Political scientist faults Mutharika for declaring to run again

Political science lecturer at the Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi Dr Mustafa Hussein has faulted President Peter Mutharika for publicly declaring that he will stand again and represent his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in May 2019 general elections.

Mutharika addressing a DPP  political rally in Thyolo

Mutharika addressing a DPP political rally in Thyolo

Mutharika made the revelation when he conducted a rally in Thyolo district on Monday and predicted landslide victory in the elections

President Mutharika claimed that some opposition leaders are “very bitter” that they lost elections and that they will continue with their grumpy faces in a decade as he is set to be in power up to 2021.

“Did you see them on TV, their grumpy faces and in 2019 they will be more than bitter than now because I will defeat them again thoroughly in the election,” said Mutharika at Thyolo Community Ground which is his home district where he addressed a political rally which was beamed on tax-funded MBC television.

He urged DPP followers to strengthen their party so that “for the next 30 to 40 years the DPP should rule this country.”

.Commenting on the President’s remarks, Hussein described Mutharika’s sentiments as “undemocratic”.

But Mutharika said DPP is the only party while others are briefcase parties.

“The t leaders have nothing to offer and you have seen some people are deserting their parties in opposition, so they will remain in opposition forever unless they join us to fight for the future of this country”, said Mutharika.

He then claimed that his government is delivering promises made during last campaign prior to elections.

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43 thoughts on “Political scientist faults Mutharika for declaring to run again”

  1. dee kay says:

    Mpuno ngati belu la kachisi

  2. Mtoloboy says:

    Yes skip the email and name

  3. Mtoloboy says:

    Musamvutike naye ameneyo tione mmene afikire komwe akutchulako

  4. Namandwa says:

    Zavotere anyamata akowo ife timavotera mvundo ndi madolo opititsa dziko lathu patsogolo, mikhula ng’ona yachitukuko, yosapangira nsanje makampani achimalawi

  5. Ngongoliwa says:


  6. UNIMA TRIVIA says:

    Afiti, athakati, anthu amphamvu za kumidima inu a opposition mzeru zakutherani tsopano mwayamba yanu ija yotemberera munamukomola nayo Bingu ija, mpakana mavesi a m’Baibulo zomwezi, zandale zomwezi mpaka kumamudulira mzanu malire ayi Mulungu akudalitseni ndipo umbanda wanu ulendo uno ukutsamwireni nokha. Kodi iwe Hussein ndiwedi kadaulo weniweni koma? Why not giving us the true reasons why APM is on the wrong side of the law by showing interest that he will stand again in 2019? Before giving your opinion as the UNIMA political expert, did you come up with your thorough conclusions to why APM said such remarks? What has triggered him to come up with such remarks? I think APM was trying to respond to those who are forcing him to resign as the state president, and he was trying to challenge them that even in 2019 when he stands he will beat them outright. Kodi inu mumafuna muzingonena anzanu iwo asamayankhe? Inuyo kutani? Are you invincible or supernatural? Sumunati mukhala mukulira. Apa ndiye zikuonekeratu kuti mukuopa APM not DPP as such: Don’t you make future plans because you don’t know tomorrow? Inudi ndiye zikuonekeratu kuti palibe chomwe mudzachite chifukwa mudzizadyeratu kuopa kuti mwina mawa simufika. Those who plan for tomorrow even if they will not live are visionary because they know our generation will keep on going until the day of our Lord. Does it mean we need to remain docile so that future generations will suffer because we are afraid of unpredictable tomorrows? JB nayenso analengeza zoti adzapikitsana nawo 2014 and 2019 did you comment on that Mr. UNIMA expert? Zomwe ndinamva kwa inu ndikungomulimbikitsa kuti malamulo sakumutsutsa chifukwa choti term yomwe anaitenga 2012 sinali yake and JB bulldozed the PP convention as she was endorsed unopposed in full view of you Mr. Hussein. Chonchi tikamati a UNIMA ndi mbola mudziti ndife anthu osokoneza. Kodi DPP ndi ana a Muthalika amakuphwekerani eti? Chimene ndikuona apa munthuyu ndi DPP mukuwaopa. Ndipo inu a kongelesi kugwiritsa ntchito baibulo ndi dzina la Mulungu malakwika like the Isil thugs musiye, mukuona ngati baibulo mumaliwerenga nokha? Ndipo mudziwe kuti oweruza wammwambamwambayo ulendo uno sakusiyani. Kaya ndiwe wa ku Thyolo kumenekonso a youth league aliko nkuona Chakwera anapezako 1127 votes ndikumapusisana kuti munaberedwa. Balirani ife ndiye tinalankhula 2014 yatsala 2019, Tidzaonana Mulungu akalola. Ngati pali mbava ndiye ndi Zakongeresi chifukwa zinkafuna ndipo zikufunabe kuti zibere chitsankho; Kodi kummwera paja munapeza mavoti angati alimi ang’ona inu, anamakadi- odulitsa kadi mwana asanabadwe mbava zeninzeni, zotolera ndalama nthawi yansokhano, mbambadi kummwera kuno palibe munthu wanzeru zake angakuvotereni nchito yoipitsa inu anagwira kale a chair, lyo lyo lyo!

