Political parties pay tribute to Helen Singh

Tributes have been paid by Malawi political parties  following the death of  Helen Singh, the president of United Independence Party (UIP) under which she contested for the presidential seat in 2014 tripartite elections.

Singh: No more

Singh and former president Joyce Banda were the only female candidates to contest in that election.

UIP spokesperson Asante Masanche said: “We are so proud of her devotion to helping others as she sought to change the nation for the better.”
Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said Singh, who twice contested for a Parliamentary seat in Ntcheu Bwanje Constituency, gave people hope of a new society, a new fair and equal society.

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman Francis Kasaila said Singh made “huge contribution” to the country would be “greatly missed”.

Kasaila noted that Singh and her late husband owned SS Rent-A-Car and other businesses.

She also owned a popular Worship Centre in the city of Blantyre where people from different denominations gather and pray every lunch hour and weekends.

“She had her own democratic principles from which we learned some things we we argued,” he said.

United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesman Ken Ndanga said the party is saddened by the untimely death of Abusa Hellen Singh.

“Although  we  differed  on  political  ideology  we all  sung the  same  song of making Malawi a better  place  to leave.

“She  was  a role model  who  demonstrated that  political  leadership  is not only a men’s  job when he contested  as presidential  candidate  represent  United Independence  Party during the 2014 general elections.,” Ndanga said.

People’s Party has also paid tribute to Sing’s contribution.

New Labour Party president Sam Mpasu said: “She was unique among our women. She was not shy in taking leadership roles.”

PPM president Mark Katsonga Phiri said: “Singh contributed substantially. She was visionary not just ordinary woman.”

Singh, who passed away Sunday morning at Blantyre Adventist Hospital, was 65 and leaves behind three children and grandchildren.

According to Masanche, her body will be taken for cremation on Tuesday at Limbe Cremation Centre.

The vigil is being held at her residence in Mandala.

Viewing of her body  would be at Comesa Hal in Blantyre. on Tuesday from 9am.

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  2. pathfinder says:

    kkkkkkkkk winston msowoya, you are a bitter man and trouble maker. every time i read your comments i find you a very violent man. Yes not all Tumbukas are bad but you my brother, you are one hell of shit. Get a grip buddy find something else better to do than trying to pick a fight with other tribes. Stop winning about tumbukas this and that like you’re some kind of victims. Inu ndi aja mumadandaula moyo wanu wonse kuti mukubvutika’ chifukwa ndi wamasiye chikhalirenicho muli ndi zaka 50, mmalo mopita kukafunsira ntchito eti? if i ever hear you comment shit about central or southerners, especially the great LOMWES, i’ll hunt you myself and kill you with my bare hands.

  3. Julius Phiri says:

    Bad news to hear the death of Singh.As a cremation is bad.No bible verse about it.Singh being a Pastor has not set a good example to Christianity

    1. Davies Kadango says:

      Not an issue at all how about th pop sent that fie in airplane crash ,ship sinking fire burning etc

  4. mzee says:

    my her soul rest in peace

  5. winston msowoya says:

    While Rose Chiwambo’s death was treated by the nations’ Political Parties with low enthusiasm and patriotic emptiness,iam extremely perplexed that Helen Singh has been put on spot light with tremendous National praise by all 4 National Parties led by the leaders of the two Provinces. Rose deserved morethan that because she dedicated all her life for the freedom of our country which led her to imprisonment by the colonial administration where she delivered her baby.Then,where was Helen Singh? What political impact she demonstrated in the independence struggle that Rose lacked? No wonders,Rose comes from the HINYA CLAN in the north and no matter what the people of the North do to the Nation,it is not appreciated especially under the administrations of the two satanic Muthalikas.However,you can destroy an effigy but you can not erase history.Northerners are Malawians and as such,they deserve equal rights with the other Malawians.How about that? However,Helen’s spilits be in peace. AMEN!!!!

  6. Tipemphere: Ambuye mwapatse anthu akufa Chiusiro chosatha ndipo kuyera kosatha kuwalitse maso awo, Ause ndi mtendere. Amen.

  7. stuart says:

    may Her Soul Rest In Peace

  8. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    Boma lake liti mkulu????? mabvuto okhaokha

  9. Ishmael Maulana says:

    Cremation is forbidden to human bodies

    1. John Smoth says:

      Cremation is forbidden for Muslims only. More and more Christians are opting for
      cremation and is a must for Hindus, Sikhs, Budhists and many other countries in South East Asia


    Chabwino tamva za malirowo koma ku mbali ya boma ngati tamva chilichonse, bwanji? Analabe naye ntchito kapena?

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