Political analyst Thindwa says President’s health ‘sensitive issue’ as Malawi’s Mutharika hold news conference on Friday

Chancellor College political scientist Ernest Thindwa has clarified that he  did not raise the “sensitive” subject of whether President Peter Mutharika was still fit to rule after latest rumours of his health since he returned from US last Sunday with part of his right side seemingly paralyzed.

Mutharika:Faces the journalists on fRIDAY

Mutharika:Faces the journalists on fRIDAY

Thindwa said he was quoted out of context by  saying the President should resign, or step aside due to poor health.

The University of Malawi political analyst told Nyasa Times that he did not  suggest that the President should resign or step aside.

He said: “The President’s health is a sensitive issue and I can not claim to know the president’s health as am not and has never been close to the president. It is there for not  in my competence to comment on anything regarding the state president’s health.”
Mutharika returned home after an extended stay in the United States following the United Nations General Assembly.  His  prolonged absence was shrouded in secrecy, prompting rumors he was hospitalized and perhaps even had died.

However, his arrival Sunday sparked more speculations as he was using his left hand only and did not to speak to journalists at the airport.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani  said Mutharika will on Friday 21st October 2016 hold a news conference aimed at explaining to the nation about his recent trip to the United States.

Mutharika is also expected to answer all questions concerning burning issues bothering Malawians through journalists.

According to a statement released by the state house press office Kalilani said the new conference will be held at the Kamuzu Palace starting from 2:00pm.

Kalirani told local radio that Mutharika’s use of only his left hand is not a concern.

“There is nothing serious about it. And what is important is that the president is in the country. Malawians wanted the president to come. And some people expressed anxiety about where the president was and about his state of health,” said Kalilani.

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13 thoughts on “Political analyst Thindwa says President’s health ‘sensitive issue’ as Malawi’s Mutharika hold news conference on Friday”

  1. Kanchenga says:

    Are you trying to kill the President. What kind of foolishness is this. The president was in America. While there he fell sick and stayed on to receive medication. You fools did not do your job and exposed our president to ridicule. God allowed him to return home and instead of allowing him to recuperate in peace you want to parade him around like a toy baby. The President had a father and a mother they all passed on his brother passed on while he was president. What makes you think that he is omnipotent. Seriously does DPP think that all Malawians are stupid. Regardless of what you do now All Malawians know that their leader is not in the best of his healthy and that he needs time to recover. You foolish people he has around him have nothing to prove. We don’t trust you. It is unfortunate that even his relative don’t seem to know that the president should be allowed to rest and it is in their power to say please allow our relative to rest at least for a while before he can start handling public functions let alone exposing him to journalist if you call those MBC general workers journalist.

  2. Gogodasi says:

    The headline of the story is badly crafted. Are you sure Mutharika is holding the news conference or he plans to hold a news conference? What if he doesn’t? As a journalist you need to put your ears on the ground and write a story consciously by not giving the public a definite picture that is something is going to happen taking into account that he failed to address the nation on arrival from the US and failed to preside over the launch of IDs and no good reasons were given. You should know that there is so much politics going on now and this calls for a journalist to be very analytical.

  3. santana says:

    This is the chance for pro-opposition journalists to ask the president why he has come alive when the whole country wished him dead for easy ride of the opposition to power in 2019.

  4. angoni says:


  5. Munkoyo says:

    There is something wrong with his hand. It shows he is sick. What are you trying to hide? The truth will be known very soon. You cannot hide for too long

    1. Chidyamakanda says:

      Today is Friday. You have seen the president with journalist. What truth have you found out? Stupid.

  6. Msamaliya Ine says:

    My simple biology taught me that the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain and the vice versa is true. So if one side of the body gets paralysed it means that the opposite side of the brain is affected .Most likely cause could be a Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) also called stroke . Guys awa samakhala matenda osewera nawo! Part of the treatment imayenera kukhala physiotherapy basi. Zomwe akunena a Mgeme apapa sindikugwirizana nazo.

    1. Abeat Minthu says:

      I have worked in hospital for 34 years in Europe I know he the president must have a stroke either under operation or he got it by stress and BP. Dont forget he is old and he drinks. He has not been well for sometime. When he failled it was a sign that he is not well. Malawian wait for tomorrow. Chilima should take over. For the first time Young intelligent not corrupted old men. NO old political background. He can run the nation like he built airtel. All donors will come back. If Chaponda or those old gurus Malawian and Malawi will be The. Same.

      1. Chidyamakanda says:

        Today is Friday. You have seen the president with journalist. You have seen him waving both arms vigorously and walking majestically, swinging both arms alternately well. What truth have you found out now with all your useless 34 year bad experience? I am happy you have not been practicing medicine here in Malawi with such gross misdiagnosis. Why should it matter to me that you have worked for 34 yrs in EU hospital? Are we to feel intimidated because of that? Certainly NO! Look how mistaken and unethical you have been found on this. Please remain in Europe we don’t need such calibre of doctors.

