Police arrest South African agent on Dru Hill’s Malawi failed trip

Malawi police have arrested an agent Umodzi Park hired to bring American music group, Dru Hill, for allegedly obtaining money on false pretence.

Dru Hill: No show

Dru Hill: No show

Umodzi Park hired Archbald Tugere, a South African citizen, to facilitate Dru Hill’s performance in Malawi but the show was cancelled at eleventh hour when music fanatics were expecting to welcome the grouping in the country on Friday.

Tugere owns Tugere TV Media and Events, and pocketed 35,000 rands (about K2 million) from Umodzi Park to facilitate Dru Hill’s Malawi’s performance.

National police Media and Public Relations Officer, Nicholas Gondwa confirmed to Nyasa Times on Sunday that they are currently keeping in custody Tugere for allegedly obtaining money under false pretence.

”He is at Lingazi police. The charges were laid by Miss Temwa Kanjadza of Umodzi Park,” said Gondwa.

Gondwa said Tugere is accused of failing to meet contractual terms stipulated in an agreement made between Umodzi Park and his company.

Local music fanatics who were anticipating seeing multi-platinum selling American music group, Dru Hill on stage this weekend have no kind words for the organizers following the group’s decision to
cancell its trip to Malawi due to misunderstandings with the promoter.

Dru Hill, together with lead singer Sisqó, was expected to perform at the 8,000 capacity Umodzi Park in capital Lilongwe tomorrow December 12, courtesy of Peermont Hotels the managers of the venue.

The grouping also cancelled trip to South Africa where they were scheduled to perform at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on December 18.

“Disappointingly, Tigere Media, a South African based promoter has cancelled the Dru Hill concert scheduled to take place at Umodzi Park on December 12,” reads in part the statement issued out by Umodzi Park Sales and Marketing Manager, Temwa Kanjadza .

Kanjadza said a dispute between the artist and Tigere Media resulted in the unfortunate cancellation of the concert.

Many music lovers especially in Lilongwe had already bought tickets to the events, and the development surely infuriate corporate sponsors such as Airtel Malawi who were part of those supporting the event.

Kanjadza said they have started  processing the refunds to those who bought advance tickets.

“Those who have already purchased tickets through various selling points in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu will receive a full refund,” she added.

Dru Hill was expected to be joined on stage by local musician Skeffa Chimoto and Veejay Ice.

The group is composed of four members namely Sisqó, Jazz, Nokio and Tao. The group was most popular during the late 1990s, with a repertoire that included R&B, soul, hip hop soul and gospel music.


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19 thoughts on “Police arrest South African agent on Dru Hill’s Malawi failed trip”

  1. Archie says:

    I was the promoter for this show and no one asked me for my side of the story. I have a press release ready explaining everything.

  2. Bololo says:

    Is Dru Hill still around? When did they last produce a hit song?
    Reminds me of KC & JoJo.

  3. Ayooobe mbuZi says:

    Ayobeeee musazimve odziwa malamulo! You are nothing more like the rest of us …… dont think u are a better intellectual….. fotseki! masapu mmangolemba ku Chanco aja anakuonesani kuti ndinu mbulibe. Osamazimva udolo, gang’ali wachabechabe, vubwe, kukucha, nkanda tsaya, gulukunyinda iwe.

  4. Felix says:


  5. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    I hate pple like Ayobeee De Zobue who would always want to be clever in public. What is wrong with police explaination. You an Empty head indeed.

  6. Nancy says:

    Marketing manager Wa umodzi park ndi mbuzi

  7. Moses Makoko says:

    my contributions are:
    1) a malawi tulo too much, we are all complaining that our chuma is struggling, but we are busy inviting international artists to come and impoverish us even more! This week was for these dru hills, last week was basket mouth the other week was someone else and if u check dollar zakezo??? we have alot of dunderheads from top to bottom!
    2) this is a civil case. man mwawamangawo kunafunika kukawasumila osati kuwaika pa tcheni, mukumawerenga malamulo koma?

  8. airtel says:

    None of my business, odi ndikathile fertiliser ine.

  9. mtumbuka1 says:

    One day I will come to Malawi and save my country from all these unscrupulous fortune seekers. I will change that country…just watch this space.

  10. spiderweb says:

    This is not a criminal offence. Take care Malawi police you will pay dearly when this man is released.

  11. an evil person says:

    comment number 4 @ ayobeee,you are saying Malawi police are illiterate,but for me you are the one who is illiterate,

    So someone storms into a police station eyes rolled wide open, sweating all over her body ,and then complains to the police that a certain Tsotsi(also a flight risk) duped them of their monies and then you expect the police to say “go back crazy woman,deal with that tsotsi yourself,this is not a criminal issue,its your own private issue,get the hell out of here”,should it be like this Mr ayobee,

    why is it that you guys when you acquire your first degrees you feel like you are an expert on everything,shame on you,let the competent Malawi police do their job of maintaining law and order.

    What the Malawi police have done here is perfect ,detaining a person after a complainant,give all of the a chance to explain their side of the story,if they found a criminal element in the issue they will pursue it,if not they will release them.

    That’s a Standard procedure.

    Don’t worry about one of them suing government for unlawful arrest they should do that,after all is it only you who pay tax,we all do.

    Bravo our competent Malawi police

  12. Philip says:

    Penapake aMalawi sitingakhalire kuthamangira ma second hand okha okha. From used cars, second hand clothes, disposed technologies, failed and recycled economic policies upto shelved and archived musicians, aaaaahhh nooo a malawi tachita bwanji. I am sure the show could have been partronised by the “Older” generation alone. #ThirdWorldFate.

    If indeed he pocketed money through false pretence, the guy is a con man then. Public needs to be protected.

  13. Mjomba Yusuf says:

    Mwachita bwino kuwatsuka manthongo amalawi

    Asiye zofupa chisanavine; ndimanena izi

  14. James says:

    There is an Agent Spencer Mutemasango of Big Base Entertainment who brought Busy Signal why did they not use him? At a time when things were looking good for Malawians this happens again.

  15. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Tugere? not a south African but a Zimbabwean who bought an SA ID book……..

  16. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Failure to meet a contractual obligation is not a criminal offence. Why should our police be involved in private matters. The police ought to have acted out of prudence. A contract is made between two people and the aggrieved party has to claim for a specific performance. My view in this matter is that the contract has been discharged ab initio. Dru Hill can still perform in Malawi at a later date. You can’t arrest a person for failure to perform a contract. Release the suspect immediately otherwise you will not win the case and later the govt will be sued for false imprisonment. Why should we have an illiterate police officers in our country. Get some training in criminal law please.

  17. ZZ Junior says:

    This was doomed from the word go. How do you mix Skeffa and Dru Hill. Very unfortunate.

  18. mapwevupwevu says:

    Ine ndimadziwa, Dru Hill inatha kalekale siingakwanitse kuimba nkuvina mmene ankachitira kale. Aiopera Pataki!

  19. Mkansala says:

    Amenewo ndiye mafana a j burg tisamalenawo

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