Peter Mutharika, the report card: Tenthani’s Muckracking

There is  no value in arroganceLot Dzonzi

 If Peter Mutharika were a university student he was surely set to sit for ‘supplementary examinations’ for he has surely failed to impress on almost all departments.

President Mutharika

President Mutharika

As a university don with 40 years experience to his name, Peter will certainly agree with the Muckraker that he has nothing to write home about about his seven months he has been in office.

Granted, seven months may not be enough time for anyone to impress but, despite her other short-comings, Joyce Banda managed to solve most of the ills she inherited from her predecessor, Bingu wa Mutharika, within a month of her accidental presidency. Fuel queues disappeared, so was the situation of forex and donors were back in town, that we surely cannot take away from her.

But for seven months we are not sure where the country is heading to. Ok, Peter has not bothered us with daily appearances on the road or on TV but at least we have to feel we have a leader.

Of course his deputy has been making all the right noises about public service reforms. But that is still work in progress.

Delivery on campaign promises has certainly been a “C” if you factor in the lean cabinet and the Malata subsidy programme. But the “business unusual” approach to governance has been a complete “F” for the Mutharika administration.

In 2015 Peter has to realise he is leading from the front, not as an errand boy of his big brother.

This is what he has to do if he has to get straight “As” at the end of the year:

For starters, he has to be quick and decisive in making decisions. But, while he has to be quick and decisive, he needs to critically think through his decisions.

Flip-flopping on important issues shows a leader who is not sure what he has to do. Sealing ACB offices today and opening them tomorrow expose a leader who acts on feats of anger and realises he has goofed when he sobers up.

Another thing Peter has to learn quickly is the folly doing the same things and expecting same results all the time.

Look, he might have fooled a few people by cheating that he has rejected his cabinet’s demand for obscene salary increases. But to expect similar results by cheating us that he has increased his own salary by almost 100 percent today and reversing that decision tomorrow is taking us too much for granted.

On the same score he should not expect better results from tried and tested hands whose works almost pushed his big brother off the precipice. The fact that he is flip-flopping on issues could be the work of those people who advised his brother he could win a blinking game with university lecturers, fire them if they do not blink first, only to do an embarrassing mea culpa eight months later.

Now Peter is doing the same thing with the university, the ACB and the Judiciary. He is threatening to withhold their perks, a thing that will be embarrassingly reversed soon.

Peter also has to learn to be empathetic in the new year. He has to put his new buddy Bakili Muluzi to good use in this department. Look, while we do not want him to be on the road daily opening this lodge here and that motor showroom there, there are certain events he must not miss.

For example, almost a dozen police officers perished on his convoy the other day. That was one funeral ceremony he should not have missed. Granted, government might have borne the cost of the funerals but his physical presence would have communicated the right message not only to the bereaved families and the police service but to the entire country as well. After all, the officers died serving him.

But to achieve all these the crucial thing he has to get right is communicating right messages speedily, candidly and coherently.

For example, rumbling statements full of Pharisees and innuendoes do not communicate anything. Be concise and clear. Of course there are many issues government must not dignify with a comment. Answering everything the opposition or detractors say makes government sound petty.

The President obviously has a lot on his ‘to do’ list in the new year. But he first needs a complete ‘make over’ if he is to get straight “As” in 2015.

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65 thoughts on “Peter Mutharika, the report card: Tenthani’s Muckracking”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kaya zanu izo

  2. wanthu says:

    People of malawi what have we done to our country to take out these problems???? the Tenthani we are talking about is just somebody who cant contribute anything to the running of this country, what he knows is criticing kuti anthu amutame. the past government squandered all the moneys they found from the by then previous government and we expect Malawi to run as it was. let them bring back our taxes..

  3. Johnstone says:

    spot on Tenthani. APM behaves as an errand boy. he forgets that we elected him to lead us. there is also a problem with the opposition. they should constantly check on him, hold meetings with him and tell him the truth because his decisions and bad governance affects the whole country. however, the opposition seems to pride on the hope that APMs failure gives them the chance to win the elections. this is a very wrong approach. they should be able to point out issues the way you are doing. Keep on doing the good work. we love your honesty on matters that affect us all.

  4. lameck says:

    Peter thought it is easy to run a country. Rigging election was the easy part but to run a country is another. The old man does not have a clue. To make matters worse, his advisers are bunch of fools who have never run even a business or work in public sector.

