Poly students advocate for clean environment: Mayor Chalamanda joins sweeping exercise

Business Communications students from the Malawi Polytechnic on Thursday conducted a sweeping exercise in Limbe Commercial Business District in response to the Keep Blantyre Clean initiative.

Poly students pse with Mayor Chalamanda during the sweeping exercise

Poly students pse with Mayor Chalamanda during the sweeping exercise

Sweeping exercise with the Mayor

Sweeping exercise with the Mayor

Mayor working ahead

Mayor working ahead

Mayor of Blantyre City Councillor Noel Chalamanda, wh joined the sweeping exercise together with Councillors Louis Ngalande of Misesa Ward and Nellie Nseula of Limbe Central Ward, said the students’ action was a true commitment to making the city clean.

Said Chalamanda: “This is the time when as residents of Blantyre, we should claim the city back. There is no need to point fingers on who is responsible for the damage we have caused to the environment, what we need is to act on the problem.”

He said the sweeping exercise should not be the last but the beginning of what he called a noble cause as the students have shown that even though they are busy with their studies, they are also concerned with the environment they are living in.

Patience Silungwe, the students’ representative, said they thought that as communicators, it was their duty to go out and tell people on the importance of living in a healthy environment hence the sweeping exercise.

“Our class decided to take part in the Keep Blantyre Clean and Green Campaign by engaging ourselves in a sweeping exercise which has happened today and we would like to advocate on how important cleaning the environment is,” said Silungwe.

Councillor Ngalande said the exercise will send a good signal to the public on why they should take care of the city.

“The gesture today fits well with the Keep Blantyre Clean and Green Initiative which the Mayor is advocating together with all of us as members of the Council. What you have done today is history since this is the first time in my Ward,” said Ngalande.

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17 thoughts on “Poly students advocate for clean environment: Mayor Chalamanda joins sweeping exercise”

  1. tiyo says:

    the lady in that first pic puting in white and black top mtrouser mwakemo mwadzadza chani?

  2. martin lolani says:

    kusesa ???? pa college???

  3. frackson ojesi says:

    woza bwana chalamanda, kumeneko ndiye kubwela.

  4. aphade says:

    Kodi ku Lilongwe n Mzuzu aliko Mayor, kapena ndi mmodzi yemweyo popeza amakhalila ku BT.Ndiumzemkoni Guys kusadziwa mkufa komwe.

  5. Mopiha Vokhiwa says:


  6. Chakwera says:

    zitsiru za Beam

  7. Natchinkha says:

    That’s very good. Keep it up our Mayor Chalamanda.

  8. Garu Wa Garu says:

    “IF NOT ME, WHO WILL” Good job.

  9. Crispin Mkandawire says:

    This sounds like a very good move. I commend everyone involved. Please keep it up and spread the news so that more people are involved.

  10. Lilongwe resident says:

    The Mayor of Blantyre is very exemplary to the youngsters.He should also come to Lilongwe and teach the LL mayor how to hold a broom.Lilongwe is full of rubbish with no bins yet they are very proud to call it a city with non working dirty toilets all over.Malawi has totally lost the standards.

  11. tupobanda says:

    Good job but this is supposed to be the duty of city assembly to provide bin trucks to collect all rubbish in the cities….Other wise why is MRA collecting tax? is it not for the same use? The best people can do is not only to sweep but to ensure the authorities are doing their part as people do their part. And this process has to be consistent otherwise as long as people exist in the communities rubbish will always be there and unless this cleaning exercise is there forever, then the proper system such as bin collection and identifying proper landfills should be identified by the government.

    To Noel Chalamanda and Poly Students keep it up but Noel must ensure continuity by putting the systems in their right places.

  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job keep it locked.See my name.

  13. Daniel Ngwira says:

    Great Initiative, Kudos to the class. Action is medium of communication! Takumvani!

  14. Mad Professor says:

    Kusesa kapena show-off? Ma tablet, ma weave, ma lipstick. Shaaah. It appears the only one ready was the one in the blue worksuit. The rest were just there for the PR photoshoot. It might be a concept drawn from one of your courses in Business Communication to do with PR Strategies or the so called CSR I guess. What you need to ask yourselves is, How can the BCC sustain an environment friendly city? Look at the Limbe area just by the market where we catch minibuses to Chigumula, Bangwe, BCA (Bisiyele as they call it) Manje, Bvumbwe etc. the place has no urban plan, it is filthy and with rains its the worst place beyond kuntaya, simply it not a properly designated passenger/minibus terminal

    Business Communicators should have or should critically rethink oversuch issues and then shiuld have put the City Lord to answer this. Lewis Ngalande or Mai Nellie Nseula, what is your take about that filthy place called “Limbe minibus depot? You know it Mai Nellwi Nseula right? and Ngalande, that’s where we board minibuses towards your respective wards ahina Newlands, Chigumula market. What will you do about it?

    Osamagosesa munsewu watala and then invite reporters for a PR photoshoot. Be realistic. And you young students, I believe this was a way to go practical with your PR or CSR course but rethink over my assertions.

    Chalamanda, my fellow ex-seminarian. Read between the lines. i rest my case.

  15. tikhala says:

    Kodi Tadikila ali pati pamenepa/ M’mesa ndi mwana wa mai Mutharika a BEAM! Apereke support osamangokhala full time pa STEERS kudya zamisonkho yathu!

  16. Jo says:

    thanx guys

  17. Happy Kumwenda says:

    ndiudindo wa alience kukonza pamalo pomwe spali bwino. Tiwathokoze anzathu

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