Politicians unite to support girl child education under Chewa Heritage

Chewa Heritage Foundation on Thursday assembled top notch politicians and academicians in order to raise money for the girl child education at the function which took place at Lilongwe Hotel in the capital City Lilongwe.

Chewa Foundation function

Chewa Foundation function

CHEFO Chairman, Professor Kanyama Phiri, said Kalonga  Gawa Undi has commanded all Chewa chiefs and his people to send children to school especially the girl child.

“We as Chefo have been instructed by Mwini Kapandamalire Kalonga Gawa  Undi to spread message that we should send our children to school so we are here just to do that,. Kalonga himself has remain a good example since he has Masters Degree in engeering, himself has demonstrated that is why we are here tonight in order to drum up support on the call,” said Kanyama.

He said a girl child has been sidelined for long time than a boy.

During the function, the chair announced formation of the CHEFO Education wing will work to advance the Chewa education sector.

In his key note address,  former vice president  Justin Malewezi commended Chewas for coming and gracing the occasion.

Malewezi said education is very important for the development of any country.

He  urged Malawians to embrace farming by forming co-operatives.

“We can take farming as business by forming co-operatives,” said Malewezi.

Some of the Chewa People who were invited at the function as role models included; Malawi Congress Party president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Minister of Lands, Atupele Muluzi whose mother, Anne Muluzi,  comes from Nsinja in Lilongwe, Special advisor to the President on policy matters, Dr Hertherwick Ntaba, former speaker of Parliament Louis Chimango, gformer Deputy Minister Ulemu Chilapondwa and others.

During the function, Inkosi Mabilabo was also present while Senior Chief Lukwa represented Chewa chiefs.

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Education and skills training are the key. Send all children to school until they complete. Skills training in farming and agri business is necessary for a farming community which the Chewa are. Everyone needs good housing, teach them skills in home improvement and related business. Give your youths skills in areas they can utilize in their communities. Foundational matters include encouraging professionals in agriculture, health, education, and community services to come back from wherever they are and work in your own communities. Invest in your own communities. your own people! Charity begins at home. Mpandamalire walankhula. Zichitike!!!!
patriot 1

Achewa ndi anthu onvetsa chisoni heavy, thus why we will not again give chance to these saveges to rule malawi again, zimuwaweyo akakolope nanjiri, kkk

The Partriot
Am so happy that CHEFO is now becoming active, the Chewas are the largest ethnic group (32% of Malawiàns are Chewa) and one of the first tribes to inhabit Malawi. Please Chewas, organize yourselves just like akupangila ma tribes enawa. You can achieve alot if you can put your act together! You have the right structures on the ground to make it big. Its time for the sleeping giant to wake up and claim his rights. Go Chewas, you deserve better, if not the best. Malawi is looking up to you to lead the way. You did it for 31years… Read more »

The Chewas and the Ngonis lead by a good example in as far as cultural heritage groupings are concerned.


kkkkkkkk koma yes! if this was Alhomwe meeting then we would have had 1 million + comments. This hatred of other tribes and belittling them is what will not take this country any further.History tells us that the original inhabitants of this land were Akafula and therefore no-one should stand on top of Ngala or Bunda hills to proclaim that they are real Malawians.
We are one people save for greedy folks called politicians like this in that pic
Give us space about tribes Nyasa you wont succeed


Tiyeni nazo ochewa kumeneko ndiye kusonyeza kuti ndinudi eni dziko osati ena obwerawa chilankhulo chawo amachita kuchita nacho manyazi kulankhula pagulu. Chewa+Tumbuka = Malawi

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