Patient sues Mwaiwathu Hospital for medical negligence, demands K20mil compensation

An aggrieved patient has dragged privately-owned Mwaiwathu Hospital and one of its hired doctors to court, seeking aggravated damages amounting to K20 million due to the hospital and the doctor’s negligence.

Lawyer Salimu representing patient suing Mwaiwathu Hospital for medical negligence

Lawyer Salimu representing patient suing Mwaiwathu Hospital for medical negligence

Malawi's Mwaiwathu Hospital is its leading specialist hospital, located in Blantyre the southern region of Malawi in Southern Africa.

Malawi’s Mwaiwathu Hospital is its leading specialist hospital, located in Blantyre the southern region of Malawi in Southern Africa.

Meanwhile, both the hospital and the doctor, Gynaecologist Chisale Mhango are facing another battle on contempt of court for not complying with an Anton Pillar Order the High Court in Blantyre issued to the patient, Tanangachi Veruwa last week to seize all her medical records currently in the hands of the hospital and the doctor.


Veruwa through her lawyer Ambokire Salimu of Salimu & Associates  last week filed a lawsuit against the hospital and doctor Mhango following gynaecological complications she developed after undergoing a surgery at the hospital administered by the doctor last year.

According to documents filed at the High Court, Veruwa- married with two children- has a history of miscarriages and during her second child’s pregnancy- last year- she decided to seek a professional help from Mwaiwathu Private Hospital where doctor Mhango performed a cervical cerclage- a placement of stitches in the cervix.

The procedure was to be reversed once Veruwa was about to deliver. And according to documents, the doctor assured her during one of the consultations that the stitches were removed and that she would deliver normally.

However, that was not the case as she was forced to deliver through a caesarean procedure (C-section) since the stitches had blocked the cervix.

The documents reveal that the stitches were later on removed by another gynaecologist at the same Mwaiwathu Private Hospital.

Since then, Veruwa developed gynaecological complications, forcing her to seek other medical assistance. The complications have also put her on the risk of developing cervical cancer.

And in an interview, lawyer Ambokire Salimu told Nyasa Times that his client decided to take legal action after both the hospital and doctor failed to provide convincing response to her demand letter on the issue.

“In fact we wrote them a demand letter, and the hospital said is not concerned. They advised us to go ahead with the case against the doctor, arguing that he works at the hospital as independent consultant and that he has personal insurance and medical council registration,” explained Salimu.

He added that doctor Mhango through his lawyers of Churchill Norris and Foster also denied liability but conceded to have left the stitches on the patient despite an earlier assurance that they were removed.

“They argued that he left the stitches because she might have needed them for her next pregnancy. But all along she had been told the stitches were removed before delivery. It was until another
gynaecologist at the hospital confirmed the stitches were still there and he removed them,” explained Salimu.

Lawyer, Tamando Chokhotho of Churchill Norris and Foster refused to comment on the issue when contacted.

“I don’t have any instructions to talk to the press,” said Chokhotho when contacted about the lawsuit and the contempt of court case.

Salimu said they have sued both the hospital and the doctor since the patient’s contract was with the hospital and not individual doctor, and that the doctor was hired by the hospital and not his client.

Contempt of Court

Aside from fighting the lawsuit on the aggravated damages Veruwa has filed, Mwaiwathu Private Hospital and doctor Mhango have been embroiled in another court battle after they refused to comply with an Anton Pillar Order the High Court issued last week, allowing Veruwa to search and seize, without notice, all her medical records currently in the hands of the hospital and the doctor.

Salimu disclosed that they have since applied for leave for committal- contempt of court proceedings- through which doctor Mhango and the hospital’s administrators might be committed to prison for disobeying an order of the court.

