Police Academy in the offing, says Muluzi: University of Malawi to start degree in law enforcement

In an effort to upscale the number and standards of the Malawi Police Service, Government has disclosed plans to build an academy that will offer diploma and degree programs in law enforcement.

President Mutharika having a chat with Police chief Kachama

President Mutharika having a chat with Police chief Kachama

Cops showcasing talent

Cops showcasing talent

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi disclosed this Thursday morning at Police Training College (PTC) in Limbe, Blantyre during a pass out parade for 1874 recruits.

Muluzi reiterated that the current shortage of police officers was negatively affecting security enforcement in the country.

“Internationally, one police officer is suppose to carter for 500 people yet the situation in Malawi leaves one officer being responsible for 1800 people,” explained Muluzi.

Muluzi, who said government will ensure increased police visibility in the rural areas, said training more police officers was thus the only way to go for Malawi.

“As a ministry we will continue to lobby for budgetary support to support the training of more officers in the country,” he added.

Muluzi also emphasized on the importance of internal security to foreign direct investments and economic development.

Inspector of police Lexten Kachama concurred with Muluzi, observing that the academy will assist in ensuring that officers get progressive training.

According to Inspector Kachama, the Police Service was also in discussions with the University of Malawi (UNIMA) to introduce a bachelors degree in law enforcement to benefit its officers.

Presiding over the parade, President Professor Peter Mutharika said his administration plans to train 10 thousand more officers to reduce the officer to civilians ratio.

“We also plan to recruit and train at least 10, 000 more police officers to conform to the United Nations guidelines for policing which is one police officer to 500 civilians. At the moment, the police civilian ratio is 1 to 1,300.

“Government is also working on improving issues of transport, officer accommodation but also housing for the officers. We are also already in the process of acquiring additional motor vehicles, modern weapons and equipment for the service,” stated Mutharika.

The passing out parade was one of its kind. It was the first time that the Malawi Police Service graduated 1,874 recruits.

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9 thoughts on “Police Academy in the offing, says Muluzi: University of Malawi to start degree in law enforcement”

  1. Ziyenda says:

    Of Course we haven’t war in Malawi but guyz Army is needed,zikuoneka zophweka just because sitinazione but if we can uproot these guyz muzaona.

  2. Tsibweni says:

    which is which 1:1800 or 1:1300 tiuzeni zoona

  3. Byron says:

    In a less civilized country like Malawi, two things have to be done to policemen in order to combat crime effectively;police officers need tertiary training in criminal justice to attain degrees and diplomas.The more educated they will be the more they will attract a good salary and remuneration package the less their reluctance to work with all their hearts.Some police officers have been at the center of crime conniving with criminals because what they earn is not enough to support a big family.However,their small salaries is a result of little or no education and therefore cannot command a handsome pay.As a result of this, such officers resort to bad survival tactics which is stealing or armed robbery.

    The other important ingredient to build up a strong,reliable,and patriotic police force is to enforce a work-out program for all officers in order to keep them fit,strong,healthy,and build a strong mind.This should be a requirement for every officer.Policemen who are fit will be able to crush and overcome strong hardcore criminals or any other unruly citizens.The other thing to notice about the police service in Malawi is lack of enough vehicles.Police are not supposed to be crowded in one vehicle to respond to a potential crime call,each police officer need to have his or her vehicle or Car while always being alert to dispatch calls- this promotes promptness and efficiency.The police service need complete overhaul and transformation.

  4. dreamteam says:


    We have bn feeding, housing, providing transport to the Malawi Army for years – no war and not one forthcoming. Why can’t we just move these men into the police. Again, does Malawi really need the MALAWI ARMY.

    This copy and paste of institutions is not helping us at all

  5. Yona says:

    Fulfilling numbers is nothing if quality aspects are not addrressed. Our police should indeed be competent in all its areas of operational functions. We need to invest a lot of funfs to ensure that all officers with JC and MSCE are adequately trained to advance their intellectual capacity.At the long run we need to only hire university graduates of we really want to improve police standards. We need police officers with personal confidence not always apologetic to general public. For example of you want the police to be intimidated you just talk in English…they show such alarming respect and say good well boss. That’s what they do let go of criminals. Again our police should be trained in various aspects of social and esconomic development sects of the country…. To let them be note knowledgeable of what’s going on in their country. Again exose them to international standards by sending the to other countries for education visits. Once you tell the Malawi police that I from London or South Africa or Zambia they are very intimidated just as I have said…..may God bless malawi.

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. President, let’s bet , you can’t achieve that ratio of 1/500. In Malawi women are producing about 1000 babies per minute. And men are impregnating 500 women per second and you be training 1000 per year. You will be overwhelmed soon.

    Mr. Atupele, please your training college should not be in Blantyre or Zomba compasses. We don’t want you to disguise your intelligence unit so that our lectures are arrested every hour.We have a lot of demonstrations taking place in these institutions, will your disciplined students participate in these demos. For sure they will be your informants.

    You remember some students were killed in Zomba and Blantyre. Until now no answer or compensations have been made. Politicians have multiple faces.

    ‘Dzuka Malawi, Dzuka!!!’ Ndi amene ukupangayu

  7. ninkuuzeni says:

    KODI Niyekuti muzingokamba za police? wat of army and immigration wont u recruit..zikutiwaawa

  8. special advisor says:

    Police Academy is a good dream. I hope it survives to see the light of day. However, the standard of one cop to 500 people should be subject to adjustments relative to levels of risk/crime rate i.e. contextualise. In addition, the strategy to reduce the ratio from 1:1800 to 1:500 should not solely be to recruit and train more cops. Control of population growth also works. Too many babies are being born, and many families that have too many children fail to take care of them to levels that can make them grow up into independent, responsible citizens. High depency rates and overcrowded homes and towns are a security risk too. So think about urban planning as well. If lighting can be improved in some locations, crime would be significantly reduced. If everyone had a national ID crime would be reduced. If every street had a name and every residential unit had a unique identification number, crime would be reduced. If every home would have an access toroad…. In short, police alone will not improve security. Security is a function of many variables, each variable has a different strength of influence on security. Go scientific, not just by business as usual.

  9. nyayo says:

    Bravo Atupele. You seem to be patriotic. You accepted defeat but chose to help the country in a different style. Thanks that you value working for the country more than politics. If you had followed the footsteps of MCP you would have been unproductive for four years.

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