Pastor Salanje blasts Malawi clergy for Chinga`s death

Amidst mourning of sensational musician Grace Chinga who has passed away, controversial  Pastor Hastings  Salanje has blamed fellow clergy for her death ‘for doing nothing as men of God’.

Pastor Hastings Salanje: Devils attack

Pastor Hastings Salanje: Devils attack

Grance Chinga died after she suddenly complained of a headache when she was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Wednesday but later pronounced dead.

According to the pastor who posted on his Facebook timeline, Chinga’s death is a clear indication that as men of God they are doing nothing.

“This is an attack from the devil and it could be prevented if someone was to pray for her and command her soul to come back.

“If someone can suffer headache in the evening and die in that same evening and be taken to mortuary without thinking of taking a person to a certain man of God for a solution, is a clear indication that there are no trusted men of God in the land, “he wrote.

He further blasted the clergy saying they are busy collecting tithe when they cannot provide solutions to small problems healing the sick.

” What are we collecting the tithes for, if we can’t provide solutions to people? Let’s stop collecting tithes until we put our
house in order if we are to be serious.

“I am saying this because I know that it is possible, I remember how many people were reversed ( come back to life at the point of death)  some of them gave up their ghost, but I had to refuse and bring back the person to life again. This could be the same case.”

He added: “The whole Grace Chinga going to the grave because of headache like that, without anyone to rescue her soul? I feel so ashamed to be called a man of God and yet we allow the devil to take people to the grave like that while we are watching. Any way Rest in peace Grace, we have failed you us as men of God.”

Meanwhile, Salanje’s comments have attracted several comments from Malawians asking him to come and pray for Chinga and bring her soul back if he is a real man of God since Chinga has not yet been burried.

The late Chinga died upon arrival at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre after a short illness.

Family members and close family friends said she only complained of headache.

Her body will be led to rest at HHI cemetry in Blantyre on Saturday 19th March 2015 after a funeral ceremony in the morning at the Robbins Park.-Additional reporting by Elijah Phimbi, Nyasa Times

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132 thoughts on “Pastor Salanje blasts Malawi clergy for Chinga`s death”

  1. peter matola says:

    let God be God! dont talk much

  2. mwana nyungwe says:

    Erick if you say man of God what do you mean? You too are man of God but salanje is not a servant of God His actions speaks volumes about this. Salanje can not even understand what the bible says about tithing God has never said that when we tithe Pastors have to pray for healing when we are sick or dead no no no do please. Mr Salanje do not mislead people its very bad God hates people who tell lies in his name.

  3. mwana nyungwe says:

    Should there be a blame game here no Pastor you too could have done something if realy you are Gods servant as you claim Jehova Almighty could have used you because to God there is no distance may you have not read Lazarous story who was in grave for 3 days but was brought to life I think u too could have come and prayed for her so please just keep quite and Her soul rest in Peace

  4. charity says:

    only Godz knows;fine graće is gone,kwartale ife tili moyo we hv to learn that anytime we can go so we need to walk in rightous way of God bcoz these r last days.we hv to think abt our lives now ,&what hv u learned pa imfa yad grace .lts not time to bramę others.

  5. Erick says:

    This is trully a man of God…………………Indeed something could be done to avert the death. But anyway God gave and the same God has taken. May her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace

  6. Blessings says:

    sam u are right on this earth a number of believers (real carreirs of GOD’s words)have passed away .Should we say they sinned before God please let us stop loving sins on things by claiming to be the most rightous of other preachers or pastors and let God be God .I hope Salanje won’t miss us mind the speech God is the owner of everything we do


  7. stanford jere says:

    Paster are you sure could you have soul brought back. Many prominent figures have died were you not here

  8. chims says:

    late god jugde this death of grace chinga

  9. evar b says:

    may ha soul res n PC.only God knows everything. Amen

  10. Jalasi says:

    The problem with ifeyo aMalawi is that timalepela kumumvetsa munthu. Asalanje sakulakwa apa ayi.Malemu hinde tose tikuwadziwa ngati munthu woimba gospel koma moyo wawowamuseli ndiochepa ameneamaudziwa. Analindinjila zina zimene anthu ngatiabusa asalanje amatakuona kuti ndizolakwika. Masiku anokuli satanic worshiping imatengaso anthu munjila imeneyi. Mutabwanji kudziwa mwina asisiwa analowanawo satanic yo. For example nyimbo zawo zinasintha ~zinabwela mwachisatanicsatanic. Like that song NDIULULA

  11. sam says:

    Its not abt being pastor or prophets wat evr u call urself but its about time 4 God himself He made it 4u n 4mi on earth, God can take u off now pastor salanje, u cant say wait i got some othr staff to do, even u got lots of tokoloshi or nyanga bt wen its time to die u cant wait u die, so dont tell pple of malawi that u re better than God, its GOD himself who created the earth and heaven no one can overtake him his power, if u re really pastor ths time u should comfort the family of Grace to say we lost her on the body but in spirit God is with her and one day we shall meet her, bt u bzy talking something 4rom devil, as if u re the one who did this, may God who is real GOd 4give u and direct u to the right path.being prophet doesnt mean u re director of all pple on earth and remember being christain doest mean u re holly in ur heart bt take time urself and be born again, thank u 4takin time to read my text.

