PP accuses DPP of political witch-hunting

Former ruling People’s party (PP) has accused President Peter Mutharika and the entire Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leadership of political witch-hunting.

Msonda:  President Mutharika should probe DPP cashgate

Msonda: President Mutharika should probe DPP cashgate

According to PP spokesperson Ken Msonda, DPP is using the ongoing cashgate cases as a tool of trickling down former president Joyce Banda and her party through implicating her in cashgate issues.

Msonda has since urged those who have concrete evidence that the former president was involved in cashgate to present the evidence to Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and police.

He also accused cash gate convicts who are currently answering charges of providing false information which he believes are being forced by DPP.

Msonda vehemently denied his party’s involvement in cashgate but rather boosted that his party unveiled the looting of public finances.

In an interview with Zodiak Radio when he was featured in Tiuzeni Zoona programme on Sunday, the PP spokesperson claim his party is still strong and that everything is going on smoothly.

This follows recent in-house wrangles that brought divisions on leadership as the party president Joyce Banda has been outside the country for over one year.

Meanwhile, Msonda has appealed to President Mutharika and his government to probe all the people who were involved in the plundering of government finances during the period DPP was ruling under the leadership of the late Bingu wa Mutharika.

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30 thoughts on “PP accuses DPP of political witch-hunting”

  1. Chinyengo Nd Chmene Chakula

  2. ken says:

    We will never stop cashgate as long as we single out PP as a cashgate party. Do you know kuti panopa anthu akubanso ndalama zambiri? Zigonani a DPP inu ndikumangotchula JB koma choti mudziwe ogwira ntchito m’boma sadzasiya kuba ndalama zaboma chifukwa cha fake politicians of Malawi.

  3. pphiri says:

    PP 2019 Boma!

  4. mbex shana says:

    Somehow Msonda is a quick catch dog.Why is the government just talking about cash gate without taking actions to those big crooks who are allegedly to have been involved in the scandal?.Its rare in Malawi to bring a suspect to book and get convicted though evidences are there what happens is all about leniency knowing that tomorrow gonna be them vise vesa.We need to be patriotic and straight forwarded people for the state to be strong enough minus that we shall be just singing about good governance up to the end without any achievement.Watch out !!

  5. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Loyal boy Ken Msonda should stop being a cry baby.Pp is a dead party.Who will vote for pp again when every Jim and Jack had an easy access to our coffers to the point of bleeding it dry through their numerous cashgates?Malawi is in shameful poverty because of these incompetent people.So Msonda just simply shut up.

  6. Analisti wamkulu says:

    We have evidence.The shamed woman,in a self imposed exiled who happens to be your friend was speaking highly of her bearded thieving friend Lutepo who was donating cars like underwears after squandering Malawian taxpayers for not delivering his services with his fake company while tax payers were reeling in poverty.Msonda should just simply shut up.Nobody will ever vote for Joyce again.She was just time waster during her two year accidental tenure.Msonda who told you that politicians are above the law?Everybody is fed up with this terminology of witch hunting.She will be grilled like anybody else when she comes back to Malawi.Pitala should also be ready to explain his 577 billion cashgate after Joyce.He should pray hard for his death before 2019.Nthawi yodyera masuku anthu pamutu inatha.So Msonda stop vomiting some useless things to pamper your shamed friend Joyce.Pp is dead like Udf in Malawi.



  8. clement says:

    Munthu woonda mutuyi m’malo mozimvera Chisoni ndi health yake ntchito kuika kumbuyo Joyce. Am telling you Msonda that Joyce deserve to save jail sentence at mikuyu with Lutepo whatever you call it political hunting or not. Why is she hiding?

  9. edsonmndima says:

    nsonda ndi chitsiru sakudziwa kanthi.iyo.mbuliri yachabe chabe koma mukhaula basi

  10. A PP mavuto ndi amenewo

  11. golo says:

    I think govt is merely trying to divert peoples attention from the economic and social mess this country is in now. First we heard of CCTV footage being in possession by Govt implicating JB saying the footage contains JB & Lutepo sharing cashgate loot. We all know nothing came of it. Having seen that there is no direct link to JB then these convicted cashgaters Lutepo and Kalonga thinking that by implicating JB they will get lesser sentences confess that they the money was for PP campaign. With the way Lutepo has all along been conducting himself in his cashgate case I really don’t see how he can be believed . The man has been changing statements every now and then during his whole trial.As for Kalonga most of his cashagted cash was channeled towards purchase of buses from Automotive Products and it is alleged those buses were meant for Mphwiyo. I think Kalonga ought to say that apart from benefitting himself from the loot he was also serving the interest of the senior masterminder of the whole saga, Paul Mphwiyo.

  12. Ada Nsonda, the writing is clearly on the wall that those buses, kabaza that were used in campaigns were from cashgate. Munya, mudziwanso kuti Peter ndi Peter. No political witch hunting my friend Nsonda? Komabe pang’ono pokha ikhalapo kuti mudziwe you made a mistake when the northerners ate, drank and danced at LL Golf Club when Bingu died. Worst still, you remember you imprisoned Peter on frivolous charges? Zimenezi amphwanga munya! Mudziwanso!

  13. Nyapapi says:

    Koma mene mukuyakhulira apamu amsonda pa khoti mungateloso. Ndikulosela kuti a msonda muzamukana katatu jb mlandu utavu mphwiyo atavomela kuti amandituma ndi amayi.

  14. kodi kani eti,a Msonda PP ndi imeneyotu yanyamukaaaaa

  15. M23 says:

    I still take Lutepo’s and Kalonga’s confessions with a pinch of salt. Here is a government that lied to 16 million people through a press conference that it has a CCTV footage of Lutepo and JB sharing the cashgate loot. What can stop the same government coercing confessions implicating JB from the two? Your guess is as good as mine.