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45 thoughts on “Patient sues Mwaiwathu Hospital for medical negligence, demands K20mil compensation”

  1. mphphoni says:

    some of these lawyers are money possed kongofuna kudya ndalama zosakhesera nthukuta mwagwa nayo you are the one amene upereke zambiri musaononge dzina la Dr mhango …..he is a respected doctor even the one complaining client knows …mulindizifukwa dzina nena osati zimenezi..mzimenezi

  2. Afera says:

    athe so called lawyer is using the to make easy money. The woman will wake up one day to find that she has not benefited from the loot.

  3. mwale says:

    Awa Afuna kutipusitsapo basi. Zachipatala zomwezi basi mudyerepo. Ngati CA ya Cervix mutaitengere kusoweka mdulidwe wa zibwezi zanuzo zonko. Fokofu!! Asiyeni madokotala athu agwire ntchito. Ofcouce leaving sutures for the next pregnancy is lame excuse after patient was assured that they had been removed

  4. Nyakwawa says:

    As the debate about this case continues the following information about this lawyer involved in this case may be useful:-

    1. The lawyer runs a debt collection firm Dr Chisale Mhango (yes the same Dr Chisale Mhango being sued by the lawyer) used this firm to collect debt from a third party. After the money had been collected the firm failed to hand over the money to Dr Mhango. Dr Mhango had to use the intervention of the Malawi Law Society to force Salimu’s firm to hand over the money.

    A coincidence?

    2. This lawyer is a certified domestic violence practitioner. His wife attended Mwaiwathu Private Hospital several times after being assaulted by the lawyer. She applied for asylum in the United Kingdom using the documents she obtained from Mwaiwathu. She is currently at a safe distance from the lawyer.

    A coincidence ?

  5. Phunziro says:

    Koma ena apa mukukamba ma bodza bwanji. Ya_smoothDJ anakuuza kuti ku Mwaiwathu amapanga ma operation a mtima ndani?? LIES!!! Ambiri mukunyoza apa you have never even been there? Do you have personal experiences?

    The problem is nsanje pa Malawi. People see kuti Mwaiwathu is partially owned by munthu. Ndiye iye poti a kuchita bwino, iwo nsanje ati sapita ku chipatala chake.
    Mukuti ku Mwaiwathu people die there, tell me one hospital where people don’t die??? Ku Queens? BAH? Ku MASM Clinic? Ku Chitawira Private Hospital? Vuto lake mumakhala kuti mwayenda yenda in various hospitals and those hospitals have failed and then as your patient is one foot in the grave, kuthamangila ku Mwaiwathu kuti akuthandizeni! Zoona zimenezi?? Be serious please!

    Dr Mhango is a good man and a wonderful doctor. Those who know him, and those who have been treated by him akuziwa. He is very experienced and his bed side manner is wonderful. Olo kuti his patient has been admitted ku Mwaiwathuko and ayimbilidwaphone he will be there in thirty mins or less. But here people are dragging his name through the mud. This is unfair. It is true, there are some incompetent doctors out there, but Dr Mhango is not one of them.

  6. Mtambo says:

    Shirodkar cerclage (Cervical Cerclage)

    This procedure is done through the vagina, which is held open with a speculum. It is a modified version of the McDonald where the stitch is placed as high as possible above the junction of the cervix with the vagina, under the bladder. This allows for higher placement at the internal cervical opening in order to hold the cervix closed during pregnancy. Some surgeons might modify this technique and make it a permanent knot , meaning that the suture would stay intact for life and the pregnant woman would require a C-section for each delivery. Other surgeons might have the suture placed for the current pregnancy only and removed before delivery. In that case, the woman can deliver vaginally. These choices are usually at the discretion of the surgeon but be sure you are comfortable with the decision prior to surgery.
    So you can see clearly that the doctor is not in the wrong in this issue, neither does the issue of negligence arise. The problem could have been communication between the Dr and the client but does that warrant suing? Big Nooooo!
    Some of us have high regards for Dr. Mhango and Mwaiwathu Hospital. The other issue is that there is no direct association between the suture/stitch and cancer of the cervix.