  12. mpoto land says:

    kodi nkhani ija yaziwalo inatha bwanji?
    salanje tapangani mphamvu mwanenazo you welcome there is no toolate for GOD!!!!!!!!
    malawi club
    concerned citizen
    RIP we all gonna die

  13. CLEKAM CLEMO says:

    lets jst put this in handz of almighty God the creator because hes the one knwz kut someon had ahand in this her death or not am olso crying ofcause because she was innocent and a quiet woman am gona miss you.GRACE MAY UR SOUL REST IN PEACE

  14. Shania says:

    Bwanji osamangobwera kudzamudzutsa naweso?kumangobwebwetuka koma ukukanika kudzagwira ntchitoyo iwe salanje,,usatikwane wamva,,

  15. hassan kapah says:

    You people let’s trust god coz if god say yes and who can say no? Ngati Mungathe poti sanaikidwe. Tiyeni komko mukapemphere kuti udzuke

  16. martin zammimba says:

    kodi ma pastor akumalawi mukupangilanji zimenezi in these days…mukudzimva umulungu kwambiri…zoona bambo akulu akulu ngat inu Asalanje olidziwa bible mungamalankhule motumbwa kti mungamudzutse Grace…musiyeni grace wapeleka moyo wake mmanja mwa mulungu…ndi ubusa waufiti wanuwo yambani mwadzutsa azibale anu anamwalilawo…ife tatopa ndi za devil zanuzo and ngat muli ndi mphanvu kuposa mulungu bwanji mumasiya kulosela kuti Grace akudwala plzzzzz azibusa akuba inu musiyeni malawi wathuyu ndi wabwinobwino musamuononge ndi ufiti wanuyo …galu iwe salanje.

  17. Kingsley Edward Kanyama says:

    Paja mvura ikagwa kuchuluka zoliralira. Nanga titani amayi Grace Chinga has been promoted to glory let us not remain behind pointing finger at one another. Eho knows whether this being the will of God if it could be that the Lord wants to manifest his miracleS FOR His name to be glorified through am sure Pastor CHRIS SUYA wouid have right away prayed and command her soul back as per Pr. Salanje and God would manifest his works through Grace’s life by returning it back. So as people and prayerful to the living God, let us not put God to shame. Let’s accept. God is in control.

  18. Carlo says:

    Uthokoze kut ndine mphawi otherwise ndikanaboora ubongo ochuchawo ndi mfuti salanje

  19. wamwana wane says:

    Actually men of God don’t collect tithe as you have said but children of God bring their tithe to the house of God as the bible commands, Malachi 3. As regards to tithing, it is not men of God who rebukes the devil when somebody tithes but the bible says, God himself shall rebuke the devil.

  20. chimombo says:

    Salanje chipente chakubandula siwe mwini moyo ubusa osapitira kumaphunzirowo.

  21. Bande Brian says:

    Pastor Salanje ngati inuyo mungathe kumudzutsa Grace ku imfa thamangani mudzatero before we take her to the resting place.Iyi ndi imfa yowawa kwambiri ku mtundu wa Malawi.

  22. Pansi Mtedza says:

    Mmmmmmmmm!! men of godoooo!!! of godoooooo! not God.

  23. Pansi Mteza says:

    Men of godoooo! Indeed you are men of godoooo!!!1 mmmmmmmmh! Not God but godoooooooooo!!! Yaaaaaaaaa!!!

  24. Mtedza Pansi says:

    The so called ” men of God” please answer me, ” is it you or God who provide healing, raise the deadand so and so miracles……?”. The so called men of God mmmm. ayiyayiyiiiiii. zafikapooooo. Haaaaa!!1 Ambuye tithandizeni…….

  25. Juninho says:

    Everything happens with a profound reason as the bible says Good or bad are Good for the sons and daughters of God. Not the pastor is saying no can reverse God. Everyone has a chariot to carry him home for the late grace was headache others is accident, drowning, shot by a gun, stub etc. What we need to worry now pastor is how will you and me go when death comes.

  26. zangaphe says:

    Ansala NJE ( salanje) satanism yakupyota mpaka kufuna kubwezeretsa chifuniro cha Mulungu? Bwanji sumazitchinjiriza Osapita ku Toilet? Bulshit! ! Munthu wamafano. Wabwezeretsa Mizimu ingati Baloteli ngati iwe? Change your Mindset otherwise …..

