Police officers getting military training: Malawi army not happy with DPP, fears another MYP

There is resentment in the barracks  of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) following government decision to have the army take on board police officers into exclusive military courses that form part of the professional development of officers.

General Ignasio Maulana and Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda and Deputy Minister of Defence Malisoni Ndau (C) is met by Commander of Malawi Defence Force C) Stanley Makuti

General Ignasio Maulana,  DPP strongman  the Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda and Deputy Minister of Defence Malisoni Ndau (C)

Nyasa Times is in possession a memo signed by Captain Malata, a staff officer at directorate of military training, to Malawi Armed Forces College informing them of the development which has been intercepted by disillusioned officers.

The police officers joing the military training are Supritendant Usamani Imedi from PMF  and Supt P.Phiri. Others are Inspector Chatuluka and Inspector Vuto.

The soldiers fear the plans are  set to  create a new paramilitary youth group that will be operating like the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP) under Kamuzu Banda which was disbanded and the army disarmed them.

Soldiers are irked that police officers should be drilled in pure military programs.

“These courses are platoon commanders and company commanders which are crucial courses in the military that prepare officers to lead  a platoon or company of soldiers into battle,” Nyasa Times sources in the army said.

It is not clear why authorities want the police to participate in these purely combat courses and the development has made many officers furious who feel MDF will be severely undermined with the development.

The soldiers and officers are helpless as they know that the MDF commander, General Ignasio Maulana cannot do anything with the aim of saving his job.combat letter

Police and MDF officers do carry out joint exercises for internal security operations. They have even done joint training on some general issues like leadership or  logistics with the support of the British or American advisers but they have never crossed this line.

Some are seeing this as an attempt by the DPP Government to infiltrate the military and weaken it.

Soldiers told Nyasa Times that there are many issues that have rocked MDF during like the reduction of soldiers allowances in peacekeeping missions from $1028 to $900 (when govt already gets millions from equipment reimbursements) at a time when soldiers are involved in combat operations in DRC where several have died.

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58 thoughts on “Police officers getting military training: Malawi army not happy with DPP, fears another MYP”

  1. TheTruthShallPrevail says:

    @Team Tactics, we know you are an army officer and
    The intention of your comment is to purely provoke the army to be harsh with Lt Nyanya and I trust the army officers are intelligent and wise to know your move and intention , and will not be that naive and childish to act based on your hate comments. General Maulana act soberly, with fairness and after exhausting all investigations knowing that within the Army there are people who would be happy to see others in trouble. Everyone knows Lt Nyanya is innocent and has been put in trouble by a fellow Lt who is based at Kamuzu barracks . General Maulana Investigate this issue thoroughly, we know u can, we trust in your leadership

  2. Yesaya says:

    My take on comment number 56. I don’t think what you are saying is the right approach to solve this issue. You cant make Senior Army Officers change their mind through mere threats like these. You cant threaten General Maulana. The Army will handle it professionally by gathering all the necessary information it deems helpful to identify the actual culprit. After all what you have said are mere allegations. What you posted is a destructive comment aimed at irritating Senior Army Officers to punish innocent persons. Please note that the Army cant bow down to what you have said. By the way, you seem to know a lot and you must a soldier too. Do not overblow the issue, and am afraid you may be the Whistleblower in this case. Let the Army deal with this in their own way without external interference.

  3. Team Tactics says:

    Maulana if you dare fire Lt Nyanya, we will expose zonse wakhala ukukhalira za kunyengana kwa Major Njete and Mrs Kasuzumila, mpaka mwini mamuna anamwalira ndingozi , kunyengana kwa major Kaliati ndi mrs milomo after all evidence is there that they were involved in relationships and you are very well aware that Captaion Peli MManga was sucked due the same behaviour, kunyengana kwa major Chinangwa ndi mrs Alinafe Njete, explain to us how you report directly to Lt Col Nyamali, kunyengana kwa lt Col Nyamali ndi lt amaenda ndi mkazi wako uja. you are well aware of these proplems and yet you put a blind eye as if you dont know because they are closely linked to you. Galu iwe wabwelesta chisokonezo in the MDF no discipline, no respect for marriages ma banja angotha ngati makatani. You cant work with anyone , all your chiefs are fed up with because you cant even work with them not even your deputy , munthu sakhala yekha



  5. Temaco says:

    With advances in Technology and science’s and also crime has gone extra mile we can not expect our Police to receive the very same training they did during Dr Bandas era when we were buying Box of matches at 2 tambala and 500g Surf at 37 tambala or Muluzi era.Change the training of our officers in more of modern way otherwise criminals will be always ahead of them.