    The common complications associated with this procedure are Preterm labor, Premature rupture of membranes, bleeding,Cervical dystocia (the cervix may fail to dilate during the subsequent labor),Cervical laceration during labor and delivery and Cervical Infection.

    However, in this case, this lady must have been happy to have carried her pregnancy to term and eventually delivered a healthy bouncing baby through C/section. The Dr did exercise his freedom to put up a permanent cerclage as this lady still had ambitions to have her 3rd born in future.

    Leave Mwaiwathu and Dr. Mhango alone. Ngati ali maluzi, or personal hatred ndi Mwaiwathu pezani zina zochita!
    I rest my case and written this comment in my professional capacity.

  7. kapolo wakumalawi sazatheka says:

    eeeeee koma ma clinicians akumalawi amadana ndi madoctors…nanga sikuti iwowo amatchedwa mumidzimu madokotala ndeeeh kamawawa koti maDR sakhala ndi ka diploma kapa health science….
    osadanda makape limbikilani muzakaponde pamphonje pamedicine…madolo amaphunzila aja….why do u run to queech zikakuvutani muma districtmu?
    respect the guys…i am not a DR but got respect for where it is due

  8. ya_SmoothDJ says:

    I must admit sometimes Mwaiwathu can be negligent if not ignorant. I remember sometime back my daughter had a cough. Upone xlays at the hospital, we were advised that she had chest infections and the heart had swollen needing operation. The dates were set and the theater was booked for the day of operation. Having been around a patient who had a swollen heart before, I was reluctant to go for the operation so I went to BAH for second opinion, after xlays there, to my dismay the doctors laughed off the idea and gave me antibiotics. To this day my daughter is in STD 5 now and there is no heart problems with her.

  9. pedegu says:

    angofuna ndalamazo, malinga ndimaluzi avutawa

  10. munthu says:

    Waste of time by both the patient and the lawyer I think the woman has history of misc. I have ever never commented at social media but good people let us not show Docs are more educated whilst COs are not or this and that not good ,ok?

    First of all we go to mwaiwathu/BAH for fast attention there as it takes about less than 5 minutes to be attended to and most specialists at these pvt.hospitals are from Queens or KCN only that they have an agreement between Docs and these facilities and mind you almost all these Professors,doctors ,COs,MAs are trained by government and belong to it.

    The fact that Mwaiwathu is very expensive it has also a good side of it and the reasons are clear why those with a moderate financial capability rush to BAH/Mwaiwathu are either quick attention or you have a complicated case as the same doctors at queens are found there plus a best patient care management.

    I salute and respect these specialists as they don’t work for self enrichment but mostly they made a vow. Mind you I don’t mean they are more educated of all professions in Malawi though I am in different area of speciality.

    My wife delivered a beautiful daughter some 12 years ago at BAH and two more , a son and another last born daughter at Mwaiwathu all thru caesarean section by DRs. Sungani, Kuchingale and this same doctor Mhango also remember they are fellow human beings.

    Only God knows our problems and ailments because he created us as specialist of all these so called and If possible the case should be dropped unless you signed a different contract before the procedure or you read it in a hurry.

  11. GN says:

    Popeza nkhaniyi mwaiyamba nokha. Amayi chomwe chinayambitsa Cervical incompetence yanu mukuchidziwa? sometimes it is because of premature sexual intercourse komanso kuchulutsa ma abortion musadalowe m’banja. kutenga tenga matenda pogonana ndi mbali inanso yofuna kuganizira. m’malo moti mimba ichoke adotolo anakuthandizani, alakwanso? tidziwenso sero status yanu, komanso are you still in child bearing age? mimbazi penapake osamangokakamiza!

  12. Kweni PK says:

    arms akimbo….. patiently waiting for the outcome.

