Police officers brutalise suspect  to death: Malawi paper issue condemnation through editorial

Malawi flagship daily newspaper, The Daily Times on Wednesday published an editorial comment  condemning police brutality and excessive use of force to suspects after the paper reported that cops in Ntcheu assaulted Zakaria Malata, 49 to death in a bid to obtain a confession of guilt.

Matewere:  Cops quized

Matewere: Cops quized

Malata was arrested on June 8, 2016 over allegations of stealing 12 bags of maize and was caged at Senzani police station.

His relation Lawrence Chaziya told the paper that before his death at Ntcheu District Hospital, he told him that he was assaulted by police officers identified as Sub-Inspector Chimoto, Constable Tonza and Constable Kachigamba.

The editorial of Daily Times said Ntcheu matter is a “tip of the iceberg” as similar incidents might go unreported across the country.

The paper said police brutality was similar to mob justice, saying every person deserves a fair trial and that it is only the courts that prove one guilty or not.

The daily described  the development as “worrisome”, saying police officers must conduct in a manner in which every member of the society can trust them.

The paper urges authorities to crack down on police brutality and punish those suspected of torture or ill treatment of suspects.

“We cannot afford to have a country where police officers  are happy to eliminate the lives of the citizens,” reads the editorial.

Spokesperson of  Ntcheu Police station Gift Matewere is quoted saying the police officers mentioned have been called for “interrogations.”

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Ndimene zilili pakalipano mudziko mwathu muno,munthu kuba chimanga ndichimodzimodzi ndi kupha.choncho nayenso ayenera alandile chilango chofanafana ndi tchimo walakwa iyelo.

Masozi Mwenifumbo
When soldiers came to John the Baptist in Luke 3:14 and asked him, “And we, what shall we do?”, John the Baptist (speaking through the Holy Spirit) said to them, “Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages!!!!” This is the Jesus Christ’s Way, our Soldiers/Police/Security personnel, if we are indeed serious about entering the Kingdom of God!!!! His ways never fail, but whatever man will do under whatever other authority, contrary to this simple and straight forward commands of eternal life, will definitely lead such one to HELL!!!! For our God is… Read more »

amuchita bwino kumupha. iye amaberanji ? ine last week andibera katundu kwathu worth over a million and pano andibwezera mmbuyo. amene mukuti apolisi alakwa ndinu afisi. mukutero chifukwa simunaberedwepo… ndakwiya.

koma Kumeneko

Pompa tikuti osampha albino inu mukakampha suspect, kodi anthu inu bwanji? Awa ndi aja amapita ku training ya police pa lorry aja kukasiyidwa ndi hon memebrs shame


They should not be questioned, but arrested. Can the law society and human rights organisations ensure that the police officers are arrested? The IG himself should take an interest in this matter.
If not, Malawians should wage war against the police. They should also killed. We have said it before that the police has many criminals because fault recruitment. What is the difference with mob justice?
Please DO NOT SHIELD THESE CRIMINAL IDIOTS. THEY SHOULD SUFFER CONSEQUENCES. The have not learnt a lesson from the killing of Edson Msiska at the hands of their fellow idiots at Mzuzu police.


Agalu amenewa mache…awo onse. Fotseki. Amamenya as if walakwila malamulo a kunyumba kwawo. Ngati ili njala si vuto la ife nafenso tili ndi mavuto athu. Amamenya kuti uvomere zomwe sunapanga koma sitinamve atammenya mwenye and yet amweneye amatha kummenya mMlalawi a police akuyangana. Zithe zimenezi. They shud be brought to book. No wonder ku namadzi anthu a mmidzi anapha wa police nkhani zake zili ngati zimenezi.KUluza moyo cos of 12 bags of maize? The cashgaters are not dead, why?

chief activist

to wat extent then should we keep on trusting the constables?…………i bet this is equally as mob justice……….if this is the ongoing tendency of the police officers to exercise their authority beyond minus 0……….then agot a reason to worry ova my counry


agalu amenewa akumaonjezadi nkhaza..last month anaphanso munthu ku Salima and mpaka pano nobody has been brought to book..Police brutality is becoming rampant..nawonso azunzidwe basi.

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