Peter Mutharika’s government in denial

It is undeniable that Malawi is in a dire situation because of the run down economy coupled with adverse climatic conditions. Needless to say that the current situation in Malawi needs a well-focused government with ready solutions.

Aides rush to the defence of the Malawian leader  Mutharika when he had a big fall

Aides rush to the defence of the Malawian leader Mutharika when he had a big fall

Unfortunately, when President Peter Mutharika and his government came into power in 2014, they seemed to have had no clue about what was ahead as they took the reins of power. One of the initial things the government should have known and accepted was/is that in a multiparty system which Malawi embraced some 25 years ago, there are many alternative views from the opposition parties and other people at large.

It is unfortunate that there are all indications that the government looks at the opposition parties as if they are operating illegally. It is in denial that the opposition parties provide checks and balances. In fact, they are the government-in-waiting. APM’s administration thinks otherwise.

Hence President Peter Mutharika is already talking about winning 2019 elections and beyond. This is deliberate diversion from the real and urgent issues. It does not make much sense to force people to be in the 2019 election mode when they urgently need solutions to their hunger, and many other problems that they are suffering from. In fact, the President is yet to fulfil some of his promises for his current term of office.

At the moment, the government is defensive in an effort to cover up the numerous problems the country is facing under Mutharika. This is the reason critics are not accepted. Surprisingly, blaming government for the challenges the country is facing is found to be unacceptable. What the government seem not to know is that it is its policies that are being used to run the country. Therefore, if such policies have failed, then who else should shoulder the blame? Being in denial for its own policies is not a corrective measure at all.

Meanwhile, the President is at loggerheads with print media critics. Recently, some critics alluded to the fact that the President has too many powers which he needs to reduce as per his promise. He responded angrily to such criticism during the ground breaking ceremony of the Dae Yung University teaching hospital in Lilongwe. He said he has no intention to reduce his powers. Actually, he challenged that he will also veto any law that undermines his authority even if such a law has already been passed by Parliament.

The President concluded that he has stopped reading local newspapers. Fair enough. But what the President seems to forget is the useful role that critics are playing. Apart from checks and balances, the critics can also be whistle-blowers—the government needs this. If the President does not want critics and prefers hand clappers, hero worshippers and people who say what he wants to hear, the country will definitely lose out.

One other thing that APM’s government seems to be in denial about is the fact that every Malawian has a right to opinion. The fact that the government was voted into power does not necessarily mean all it does was already sanctioned at the ballot box and, therefore, people have no right to query anything. This is a misconception that the government should correct. It must always face reality and stop wasting time being in denial about the dire situation in the country. Malawians are waiting for genuine solutions to their daily challenges.

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15 thoughts on “Peter Mutharika’s government in denial”

  1. James Jambo says:

    No gvt is an island

  2. che mbwiye says:

    Sabuli i just want to remind you tha pamene ukufunira zoipa mzako zimabwera pa iwe. so mind you it can be you to falldown and gone forever.

  3. Chimunthu says:

    An excellent, well-structured article that goes right to the heart of Malawi’s problems, i.e. the government of APM. The President does not like to hear the truth and tries to shout down his critics instead of listening and learning. APM sees his position as one of power rather than service. His priorities are all wrong. Unless he changes and has the humility to accept his failing nothing will improve for poor Malawi.

  4. lola vockan says:

    sagwa ndindani? falling cann happen to anyone. I see no problem. You idiots are just full of jealousy yosathandiza, but hey i know there is completely nothing you will gain from criticising but u are intitled to ur own opinion olo ikhale useless…. APM mpaka 2019 asafuna asiye

  5. Patience Sabuli says:

    Do not worry about this man watsala madzi amodzi. Next time he falls again it will be a miracle if he manages to regain his strength to get up and walk.

  6. Ngati mukugwa lero muli ndi zaka 88, nanga mukafika zaka 91 mudzagwa bwanji??? ndiye nkumalota zolamuliranso Malawi, Mulunguyo ndiye ndi wa chilomwetu,

  7. Nabanda says:

    I totally 101% agree with Nyasi of Article 6 that APM was NOT elected by Malawians, it was indeed the works of Kenyata Nyirenda, God bless him

  8. Funzo says:

    A good clearly written article containing valid points. Thank you.

  9. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Mmm akhapane basi

  10. nyasi says:

    Point of order, APM was elected by the electorate but imposed on malawians by one careless judge Kinyatwa. The vote rigging was so enormous and serious that it needed the ballot proof. Never ever again refer to APM as elected by malawians. Suffice to say malawians allowed APM to be president while we find ways and means to elect our own genuine president in 2019.

  11. mmmmm….akudziwa mwini zonse basi tisaweruzane pliz tidzingopenya

  12. Jambo says:

    APM is just another confused person. He forgets what he told the people during campaign just 2 years ago. Age has not caught up with him, but he ius just becoming another dictator like his brother.
    He is power hungry. Someone is in the office only about two years and he is thinking on winning elections non 2019 and he ius failing to run the country.
    Malawians should not hope much from APM and DPP. Theory are clueless on how to run the country. Henry Kachaje has just torn to pieces his so-called pillars that he wants Malawian s to follow. He has showed him that he has no integrity.
    As Kachaje has rightly pointed out, Mutharika should not expected Malawians to follow integrtity when he himself lacks integrity.

  13. Kenkkk says:

    Apm is lying, he actually reads the papers. He is just trying to fool us.

  14. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    The problem is that our oppositions invariably provide too many checks and not enough balance.

    In any case, real democracy will only come to Malawi when the 85% of us who live in the rural areas recognize our power, apply our leadership skills, and develop our country for all of our citizens, not just the parasites of our parliamentary siphonaptera.

  15. T says:

    someone is almost smiling….

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