Politicians, CSOs put pressure on Malawi police chief to fire naughty cops

Politicians and civil society groups in the country continue to put pressure on Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama to fire police officers seen in social media video clip slapping and insulting unarmed young girls.

Kachama: Urged to fire cops

Kachama: Urged to fire cops

The clip shows the three girls standing in fear when the violent police officers come and one of them slaps one of the girls and orders them to sit down.

Centre for Human Rights, Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) executive director Victor Mhango said Kachama must fire the police officers caught in the video clip to send a strong message to others.

He said the police officers are supposed to protect lives and property of people not harassing them.

“We have noted that there are thugs in the police masquarading as police officers. They feel the uniform is the licence to kill. DfID pumped in a lot of money for reforms but this was just a waste of the British tax payers money,” said Mhango.

He said it was disheartening that the police officers are beating tax payers who contribute to their monthly salary.

“Malawi is slowly becoming a police state. Malawi is a democracy and this must stop,” he said.

He said the police officers should be taken to court as individuals be told to pay compensation to the an unarmed young girls.

Peoples Party publicist Ken Msonda concurred with Mhango that the said police officers should face the axe.

“The police Inspector General should discipline these overzealous police officers,” Msonda said.

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8 thoughts on “Politicians, CSOs put pressure on Malawi police chief to fire naughty cops”

  1. Mario pei says:

    These are yobs kick their bottoms, thats where their brains are, stupid foolish students… That policeman should be recommended, wagwira ntchito yomwe makolonu inakukanikani, ana opanda mkhalidwe mxxiii

  2. stupidity behind top officials

  3. poly police says:

    I can assure u that police will not do that as has been the case with DPP. Arrogance characterises the party’s and its police way of doing things. As for me I am waiting with patience the voter registration time to obtain my card which will allow me to exercise my right to boot this party out of power. I made a mistake to vote for the them. I ask the nation to forgive me.

  4. mjiba says:

    Malawians we are becoming too stupid in our thinking. There was no grievious assault casued to the chanco students to warrant a Policeman dismissal. Internal disciplinary proceedings should be what these careless Policeman should face. The Policeman behaved badly and a dismissal is not the only way of punishing a Policeman in such circumstances, that was by all accounts a minor assault and the Police has better ways of handling these. leave it to them to investigate.


    I think we nee to reason before we talk, who started to be violent? students or police officers? now was it good for students to destroy property like burning tyres on the roads that are also tax payers money? a police officer also pays tax, hi relatives pays tax nde osati muziti akulandira misonkho ya a malawi no, Mwaiwala kuti ma student omwewa anachititsa dziko manyazi kulepheretsa mlendo kupita ku Machinga? Now if you can identify that cop name him. if the students were not violent the police wouldnt have been violent. They were damaging vehicles of innocent people, and my own relative had his car windscreen damaged zinthu zoti sizimakhuza nanga ikanakhala galimoto yanu mukanasekelera? police was protesting lives and property of innocent malawians from these notty and barbaric students and they never used guns, nde osamangowapanga blame a polisi also blame the students for their behaviour. Now for those that watch tv you will find that polisi yathu is better than british, america ,south africa mozambique and even zambia just to mention a few. Tiyeni tiyambe kusintha ndife a malawi then our police will change. Ine ndimaikonda polisi yathu ndipo i wish ndikanalowa this job

    1. George Thindwa says:

      Iwe uli mulonda wapolisi amene. Zankutu basi. Kodi munkathawilanji sukulu pa Window?

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I cannot fire the ministers based what you say = I cannot fire the police officers based on your pictures.

    Trust me.

    1. kkkkkk achimidzimidzi ndikutha kuona kuti nanu u cant fire them based on rumours kkkkk keep it up

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