  7. Kavuluvulu says:

    Akagwere uko kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  8. Wizeman Paul says:

    TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lhomwe Belt says:

    Usawi chichi?

  10. Commando says:

    Barabas unleashed!

  11. Chewelesine says:

    Chitsulo Cha poto wa Encore products..mbuzi….Mathanyula basi!

  12. chefourpence says:

    all this is DPPphobia!

  13. Mhesha says:

    Shaaaaa my UNIMA, still wasting time and the scarce resources on TRIVIA???!

  14. kenkkk says:

    They know how to win dishonestly and that is why they are very confident to win again in 2019 and 2024. Whether we and apm will be there is another matter only known by God.

  15. Dick likovo says:

    APM is my tribeman yes,but i cannot torelate nonses.If he is given to day he is not promised tomorrow.So he must live his everyday life as if it was his last one.

  16. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    So Malawi is so fortunate as have a president who knows with certainty that he will be alive in 2019 and beyond? He even knows that he will depart in 2021? (Otherwise why did he not predict that he will rule up to 2024, which will be the next election year after 2019?) My free advice to you Mr. President is this; if your Bible has James 4 vs13 – 16, read it. I know you have a Bible. Or don’t you?

  17. loscosoko says:

    The lecture has said nothing here to fault the President .It is the reporter of nyasatimes who is always against the Head of state.My fellow readers, follow each and every story nyasa times write about APM and u will agree with me.

  18. John Tomoka says:

    Donot talk of tomorrow first thank GOD of today because today we may flower tomorrow wilt then what have achieved with mindless

  19. Chims says:

    APM is nothing but a blainless chicken indeed.

  20. Munthuwamba says:

    Okay let me put it in simple terms so that you can understand Dr. Hussein’s argument. The reason Hussein is blaming the President is because he (the president) has not yet been voted for at a convention as a torch bearer for the party for 2019. Additionally, by declaring that he will stand in 2019 it is like the party that goes to town for being democratic is undemocratic and wants to suppress anyone who would dare to challenge the incumbent at a convention. That is all Dr. Mustapha Hussein is saying. Maybe the best approach would have been: “I will stand in 2019 if the people (meaning DPP supporters and National Executive) endorse me as their torch bearer at a convention.” That is how as an ordinary person I see it.

  21. nana says:

    2019 is very far because god is the only one who gives us our air Mr president mulungu ndiye mwini moyo musayambe mwano lero

  22. Senisigo says:

    Where is the VP at this rally?

