Political expert tells Malawi President Mutharika to step aside on health grounds

A political expert has told President Peter Mutharika to step aside as he cannot work without his right hand.

Thindwa: We need checks

Thindwa: Let APM step aside

Mutharika alighted from a chartered jet, waving his left hand in contrast to the double hand energetic waving he is known for.

Political scientist Ernest Thindwa said the president is not enjoying good health.

“The government needs to take him to hospital. Meanwhile, he should step aside and let the vice president take over. He can come back after he is well,” Thindwa said.

He said the president’s job involves signing documents.

Mutharika greeted cabinet ministers, the vice president Saulos Chilima and others using the left hand. His right hand remained immobile and had to be helped by a security aide to get into his official vehicle.

First Lady wore a sombre mood and the president’s list of those to welcome him with a handshake was drastically reduced.

Board chairman of Centre for the Development of People Macdonald Sembereka said the government should come out to say whether the president signed the documents in the appointed of the four High Court judges and Jane Ansah as Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson.

“These documents are supposed to be signed by the president only but the way he looked it seems he could not sign the documents,” he said.

Information minister Malison Ndau said he was in South Africa and did not see the president whilst presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani was vague on the matter.

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Mama Cindie

Koma Malawi timawonjeza kunali kulira APM wasowa ! Azibwerako munthu wabwera mwapeza zifulwa zina. Ayi mkono watere sibwino choncho inetu akumdivetsa . Kodi mutakhala inuyo kuti munthu azikunenani kuti mufa mungave bwanji? TIYENI TIKONDANE. WE SHOULD LOVE EACH OTHERR. AND STOP GOSSPING ABOUT THE PRESIDENT. MAMA GETRUDE pitilizano kugwira ntchito yabwino yomwe mwaimba kale komaso kupephera will keep you in prayers.

Komatu timkanena adathirira msiizi. Anthu ndiye malangizo akupereka koma a Malawi kusamva nd kuuma mitu. Munthu yekha amadziwa ndipo akudziwa kuti akudwala ndi kupempha kuntchito kupita kukapuma kunyumba. Achipatala apereka bwanji bed rest ngati munthu akubisa matenda? Bisani matendawo koma zikavuta Dovido Phiri akwezedwanso ndege kupita ku RSA for treatment yonamizira pomwe asakusowanso treatment. AMalawi simungawanamizetu moti Akweni Kaliati analephera kale. Lawakulira mbwiiyewa ndi dyera saafuna kunena chilungamo. Kudwala is normal and aliyense amadwala nanga chobisira ndi chiyani?. Kugwa anagwa kobzala mitengo was a sign of ill health. Let the man rest and convalescent in peace. Nanga ngati ali bwino,… Read more »
Msamaliya Ine

Agree with you boss

HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?
HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?

I dont blame the minister or any guy, because the president has a choice to greet people with left hand or right hand, whether to talk or not to talk, it is his choice. So do not be stupid.


greedy ppo surrounding the president are the ones causing all these jim and jack games, change ur attitude learn to work with ur own hands for ur survival.


November 2011 zinayambaso chonchi. atapita ku msonkhano tinangoona ziiii munthu sakubwera iye atafunsidwa anayankha kuti amayenera kukhala ndi 30 days holiday ndiye anali ku holiday. mwai iye anabwelako nzake zonse zooneka zikugwira tchito.. lero uyu mumati akukumana ndi anthu ofunika after msonkhano koma akukabwerako nzanja lisakugwila tchito . lets learn to say the truth and pray for each other. mutanenatu bwinobwino kuti munthu wadwala anthu amuikiza mu pemphero koma mukubisa why? mumuziweni yesu anthu a DPP. Get well soon mr president

happy magwaza

Lets accepct the fact tht our president is unwell other than politicisizing his illness i think thus not normal.

Death Peoples Party (DPP)
Death Peoples Party (DPP)

In the early hours of this morning, the king of Wu was flown back to the USA for further medical treatment.

The king of Wu was transported to the airport in a civilian ambulance which was accompanied by two other civilian ambulances.

He then boarded the air ambulance that was kept waiting for him since yesterday.

It is not not immediately known when he’ll be back.

These are just facts. If anyone disputes this, let him or her produce the King tomorrow for all to see. I will eat my words and apologise.

Copied from Z Allan Ntata


Who cares? Whether they are facts or not do you think they matter? Do you think the govt will always be forced to parade the president every time a jim and jack make an allegation? Just go back to work and waste time no more.


Let’s be serious Malawians. You question why mutharikass health was not reported yet you say he should step aside. Are you normal. You have been saying you are praying for him isn’t this hipocracy at its best
You are idiots with uncivilized politics. You treat the President like a child.To he’ll you go
Please stop this no sense.Thindwa you can’t do this with your grandparents.
What goes around comes around.Your photo you don’t look he’s Stop my friend dont be used as a condom

@ Bwalero, I for one strongly supports the idea of us all Malawians knowing the exact health status of the President not for political reasons but for the good of the President himself. Seriously, our quest is not a matter about what illnesses he is suffering from just because we want to make a ridicule but to appreciate the endurance he is going through, and the demands he going through to prepare his body through to endure a lot of stress that accompany the act of leading a nation. While you (Bwalero) might not like it, some of us believe… Read more »

This is no sense. Ism glad you were not told of his sickness you would have declared him dead. Why should he step aside. Has he told you that he can’t do the work. I see all this Saga is politically motivated Kamuzu nobody could have dared to say like that. He used to go on private trip nobody knew what he was going for.
Chakwera please don’t mislead us it’s too early for you and you will never get the presidency
Bravo Peter we are praying for you
Shaa Malawi Moana kmukankhila munthu kumanda
That’s dirty politics


choka iwe kadeti siudati ulira mokwezadi mbuyako akatsikira kulichete pompano

Jelbin mk

This confirms what once Ntata said that the president is nothing but a purppet coz it is now clear that he did not sign the documments rather someone did sign on his behalf.

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