  27. ZEKE ZEKE. says:

    Sry a malaw azanga hav undrstand if someone is attacked by angels from seas & oceans lets pray for Salanje ambuye amucitile cifundo kod iwe Salanje tithe ikukhuzana bwanj kapena umaxowa pot uwalalatile azibusa akuno kani sunawelenge ku mlaliki kut kali konse ka pansi pa mthambo kali nd nthaw yake a time to plant a time to harvst chuma nd umulungu ndzosiyana ngat mwalemera izo zanu athu onse amulung ali kunowa ndkumalakhula zopusa coci osapeleka ulemu bwanj kwa athu amulunga ndzoonad we r n the last dayz.

  28. Joseph says:

    You are achild of the Devil repent/perish.What kind of aman of god are you?Remember the quot” God humbles the proud and exorts the humble people” Put down your proud you servantof the Devil.You even don’t know the programme of God.

  29. Mwandiyesambuzi says:

    Masiku omaliza afikadi,mpaka a Salanje kufuna kudzutsa wakufa,tapangani zanuzo anthu awone zikuchitikadi,(satanic)

  30. Thoccozany says:

    From the comments am not sure we all read the same BIBLE. When Jesus was ascending to heaven, he commanded his disciples to evangelize and perfom miracles bigger than the ones he perfomed IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. so let me ask you what do you suppose that would look like during our times in practice. We should be able to raise the dead and then some MORE….. so to expect that level of miracle from these men of GOD is not over reaching. Somehow, the traditional churches watered down the commission of Jesus, they offer us mediocre preaching, no healing and other fruit and gifts of the spirit. Why are we picking and choosing? Ulesi basi AChristu, kusafuna kupemphera and work at being in alignment nde kumangomusiya Satan adzingotidoda!!

  31. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Salanje abale mumumvetse, the men of God can do something about death. Not all deaths are coming from God himself, remember devil is also stealing lives. Elija brought the dead back to life,what is wrong today when the son of man himself said you will do much more than what l have done when you believe?ln his words l feel himself is included as he said land not only malawi. Ngakhale Salanje is busy boasting about his past not today, but he is making sense as the mesage in churches is about prosperity not about life,can you enjoy prosperity without life,poor health?Salanje sakulakwa mungompangila nsanje poti ali ndi zimagalimoto zodula zambilimbiri olo akukhalila mpando opangidwa ndi sholaba ku blantyre. Salanje more fireeeeeeee! Onse akukupangila nsanje uwatumizile tokankha azikayenda ku 36. kkkkkkkk Salanjeeeeee motoooooo boooooo!

  32. Shadrick says:

    May her soul REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

  33. SAMSON says:


  34. Achibale says:

    I would like to respond to what hastings salanje is talking bout death of Grace chinga,firstly ur not a man of God ur someone who took chance of doing busines here in RSA like anyone else who came here to work.I think its an insults to say people (pastors)r a shame of not resurrect God can do anything anytime anywhere all the time.if u r a man of God why u never pray in secret for her soul to come back?Do u do things kuti anthu aone kapena God.plibe amene ali wanzeru more than God himself how do you knw He(God) has allowed it to happen.if u can pray that prayer why ur church members r dying of HIV siukuwapemphelela bwanji kuno ku must b careful what u say coz sometimes u may dig ur own grave ndi matama akowo. Like I said ur not a man of God nawe unangozipezela ntchito in church.if am lying let’s the worrld knw about you.

  35. pilirani says:

    “we have failed you as men of god”thanks for including yourself

  36. lefted kanyika says:

    bwerani big muzuze ndinu

  37. Pastor Salanje you are so stupid and idiot man iwe wa satanic agogo ako anayambapo awukitsa munthu wakufa pa ntumbo pako wasowa chonena eti iyeyo ukuti pastor pastor pantumbo fuck youI

  38. Maxwell Mandevu says:

    Salanje, u would have consulted God first to find out from him what to talk about Grace Chinga’s death. Ur fellow man of God, David had to consult his Master b4 embarking on anything. R ur plans and purposes more superior and powerful than those of ur Creator, who also created the departed Grace! U r a disgrace to us congregation and the nation. This is an insult to the bereaved family. Please apologise to the family. U have increased their burden.

  39. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Pastor Hastings Salanje and Prophet Simbi, some Malawians have not forgotten the real you despite the time past. I think this rekindles something in your heart. Amen!!

