Police arrest US deputy ambassador to Malawi: Found ‘smuggling’ ivory

Malawi Police at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe on Thursday arrested the deputy ambassador to Malawi for  allegedly being found in possession of a piece of ivory.

Gonzelez: Arrested for  allegedly ivory smuggling

Gonzelez: Arrested for allegedly ivory smuggling

Airport police confirmed the arrest Michael Gonzalez.

“He was indeed arrested after he was found with the piece of ivory but he was released shortly,” said a police officer.

Officials from his office confirmed the arrest but refused to give details.

He is the most senior person to be caught with ivory at Kamuzu International Airport.

The police have in the past arrested Chinese and people of other nationalities.

The US is one of the major donors in Malawi.

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30 thoughts on “Police arrest US deputy ambassador to Malawi: Found ‘smuggling’ ivory”

  1. PGC says:

    IF this is true, then he should be banned from ANY diplomatic post… ever… anywhere.
    If this is false, then he should be publically exonerated.

    Awaiting more details.

  2. SHABC says:

    The power of Diplomatic immunity at play. Who authorised the search?, Anyway that’s how weak the Law is. Don’t blame it on him

  3. Aka says:

    This American is guilty of an ugly crime and his family should be all cursed in the US – he is trying to lobby his innocence after using diplomatic powers to evade prison which is sick – America is proven to be a hypocrite sycophant nation by this story for supporting their own ivory trade. May the family and children of Michael Gonzalez be riddled with cancers for their disgusting crimes, if I go to America I will at least as minimum shit on his ancestors graves. Let us all pray this American ivory smuggler and his ilk rot in hell.

  4. vavlov says:

    The US government is in the forefront fighting smuggling of wildlife trophies, I cant imagine this idiot deputy Ambassador being caught with illegal ivory. I hope the US government will fire him and apologize to the government of Malawi. One wonders how long he has been doing this.

  5. Freddie Nyirenda says:

    Does this reporter know anything about diplomatic immunity? The diplomat concerned cannot be arrested even if it’s true that he tried to smuggle ivory

    1. Aka says:

      diplomatic immunity does not give a wildlife smuggling green card and these diplomats are the filth of this planet

  6. Wakuda ngati usiku says:

    Koma akanakhala wakuda. Akanavuda ku ndende. Kodi anthu akuda mudzamva liti kuti mzungu ndi satana. Ntchito yake ndi kupha, anthu akuda, kuwonoga dziko ndi kumakunamizani kuti yesu kristu anali mzungu. Hii. Wake up I wish he rotted in jail. They don’t have the same standard for Africans if you do wrong in their dead resource countries.

  7. Matako says:

    Stupid customs maggots. You just want a 30 minute fame thats why you did this. Ivory is on sale in all kinds of public places in Malawi why not arresting those selling it?

    1. Aka says:

      Ivory being on sale is no excuse for US embassy staff to be smuggling it – the US embassy have been exposed by Malawi worldwide as being animal trafficking scum and you cannot protect them from being cursed by the good people of this planet

  8. Moya says:

    Zitayeni izi. Pick the right battles. We know that ain’t right but hey Malawi police zip it up. Lets focus on our albino genocide and stolen medicine from the hospital.

  9. munyane says:

    Wooow, if he can then it’s terrible, all that money in pounds abale, shame, on you colonialist. We need our animals, u started killing iur animals and export them long time ago, in 1800. Shame on you

  10. Matako says:

    Why has he been released? He should go to Chichiri on remand until trial is concluded.

  11. Trump says:

    Hypocrites!!!! By the way, why are they here?

    1. Jarred says:

      On a mission to exploit us

  12. Keanu says:

    This is a false accusation. He was never arrested. The authorities inspected what they thought may be ivory but it was plastic. This shows that the media may not always report accurate information and we cannot always believe what we read.

  13. Bin Laden says:

    Persona non grata!

  14. Mirrela Nkhoma says:

    Timothy Mtambo akuti chani pankhani imeneyi. Itithatuzire za ma human right.

  15. kkilembe says:

    This is stupid. A piece of ivory? A piece of ivory can not be ivory. The police must get serious. How did they find it? Do they search diplomats? Failed state Malawi is becoming.

  16. Myao says:

    We need media commentary on this-yeah like a football match from the day case goes to court to conviction, he should also reveal his suppliers.
    Lets see if Obama will let him go scot free on this. African diplomats are branded as Black transactors, now whats this from the so called ‘new world’?

  17. The Analyst says:

    “The only white man you can trust, is a dead white man.” – Robert Mugabe

    1. Sol Invictus says:

      Mugabe was an intelligent man who lacked common sense. Like all men, when he farted, he was more likely to shit himself than release words of wisdom. He said some things that were worthy of quotation. However, only a small-minded bigot would imagine that your quotation was one of them.

      1. The Analyst says:

        You may be right, but people who fail to see the lighter/funny side of life, have problems; either financial or marital or mental or all or other.

        1. Sol Invictus says:

          You may be right, but people who fail to see that racism is NOT part of the lighter/funny side of life have problems – either ethical or psychological or intellectual or all or other.

  18. James Banda says:

    Ndiye mwati chani released? Shame!! Mantha amalawi

  19. kaka says:

    Released? or released on bail?

  20. International Observer says:

    Treat this moron with all the charges befitting a person who misuses the powers he holds in his office. A couple of months ago Prince William was awash on TV condemning wanton killing of wildlife in Africa and apparently Malawi was cited as one of the leading nations depleting wildlife at a fast pace, not knowing that one of his own folks is the one promoting this uncalled for criminality. I remember one army officer losing his job in the mid 80’s who unfortunately was tricked by these same people. Let the law not be selective, treat him with all the legal diction there is in order to preserve what belongs to us. Are they not the same crooks who keep saying that Malawi has nothing to offer and that there isn’t anything of interest to attract Direct Foreign Investment here?

  21. near far says:


  22. CARLO SAVALA says:

    Muwafufuzenso pankhani yakuphedwa kwa ma alubino amenewo

  23. Mwakipiki says:

    And they come preaching to us on how to behave. Shameful!!!!

    1. Jump the fence says:

      Bring him Mr Donald Trump and will deal with him. With that Mexacan name Gonzalez will be on his to Mexico and not to DC. He is done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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