  6. Kingman says:

    This is commando course of which it is commonly done in America.Police is there to deal with notorious criminals of which most of them are ex-soldiers from different countries as well as Malawi . so this will be for the betterment of Malawians I salute the gvt of Malawi for this development

  7. Kan bruce says:

    This is the opportunity, where are the lieutenant colonels, captains, do the Job, take this shit out. Do the Sankara,way.

  8. JUSTICE GWABA says:


  9. mwana wa mu line ine says:

    zandsangalatsa kwambiri ndipo panalinzeru ndipo ndakupatsai 100% pankhani ya chitetezo
    ine kwana wa mu line ndakulira pa zomba lilongwe mvera mu barracks
    kusalima kunali melisha yomwe amaphunitsa zankhondo anthu ocokera mu ma office omweo kom inu simuiza now tinalindi
    NOW adani athu amaziwa bwino za magulu asilikali omwe timali nowo amatiopa zedi tz inali yantopola koma imakhala chetete panopa cikufunika ndichoti boma lizitenga anyamata pa form 2 kupita ku meisha kwa 5months marisher training kubwerako pa form 6 akakhoza azipita ku university ndipo army izimu lipilia college yake akalephera azisankha kupita ku army kukapanganso training ya mwezi umodzi ndikungwira ,zaka 5 antha kusankha kupitiriza ntchito ya army .now pakutha pazaka 10 tizakhara ndi chiwerengero cha security coti adani anthu sazaiwa kuti alipo angati asirikali pakufuka ganyu adani akabwera azingoitana omwe anapanga za nkhondo ,muthu akapanga training ya army makhala ndi disprin saba ai

  10. Advisor says:

    This a bad policy, recently we have been hearing of police officers abusing their skills and equipment as police officers to aid crime. Giving them military skill will only aggravate the situation. Giving police officers more training is not the answer, a review in resource allocation is. Such maneuvers annoy the military because you are now placing the military at an equal field with the police. Such situations are what leads to a Coup D’Etat. military training is meant for a select few and those individuals in will work hard to preserve the training procedure. Giving police military training erodes the value of the training and the pride that our soldiers take in completing it and that will affect their motivation to defend this country. If they want, they should develop a Special OPs police force with paramilitary training but not full force combat training. Just urban warfare, hostage situation and maybe explosive diffusion.

  11. Kenkkk says:

    Nothing new here. PMF are more or less like soldiers. What us the fuss?
    Tz is coming, we have to be prepared by diversifying our capabilities. Usually pmf are put at the front of battle to test the opposition while regular army monitor the situation from behind.

  12. Citizen says:

    You are training them yet you say you are afraid of them…it doesnt make sense…

  13. malawiano says:

    this is yet another paramilitary grouping of the DPP. DPP is up for something. never in 50 years have I heard police taking military course only in this DPP. Vuto lokakamila mpando.

  14. namalamba says:

    There is no issue here, the Malawi Armed Forces in Salima trained PMF at Militia Training Camp In the mid 70s and early 80s (where Parachute Battalion is situated now). They trained us in Counter Insergency Operations, Crowd Control and Fighting in Built up Areas if I remember correctly. I remember the OC was Major Ntawanga and some of the training officers were Capt Kaitano and Lt Mituka. Go back to MAFCO and check ur records. I retired from the Police in 2000 but wanted to make the record straight that this will not be the first time to train senior police officers in limited war operations.

  15. chunga says:

    This Malawi Army has never fought any real war against a real enemy army. So what skills are they going to teach- unproven and untested? This is making a mountain outvod a mole hill! Za ziiiiii!
    Destroy Taifa army first and then lets talk about training the Police

  16. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    There is no issue here. Do not personalise MDF. It is a government institution. I’am a police officer and i really do not see any problem. MDF has very pertinent issue to tackle. It has the Dzalanyama issue were defenceless people were brutally killed for forest reasons. So what is the issue here. Go to hello MDF. Go to America. You will see how American respects their soldiers and not what is happening here in Malawi.