  40. Marvel says:

    Salanje iwe,, nawenso wayamba kudzmva umulungu eit..?? Command her soul to come back.? Nawenso wayamba kupereka moyo..?? Kapena wasowa popangira nthabwala..?? Mtundu wakwanu unasala nd anthu angat..?? Ukuona ngat ungakwanitse kupanga reverse plan yaMulungu kacholengedwa ngat iwe..?? Ukuzimva uSuperior kapena in da eyes of God..?? Kapena ukudziona ngat iweyo nd pastor opambana mwa mapastor onse kut udziima pachulu nkumathoka shit yakoyi apa..?? Ukuona ngat mapastor enawo mapemphero awo samveka kwaMulungu..?? Mapemphero ake ati amene ukanapanga 2 brng ha lyf back… Wa’kinda man o’God r u.? Or r u workin wit da devil as wel..? Hw senseless it z 4 a man ov God ”as u claim yoself,whch I doubt” lyk u 2 tel da nation dat ha death z an attack 4rm da devil..? Ukakhuta chambieco chakocho kumeneko usamaseweletse mitima yaanthu wamva.. Analiko anzako ndpo adakalipo okuthanso kutumikira Mulungu ndpo amat akamadzguguda pamtma kut iwowo nd maMen ov God zmamveka kma sanafike pomaspita trash ngat yakoyi….. STUPID…!!

  41. Charles says:

    Salanje my brother, come back to yr normal senses, do not cheat people! God can not be mocked!

  42. Senior says:

    pastor Salanje, you are a mam of God, we can believe you if you come and pray for Grace. she is not buried, even if she was buried. What is surprising me is that you are blaming your fellows and yet you are still here on earth, you are not in heaven. It takes only few hours to fly from RSA to Malawi, how many pple have died the day Grace died? Other pple died on road accident. Mr Salanje come and pray many pple will believe what you are saying

  43. nanaphiri says:

    Asalanje….mumafuna Chinga akanamwalira liti?

  44. Jamz teeye says:

    We will all die!!! Nobody knows how

  45. Congo Mafia says:

    ASalanje mukundidabwitsa ndithu. U speak as if u left Chinda in the hands of pastors to take care of her until u come back from wherever u are. Now that she answered God’s call u blame all malawian pastors. Do u know how many people died in Malawi the same day Chinda did? Allthose are not important to u but Chinda. Simply because she was popular compare to the rest.

    Where u there when Chinda was born? Where were when the Creator looked after her all these years? Why cant u blame God who decides who lives and who dies if only u know about predestination. U really need prayers to understand what Christianity is all about. What is paramount to u is Tithe (money). We need more prophet to join Bushiri in charity work to save the living. Faith without actions is Vanity.

  46. jonathan jb saize says:

    Ine pamodzi ndi anzanga tonse kuno ku south Africa,
    Tili okhumudwa kwambili ndi imfa ya Grace chinga.
    Ndi oyimba yekhayo amene Gospel yake imatilimbitsa mtima ndikutipasa chitsitsimuso mmoyo wathu wasiku ndi siku.
    Dzimuwake Uuse mu mtendele.

  47. Aneneri Onyenga says:

    Salanje has spoken and his wisdom and character is loud and clear. Wisdom from the pit of hell. Whoever follows this man, errr this devil in human body follows the devil and his demons. Repent or you will die in your sins Salanje. The more you open your mouth the more you prove how deeply rooted you have become into the kingdom of darkness. May God have mercy on you!

  48. BLESSA says:

    I do agree with Pastor Salanje men of God we need to rise up in faith and do what Jesus said in Mark 16:17-18.As God’s ambassadors on earth it is our responsibility to pray for sicknesses,diseases and even raise the dead(Mark11:22-23).Lets have faith for with God all things are possible.Its not too late we can shame and challenge the devil over our sista’s death that he is a liar,gather courage and command life back into Grace’s life.The early apostles did their part during their time now this is our time God is waiting for us to do something that will glorify His name!

  49. Inkosi Dindi says:

    Kodi uyu Prozark wamuthera eti? Iwe Salanje tamva zopusa zako kokwanira. Oyimba adanena zowona, kumanda kunka anthu anthu otsala zitserekwete ngati Salanje. Imfa ikadamatifunsa kuti tivotere oti imtenge anthu 160, 000, 000 mwa anthu 16, 000, 000 onse ku Malawi akadavota kuti iweyo Salanje uzipita ku hell a little more quietly and quickly please!

  50. Pharao says:

    Kodi iwe salanje,bwanji sunabwere maliro a kwanu kwa kampepuza kapena kuyankhulapo pamene abale ako atha psiti sumadzawapepherera bwanji kuti adzuke. Moreover aMalawi ambiri mbiri akhala akumwalira bwanji sunayankhulepo kapena kubwera kudzawapempherera kuti adzuke. Iwe wayankhula za Grace Moffat chifukwa mumkanyengana? Bwera udzamudzutse udzimukwerabe. Mutha muona osabisala apa ayi. Mumapemphera mu choonadi koma agalu inu kapena ndinu mbava!