    This government is Joke!

  5. Senior Lecturer says:

    Iwe Tenthani, did you send an advice to the president in the first place so he could not miss the funeral of the departed Cops? Why do you always find something to write about from history? You are such kind of a Jorno who cannot analyse things to see what a decision will result into but rather somebody who says ‘this is so because that happened’. For sure you are an ‘After Event Analyst’. Poor you and you get an F from me as well.

  6. Daniel says:

    As a country Malawi is going to the dogs


  8. Maziko says:

    As the caravan moves on, the dogs led by tenthani barks at it. I’m afraid you have solid 5 years to keep on barking.

  9. Malawian says:

    ‘Ask not what your government has done for you but what you have done to your country’ so a certain saying goes. This advice is relevant to Malawi since independence, why?, we are so drunk with criticizing our political leaders when we fail to assess our own life styles. When a police officer who is paid to reduce crime is failing his job, what it is our reaction-we blame the president. when the judiciary are making obscene salary and benefits demands which would affect our account number one, what do we do as tax payers-we rally behind the people who want to enjoy at our expense i.e. Are we really serious that the cars our judges uses needs replacement? I see the cars most judges uses every day and I can assure you that they do not need replacement. Most Malawians do not work to extent that they do not pay taxes therefore burdening a few. Instead of seriously discussing this and other relevant issues we focus our attention on the president. When we can play a part by for instance educating our children and relatives so they became useful citizens for instance.

  10. Hope says:

    peter mutharika failed us, he act like he is out of ideas

  11. Mustafa Khaliff says:


  12. Rodwin Zoka says:


    I cannot agree more on your observations, every thing seem to be falling short in out President’s leadership.

    Yesterday it was Ephraim and George (Weekend Nation), today its Chanco’s Prof. Kayuni giving the President an ‘F’ (Failure) rating tomorrow it will be auje ndi auje. Does it mean all these people are seeing the wrong things? I wonder.

    Please continue keeping the President’s feet to the FIRE


    1. Mkwaso says:

      Atumbuka okha okha

  13. Chigawenga says:

    Malawians lets brace for the worst. Our country is being motagaged to Mota Engil. A deal whose details nobody knows about. In fact these are very troubling times. I fear for the future of this country. Bingu was siphoning loyalties to his bank account in Portugal. I would have felt better if Peter had said that he has borrowed money from his brother’s foreign bank account rather than from Mota Engil. I do not feel comfortable knowing that the details of the so called forex loan remains a mystery. Malawians nmasut fear what is to come out of this dubious loan.

  14. Chief says:

    No need for supplementary, just WEED.

  15. gwede says:

    JB was assisted by donor inflows as soon as she got in power. when she left office she was responsible for the donor inflow ban becoz of cashgate. Mutharka’s hands are tied but only up to a certain extent He simply cant articulate this state of affairs to the simple minded Malawians who are like children and cat understand complex issues. He knows very well that release of donor funds are COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON THE PROSECUTION OF CASHGATE PERPERTRATORS, CLOSING OF IFMIS LOOPHOLES AND RECOVERY OF THE MONIES LOOTED. He has failed to address these simple demands by failing to unravel the hostage-taking ACB and Judiciary strikes that are absolutely needed to fulfill donor requirements. Very poor leadership indeed but Tenthani as always protects JB’s responsibility for this mess in the first place as much as he and CSOs blamed Bingu for donor sanctions. Biased writing as usual.
    On another note, Malawians as usual expect the govt to boost the economy-that is absolute balderdash!! It is the private sector, innovation and creativity that will move Malawi forward- not the inertia of a bureaucracy!! I give an F to all Malawians for being lazy and useless. We Malawians need to look in te mirror for the cause of all our problems.

  16. Mbanangwa says:

    Peter is a mad person. What is madness? Madness is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. That is exactly what he is. Better have the auto pilot on! We are heading towards an abyss!

  17. I dnt have any reason to trust mutharikas.just imagine if he fails to speak constructive chichewa sentences furthermore accent in english is nt good.i never blieve he was lecturing in America the fact is that he waz a receptionist at American versity

  18. Dr. Odala says:

    I recal His excellency Bingu saying Lorani ntchito za manja anga zindicitire umboni! Would the incumbent confidently say the same after 7 months in office? Yeah some may urgue that lets wait! But where are we heading to as a nation? After 220 days, malawi is not knowing the direction,seems like we are waiting that issues will just solve themselves, arent they?