  23. Libi says:

    check with kadya Kalista first if it will be possible

  24. Chidzukulu Chakwitusya says:

    This old man will rule Malawi with no single neeth in his mouth…. Kkkkkkk this party will not win pole are already tired of him …..God will not allow the death of innocent people to continue……the bloody party will be finished………….. Ana Amulungu sangakhale akulira masiku one amoyo wawo…..mabalala…

  25. Achimtedza says:

    PLEASE could someone tell this Old Man that our Republican Constitution says only Candidates who are 35 to 75 years are eligible to contest for Presidency….. The man is old finish…..

  26. kanyimbi says:

    People will vote depending on how the government will deliver. If it delivers good. But if it fails then DPP will be shown an exit door in 2019. So the best move is to stop saying that DPP will win and focus on delivering. Mr President, an empty pail makes a lot of noise. wake up.

  27. haga says:

    all i see is stupidity in these so called political comentators,if you have nothing to say u better keep quite.we know that your still alive if this is the only way to let people that your alive.why you did not critisize Salanje when we he said he is ruling malawi in 2030?can you please concentrate on what the president told you at the fundraising dinner

  28. malawian says:

    kkkkk Muntharika ali ndi Game in hand. kkkkkkkk akafunse wanders.

  29. geo stream says:

    WHERE was Hussein when Chakwera declared he will stand in 2019? In fact MCP made that clear only a few months after losing the election in 2014.

  30. Keyboard Speaker says:

    Though I don’t echoe APM’s declarelation to vie for 2019 presidency, Dr. Mustafa u have not given us the facts for faulting him doing so and you can not argue in that manner unless for personal enemity.

  31. Matchonisa says:

    DPP is a party of Doom, Club of thieves. Tiona ngati mungafike 2019 ndi udictator wanuwo, otherwise start building your Mpumulo wa Bata with the money you have stolen from Malawians.

  32. mustafa says:

    Thus typical of Malawian lectures instead of dealing with issued that will affect the lives of masses of pipo in this country, its his wish to contest and declear his position or they are afraid of him standing again woyee DPP TWENTY TWENTY FOUR Peter woooo

  33. natie says:

    The month r stil young lets wait nd c in 2019..mr president osamanwelengela mandanda nkhuku isanaswe..

  34. Stanley says:

    Grumpy faces…hahahaha

  35. Mtochi says:

    MCP 2019 boma

  36. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    But is there anything wrong to express an intent yo run again? We know they will have a convention to elect leaders and we shall ve an election if he will not be wanted he won’t tun again and our chakwera will take over l beg to differ with the so called political a analyst

  37. Lil'Malawi says:

    What’s strange about it? It’s not against the constitution for him to run for office again regardless of anything. And there’s no legal barriers that stop anyone from saying they want to run for office at anytime into their term.

  38. Likoma Economist says:

    I will say this again, although it is water under the bridge: how did we let APM, who was accused of Treason, even to campaign for the highest position of the land? Similary, how cud we allowa Mr Lutepo, also accussed of theft, campaign for MP in his home district, Kasungu?

  39. Dr Mbewe says:

    You know dpp is a party if thieves and surrogates. But I sn quite sure thief peter will never win the next election. Pipo of Malawi have already seen his darker side. Idiot

  40. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Mr Ibu mmmmmhhhhhh tsankho, ukula mtima, kupha and kuba zonse ziri mwa inu and your party. Dont talk of 2019 now the journey is still on. Anthu mukumaphawa mizimu yawo tu sikulolani kufika konse mukunenako. Daniel Phiri akukudikilani. Just start building your mausoleum. Unalonga paine

  41. Eye Witness says:

    The Lomwes have lost it. As Southerners nepotism and tribalism is infested in the Lomwes. We southerners will never vote for such a tribe again. Mwatidywtsa galu Alomwe inu!!!!

  42. far says:

    This leave a lot to be desired. Though am not supporting the DPP but the lecture has not made any point to fault the president unless am failing to grasp the language. The DPP should hold conversion to select the party president

  43. captain says:

    Free and fair elections Peter will lose unless the Mbenderas and kenyattas must be there again. Kodi ma voti okupsa basi inatha?

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