  17. Milward says:

    Pali amene wadandaula anyamata a keyalawa atatenga ntchito ya ma forest rangers? Ndalama zimene adziphunzirirazo ndi tax payers money, zathu! Iwo akudandaula chani? Kodi mzimayi akavala buluku amasanduka mamuna? Mantha bwanji kodi inu? Ngati mantha ake ali amenewo ndiyetu taluza nanu ndithu! Asiyeni aphunzire basi! Inu ngati muli madolo ndinu madolo basi. MYP was Israel trained but what happened? Kunali anzanu asilikari enieni ogona kukhomo kosatseka osati inu omalimbana ndi akanganya a makala. Shatapu!!

  18. mwanamulopwana says:

    Whoever decided to implement this is a genius, Malawi is becoming sophisticated with criminals and such the police need to be fully trained to contain them with full military training,
    The training will assist police team to manage to handle high profile criminals and the very same time to give themselves safe defense .
    We have heard policemen dying or shot by criminals, it shows that they luck this type of training,
    Whoever thought of this is a genius and they could have increased the number from 4 to 100 policemen so that those people should be trainers in the police services ready for full combat.
    Apolice akaphwdwa we are the very same people who just know to say bomali lilibe security and that is the end of the story forgetting that the deceased has left family .

    It is high time we learn to appreciate things like these

  19. Roberto says:

    I don’t trust Malawi Police officers, they easily get excited with the ruling party of the day and abuse their work. Do you know who killed Njaunje? Do you know who shot Paul Mphwiyo? Do you know who killed Chasowa? Do you know who killed Stambuli? And now you want to train these police officers in elite military training to continue killing us for political reasons. A army thanawoni asabwere ali moyo. Akangowalora kumaliza training imeneyi simudzadzudzulaso president a nyasa.

  20. Saunders Jumah the Utopian says:

    Malawians must not forget that this is the bloodline that instructed the police to shoot 20 demonstrators when his brother was ruling, he is the very man who said those who were shot were thieves and gangsters.
    This is the man who because of his ascendancy to the high position was spared from being tried on the case of treason for pushing Africa’s most disciplined and extraordinary military professional the Malawi Defence Force into taking over power in a move that was to rape the constituion of the country.
    We should expect more from this government and it is ourr plea that MDF remains what it was with MCP, UDF, DPP1, PP and now DPP2.
    They must not be diverted into political malaise of few individuals who smells the dangers from the failures of their own hands and deeds.
    DPP2 is aware that with economic crisis they are failing to avert, the hopelessness the country is in due hardships facing citizens, they foresee a repitition of the Bingu era mass action, knowing that this time the military will not allow the police to brutalize citizens, they are up with a move to infiltrate the dirtiness of the police into the military.
    But they will fail. MCP tried and failed, they themselves tried but failed they cannot make it now.
    We stand with the military for proffessional anti-political.
    If the Genral Yohanes are still there in the military we are there are many General Maulanas that can tame any attempts by politics to politicise the military.

  21. nyaninyani says:

    tiye naoni amationjeeza ameneo

  22. Hestings ndenga bandah says:

    Kufuna kuwononga chikhalidwe chachisilikali mwazitenga kuti zotelozo or muli ndimaganizo otani ndi MDF kufuna kubwelesa mkangano ndikudelelana .Mziko taganizani bwino musanapange.kodi MYP zinalibwanji muthawi yakamuzu ?nanuso mwasanduka kamuzu ?

  23. Alungwana says:

    What difference does it make if the MDF goes out to Dzalanyama kumalimbana ndi amakala! I dont see any proffesional difference. Munalola yakumakala, musakane kuwapatsa anzanu training ya usoja.

  24. KARU UNITED says:

    No comment!

  25. achikulite says:

    Do it again and again! MDF thought getting rid of JB was a solution.

    But don’t forget this; police for DPP remember July 20 and MDF is for PP midnight saga after Bingu’s demise testifies to this.