  51. Plate says:

    U so called salanje why do u keep making noise from far together with the so called liabunya why taking urself to be God? Nobody is able to understand ur mission, i dont think ur for God pliz stop this ur noise

  52. John Major says:

    What God bring you its according to his plan, Grace has her part on earth now she is in Kingdom of God. Talk as you like but to God the creator of this universe is order.

  53. trevor manyi says:

    Koma sometimes its better to g to school and ejukweshoni kkkkkk iyaa!

  54. Inna lillah waina ilaih raj’oon oooh Christianity in shambles
    Kodi iwe salanju Salanja Solonjo Eish whatever you call yourself umadziwa kuti imfa imachokera kwa Mulungu?? Mulungu anatipatsa tsiku lobadwa nditsiku lakufa
    Satan sangaphe munthu koma amangotengerapo tsoka munthu tsiku lake litakwana
    Asatana olo atasonkhana 1 million koma ngati nthawi sinakwane palibe chingachitike
    Iwe ungateteze munthu kuimfa iwe? Shupiti zako
    Does this man have brains in his head?

  55. chipi says:

    I am of no say either judgement to you commoners and either prophecy of God e.g. pastor Salanje. But pastors in Malawi lets hope this is call for fight with devils. All is strange but stand up and rise flag n say enough……….

    However rest in peace Grace. May all the ceremonies done with respect from thy God.

  56. NYONYO says:

    stupid pastor ..kunenepa mwa uchitsiru..poseyo ati kubisa mimba

  57. Money laundering prophet says:

    Typical of ignorance dominated by stupidity.


    Salenje ndiwe mbunzi!kuganiza ngt mawofozi!mbuziyamuthu if u thnk kut ndiwe ozindikila knw for today mutuwako muli mamina astpt!kumangolakhula ngt okugwa majini! Come @robis park on satdy n bring ha back to us!do u thnk timumva kuka ndi ifayake? Thnk befor u talk !

  59. Bololo says:

    Am taking my cannabis sativa, i wil comment leter.

  60. feel very sorry for my pastor salanje, by whose power and influence did you say this? God forbid.

  61. Out says:

    Salanje is obviously from the land of fruit and nuts.Its scary to think that some people take him seriously because he is a dangerous whack job!

    Does he honestly mean to imply that when our loved ones are at deaths door,we should shop around for “miracle pastors” to bring them back to life like some freaks out of a zombie movie instead of seeking medical attention or ,as is required in some cases,simply letting go when their time has come.If everyone followed Mr Salanje’s methods of cheating death,death itself would cease to exist.We would all become immortal!!

    Has it ever occured to Mr Salanje that Mma Grace has left us so soon because she has been called by God?How heartless is it to then start guilt tripping fellow clergymen that they did not do enough to resuscitate her? Were they supposed to defy God in order to please man?And anyway nobody should speculate as to cause of death because only an autopsy can reveal what that is.

  62. kd asalanje mukupikisana ndimulungu et

  63. Baxter says:

    Mukamva kuti pastor ofowokammaganizo ndi inu.kodi chiyambileni upastor wanu ndichani mwachitapo chadzelu?ambuye akuyendeleni mwapadela chifukwa simukuziwa izomukuchita ndikulankhula…..Gress mzimu wako uwuse muntendele lusolako tizalisowa.

  64. wolira says:

    Pepani a Malawi Grace is gone. It seems many of us loved her singing. but time of life length is in the hands of God. Let us wait for our time. where shall we be when judgement comes? Take heed.

  65. Bambo says:

    Lazarus was resurrected by Jesus Christ after staying more than three days in the grave. Mr. Salanje it is not too late for you to come and pray for our beloved gospel singer Sister Grace Chinga because her body is not buried yet. What you are saying is a mockery to us, we are in great pain as Malawians because of her death. The whole nation is mourning. You have also to know that all of us we will die one day, and the only way we can meet our Father in Heaven, the creator of heaven and Earth, the one who created man in his on image is through death.

  66. kwekwete says:

    Mr Salanje you can come and wake her up, you write like you don’t know that bible say we will die. You can ask Bushiri I heard he woke up died people there

  67. George Gondwe says:

    Litmus test for all self-proclaimed men of God:
    You who claim to raise the dead. ..We hope you’re going to do just that this time.

  68. Man of God says:

    Lazarus was raised not even at the mortuary, but right in the tomb on the forth day. It’s not too late, pastor Salanje. Just speak a word and it will accomplish everything. That is, if you are real.

  69. This man so called paster salanje is mental blunt, someone is required to beet the hell out of him.

  70. shemstone zimba says:

    salanje yu dont know what yu are saying and yu can easily become mad plz i beg u to withdraw that for it seems yu dont know the wil of God

  71. MUGO says:

    Bwana Salanje, mwati abusa tinatha kuno
    ku Malawi? koma mtsogoleri mutipepese ndithu. Ndipo mundiuze kuti mutipepesa kapena simupepesa? Zimene apanga Abusa Suya sitingayamike iyayi? … Ndati mutipepese abusa tonse mukaona message imeneyi

  72. Wawamba says:

    Salanje is a big shame. You should have mourned the death of your ex-girl friend silently people could known that you fucked her in Scotland on a disguised trip to sing at your failed Church there. See now we have revealed it!!!

