PIL donate K10m to WVI for flood victims

Petroleum Importers Limited responded to the call by the President Peter Mutharika in donating some materials which will assist people suffering due floods in various parts of the country by donating a sum of K10, 000,000 which will be used to purchase items that are great need by World Vision Malawi who are already on the ground assisting the families.

PIL officials witht he dummy cheque.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

PIL officials witht he dummy cheque.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

The donation, which was presented by Petroleum Importers Limited general manager Enwell Kadango took place on Friday at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre.

Petroleum boss said they feel duty bound to assist the families affected and they know many others are helping in one or another.

Kadango, who thanked government for its coordination efforts in this cause to assist the people affected in various areas of the country, said they thought it wise to respond to the call by the State President in donating materials which will assist those people affected by the floods.

“We are all aware that the government of Malawi recently declared Malawi as a state of national disaster due to flooding that has affected 15 districts in the country. This has happened due to persistent heavy rains that have fallen in these areas which are traditionally prone to flooding,” he said.

He said the magnitude of flooding has been so huge such that many families have been affected losing their loved one as well as property.

This is a private company that imports fuel for Malawi from the international market through Beira, Nacala and Dar es salaam.

The company has been operation since 2000 and imports well over 90 per cent of the fuel used in Malawi and is owned by the major oil marketing companies namely Puma Energy, Total Malawi, Petroda and Engen Malawi.

In his remarks, World Vision Malawi Country Director Robert Kisyula described the donation as timely stressing it will assist many families who are in dire need of  materials like blankets, food and tents.

Kisyula also hailed Petroleum Importers Limited for the donation and urged other companies to emulate their example.

“This marks the beginning of a long partnership between Petroleum Importers and World Vision. I urge other companies to follow suit because we have thousands of people who have been affected by these floods,” said Kisyula.

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16 thoughts on “PIL donate K10m to WVI for flood victims”

  1. manonda says:

    dalaivala wa tank mpaka pano bonus sanalandilebe. nayenso nyumba yake yagwa.

  2. opportunist says:

    Fazi iphaka ma allowance heavy

  3. Wozinyanyala says:

    Zigawidwe ndramazo chifukwa Getrude Mathanyula akufunabe MK5,000,000 anaba za aids zija ku BEAM….zina mwamuna wake apangile phwando milhakho nde ka 300 hundred kosalako nka ma victims a ma floods.

  4. Tawonga says:

    Ndalamazi mukanawapatsa mabungwe ena otsati world vision ai anthu ake amaba kwambiri. Anawacotsa mugulu lamabungwe othandiza.
    Mukanawapatsa cadecom kapena emmanuale international otsati world vision ai

  5. J. Manda says:

    A WVI conde yetsetsani kuhwiritsa ncthito ndalamazi coz timamvabso kuti kwanuko kuli anthu akuba kwambiri maka procurement comimitte yanu tasza ndianthu akuba kowopsya. Ndalamazi ndizawanthu ovutika.

  6. Koma Inu says:

    Thank you PIL, you have a good management team. Where are the banks and other corporate companies that just know how to publish profits and does know how to donate. These other companies need to learn from PIL. FMB,Standard bank, National Bank, Reserve Bank, Insurance companies, please share the profits with the needy ones. Good job PIL! I am sure others will learn from you.

  7. Search mw!Only a very small portion of this donation will be spent on the intended purpose.The big chunk of it shall cruise into corrupt asshole’s bellys via their unsatisfied greedy throats.While Iam appreciative of this gesture,let me you all the so-called donors that Malawi has always been in economic floods,poor infrastructure floods ..etc!And you are no where to be seen!

  8. Chikadzakuwani says:

    That was a good start no money to GOVERNMENT akuba kwambiri anthu aboma

  9. Wailing Soul says:

    I agree with Byokoto. Please channel the money through the likes of World Vision, ADRA, CRS, and NOT, please NOT the government.


  11. Mtupatupa says:

    While thanking PIL for the donation, i still think that they can do more becoz this people have been stealing alot since October when petroleum prices started going down, they were ordering the product at a cheaper rate an selling the same at a higher rate.



  14. Mada Wa Muthalika says:

    well done!! do not give money or indeed any material to government and its agencies, They will cashgate it.

    Akufuna kwabwino perekani ku WVI Malawi. A Malawi mukugwira ntchito ku WVI, Samalani osapisapo zala zanu pamepo.

  15. Byokoto says:

    I can’t thank you guys enough for this timely donation.

    My advice to any would be donors is to borrow a leaf from PIL and channel their donations through World Vision and not Government or any of these bogus NGO’s.

    We all know too well what happens to money in govt or our brief case ngo’s.

    1. nyakwawa says:

      I think its high time now 4 the malawi government to set aside a lump sum of money to build rural development project houses for its people just as the soth african government. Every time I hear of huge donations from different organisations but where does the money end up?

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