Police arrest Malawi army soldier caught in armed robbery 

Three armed robbers  and a soldier were weekend arrested by  Malawi police in Lilongwe have on Friday for their violent robbery at Nkhoma Chipiku stores.

The robbers with serving solder in white shirt among the gang

The robbers with serving solder in white shirt among the gang

The uniforms the robbers used in their criminal activities

The uniforms the robbers used in their criminal activities

The criminal gang had stolen millions of Kwacha and wounded shop manager Anania Kaowonga with a gun.

According to the police, among the arrested criminals one was the Malawi soldier no 14726 from the Support Battalion who is Sergeant Noel Kabango 35 years old from Njombwa village in Traditional Authority (TA) Njombwa in Kasungu,

The four were found with SMG rifle and using a Toyota Ipsum vehicle registration number BS 1218 which belongs to the soldier.

Lilongwe police identified other suspects as  Mixon Banda 36 from Mtupanyama TA Likoswe, Jafali Bashiri 20 years from Njuni village in the area of TA Tambala in Dedza and Lyton Magombo 25 years from Jailosi village TA Chikowi in Zomba district.

Meanwhile, in continued spate of armed robberies, on Sunday night a gang of 10 attacked Msundwe total filing station in Lilongwe along Mchinji  road and managed to steal K3, 115, 200. 00, police confirmed.

According to police, one of the robbers who hit the service  station belonging to Willard Takondwa of Waliranji, was recognized.

The robbers went away with K3, 115, 200. 00.

The police said they have already launched for the man hunt for the robbers.

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20 thoughts on “Police arrest Malawi army soldier caught in armed robbery ”

  1. be humane says:

    what is Malawi Crocodiles Party (MCP) Saying? Chakwera is still sleeping waiting to wake up in 2019

  2. Harawara says:

    Our police force is a mixed bag with good apples and rotten ones. Often and sadly it is the bad ones that get promoted. The merit system in the service needs to be improved. As for the rotten cabinet ministers their time will come. It might take months or years but some day they will pay for the sins they committed. History teaches us few evil ones escape justice. This DPP Caliphate will fall

  3. smith kuumar says:

    Let me join malawians congratulating Malawi police service for arresting these dangerous criminals,am not Malawian me Indian and operating my business in Limbe,honestly speaking our business at risk bwana in Malawi all because these robbers are pulling us down,we are leaving in fear crime has gone up and things hard,I think you are not talking Aubreva Banda I know from Limbe CID,he is very good and hardworking indeed,we have been victims for so many times but this guy is always helpful,infact he is not alone they are many detectives cannot mention them all but the one you are talking here Banda is very good indeed ntchito anagwira bwino bwanawa if you wil become a victim like us you wil understand but if you are one of the robbers you wil always hate them,congratulations police malawi

    1. chunies says:

      You give him money thats why you indians are not in our cells and yet you are malawians. Thats why he managed to buy a car.

  4. fundo wa anadzonzi says:

    Aubreva Banda???????? You guys you have issues with him,he is one of the best creams in the Malawi police service,infact he is tough when it comes to deal with criminals,I know most robbers sakupuma naye bwino I agree with you Chitsanzo,but for you guys mkanda and guest shame on you for denting him,but remember Gold is Gold even if you put it in a mad pot it wil come out shunning,for you Aubreva msinje umalimba ndi miyala let the empty tins make noise,however let me congratulate the police for job well done and let that soldier face the law,bigup guys

  5. chitsanzo Tembenu mbeza says:

    I totally disagreee your comment mkanda,this is character assassination,he is one of the best detectives @ Limbs police station,I was once robbed and it was this detective Aubreva Banda who came to my rescue,unless you are a robber and he is a threat to you I can understand,otherwise to me he is good,systematic and organized,and hardworking,keep the flag of Malawi police shunning Aubreva Banda

  6. Malawi says:

    Awa amaba ndi mfuti pomwe ena akutibela mwa cash gate koma osamangidwa.

  7. Charombanthu says:

    Bring back Bingu’s “shoot to kill” for these animals. We toil for our spoils and they want to get them for free and even killing innocent souls in the process!! Well done MPS. We need to give credit where it is due and keep up the good work but do not set them free. They should rot in hell.

  8. hkamdidi says:

    Don’t say ” three armed robbers and a soldier” But Four armed robbers including a soldier” ! He is an armed robber and part of the group!

  9. Vyaluta says:

    signs of sick economy

  10. OMEX70 says:

    Thank you our police for the job well done in arresting these animals. However, I am not happy in the way our courts and police handle the issues of robberies in this country. Two days from now we will see them walking tall in our street after being granted a bail. What nonsense is this that a robber has more freedom than a victim of robbery? That’s why people have taken laws into their own hands.

  11. smart says:

    mbava zina a president akuziteteza nkumazipatsa madindo a minister.Malawi kuba sukutha ayi ngati akuluakulu ndi amene akuba nanga ana atani.

  12. Costly Gochisale says:

    Look at the names and tell where most thieves come from

  13. President Chidakhwa says:

    Zatichititsa Manyazi, mpakana msilikali kuba. it shows how difficult economic conditions are. Next we will hear a policeman, a court magistrate, accountant even a judge being involved in robbery. Malawi My country

  14. triple C says:


  15. Takomana says:

    You simply could have killed them. Why spare their lives when these guys all they do is kill innocent people. That’s one problem that we have in this country. We are so soft on this fools. These are fools that cannot be reformed. Never so sustain them in the first place. Malawi is better with these fools killed and sparing their lives is creating more miseries to more and more Malawians and sentencing hard working Malawians to grave.

  16. nkanda says:

    Well done Police komanso please monitor your own Obrieva Banda of Limbe Police. He shud be transfered wakhalitsa and deals with robbers closely. Ask kachere people, they always complain.

    1. nseru says:

      @ Nkanda. Why transfer him?. Let the community kill him. This is exactly what should happen to him and the fools shown in this picture. For God sake these guys are killers and can somebody at statehouse for once get this right and act like President. Obrieva Banda is a bad guy therefore transferring him to another place wont solve any problem. This country needs to get hard on crime and the best way to deal with it is to come hard on those involved in crime. Killing them is just perhaps the best way to deal with these zero humans and fools.

      1. Amwayi ASIDI says:

        pliz arrest the big 7 so called govern. ministers allegedly shielded by the above.

    2. fundo wa anadzonzi says:

      Total lie on Aubreva Banda very hardworking guy and professional,continue serving us well Aubreva,God will surely reward you,congrats for netting these notorious criminals Malawi police

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