  73. kondwani munthali says:

    What a miss malawians will leave to remember? I have missed my favourite singer i believe nobody is to reach her far . May her soul rest in peace

  74. Tombolombo says:

    Wamisala anawona nkhondo

  75. stevovo says:

    I do agree with Pastor Salanje 100%.As true believers,it doesn’t need Bushiri or TB Joshua to do miracles in this situation.Where
    is our faith Malawians.Anyone could have prayed modzikhuthula and a miracle could ve happened.Tiyeni tikhale anthu okhulupirira Mulungu even in desperate cases like Grace Mofati’s case

  76. wolungama avutikilanji says:

    Uyu ndiye mzake weniweni wa nyapapi

  77. lyson makawa says:

    Bwerani a salanje mudzamudzutse.You cant blasts your fellow pastors like that.

  78. Mwayenera Ulemu says:

    Really??? I think I finally know what this guy suffers from : ATTENTION SEEKING DISORDE (ASD)!!!

  79. Cris kane muniain says:

    rest in peace Grace

  80. Pewani says:

    The fucking false prophet. Woo to anyone who follows you. The God does not treat sins equally. Even if there is one hell, Jesus Christ describes the differences in punishments. You must know that Sodom has been punished twice mother fucker.

  81. Padambo Njobvuyalema says:

    I think Muslims are much wiser when it comes to man’s destiny. They never believe in the devil being superior over God. Whatever befalls mankind, Muslims attribute it to God’s Will. They never associate the devil with death but accept any form of death or suffering as the will of God. Koma ife a Kristu, zikatibvuta ndiye kuti satana ameneyo.


    Munthuyu wapha Grace because these are really strange comments.

  83. zako says:

    Salanje tabwerani monga anena kale kuti sanayikidwe popeza inunso mulamitala chakhumi chomwecho ambiri akudziwa kuti 99% ndi anenere wonyenga. Yesu ndi wina iye samafuna chuma monga aneneri alero simungachite miracle inu zingibelani anthu kumeneko tsiku la kiyama mudzayankha anyani kusekana zikundu basi

  84. rest in peace grace

  85. mugasa chairman says:

    this guy is smoking something very strong. if every sickness could be cured by ‘men of god’ then there would be nobody in the hospitals.

    stroke olo heart attack imabwera ndi kanthu ka simple ngati headache you dunderhead. btw, ife timadziwa bushiri osati iwe. shatap!

  86. NOT SURPRISED says:


  87. prince kaime says:

    Am greatly suddened and shocked by Grace chinga’s departure, she was my inspirational, my model as well as my sister; sometimes I could sit down home listening to her songs its life am already in paradise but this world eish aint our home indeed..I strongly believe chinga’s death has a definition in God’s kingdom and am sure we will meet in that paradise and my condolence should go to the beleaved family and her entire relation..may her soul (Grace chinga) rest in eternal peace..greatly missed by prince.

  88. Nkhombokombo says:

    A Salanje, since when did you see a man of God beat death?? It was and is written that man shall certainly die!! Shame that someone can die like Grace, it is really sad to lose celeblities in such a way!!

  89. grace says:

    You so Salanje or whet ever you call yourself dont talk much ,just come and bring Grace back to life.Its not too late if i remember well Lord Jesus brought lazalous back after 4days meaning that chinga’s case its abit easier becouse its not yet 4 days………

  90. Abiti says:

    God creates us to fulfil the purpose for which we have been placed here on earth. I am proud of my fellow woman Grace who realised her talent and used it to call many to the Lord through her amazing singing. It is a shock she has gone too early, we would have liked to listen more to yet new songs composed and sung with such heart lending sweet voice. Pastor Salanje let us not speak of death as if it is the end because that is the beginning of her new life in heaven – its where we are all going. We were never meant to live here forever, Pastor. Preach the word of hope as written in the book of life. We will celebrate her life and her accomplishments for she has touched many with her talent : I hope you too Pastor will leave your mark when your time comes to be with the father in heaven. God bless you with wisdom.

  91. prince kaime says:

    Am suddened and shocked with Grace chinga’s death..she was my inspirational, my favourite and infact my sister; the world needed you grace including myself and sometimes I could sit down home listening to your music its like am alredy in Paradise but this world mmmm no its too condolence should go to the beleaved family and her entire relation..may her soul (Grace Chinga) rest in eternal peace. I strongly believe we will meet in heaven and your death has a definition in God’s kingdom

  92. Takondwa Sokwani says:

    distance is not a barrier, even him Salanje is eligible to pray for the citizenry of Malawi and Malawi as a nation. Why blaming and castigating each other while we are all fal

  93. Chiswabumbu says:

    Matenda Aboma awa

  94. Akulisinga says:

    Koma anzathu a chicrisitu mumati Salanjeyu ndi m’busa? nthawi zina ndimadabwa naye!