  13. Redeemed says:

    Medical negligence is a serious concern in Africa. Here in South Africa medical students are usually offered the opportunity to conduct their experiential learning in public hospitals where the poor citizens who can’t afford medical aid and quality lawyers to pursue their case in of negligence. As soon as they complete their studies and become qualified doctors, these doctors are reluctant to render their services at these public hospital.

  14. ellias says:

    KU mwaiwathu ine i always wonder mzimayi aliyense amampanga ceaser kodi nde kuti onse amapita kumeneko amalephera kubereka okha? I salute BAH

  15. Professor Wakumpoto says:

    Eight patients die daily of medical errors in the UK. In fact medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA only surpassed by heart disease and cancer. Of course we know death generally is rare in these countries due to better health systems. My point is even in the US and UK where the best facilities are available, medical errors do happen. I am not talking of medical errors due to ignorance.
    I therefore see no reason to disrespectful to a seasoned, senior OBGYN like Dr Mhango who has saved lives of thousands of women all over the world in his work in the USA, Zambia and Malawi. Let alone despise the honorable medical profession. Dr Mhango has an impeccable record as a Dr.
    Ena mwa inu amene mukunena mwano apa are disgruntled COs. Due respect to clinical officers(COs) who don’t involve themselves in mudslinging. The problems with COs is looking down upon yourselves. You think you can compare yourselves to Drs, you CANNOT be equal to Drs no matter how much mwano you write. The little knowledge you have was taught to you by the same Drs. Either yourselves or your teachers, you cannot escape being educated by a Dr in this profession. You don’t even study, you practice what you were taught in 2000 not knowing science is changing. So you think you know better than Drs? You don’t even know the science behind what you practice. Mumangoloweza using experience yakalekale. Almost everything is malaria to you, nanjinanji you fail to explain what is wrong to your patients.
    Ndipo you are killing a lot of innocent Malawians in government hospitals but because most are poor and do not know any better no-one sues you. How I wish people knew how many you are sending to the grave per day due to your ignorance. Moreover, the registrar of Medical council of Malawi (MCM) is another clueless drunkard of a CO (just like many drunkard COs in Malawian hospitals) who doesn’t know anything about investigating medical malpractice. Amangolimbana ndi political cases. Kaya manene anaalemba ntchito ku MCM ndi ndani kaya? They go to work drunk and don’t know what to do except collect registration fees. So to all ignorant COs speaking recklessly here: go back to form 4 and write your MSCE again, pass with very good points (preferably les than 10 points), then write UNIMA entrance exams, then if taken for medicine write do medical school for6 years then you will understand that you were ignorant. Most of you will be weeded (if you know what kuwida is). Useless! Go back tochool mukachotse umbuli. People like you are impeding development in Mw.
    Ma COs anzanu amazipatsa ulemu.

  16. Deathtrap says:

    Dear ALL
    I would like to make a comment on the matter above in regards to the common practice at Mwaiwathu Hospital. I think Salimu should go ahead with this case very strongly and the demand is also too little. This is the second time thus according to my memory after the same hospital killed a baby and the parents did not sue due to stupidity mind.Look, many people think that by going to this Hospital they will not die and believe that there are best doctors on the land such as professors etc. Doctors at Mawiwathu are very careless and see themselves as God and that they are the best doctors. I remember that one particular year their best doctor as they call it themselves advised me that I have TB and told me to go Queens for registration and immediately start TB treatment. By that time I was single and when I drove to Queens and reported the matter to where I was advised to they first took me for examination since I was not coughing or whatsoever and when the results came Queens doctors questioned how did Mwaiwathu make such conclusion. Queens doctors advised me to wait for another two months and do another examination but the results were still zero.Queens then refused to put me on TB treatment. I happened to have a chance to travel to South Africa on a business trip and whilst there I still wanted to take advantage of visiting one of the best hospitals in South Africa but did not disclose anything during examination that my home best hospital as many dull Malawians call it that I have TB disease. Gave everything to the doctor as required and advised to visit the hospital the following morning and the results were just exactly like what the Queens found and the doctor asked me that “are you sick” said no but want to check up if any and the doctor said I was perfectly good and advised also to donate blood which I did not and run away. Malawians can you see how terrible Mwaiwathu hospital is here in the country and some people are killed due to very wrong medication but because of too much ignorance in our country nobody has sued them and this is why am encouraging SALIMU to strongly pursue the case and he has a very good one. Malawians best Doctors are at Queens though there has been bogus doctors but take your problem to Queens or Kamuzu Central Hospital. I paid 3000.00 Rands for just that particular examinations due to wrong and guessing measure by Mwaiwathu doctor.People should take note that it is ONLY GOD WHO HEALS and NOT doctors at Mwaiwathu as some of you believe.The management is always very happy when they see hospital car park full of vehicles, that is Good Business to them.

