Police foil armed robbery in Lilongwe

Law enforcers moved swiftly to foil an execution of a robbery that was to take place at Little Poultry in Lilongwe’s Njewa’s area the time they would be transferring cash from the factory.

Kingsley Dandaula Lilongwe Police PRO : Arrested the criminal gang

Kingsley Dandaula Lilongwe Police PRO : Arrested the criminal gang

Police have confirmed that they received information at around 1100 hours of Sunday December 13 2015 suggesting that that criminals were geared to attack the Poultry Farm.

“Upon following the information CID personal made an ambush where they managed to arrest the criminals and seized the vehicle they were travelling in and other offensive weapons,” said Kingsley Dandaula Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer.

The black twin cab has a registration number SA 3944 and in the vehicle the police found Artic Rifle man made, two small knives and two panga knives.

They also had two military looking uniforms, an axe, catapult and ammunitions and twists of cannabis (Chamba), either to give dose off the people they would have captured or to empower themselves.

Police have identified the suspects as George Sitima, Gift Nthala, Jameson Joseph, Patrick Nkhoma, Tonny Chogawana, Tilimbe Njolomole and Felix Sikoti.

“They will answer charges after investigations are through,” said the Lilongwe Police Spokesperson.

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30 thoughts on “Police foil armed robbery in Lilongwe”

  1. Boy says:

    I expected the Civil Society Organisations to be the first to comment on the success our MPS officers have done, Ali duu, not even kukhosomola. They just wait for the bad things to happen and point fingers to MPS and claim they are incompetent. Thats how stupid we are in the simplest form. The more we give positive comments on the job well done, as has been demonstrated by most of the commentators, believe me, we will have a very well improved and hardworking police personnel. Its a motivational factor!! Bravo MPS!!

  2. California King says:

    All is there due to luck of employment. my poor Malawi

  3. Namlhuku says:

    Am a lomwe by tribe and am proud of been a Lomwe not any tribe. My question to u who say Lomwe are not educated is, how many papers do u ve that makes u more educated, and how many people of ur tribe do u know are well educated? Am happy that u can tell the nation as well as the world that in malawi the most educated tribe is Lomwe. With good starting point,president of Malawi Pro. Arthur Mutharika. Mind u Lomwe tribe is in large numbers. If u are using as a cheap political propaganda to campaign then mwagenda katauluka. Mind u this is not a tribe platform to fight others.

  4. Sindi says:

    Number 25 has made a very good suggestion. Publish their photos. They may be our good neighbors yet we don’t know they into criminology. Please police, assist us to assist you. Mwnanva bwana Mchakama ndi bwana Dinky Mwapasa?

  5. Kanyimbi says:

    What Sikusinja (comment 25) has written shows that you are a savage, fool and an idiot. Who told you that all Lomwe and Yao people are not educated? By the way do you know that Anastanzia Msosa, George Chaponda, Cassim Chilumpha, Peter Mutharika, Leston Mulli, Nali Kholomana are of these tribes? Machende ako wamva? Amayi akonso samatha kunyekhula ndi chifukwa chache simumachindana kwambiri. Muchindana kwambiri bwanji pomwe akazi akwanu samatha ntchito ya ku chipinda? Patumbo pako uzsazabwerezenso.

  6. Sapitwa says:

    That’s a wrong assumption kuti alomwe ndi osaphinzira. What have they got to do with this story? Which country do you stay to miss that most of the cashgate offenders are educated criminals? You must be one of those that claim to have been educated yet being stupid and foolish. Iam sure stupid as you are, you can not point anything that you invented that defines an educated person. Be careful! Not all Lomwes are uneducated.

  7. La 40 Lakwana says:

    Good job done

  8. Mathanyux one toothed says:

    Pls police start publishing photos of these criminals if caught that way we can recognize them because some change their names in our locations. If we see their pics we can easily identify them once you unceremoniously release them so we can help you Police eliminate them. We are good citizens who would like to assist you police as you already know our prisons ndimozaza. Give prison warders a break!

  9. Sikusinja says:

    Alomwe ndi midyomba…. paja school to you is mother in-law ntchito kuba nkuchindana muli mbweee ana mimba pamtunda. You have no shame!

  10. chechipapwiche says:

    Shoot them!

  11. MAYE says:

    That’s very welcome

  12. The Most Concerned says:

    Bravo the men in Uniform…. Plz kip these criminals behind Bars so that we can enjoy our Christmas in peace…. We need a safe & secure Malawi.

  13. weldone says:

    Welodani Polisi

  14. sheke kapeni says:

    Apolice gwirani ntchito yanu nduthu.anthu amenewa akagwidwa asamaturukeso ayi muzitaya makiyi aunyolo mu Lilongwe river.

  15. redeemed says:

    I give up!!

  16. Me says:

    Well done police. Now there is something good to talk about Malawi police.

  17. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Tangophani inu amenewo akubawa atikwana ife.

  18. orila says:

    Congrats police mwangwirako ntchito yanu mwakadaulo ,popanda mwazi kusiyana ndikumangova kuti mwapha mbava ,zimadabwisa kuti moti sipankhalako mwai ogwira mbavazi zamoyo abale nakazimanga zaka zochuluka Ku court

  19. GRM says:

    Well done!!!

  20. bingu says:

    Well done MPS. The nation can not look for a better performance than this.

  21. redeemed says:

    As much as the police officials have done their merely job, good work derseves a recognition, it could be unfair of us to overlooking their braveness and diligence in making sure that these dangerous animals are off the streets. By the description of how the criminal’s armoured themselves, it’s cristal clear that they were ready to shed innocent blood. Like the holy Bible teaches us that a thief comes to kill and destroy, may his Almighty name be praised for protecting his children.
    To the well wishers who acted swiftly to deter evil from prevailing, you have done a commendable job, for evil prevail when good people choose to remain silence. You have played an engelic role and you should be proud of yourselves.

  22. Kumametsa says:

    That’s good work by policein Lilongwe. Osati zigananga zili kuno ku Mangochi. Tsono kukhalila kumenya anthu ngati kuli nkhondo. Akuthandizani ndani kuti mupeze ma criminal enieni?

  23. KenyanMalawi says:

    You should have shot at least 3 of them. These will be back on the streets after serving short sentences for attempted robbery

  24. Zambulo says:

    You see how working with the community is important. The police cannot fight crime alone. They need community participation. So please treat the people well. They are partners in the fight against crime.

  25. orila says:

    Congrats police for u have worked professionally this tym other than kumangova kuti mwapha anthu iiii abale moti mwai owagwira amoyo supezeka . Bola zitsilu za court zisakasodole ndikuwatulusa. Keep it up police

  26. choka phiri says:

    These kind of criminal are solved but not CORRUPTION are not solved. They dont see it as importen and serious. What I think is that Malawi has always thought they get money from donors. The only way to sort this is AID STOP TO GOVERNMENT. AID can not continue Africa must support itself. How did western and Asia bild their nations? Now other African countries are building their nations. If Malawi had Kamuzu Banda to day Malawi was going to be far more than What is to day. After Kamuzu its only thieves.

  27. Bristol says:

    Good work by Police. Keep it up.

  28. Blessings Kaweru says:

    Good job Malawi police

  29. Emmanuel says:

    Tie them plz

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