  95. spaka says:

    wateva u say people……nobody can surpas God’s plans…..les wi all wait for our tym…wi all loved her but now shes gone..let her soul rest in eternal peace…nobody to blame…amen…!

  96. KHO says:

    Koma salanje ku Joni kumeneko anayamba ufiti kapena chani? Bwera udzazutse anthu ku mortuary omwalira ndi njala osati.

  97. brazaman says:


  98. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Stop giving us stories about this idiot’s comments!

  99. Jaunky says:

    Oh! people of God if you are really children of God,dig deep and find out what Pastor salenje is talking about.His comment is not senseless guys,he just want to encourage men of God not to accept death any how but to take an action when the devil has tested you with death.Akutiphunzitsa zoti imfa za mtundu ngati umenewu tisamangozivomera ayi,tikuyenera kupemphera with faith before we declare death,ine ndiye ndamvesetsa chimene Pastor Salanje akunena.We have burried so many people alive yet we have that responsibility of claiming that soul back,tisamango0sutsa chilichonse chifukwa choti akunena is a man of God NO!

  100. Geoff says:

    what type of illness can you describe as worthy dying and qualify to be God induced…Salanje?

  101. Linda Malunjika says:

    Koma pastor munakangokhala chete…… dont talk like that

  102. trevor manyi says:

    Koma sometimes it’s better to go to school and get an ejukhweshoni…asaa!!

  103. Tchama says:

    Salanje usatiyankhulise pambali, pakati tikupaona……………………………. izi zuonetsa kuti kwanu inu simungafe ndi mutu chifukwa ndinu opemphera…………. koma dziwa ichi ”GOD gave us Grace, and the same God Has taken her” MHSRIEP

  104. Bentry chavinda says:

    ,mmmm death never knock the door,

  105. eugene says:

    Koma sometimes it’s better to go to school and get ejukhweshoni…asaa!!

  106. Jackson says:

    I’m waiting with keen interest to hear what the autopsy reveals. It very sad that the pastor is shamelessly putting a blame on his fellow money-suckers for doing nothing to revive her back. The pastor is also wrong for trivializing the Headache. It could be Stroke or Cardio-vascular problems, who knows? By the way, how many people has this blood sucker brought back to life so far?

    Nevertheless, We will miss you Grace and may Your Soul Rest in Peace

  107. Morrocco Mtayamo says:

    Ain’t this the same Salanje who advocated for same sex marriage?

  108. ngoni says:

    BIG MAN IN Blue suit, Mwachitapo chani chokupangarani umboni? Tabwerani mau anu azizichitire umboni, izi mupangazi zili ngati fisi akabwera pakhomo galu amauwa mkumathawa kusonyeza kut sangakwanitse kugwira fisi, so stop living a dog life.

  109. Tikondane says:

    Pastor Salanje’s sentments seem colourful and should not be dismissed entirely; but are a bit lacking. Pastors do not have their own power for raising the dead. The power of the Holy Ghost, which I believe Pastor Salanje, is depending on, cannot be exercised or utilised at our own will. There would be chaos if pastors should be moving around the community seeking who to resurrect! Even our Lord, Jesus Christ was not doing that at will yet He is God. There had to be a willing mind from the other side; be it from the one to be prayed for or relatives of the one who has died. He should have read his Bible very carefully, spiritually and attentively. Our Lord, even in the clear face of trouble or disease, could ask, say, “what do you want me to do for you?” That on the other side, many people are buried in graves alive because of being surrounded by people without faith; it is not the duty of pastors to sell the power of Christ in them.

  110. Nathan says:

    Salanje, if you are a man of God, you can still pray for her so that she can rise from the dead.

  111. Cc says:

    Umbuli ndiomwe wavuta apa mwa pastor salanje

  112. Paul says:

    Umbuli ndiomwe wavuta mwa salanje.

  113. Denguzman. says:

    Salanje is not a Pastor bt a son of a devil. U have everything koma ngati ulibe umunthu u are nothing. Repeant Mr. Salanje and why ru spending ur time telling the world that u are Pastor while u are not.

  114. MAGANIZO ANGA says:

    Yesu anadzutsa Razaro mumanda atagonamo masiku anayi….amudzutse ngati ali ndi mphamvu Grace sanayikidwe nkomwe. mxiiiii. ndingayambe kuyankhula pambali.