    Police were paid handsomely by DPP govt after killing those July 20 guys and bingu went on claiming kuti those guys were thugs.

  26. wakisa says:


  27. Millipede says:

    Chimenecho ndiye timati chamba. Muwaphetsatu mwaatumiza ku training’wa. Wait and see.

  28. Aubrey sitima says:

    I dont see any problem there

  29. Nkongo says:

    This piece of flatulance kasativute mwamva: anachosa pic frame ya Gen Hennry Odillo pa mndandanda wa ma Commanders a dziko lino yemwe asilikali akamkonda malingana ndi ntchito yaikulu yomwe anagwira posintha MDF kukhala Army yolodzeka:

    Tsono lero Kachiphwisi (Maulana) kameneka kazikalola akapokola kuti azilowerela ntchito za MDF! Tithana naye; akhala Commander wachiwiri kumwalira term yake isanakwane ngati sasintha::::::shupiti mxieeewww

  30. Manuel says:

    Fear of unknown or Chiphazi!

  31. whatnext says:

    This letter or memo, whatever you call it leaves alot to be desired for a skeptical person like me to believe its authenticity.

    1) The letter/Memo, being an official document, was supposed to be on a letterhead of the Army. This is just a mere plain paper and i doubt this is the norm in the army.
    2)There is no formality in regard to the language used…Just starting with, “the following have been nominated…… ” No formal introduction whatsover.
    3) The bullet points…these stand for the main issues that are being tackled…The first bullet at least makes sense..But the second bullet..Are u serious a learned army officer would include a bullet in the “regards”?

  32. Mbwenu najumpha says:

    I don’t see any problem and here in Britain have seen many senior police
    officers from other countries come and train at British top military accadamy the SANDHURST.If MDF is not happy just send those police officers to Israel.Counter terrorism police need proper elite military training.

  33. rabson says:

    its like we are having problems here why should it be that every family of the Munhtarikas they want to follow the steps of kamuzu, but we dont care we will fight wiht govt when the need is on the rise

  34. Namarokoro says:

    Honestly, I do not understand why the so called “disillusioned officers” are afraid of. You mean the whole army is afraid of the training of 4 police officers and that the 4 trained officers would take over by force the whole Cobbe barracks, Kamuzu barracks & Moyale barracks. Come on ma Nyasa be serious. This is ridiculous. Malawi Army you have got better things to do. If you have no work go and help old people in the villages, build houses, clear roads, build bridges etc. Do not be cry babies

  35. BOKHO says:

    Did this go through Parliament or George Chaponda decided on his own for his boss Peter. This is very unfortunate. Even Kamuzu did not involve any Army courses to apply to Malawi Young Pioneers. Kamuzu knew that Army will remain army with their security standards and idiologies while MYP also theirs. This will bring confusion in as far as security is concerned. But I know why DPP is doing that, they want to force people to rally behind them during 2019 elections and these Police officers will train others to intimidate Malawians during elections as Malawi army is not much involved in terms of internal affairs but also to out power military should they lose the elections and bring blood shed to Malawians. Shame, God is always on our side.

  36. Taweni says:

    This plan should not be accepted. The Malawi Army has always been independent and have maintained peace. Some members of the DPP Cabinet have been trained in Russia and may be attempting to organize a force beside the Army..

  37. Boswel says:

    ukakhala mdindo ndi choncho, be courageous,General Maulana

  38. Harry says:

    Where in the world does this happen? This is the beginning of another form of MYP. Let us love our country and allow these forces to c-exist other than deliberately igniting strife. Let them train together in management or administration and logistics courses NOT IN COMBAT COURSES. Combat courses are what differentiates military from other forces.

  39. Dan says:

    This is unacceptable

  40. Lupwito says:

    Idiocre DPP, instead of kuthana ndi mavuto akugwelani now busy kale ma plan azisankho mu 2019??? Shame, com rain sunshine mupita simulamulanso moreover big wanuyo watsala pang’ono kufa like his bro hu never finished his term. Demet.

