Police recover stolen Malawi Minister vehicle in Mozambique

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa’s official Toyota Prado TX vehicle which was stolen in Blantyre has been recovered in Mozambique.

Manjolo: We got it

Manjolo: We got it

National Police spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo confirmed the recovery of the vehicle.

She after the theft Police informed their Mozambican counterparts in neighbouring countries to help them in the search of the vehicle.

Manjolo said Mozambican Police communicated to their Malawian counterparts that they had spotted the vehicle mid February.

“Our Mozambican counterparts started tracing the vehicle until they found it abandoned at some location. Our Police officers together with officers from the Ministry of Information went to Mozambique to recover the vehicle and it is now in the country,” Manjolo said.

Police arrested drivers for Nankhumwa and his Principal Secretary in connection with the theft.

The drivers have been released on bail.

Last week Police also recovered a vehicle belonging to Football Association of Malawi Vice-President Pikao Ngalamila with the help of their Mozambican counterparts.

The four-ton-vehicle was stolen by people who hired it from Lilongwe Dedza.

The vehicle was also found in Villa Ulongwe, Mozambique abandoned.

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17 thoughts on “Police recover stolen Malawi Minister vehicle in Mozambique”

  1. short wamtali says:

    ….and his personal assistant not “principal secretary”. Koma nkhanizi mukalemba mumatcheka musanaponye?

  2. mmisili wa chizungu says:


  3. Vavlov says:

    It appears only vehicles of prominent people are recovered. So does this mean the Malawi police only care about the so called important people? Tell us about ordinary people’s vehicles being recovered; probably none. Would this be surprising if none of the ordinary people’s vehicles were recovered? I guess not. We all know about Malawi police’s incompetence. They either participate in stealing or they are outright incompetent to follow up on these thefts. Malawi police are generally a hopeless bunch of thieves, and incompetent law enforcers.

  4. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    Nankhumwa was also suppose to be arrested may be he sent those robbers kkkkk

  5. Denkhule says:

    So what will happen to the two poor drivers? Will they continue with their duties or they will be still be answering the case now that the vehicles have been recovered. Otherwise they need to be compesated as well for unlawful arrest.

  6. Nyikwi says:

    Nyasatimes, National Police Headquarters has a new spokesperson. He is Davie Chingwalu. Am surprised Manjolo is being attributed as Police Spokesperson when she is Ntchisi Police Officer In Charge, abale, some of these basic information tamapangani investigate. Are you sure your reporter got the interview from Manjolo?

  7. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Can we have Nankhumwa arrested for sending his driver to sell government vehicle. These tricks were also done by JB.

    Nankhumwa is not a trustworthy person, he always tells lies and bear false witness.

  8. musisipala says:

    Thanks the vehicle is recovered but why detain the driver when he was authorised to take the car to theft prone area(Lunzu)?. Which is more valuable a person and the car?. If the driver was shot dead, what would you have done?. This is colonial mentality by our stil police force not service

  9. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    This, of course should be done after taking the keys from the drivers

  10. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    My advice to the people who man our road blocks is to stop, inspect and search all vehicles, that is including government and civilian. At the same time demanding identities and contacting the government by giving them the number plate and name of the driver and the minister whom they chauffer drive before letting the cars pass the road block. This then calls for more officers at the road blocks to ease traffic jam

  11. ujeni says:

    Southern Region is in Mozambique, the police should work hand in hand with their fellow police personel in Mozambique.

  12. Benjamin tetiwa says:

    Wel done

  13. Thyolo says:

    Why aresting poor drivers?Nankhumwa amakagona ku mt. soche hotel,poor driver wake wamuuza kuti akagone ku lunzu,shame poorest country,ministers & everything.

  14. moya says:

    It seems Mozambique police is effective, if it was the other way round that its our police to recover the vehicles here on behalf of Mozambique that could have been unconcluded cases. Poorest country and poorest police

    1. Shamiso says:

      No wonder Kasambara questioned the Police if they ever knew kuti galimoto ya Mpwiyo ili pa Interpol wanted list. The Big fish have got alot of stolen vehicles from somewhere but our greedy Police & MRA do nothing to help there neighbors. Shame! Big up MZ though we hear kuti ndinu akhanza to our track drivers.

  15. Mvalamimba says:

    Both vehicle were found abandoned, intact in running condition!!!!!!!!!!!!? I suppose there were chases and the thieves abandoned them after they run out of fuel otherwise the abandonments are suspicious.
    All the same I thank both MW Police and MQe Police for their relentless efforts.

  16. MBC says:

    Abandoned? I suspect that stolen vehicles are always known there where bout by the countries Interpol police. People driving stolen vehicles are notified when Interpol are planning their operations. They have the data for all those driving stolen cars in the country and it becomes very easy to trace a vehicle if the so wish.

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