  17. Pamajiga says:

    That’s Mwaiwathu. Chipatala cha satanic.
    Nonse mukupikitsana kulemba ma languages anu opepela apawa ndiye mfiti za nkhanza number one. Mumazunza odwala nkumadzitenga ngati ndinu timilungu.
    God is closely watching you and one day…..? You shall answer this before our Almighty God.

  18. Mphepo Zinai says:

    A good percentage of Malawian Doctors are arrogant and rude. Self concieted to say the least. They believe they are the most intelligent people in Malawi and do not possess an iota of humilty.

    Mwaiwathu is the most negligent and arrogant of the lot. There has been many cases of negligence and unecessary deaths due to incompetence. They should just change their names to TSOKALATHU.

  19. Wa nzeru says:

    Sambo, you are definately a frustrated clinical officer. What criteria do you use to judge that the mentioned clinical officer friends of yours are better? You were trained to treat common things symptomatically, every fever=malaria, every cought= chest infection, epidemiology of diseases is changing, this is the age of diagnosis based treatments, scans, xrays, ultra sound etc. CO mentality and brain capacity can not handle that. So you people are going to health centers, where you training fits. Deal with it or else go to COM like few of your friends are doing. Clinical officer is not a doctor, even if co can give LA, JUST ACCEPT IT BABA

  20. mwai says:

    my Dr, he helped me deliver my baby boy thru ceaser at only 34 weeks n his now 3mnths old. thanks to him n my God. guys, this things happen. doesnt make him a bad person.

  21. dungulinya says:

    poor lawyer. wapupuluma

  22. Mnyasa says:

    litigation against health professions is so high in countries like UK, USA and others so much so that practitioners are usually cautious when treating patients. Lawyers go touting for patients in hospitals who have issues against their doctors or nurses. Malawi has not reached that level.
    Here in Malawi some patients suffer unnecessarily in the hands of health professionals. they take advantage of lack of awareness among the public. Read on Face of Malawi on what is happening at Ntchisi Hospital. If you defend such things then you are part of the rotten apples.
    Stop these egos of who is who, who has done what, its all nonsense to the poor patient there in the hospital. If you receive a referral from Nkasala Health Centre, it means that some fellow has done fiduciary duty towards his/her patient. Do your job or get out of the profession. Let us sort out the mess in the health system as we all need best health care.

    Let Mwaiwathu Hospital sort out this appropriately, some mistakes are not intentional. There are issues of informed consent and test of the reasonable doctor. Of course settlement out of court is desirable to save time and costs to both parties. Life was not lost.

  23. nasimero says:

    Cervical Cancer imayamba bwanji ? Incompetent cervix imayamba bwanji ?( early sexual exposure,and habitual abortions-kungonenapo zina, inu mai mwapepera! Mukuziyalutsa,mmesa muma saina consent form, imanena kuti chani? Zausilu basi,shirodca suture imayambitsa khansa ???

  24. Mwandida says:

    @ April can you tell me a hospital where people dont die?

  25. Mwandida says:

    Anthuwa angoshota. Dr anawathandiza mimba isachoke walakwanso? Amene akuwanamiza kuti alandirapo ndalama aganizenso.

