Political scientists back PP rebel Mzomera: ‘But follow procedure to appoint interim leader’

Some political scientists in Malawi are backing Peoples Party (PP) ‘political rebel’ Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira whose defiant calls for Joyce Banda to step down following her prolonged stay abroad has greatly divided the party on regional lines.

Mzomera Ngwira: PP rebel

Mzomera Ngwira: PP rebel

The vibrant party governor for the north, who has since been reinstated after he was fired, caused another storm in the former ruling party over the weekend when he said he would deal with anyone who opposed his move to have former vice president Khumbo Kachale replace Banda as leader of the now troubled party.

This prompted party sympathisers of Banda to meet on Monday to strategise the way forward as Ngwira seems to be unrepentant and has become more vocal in his calls to have Banda step down as leader.

Joseph Chunga of Chancellor College said Ngwira was right to call for the immediate resignation of Banda.

“Ngwira has a good point but the process or procedure he is using is flawed. Some people fear he wants to turn the party into a regional party,” said Chunga.

He said the party should appoint a leader who should be as effective as Banda herself when it comes to party organisation.

“I agree with Mr Ngwira, the absence of their leader has left the party without direction,” he said.

Another political scientist Joseph Maere from Blantyre International University College said Ngwira’s calls should not be completely ignored by the party.

Maere, however, said the party constitution should be followed to the latter when choosing a successor to Banda.

He said the 2014 general election showed that PP has large following in the north therefore the party needs to consider that as well.

Kachale has not commented openly on the matter neither has he condemned Ngwira, an indication that Ngwira‘s actions has his full blessings.

Banda has blamed the government for her one year long stay in self imposed exile, saying they need to provide a residence, reinstate her security detail and give her monthly pension.

But minister of Information Jappie Mhango said the government is waiting for her return so that she could identify a residence of her choice as she had been turning down residences through her husband and sister, saying one house the government had already paid out a one year rental fee.

On security detail, Mhango said the government has given her seven police officers as provided for in the Republican Constitution.

Mhango said the government already gave Banda a K30million gratuity as retired head of state and vice president respectively but the government is waiting for her to fill and sign government forms to affect the monthly pension.


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Paka Bush

Apa pokha I can back Mzomera ngakhale ndi wofoyila zochitika zina..The party need a leader not a fugitive….


Kkkkk,a worn out party

Fathi Shehaab

Vhipsmivhi cha Jb snsyambiigda yekha mdiyilenim,inu hsmbani chanu z mxomdra nfi a kachale tiond ngsti mungadzapeze 5seats n2019,!remember we only nded 120mps not 193why?ee want yo reduce vost of politics and meanwhile vlaus chilima vp wa reforms should derioudly look inyo thid or lobby hard dtart with apm and CSO….

Mr cool

Cashgate dented image of this party. Mo over most of its followers were political prostites. One’s who are loyal are msonda and Mzomera. Kaya saona kuti chipanichi chatha kaya kkkkkk. Vision ……….


Bwanji osayamba chake chipani and coax people to join? The government hasn’t stopped new parties forming in Malawi

If a big man got an injuction against MBC for a performance appraisal that did not go his way, I would suggest the following: government should take a court injunction to force her to come home to identify a house of her choice (or is it joice?) and sign up the forms so that she should get her retirement benefits and start receiving her monthly retirement. By the way, she didnt retire, she was booted out by her employers, the Malawians for non performance. Another suggestion is that she should go to the court herself and get an injunction to… Read more »
john phiri

na dpp iwale kuti I zalowanso mboma. zipani zina zitha ngati makatani. pp !!!!! odi uko yanyamuka!!!!!!!!

Joyce Banda is no longer relevant and she is not adding any value whatsoever to the beleaguered peoples party so why the hell must she hold the party for ransom at gunpoint? There are relevant people who wants to keep the party alive and push Joyce Banda,s agenda in her stupid absence and one would think she would be grateful to the likes of the mzomeras who are busy taking the sick cow to the dip day in and day out after the owner abandoned it. Something is just naturally wrong with anthu akumwera…. They can’t think out side the… Read more »

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