. big up catholics, u r a most disciplined church in malawi-even when ur priest blunders u know how to handle the issues. assemblies of God please dont reduce urself to the ccap synods. all they know fighting.


“chonde amaka farayi nikhululukireni ,munthune niwovutika, mukudziwa kale, nikulilatu ine mzanu…………..” pastor GG Mwale, a hero, master class example, God needs people of this calibre, seek for forgiveness when they r wrong. But this amaka farayi lady is somehow a merciless servant described at matthews 18 from vs 23::::::

wa pheeeee

Its not only him but most assemblies of God and goers behaviour


laughs best

john mt

no coment zambuye izi only GOD can judge him :amene sanachimwepo ayambe ma coments pa munthu wa mulungu.


Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; nobody goes to the father except through Him.


Akadakhala wa SDA mukanamva phokoso lonyoza what we should know is aliyense ndi ofunika kulapa ku machitachita onse amdziko.

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