    2. Chidyamakanda says:

      Today is Friday. You have seen the president with journalist. You have seen him waving both arms vigorously and walking majestically, swinging both arms alternately well. What truth have you found out now with all your stupid biology? How may points did you score in biology at MSCE?

  7. Central says:

    Why should he stay home?
    General practitioners usually suggest that sick people (sincerely by failing to use one hand, I sincerely consider him sick) should stay home and spend days in bed because while one is battling with one infection, his immune system is busy and he is susceptible to other contagions. My fellow Malawians, getting other contagions is suicidal to a sick person when he is mobile because it becomes too hard for the body to fight a two-front war. My point is that its good never to overtax the body system so the patient can focus his strength to fight the good fight.

    Please let us appreciate that whether in bed or lounging around at home, it’s important for a sick person to limit mobility as much as possible so the body can fight the prevailing infection. Our sick people need to know that exercise, which goes together with mobility or any form of high-intensity activity, is the enemy.

    It is a common myth, some patients think that they can ‘sweat it out’ at the gym, but take this, when the body is fighting infection, it needs rest, not exercise, and I am sure Dr Ntaba, as a doctor can agree with me. Please take this, when a patient exercises, or does unnecessary body movements he raises his body temperature, and plenty of the disease organisms replicate at a faster rate when the body gets hotter.

    DPP gurus, (who I strongly believe are the ones forcing APM to prove his rivals wrong by continuing with work) need to know that during exercise, the body also releases stress hormones, including cortisol, which can negatively affect the function of the white blood cells that help with immunity. And that’s why going to work (like the Friday planned press conference) is a bad idea. People who are under a tremendous amount of stress can’t attack a disease as well. Sincerely, I for one once again strongly believe that the President’s failure to raise his right hand was enough info that something is wrong with him.

    One other reason (I for one strongly feels) ‘bed rest’ is no option is because when anyone who is sick lies down, the blood flow doesn’t have to work against gravity. And any position where a patient is calm and inactive is fine. My repeatedly mentioning of bed rest, that could mean reclining in an overstuffed chair, and not necessarily the actual bed.

    DPP gurus, do you know that sitting upright to a a patient can make him dizzy or lightheaded, and can result in nausea, feeling worse or even falling over? Do we want such scenarios! Who do we want to challenge! Can we challenge diseases? Do we know that when a person has fever, for instance he easily perspires and gives off too much energy and that makes him easily to get dehydrated?

    Dr Ntaba (as doctor) knows that if a person is out of commission for two weeks (the case of our President), it usually takes six weeks to truly get back to his baseline level of energy. Has six weeks elapsed?

    Why can’t we allow the President to get back to health by encouraging him to minimize exposure, staying nutritionally well-balanced and hydrated, and not exacerbating the illness by attempting to maintain normal activity? Sincerely, the above can be achieved quickly by staying home and doing very little.

    I for one knows that it doesn’t matter, whatever the organism that is causing the infection—bacterial, viral, fungal etc—it does demand energy from the patient’s body. Bed rest therefore means a range of things!! This is why some of us really wanted our President to rest and to stay away from other people!!

    Why forcing each other? What is our motive? If something nasty such as falling over because of what I have said above, happens who should Malawians blame? Do we lose anything if the ID project launch is deferred? I am failing to comprehend the reasons for this move, considering the chain of doctors within the corridors of power! Ndale za ma Malawi sizikonda munthu ndipo zilibe chilungamo! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. Kabwila mpati says:

    In your capacity as analyst- there is zero contribution in terms of what you have researched or written that is worth pointing at as contribution to Malawi politics! You are at best a theorist trying to apply your classroom theories and the copy and paste strategies which have never worked for Malawi! So you mean Nyasatimes, Daily Times misquoted you!You are a shame and if I were one of your students I will stop attending classes becoz you rush to comment on things that are not in your domain and look now you have been caught with your Thindwa down! Its simple pure malice and hatred of the current government that clouds your judgment and honestly not fit to teach and motivate students unless they are also brainwashed. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr “political analyst”- you should be ashamed

  9. Mpate ya Eneya says:

    Other countries knew what their president discussed with oters a month ago. No wonder we are still behind even development wise because information is imparted to citizens after long time. We still live in dark ages of information blackout anzathu information ali nayo kale inawapeza nsanga using technology.

    Muwakumbutse a president kuti padutsa mwezi ndiye information inkafunika mwezi watha. Panopa angotiuza kuti zau Yo! akupangazi zomaperekera moni kumanzere nzomwe akaphunzira ku America? Munthu mkulu kulu kumalimbana ndi zachimwana basi!

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