Pastor Salanje blasts Malawi clergy for Chinga`s death

Amidst mourning of sensational musician Grace Chinga who has passed away, controversial  Pastor Hastings  Salanje has blamed fellow clergy for her death ‘for doing nothing as men of God’.

Pastor Hastings Salanje: Devils attack

Pastor Hastings Salanje: Devils attack

Grance Chinga died after she suddenly complained of a headache when she was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Wednesday but later pronounced dead.

According to the pastor who posted on his Facebook timeline, Chinga’s death is a clear indication that as men of God they are doing nothing.

“This is an attack from the devil and it could be prevented if someone was to pray for her and command her soul to come back.

“If someone can suffer headache in the evening and die in that same evening and be taken to mortuary without thinking of taking a person to a certain man of God for a solution, is a clear indication that there are no trusted men of God in the land, “he wrote.

He further blasted the clergy saying they are busy collecting tithe when they cannot provide solutions to small problems healing the sick.

” What are we collecting the tithes for, if we can’t provide solutions to people? Let’s stop collecting tithes until we put our
house in order if we are to be serious.

“I am saying this because I know that it is possible, I remember how many people were reversed ( come back to life at the point of death)  some of them gave up their ghost, but I had to refuse and bring back the person to life again. This could be the same case.”

He added: “The whole Grace Chinga going to the grave because of headache like that, without anyone to rescue her soul? I feel so ashamed to be called a man of God and yet we allow the devil to take people to the grave like that while we are watching. Any way Rest in peace Grace, we have failed you us as men of God.”

Meanwhile, Salanje’s comments have attracted several comments from Malawians asking him to come and pray for Chinga and bring her soul back if he is a real man of God since Chinga has not yet been burried.

The late Chinga died upon arrival at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre after a short illness.

Family members and close family friends said she only complained of headache.

Her body will be led to rest at HHI cemetry in Blantyre on Saturday 19th March 2015 after a funeral ceremony in the morning at the Robbins Park.-Additional reporting by Elijah Phimbi, Nyasa Times

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peter matola

let God be God! dont talk much

mwana nyungwe

Erick if you say man of God what do you mean? You too are man of God but salanje is not a servant of God His actions speaks volumes about this. Salanje can not even understand what the bible says about tithing God has never said that when we tithe Pastors have to pray for healing when we are sick or dead no no no do please. Mr Salanje do not mislead people its very bad God hates people who tell lies in his name.

mwana nyungwe

Should there be a blame game here no Pastor you too could have done something if realy you are Gods servant as you claim Jehova Almighty could have used you because to God there is no distance may you have not read Lazarous story who was in grave for 3 days but was brought to life I think u too could have come and prayed for her so please just keep quite and Her soul rest in Peace


only Godz knows;fine graće is gone,kwartale ife tili moyo we hv to learn that anytime we can go so we need to walk in rightous way of God bcoz these r last days.we hv to think abt our lives now ,&what hv u learned pa imfa yad grace .lts not time to bramę others.


This is trully a man of God…………………Indeed something could be done to avert the death. But anyway God gave and the same God has taken. May her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace


sam u are right on this earth a number of believers (real carreirs of GOD’s words)have passed away .Should we say they sinned before God please let us stop loving sins on things by claiming to be the most rightous of other preachers or pastors and let God be God .I hope Salanje won’t miss us mind the speech God is the owner of everything we do


stanford jere

Paster are you sure could you have soul brought back. Many prominent figures have died were you not here


late god jugde this death of grace chinga

evar b

may ha soul res n PC.only God knows everything. Amen


The problem with ifeyo aMalawi is that timalepela kumumvetsa munthu. Asalanje sakulakwa apa ayi.Malemu hinde tose tikuwadziwa ngati munthu woimba gospel koma moyo wawowamuseli ndiochepa ameneamaudziwa. Analindinjila zina zimene anthu ngatiabusa asalanje amatakuona kuti ndizolakwika. Masiku anokuli satanic worshiping imatengaso anthu munjila imeneyi. Mutabwanji kudziwa mwina asisiwa analowanawo satanic yo. For example nyimbo zawo zinasintha ~zinabwela mwachisatanicsatanic. Like that song NDIULULA

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