  26. nyambo says:


  27. Gushu says:

    @sembo, I am very sorry you feel that way. Let’s me tell you, medicine pure trains people to think understand and apply medicine! THE Clinical officers training is there to teach people by rote learning, so that such people can deal with the common conditions. This is why Co courses are shorter and very efficient at dealing with common stuff, but to give a clinician a difficult medical problem that demands applied knowledge most of them fail! You can apply the same to legal assistants and lawyers, account assistants to chartered ones, etc…

  28. levelheaded says:

    You are likely to loose this case woman, Specialist doctors everywhere only advise you on anything they would want to do and you choose by contrasting on health complications of what they tell you.

    When my wife was about to give birth to our second born son last year at Mwayiwathu, professor Taulo advised us on both caesarian and canal birth on which we chose caesarian since the complications were better regarding the weight of our inborn ( 4.3kgs). From what I get in this story, this woman should seem to have chosen the stitches not removed since they were planning for the third child only thus she chose caesarian. There should be somebody who advised her later of the possible threat of leaving the stitches not removed.

    Another thing is that this woman did not carefully read the contract of Mwaiwathu which states clearly about what you choose at the hospital.
    Note: Private hospitals do not own doctors, they are very expensive. Mwaiwathu only accommodate these expert doctors to operate at their hospital on an agreed fee. Most of these doctors are from Queen Elizabeth hospital. You only buy the special care at Mwaiwathu. These doctors are covered by personal insurances.

  29. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    Before ‘dragging’ anyone to court, bear in mind that some lawyers will take money from both the complainant and the defendant. Moreover, they will prolong your case for as long as possible so that they can justify high legal fees for losing your case.

  30. kenkkk says:

    If what the patient says is true, then she has the right to sue the doctor and the hospital. Those days when people were afraid to sue incompetent professionals like doctors are now gone.

    In other countries it is normal to sue professional negligence.

  31. The Partriot says:

    The principal of natural justice states that we should hear b oth sides of the case before judging the case. The good doctors side has not been heard, so people please relax. The case will be clear as the drama unfolds.
    I think this case borders more on commication breakdown than negligency. However every patient has the right to sue any doctor anytime but that does not mean the good doctor is guilty.
    This case does not mean that doctors are bad or are worse than other cadres. College of Medicine is doing a good job of producing quality doctors every year. We are proud of our doctos. Let everybody know doctors are here to stay and the more doctors Malawi has the better the quality of healthcare. No matter what other cadres can say or do, they are NOT doctors. I for one would never put my life in the hands of people who just know how to do things but can not explain why they do the things they do!!!
    For anyone who wants to become a doctor, please apply ku COM, kunyoza ma Drs will not make you one!!

  32. Che Belo says:

    I strongly believe that this issue has been blown out of proportion and could be settled out of court.

    I am personally worried about the slurs thrown at Dr Mhango. Those who know a thing or two about him wouldn’t have said that

  33. April says:

    Mwaiwathu hospital is full of shit. Goin there is basically signing ur own death certificate. Mwatiphera anthu ambiri inu all because of negligence. Stupid hospital, stupid service.

  34. me says:

    COs don’t be jealous of doctors coz its the same doctors that sort out the mess u cause in the districts and refer them to central hospitals. just because the mistakes u make on the poor villagers who dont have the money to hire a lawyer don’t end up in Nyasa times, doesn’t mean you’re competent and all that so just shut it and let those concerned sort their problem.