  16. Davie says:

    Tracing the PP sympathisers only may sound to be witch-hunting really. But I personally think that apart from these PP cashgaters,there are more to be traced,follow them up regardless of who and where they are.

  17. chipwete chalunda says:

    I do not know what Msonda thinks but does he take us Malawians for being fools.Everyone know s that JB was siphoning money through cashgate. Her boys are now in jail. Its only right that she confess and we can forgive. Otherwise why does she live in RSA and not her home country. I would love seiing her at Maula lime thiefs

  18. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Inu a PP musatibowe. You were so busy yourselves cashgating you didnt want to deal with DPP cashgate, now you want DPP to deal with DPP cashgate? Mwauponda. I think let DPP deal with PP cashgate clean clean it up. Their 40th day will come. You really think all those billions could be stolen without JB knowing about it?
    You think we are kids eti?

  19. Moya Jombajomba says:

    Bingu was a big cashgater with his brother Pitala and sister Joyisi as they were in the same party. Therefore, in malawi politics,there is no transparency and accountability and as we are talking, they are cashgating. Has they ever reported how much they have recovered from cashgate or what about the 577 bilion,have they probed any one and which is bigger between 13 and 577. Malawi will remain poor but with bilionares(the late bingu,the bakilis,the joyisi bandas and the pitala munthalikas) and i hope something is hiden behind politics and that is transparency and accountability

  20. CCO says:

    DPP probe the 577 bn Report you sent Dausi to still

  21. mpala kumatako says:

    ineneyi ndiye misala a Msonda. Kodi before masankho a 2014 mesa aliyense amadziwa bwino za uchifwethe zomwe inu a PP mumachita? Mwasowa nkhani eti kapena ma truck driver atha kapena zikwanje zakutherani paja inu zokhapa Anthu munamajor.

  22. malawi says:

    All Malawian parties in gvt support theft and corruption. Thus up today. M

    Muluzi had nothing b4 becoming president. He needed the rich Makhumula, Patrick Mbewe, and others to fund his campaign. But we know he became so rich that small salary. His corruption case is still court. Current gvt is ready to close it.

    Bingu had nothing in April 2004, not even a single truck. But we all know he died a billionaire. He even had nothing to do with corrupt money from motor engil.

    JB too did the same. Kamuzu is not spared. Msonda is not honest by claiming that JB is not part of cashgate.

    However he had facts that
    1. All govts benefited from money.
    2. Money is stollen with big people in govt system.
    3. DPP has not made knew arrests. All convicted people were arrested during JB. Why can’t DDP use the audit report they taunted during campaign to arrest PP gurus?
    5. Donors suspended aid during Kamuzu, Bakili, Bingu & JB and that tells us the kind of leaders we have had.
    U will remember that aid resumed when Bakili came into power. It was also resumed after Bingu and JB came into power. WHY? They did the needful for donors to resume aid suspended during their predecessors. UNFORTUNATELY Peter has failed to win back donors.
    He was part of the Bingu problem that led to donor cut. His attempts to cover himself up before doing the needful is what has resulted into current problems (economic, social unrest, insecurity …..)

    Ask urself why did we have kwacha appreciate in Dec and Jan then depreciate in July. The same Bingu cheap economics. U recall the presentation of cheated MRA tax collection by Ken Lipenga. Have u forgotten keeping low fuel prices when global unit went up. This was done to paint a good picture of the economy.

    In conclusion this country will make headway if politicians were to rule without thinking of next term. Only if there is will power by all of us to say no to cheap politics.

    The facts from Msonda

  23. Jon says:

    If PP and its leaders have nothing to hide, then there is nothing to fear.

    Otherwise this talk is cheap. We have heard it all before.

  24. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    Msonda ndi wamisala sindingataye naye nthawi who doesn’t know this Zingwangwa fulltime crock

  25. bottomani says:

    If JB appointed Mphiyo Budget director and he stole money under her tenure basic reasoning will lead to the conclusion that the bucks stops with her and she is responsible. That is why one is elected president. The president is responsible for anything that happens in his govt whether it is by immorality or pure incompetence on her part cashgate is ger baby.Simple.QED.

  26. MISOZI says:

    The cashgate masters who are mentioning Mama Joyce Banda were very close to her at the time cashgate happened and I am convinced that what they are saying about her involvement or that she knew about it could be true. My advice is that Mama Joyce should sue people that are mentioning her name as being one of the people who were at the centre of cashgate. She should fight them in court for fabricating or for implicating her in cashgate. She can sue these people just like the way she sued Nankhumwa on the story he narrated at Ndatha Farm. I do not see how DPP as a party is involved here. Bwana Msonda you can not stand in court on behalf of Mama Joyce. she has to stand in court and defend her self. I think you are just wasting your time on this story.
    Kind regards bwana Msonda

  27. The real ujeni says:

    If Mutharika does not act on the K577billion cashgate like Joyce Banda did with K13billion, in 2019 MCP will completely clean the house.

  28. ... says:

    Nde muone zolemba za ma kadeti apa ngati kuti a Msonda akunama.
    Parliament has passed the budget koma angoliralira amvekere zinthu sizikuyenda bwino chifukwa cha JB.
    Budgetiyo ndi ya JB?
    Alomwe ndi anthu olephera malinga ufiti.

  29. Mhesha says:

    Ken, are we kindergarten kids? Who doesn’t know that JB and PP were at the core of this plunder?

  30. jk says:

    Close your dirty mouth Msonda. Or let JB explain what she knows in court.

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