  41. babazula says:

    Come on fools………ie tiyambitsa yathu yathu akaida

  42. Cameo says:

    A nyasatimes a Police ndi ofunika kuphunzira ma skill kuchokera ku Army,
    Judo, kungfu ndi maskills ena omwe ayenera kuwaziwa si zonamiza anthu MYP ndiye kuti chiani?
    mukuti kulibe chitetezo Boma likufuna lisule ma office athu ndiye muti chaninso a nyasatimes

  43. Pumbuli says:

    Deliberate move by government y police we love our mdf to hell with blutality of d police wat is d aim of dis?

  44. MAN KASO says:

    This is total chaos. If this will really happen then forget about the Army to be one of the most disciplined in the world. Kukhala zochitika zambiri because of kudelerana, and expect mazunzo for those people who will go for that training

  45. Okana zopusa says:

    Ndiye zitinso zimenezo?zoona zimenezo?MDF take care with these civilians &politicians.OTHERWISE…,……………………….U WIL BE ATTACKED EASILY BY AN ENERMY

  46. levelheaded says:

    Do thorough research journalist before you write next time.

    Police is mainly involved in internal security while the latter deals with national defence. But when the army wants to recruit their police(army police) they select the willing individuals from police to undergo their training in addition.
    I think that should be the case in this scenario and if one is just a mtolankhani and not a journalist,he can mistake as something going wrong.

  47. Medson moses says:

    Dziko lathu lafika powawa,vote ya amalawi siikugwira ntchito yomwe anthu amafuna;(chiyambi chaziwawatu chimenechi.tidzakhala ofunikanso mu 2019 tizaonana

  48. gabro says:

    Chokani inu osangoyamika bwanji? Tanzania ikangoyamba zawo mungadzathane nayo nokha inu? Big up great thinkers

  49. Njolinjo says:

    From handcuffs to platoon battle drills? Malawi wazerezeka.

  50. Team Tactics says:

    Maulana mr tactics, ukufuna kugwetsa boma why leaking the information to nyasatimes unya uwone ngati ukuyesa kuti Saulosi akhala president . Watuma anyamata ako kuti ubweletse chisokonezo mu dziko muno. You are the worst commander MDF ever had, Ntchito ikukukanika akulamulira ndi major Nyamali ndi Col Mchungula . Umuuze mnyamata wakoyo azitseka pakamwa poti chilichonse usanapange ife timakhala titamva kale kuti umapanga zomwe iye akufuna poti anakuika pa udindo ndi iyeyo kukunenelera kwa Saulosi kuti ndiwe wanzeru mtsilikali weniweni mpalanya pomwe ndiwe galu , a total faillier. Ukamatuluka magalimoto ako onse akhala atachita ngozi. Tikukusunga kuti uzimva kuwawa .

  51. golo says:

    I see nothing wrong if it is for equipping police personnel with specialized skills. Why do we always politicize everything. The number is also too small to be significant.

  52. Bwana President Take this issue with seriousness what happened during Kamuzu time it started pan’gono pan’gono we don,t want anther operation BWEZANI kozani msanga we want free Malawi

  53. Team Tactics says:

    Zopusa basi iwe kamatactic Maulana ngatizakunyasa osangosiya ntchito, watuma anyamata ako kuti awonongese dzina la boma kufuna kubweletsa chisokonezo mdziko muno kuti atumize memo ku nyasatimes. manyi ako ngati ukuganiza kuti Saulosi azatenga boma walemba mmadzi. After all you are the worst commander MDF has ever had, Pretender wolamulidwa ndi major Nyamali and col Mchungula. ukulimbana ndi training osalimbana ndi kubweletsa discpline kuti asilikali achite bwino training.

  54. crymalawi says:

    That is Deputy DF Commander Supuni Phiri, not Maulana.

  55. crymalawi says:

    This should not be allowed at any cost.

    APM with Chaponda are trying to create a PARAmilitary wing to intimidate the civilians in elections and also destroy the defence force rank and file.

    Akalowa amenewa anthu wambanso tiyamba ma commando training camps athu tizathane nawo.

  56. Bennett Phiri says:

    Kodi a Maulana udidotu umatha dot be over excited 2019 another govt will come and you will go.be observant

  57. Christopher says:

    That is completely wrong, the police and Army they hate each other, endup it will cause a problem in our malawi,

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