PP asks Finance Minister to come clear on civil servants salary rise

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has been asked to come clear on when government will raise the salary on civil servants with Mangochi Monkey Bay MP and People’s Party (PP) spokesperson on finance in Parliament, Ralph Jooma saying the minister has not been “transparent enough.”

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe delivers 2015-2016 Financial year Budget in Parliament - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe delivered the  2015-2016 Financial year Budget in Parliament – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Gondwe presented to Parliament for deliberation a K901.6 billion (US$2.1 billion) national budget in which government seeks to increase the annual salaries and wages from the current K198 billion (US$440 million) to K228 billion (US$506.7 million), which would result in 25 percent of the financial plan being spent on salaries and wages for less than 200 000 public servants out of 16 million people.

In his critique to the financial plan, Jooma said the Finance Minister has not been “transparent enough” with regard to the proposal for salary increments.

“In this budget, Mr Speaker, Sir, inflation is projected at 16.4 per cent, but what we are hearing about civil servants increment is not getting to the point,” said Jooma.

Jooma said transparency and inclusiveness are desired elements in salary increments.

He noted that Gondwe only said there will be an increment of salaries for junior grade-staff and that will be implemented in “December, 2016.”

Said Jooma: “We think he meant 2015, but in the book it is written 2016. But the question is, which grades will benefit and at what rate? It is our hope that issues of inflation will be factored in on arriving at an appropriate increment rate.

“The problem with such oblique assertions, Mr Speaker, Sir, is more likely to result into what we saw last year where senior officers received higher rate of increment than junior officers and in the process, increasing the disparity between the rich and the poor.”

The Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) has given the government a 21-day ultimatum to act on their demand for salary increment.

CSTU Secretary General Madalitso Njolomole said that the civil servants feel betrayed by their employer, the government, on the salary revision for the 2015/16 financial year.

“The information we have from the Treasury indicates that government will not honour what was agreed during the salary negotiations revision,” he said.

He said the body wants the government to honour and implement the salary adjustments during the next financial year which starts on July 1.

Meanwhile, Jooma told parliament that people are asking whether the 2015/16 budget is pro-poor or not

“We know what the impoverished in our society want because we stay with them. For us to know whether a budget is pro-poor or not, we must visionalise a life of a village household. What does a typical village household need from morning to the end of the day? Fellow Members will agree with me that they do not ask for too much. They need food, clean water, medical facilities, good schools and finally, they need good community roads.

“Now, on food. We are told that this budget has resources to buy maize for both distribution and sale because Mr Speaker, Sir, this country has been hit by severe hunger. We would like to ask government to be fair, transparent and inclusive in the whole process,” said Jooma.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya said it its expected that the debate on the budget estimates will be curtailed on Friday, 19th June, 2015 immediately before adjournment of the House at 12:30 p.m.

He said Finance Minister will deliver his winding up speech on the budget estimates on Monday 22nd June at 2:00 p.m. Immediately thereafter, it will be the Committee of Supply, Appropriation Bill and other related bills to be taken between the afternoon of Monday 22nd June and Friday, 26th June, 2015

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28 thoughts on “PP asks Finance Minister to come clear on civil servants salary rise”

  1. m.m says:

    These people just wanted to be voted akukanika kunena kuti awonjezera mwakuti bwanji akuwopa chani mayesa ndiwomwewo amanena kuti a malawi amalandira ma change?lero zikuvuta bwanji nkumanenanso kuti muwakwezera December eeeh anzanu onse ammbuyomu amapereka july chaka chatha mwawabera chinonso?kachitani manyazi moyo unadula uwu apatseni ma 100pcnt awone kusintha july uno.

  2. mulhomwe wakwa Goliyati says:

    Limenelo ndiye boma timalifuna lija tiye naloni kuzunzika mpaka 2019!!!! 2012 mzimayi anaonjezera 40% comes 2013 mzimayi anaonjezeranso 61% woooohhhhhh koma lero ichi mwanena icho mwasintha kkkkkkkkkkkk, Pitala umayesa kuyendetsa boma ndi phada eti?????? MCTU athandizeni ma Civial Servants boma ili likuwatenga AMALAWI 4grntd!!!!!