  19. Tuntu says:

    Blessed people can talk guyz

  20. mphepozinai says:

    Forget about leadership. The guy is completely bonkers. I suspect Alzheimers or dementia.

  21. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    When some of u talk abt offering solutions to this gvt, i onlly laugh. Can this gvt get any advice with the likes of chaponda and dausi in it? Prayer is the only solution to problems rocking our country. Nothing is impossible with God.

  22. Agulupu says:

    Stupid lomwes. Why hate the Tumbukas? Nchifukwa chake muzifabe ngati tiwanapiye. Chikanakhala chimera bwezi thobwa lake lili lowawa kwambiri losamwedwa.

  23. dr.kinimalowa says:

    Dyabulosi,or wateva u ko urslf ,u r a tribal mongrel.wat has the story got to do with tumbuka’s.shame on u n ur pitala wopanda manu

  24. Nyapapi says:

    Somebody please donate a proper shoe to Mr Raphael Tenthani!

  25. mr what what says:

    @Ndigida kamuzu was bad coz of his followers, bakili put our economy on mess eg falling of kwacha,

    bingu was good and very good for his first five years only, his death term was a mess,

    JB had nothing in his head about leadership, or to rule a country

    Peter, its just waste of time to say we have a president, he knows NOTHING

  26. Phiri says:

    A Tenthani akungonetsa udani wawo ndi banks la Muthalika komanso chipani cha DPP koma poti m’mutu simuyenda bwinobwino m’ chifukwa cha anthu ena akuwatuntha kuti azinyoza koma akanakhala akadzifunsa nchifukwa chani samayankhidwa akamalemba motumbwa. Fact is that m’mutu simuyenda bwinobwino.

  27. Patriot says:

    Don’t hope, he is sleeeping kikikiki

  28. Ndigida says:

    That’s Malawian culture, They said Kamuzu was bad with his MCP, Dr Bakili Muluzi came in , he was never respected despite creating a lot of employment,business venturs, vendors etc, then it was Bingu the Man, who told the truth at the united Nations about thier tricks of divide and rule on Africa, Then Amai Dr Joyce Banda who alleviated fuel & forex problems but people denied her the office of Presidency, Now it’s Peter with His lean cabinet and Community college policy, who cares ? This is Malawian thinking, even the Layers have failed to guide justice, others are in cooler, others scandals are unexplainable.

  29. dyabulosi says:

    Ndinakakhala Peter ndikanapha atumbuka one chifukwa amalankhula motumbukila

  30. juxta says:

    Its complecated we don’t even know who to blv but malawian hv shine their eyes.stop all these nonses plz

  31. BigMan says:

    Unfortunately and predictably, the writer and commentators are just barking over nothing. Criticizing yet offering no alternative or even analysis of the current challenges. Shame

  32. potofwiyo says:

    ndimaiko andati adziko lapansi amene akulamulidwa ndi professor?????

  33. let’s work together to stablise our ecconomy.stop complaining, nothing for free.

  34. Gabriel Phiri says:

    Tenthani is good at critising the Muntharikas. Anakulakwira chani? What has APM done that has ruined this country as your Mai JB has done? What you have to know is that devils are good at coaxing shallow minded and fellow devilish people to their side. What you call as JB’s achievements are issues that she managed promise them upon rising to power if that evil deed of making our love father Bingu go. So upon Bingu’s demise if you recall who was the first to offer fuel? Thea late Sata who kept a grudge for being deported when he was an opposition leader and you are there clapping hands for such kind of behaviour. Now the loved daughter of the Azungus plunder the economy in the name CASHGATE. you still praise that monster? mmmmmm Tenthani be human enough and love your nation above having a corrupt mind like the one you are having. The problems left by JB are so complicated comparing to those left by Bingu because in this case a lot of money is involved and knowing the courts of Malawi “Ndalama zikalankhula chilungamo chimakhala chete”. We know you couldn’t accept the K50,000 given as allowance by APM because when you compare with the huge sums of CASHGATE money that JB used to dish out that was nothing. Let us not look as if we are more capable by simply criticizing. Offer solutions to the problems that see APM has failed then.