  115. Mosmil says:

    Rest in pease Chinga,I know God has made a decision.
    Malawians don’t cry! We must be happy of our sister. Grace closed her on! What about yo.Evil or people can do anything, but if GOD says No! That’s not your time. God is the only one who has guts! Don’t tellme that her hasbund didn’t pray. What type of a prayer do u thing one can pray for wife. Msamatha mau Azibusanu ngati ndinu mumacheza ndimulungu. U must know that mulungu simunzanu iyani! Mulungu ndipatali.

  116. kk says:

    Pastor Salanje kwanu anthu samafa eti?Salanje taphunziraniko kulemekeza anzanu,
    Mubwerako mutipeza kuno man, kwankwanu mthengo mudalaka njoka,
    Zikuoneka ngati Mulungu akukunvani kwambiri chifukwa muli kwaeni komwe mutha kumawanamiza mabodza anuwo.
    Anthu akufa mwadzidzi enawa bwanja siunalankhule? Tayika MP ku M chinji, pa Grace ndipamene wapeza pophweka eti? Mwandikwiyitsa kobansi Man,
    Ngati umatumikila Mulungu wa moyo wakumwamba upepese kwa azitumiki azako wanva? Ngati siukwanitsa kwa azitumikawa, upepese ku banja la kwao kwa Grace.Umasunga masiku a Grace ndiwe? Your faith is rags in the eyes of God,God just humbles himself to hear your prayers, am sure you know this!!!

  117. dm says:

    Masiku omaliza

  118. Aggie says:

    RIP Grace Mulungu wamkonda bas titha kuyankhula monga tingathere

  119. Bande Brian,MBA,BAac says:

    mwachidule tinene kuti mzimu wa Grace utse mumtendere

  120. wachisoni boyo the Toy B says:


  121. Advisory Committee says:

    The reasoning of Salanje is silly senseless clueless thoughtless and aimed at gaining stupid popularity. Why should the clergy claim healing powers which they don’t possess. This only demonstrate that the so called Malawian Prophet are busy claiming to have healing powers whilst they are cheats thieves and useless creatures

    1. The Analyst says:

      And if Salanje thinks he possesses the power to raise the dead, why is he just speaking and not flying to Malawi before the burial? How long does it take to fly SA-MW, if not less than 3 hours? He is accusing others and partly-yet-cunningly himself, yet he himself could equally have flown here by now? Useless hypocrite!

      Kungoyankhula basi kuti ndioneke wa nzeru basi yet nzeru zo nso mulibe? Salanje iwe ndiwe opweteketsa mtima zedi!

      Indeed . . .
      “Wise men speak becasue they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something.” – Plato

      And you Salanje, are not wise!

  122. mmalawi says:

    Pastor Salanje. Bwera I munthu Wa Mulungu. Christina stopped people who carried a dead boy on the way to burial. God may use you in a similar manner as Grace s body will be on its way to Robins Park or HHI. We need her but we may not be gifted with the kind of faith God has given you. We are contented however with the it the faith as much as we will appreciate more

  123. Mpepe says:

    Mwatero a Salanje. Ife tinachedwa pang’ono koma mukunenazo ndi zoona kungoti iyeyo sanatiimbire phone msanga koma nanga sanati ‘Tidzafa ndithu’. Ambuye wamukondetsetsa. You know we are hypocrites we just do it as a job zoti Yesu anati okhulupilira adzapemphera nkuukitsa anthu tayiwala bola DOLLAR

  124. NKhutukumve says:

    Salanje ndiwe chindele chakufikapo….mxiiii

  125. Harry kanyandula says:

    Asalanje muli ndi nzeru inu koma ?

  126. muzga wacharo says:

    Salanje wabanda kwambiri

  127. Lilongwe Pastor says:

    Achimwene che Salenje, ukakhala pa msana pa njovu usamati kulibe mame. Ndalankhula

  128. MERCEDES says:


  129. The Analyst says:

    Koma ngati pali munthu winanso oti mmutu mwake sizimayenda padziko la pansi pano, nde ndi uyu otchedwa Salanje yu.

    Which Bible does this man read? Anton Lavey’s maybe; coz if it’s the Bible that we know, Salanje could not have failed to read . . .
    ” . . . I form the light and create darkness. I bring both blessing and disaster; I the Lord, do all these things.” – Isaiah 45:7

    . . . and therefore know that nobody is to blame for Chinga’s death. Coz if God closed Chinga’s eyes for a chat with her soul, not even the Devil in you Salanje could disrupt that meeting.
    It’s quite strange and inane, really; that more often than not, we praise God if we find a job or are promoted or achieve success in our business e.t.c but quickly blame the Devil for our unemployment, not being promoted or business failure e.t.c; yet Isaiah 45:7 clearly states that blessing or disaster is the Lord’s.

    “Indeed to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” – Benjamin Franklin; but for you Salanje, its seen that you dont even have that eye of reason to shut.

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