  35. Sangwani Phiri says:

    Ambokire case imene yo ndi yako yako yo wina wina. Explore all maxims by Lord Denning, Donoghue vs Stevenson and other depositions by reputable legal experts. Also visit precedents on the law of negligence

  36. Mbuya says:

    Very sad indeed these doctors will kill us

  37. Ambochire says:

    Mhu ma dokotala apa Malawi. Nanga mumati paja numadziwa zambiri. Mumati munaphunzira science yambiri, ndipo mumakhala ku university zaka zambiri. Lero nzeru zija zili kuti? Alipire ameneyi basi. Fotseki zawo

  38. Sembo says:

    We have for a long time said that it sometimes reasonable and wise to be operated by some experienced clinicians i.e. clinical officers than some of these ill trained medical doctors. We have experienced clinicians for example Mr. Sembo,(QECH-Obstetrics and Gynecology), Mr. Mwanyongo, (Formally of KCH, Obstetrics and Gynecology), Mr. Verson Lwanja, (Formally of KCH, Obstetrics and Gynecology), Mr. Chikoti, ( KCH, Obstetrics and Gynecology), Mr. Nelson Msiska, (KCH Department of Surgery), Mr. Kondwani Mkandawire,(Now Assistant Registrar for Professional Practice, Malawi Medical Council, Formerly of the KCH Department of Peds) and many many others. This medical doctor thing is currently full of inexperience and pulls down experienced clinical officers. Its just full of rubbish. Musamafere ka title. There are a lot of capable Nurse Midwives, Clinical Officers etc etc that are able to do a very good job than some of these doctors. Matsiku ano College of Medicine is producing poorly trained doctors who are ill equiped to handle the needs of the patient. There is a mismatch of the competencies they acquire to patient needs. Musamafere ma titles. Titles do not heal the patient. Kumangoti Doctor, Doctor basi. Fufuzani muone zimene ma clinicians ena amatha kuchita. Now ameneyu akufunika kukamusumiranso ku Medical Council apart from the court journey you have started to pursue. Rubbish Doctor thing

  39. John says:

    Sorry for you mimi Tana. Amafuna atiphere watunthu achipatala. Zikagweramo mu akaunti osazatiyiwala ife. Moni kwa V-J ndi V-Snr.

  40. the problem of relying on old n frail doctors in Malawi,akalime fodya away akalamba ndikale lija,ur past ur prime years of being productive bvuma!

  41. kphiri says:

    Way to go! Amationerera ma dokotalawa! And I pray that Mwaiwathu Hospital & this doctor MUST lose this case.

    A certain family lost their child simply because a certain hospital failed to “administer a drip” propely – they got away with it! SHAME!!

  42. Gerald Banda says:

    Whatever happened to ethics and client confidentiality? At this rate, the plaintiff’s lawyer might as well buy advertising space a d lay out his client ‘s claim in toto. Again, if I were reactive and likely to require the services of a hospital such as this, I wouldn’t act against them in a suit

  43. wovinidwa Ine says:

    My heart goes out for the former patient, as well as the physician.
    But the days are long gone when arrogance was tolerated in the practice of medicine.
    And to deny legal culpability, prima facie, is normal; but to show disrespect for the process of problem resolution is a sign of lack of arrogance. It is also tantamount to disrespect for the aggrieved patient. No wonder there is now more emphasis on empathy, and “treating-individuals-with-respect” in training of medical and other health sciences students.
    The hospital needs to assuage the patient, instead of aggravating her.
    In terms of the principles of law, this is classical negligence. No health professional wants to get sued, especially regarding competence. The doctor should not make up stories here, about the rationale for his actions, or lack thereof.
    Get the insurer on board: the sooner the better. For all, including the doctor and the former patient. And, hopefully, the case can be settled out of court.

  44. gojo says:

    mbava. akuchose ma stitch ndi lowyer wakoyo usabwerenso kuzipatala zina muno

  45. Jabolonga says:

    Doctors are human beings just like each one of us and are as capable of making a mistake.

    Personally, I am always reserved when it comes to suing Doctors. They are the same people that will save our lives.

    If the stitches were not put there at all, we have no way of knowing if this particular pregnancy was going to hold or end in another case of miscarriage. The stitches must have saved a life, if anything, the patient should be inquiring whether before the stitches were put in, she was well informed that there may be complications afterwards or NONE

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