    1. Ngakha says:

      My friend, Tenthani is a linatic and alcoholic who you cant take seriously. Just judge him by the looks and appearance. Can anything constructive and good come from him? Our media is in fact a shame to consider such a nincopoop as a columnist.

      1. powder says:

        after all being ajournalist could have establish why all these problems. apm is an innocent, has told not to get funding cause jb’s cashgate, then mukumunyoza anaba dora ndi iye? mesa ndi mai anu mukutamandabe mpaka lerowo. we heard already u r on her payroll sono musamasokoneze maganizo aena pamene zoona mukuzidziwa. pano evn ma ngo are praising her after her cashgate. i think u got abig share!

  35. Namarokoro says:

    Machete, you are spot on. Stop criticising. Give us solutions. And Omwami, I followed the link. Out of 6 students who made comments, 3 said good and the rest said poor. I wonder how then he was a failure. This is our country. Let’s work together and develop it. This war we are fighting against ourselves will never be won. God bless Malawi.

  36. Chikadzakuwani says:

    President and his worker must solve the problem the country is facing. Politicians do not listen to anyone out side politics ngakhale mutati ndinu wochenjela kwambiri kaya chotani muli ndi nzeru chotani muoneka ngati ndinu wopanda nzeru. Ndiye asiyeni akonze okha dzikoli.

  37. Fathara are u Malawian or foreigner? u seem not to knw what u r writing hahahahaha stupid !

  38. Kasenye says:

    Fathara And Machete: Truth Pain And Am Convinced You Are Commenting From The Anger Within Yourselves. Surely, A Comparative Analysis Of Amayi’s First Two Months In Power With Our Granny’s Seven Months Would Reveal That Granny Pido Has Pathetically Failed. Wandiseketsa Tenthani, “rumbling” “mumbling” “not Concise Statements”: A University Law Professor, Only Fathara And Machete Knows! Kkkkk!

  39. Kenkkk says:

    The other problem he has is that he has surrounded himself with very inexperienced kids childish advisors such as ben and bright. What can they advise a grown uo person like him? Honestly this is embarrassing for any head of state to have advisors of such calibre. Only God knows!!!

  40. Bwampini says:

    Being a professor of law is very different to good governance. His brother was a Dr in economics. That’s why he steered Malawi decently in his first term. Furthermore, who can have advices to a professor? That title makes all his advisors to think that he is Mr Know-Everything whereas he’s only good in laws that have nothing to uplift a poor country like ours.
    Last but not least, being a prof. his government should hardly show that it is after revenge by ordering his fellows not wasting time about publicly voicing his predecessor. Better hold the bull by his horns. Politics is for campaign and now is for economy and good governance.

  41. Ngwazi says:

    Let’s wait and see otherwise the bus seems to have no driver

  42. Omwami says:

    Peter Mutharika was teaching Law 101, this is a beginners course and hewas not a good Professor at it. He was a failure. Look at the comments that his students were making about him and judge for yourself. In Malawi we quickly make the assumption that if someone has been to the US then they are an expert of some sort. This guy is a hippo

  43. Tnt Dynamite says:

    No, Tenthani,by Giving Peter Muthalika Supplementary Exams That Means You Can Make Merciful Chair Of The University Senate.In All Fairness This So Called Proffessor Would Have Jst Been Withdrawn On Academic Grounds Becoz He Has Failed In All Departments,not Even Repeating The Year

  44. Fathara says:


    1. ujeni says:

      Nanga ma Capital letters mwalembawa si umbuli uwu

  45. machete says:

    Malawians’ we are just good at critising.throughout the passage I have seen any comments giving solutions to the problems the country is facing.all we know is kunyoza basi.
    But my only piece of advice kwa nonse amene your hearts are full of bitterness.DPP has come to stay beyond 2024.sorry for the bad news to all haters

  46. The Truthful One from the West says:

    In some speeches Kamuzu Banda used to say that if you take a university professor and give him a country to run he would not know what to do. I am therefore not surprised with Peter Mutharika’s dismal performance so far.We have begun the year 2015 with one of arm of government-the judiciary- shut down for two months now making Malawi a semi-failed state. The outlook is grim. So I can only agree with Tenthani. I don’t think we should blame advisors as we do not have evidence they are not properly advising Peter Mutharika. Advisors do not have power to take decisions and you do not blame people that do not have power to decide. Even Chilima as VP has no power to take decisions. While at Airtel he had power to take decisions he cannot do so now. For example Chilima cannot hold a rally in Chitipa without first getting clearance from the President. Anyone who once held a top position and goes somewhere and hold a deputy or second position will agree with me.

  47. utawasala says:

    Peter is naturally not a leader and is not a politician as well. All this problem we are facing today is because of lack of patriotism on the MEC chairman who will be blamed to the mess Malawians are facing today. Zuka Malawi, when we talk of cash gate let us not forget that JB government just got the network was already there and this was even worse before the PP government that is why the July 20 DEMO took place. The only thing that we Malawians must do is to be observant to what our leaders do.

  48. Don’t forget the man is too old. He is not 74 but possibly 4 -6 years older. That he is docile could possibly be an age factor. The Muthalika genes are not strong like Robert Mugabe’s or Nelson Mandela’s (RIP).

  49. Patriot says:

    Eeee sorry but he did Nac gate, wedding and mulakho celebration.
    Zinazo amalepheretsa ndi Joyce Banda
    Malikisi zero

  50. Bolingo says:

    Kaya u lecture umatheka bwanji Ku Americako kaya,the has been sleeping through out his seven months in the kapenatu mwina poti angokwatila kumene eti? Kkkklkkkk

  51. Sub T/A says:

    To be a professor doesn’t make you a good leader if you don’t have wisdom.Honestly we must regret that we didn’t choose a wise man to lead us instead we chose a professor who have proved he is pride thinking that he is better than anyone in the world.After winning the election first thing he should go around neighbouring countries Mozambique Zambia Tanzania Botswana RSA USA England just to name few to mend the relationship which his late brother spoiled because what I suggest Malawi will not be the same as JB or BM times until Muthalika swallows his pride and work with others full stop

  52. Mathanyula says:


  53. Dick says:


    This is a very good piece of writing. It is a very good advice especially at this time when the year has just begun. You have played a role of advisors who are milking taxpayers money for nothing.

    1. Peter makes decisions as if he is in a scientific lab. He must know that he is dealing with people of different calibre.

    2. Peter is a coward. He is slow at making bold decisions. He is slow at reacting to pertinent issues e.g. look at how he has remained quiet on strikes.

    3.Peter lacks leadership skills. He failed to man ministries , how can he lead the country?

    4.Peter concentrates on politics rather than the progress of this country. Joyce Banda is a spent force now. Why concentrating on her. Of course she is behind jetgate, nacgate, cashgate.

    5.Peter forced himself on us and over 60% of people did not vote for him. People know him better.

    6.Peter has very poor oratory skills. That was why he was transferred from lecturing to research department in USA. Students could not get him well. Check on the web. He must improve on this.

    7.Peter should come out clearly on how he will solve the economic crisis. People should not get information from rumours that he has got a loan from Mota Engil to cushion the messy economy.

    8.Peter does not strategise, how can he get money from NAC for BEAM, bribing journos and for Mulakho amid cash gate. It shows satithandiza.

    9. Peter is a hypocrite. He says one thing today and does another tomorrow. Malawians watch out. By the end of his tenure, Peter will have accumulated unprecedented wealth. A Malawi tulo. Wake up from your deep slumber.

    10. Any way, Peter needs to reshuffle the cabinet and appoint ministers, advisors and other lucrative positions based on MERIT only and not on nepotism and political appeasement.

    1. machete says:

      Malikisi zero

  54. nielich says:

    The love your points… They are moving… They are critical…

  55. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Mutharika will never succeed as long as he has a hole in his arse. The man has no idea how to lead so do not expect anything from him but more suffering for all.

    1. machete says:

      Amene zikumuwawa azilume kumsana.mumva pain.DPP to remain in power beyond 2019.Ana osasamba all u know is despising.

  56. aphiri says:

    Tenthani my brother u ve constructive criticism on the presidency if taken seriously he can perform. The big problem that cannot ignored is our president doesn’t hv a personal friend who doesn’t fear him to tell the truth. U know all these advisers are cowards. I know peter doesn’t want to ignore this column even if he is angry. Even me on police death I thought the president ll be there.

  57. Andy moses says:

    Kikkkk lets hope he is not sleeping.

  58. ndunde says:

    Am falling for you Tenthani

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