  3. LORENI says:

    I have gone through the first 22 comments only to be surprised that only one comment backs the government. This is a clear indication that the one backing the government is sick in his head. Civil service is the engine of the countrys economy. If people still in the government its because of what they get. I swear cashgate will never stop as long as the civil servants are paid meagre salaries. How ever had you try to stop cahgate you never succeed

  4. Totolitotoli says:

    ALL civil servants including the police get ready for the shoedown.People are talking nonsense on the increment of salary for the civil servants.POLICE NKHONDOYI NDI YATONSE,NO TEARGASSING JUST COME AND JOIN, IF THE BATTLE IS WELL FOUGHT, WE SHALL ALL BE WINNERS.ATIMVA MANDIMU PETER NDI NKHALAMBA IZAKEYO GOODALL.

  5. Lutepo says:

    Tionetsana,goodall you are not clever mphwanga, ndiponso za December zo ndi zopusa zimenezo , ngati chaka cha boma chimayambira July inunso mukweza kwayambira july. Ma nurse get ready,teachers do you hear me? Capital hill are you with me?

  6. WaNakabaghe says:

    Gondwe, mwakula kapumeni chonde! Saraly imakwera july 1 osati dec wakoyo.

  7. Sakunama a Jooma. Awaganizile ma junior civil servants coz anthuwa akuvutika kwambiri.

  8. Mphatso says:

    Mr Jooma your problem is that this government is not transparent and inclusive in determining salary increments, as result seniors more than juniors.

    Jooma, walasa la nyani.

  9. magaula says:

    tikufuna makobidi ife jooma akunena zoona

  10. Only those who live in darkness will fail to appreciate what Ralph and PP did tocivil servants. PP raised salaries more than any govt. What Ralph is saying should be taken care of by Goodall. DPP has usually cheated civil servants on increaments.

  11. VINKA says:


  12. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Bravo Jooma we need pple like you in parliament osati awo aung’ono ung’ono adyetsedwa banziwo

  13. Real says:

    Hon Gondwe & ur DPP, please could u treat these civil servants cautiously. Do u know that wil come when u’ll need them atmost ie elections period. Ask JB how they contributed to her failure as she use to tost & play about with them when the were in serious business. Eg, blindfolded them 60% increment, in reality majority was less than 10% of which some got k2,000 salary adjustment. Treat them as part of ur executive

  14. Mboba says:

    Chejumawo akunena zoona kungot mu nthawi yawo samakumbukra zomwe akunenazo tyen twamvese

  15. BigMan says:

    Only a stupid and unpatriotic Malawian would push government to raise salaries at this moment in time. Jooma is just showing that he is a shallow politician by trying to force government to literally bankrupt the economy with unrealistic salary increments. Perhaps abiti Mtila will fund the wage bill by paying back the billions which she and Jooma personally cashgated from the national coffers.

  16. mulli says:

    Much as we are not impressed with the DPP part 2,its not fair for u hon Jooma to be asking ur fellow cashgaters[you (PP) K13bn and them (ur cousins DPP) K92bn]to provide good roads to the citizenry,when u are just coming from the corridors of power. For example the road into Kawale immediately after LL bridge from City centre up to where (achipani cha) Livingstonia Synod constructed their political office. We are told this portion of the road was done at the cost of K13m during PP short reign,but go and see how the road looks today. If u tell us that u did it at K100,000 using (a mthandizi)we will gradly accept. So Jooma,keep quite and let’s watch together this live movie being recorded by Di Phi Phi(missing u Ntaba),chimbale chake chidzatuluka 2019. Main actor,this toothless guy being controlled by Ben Phiri

  17. Mamuna says:

    But this Jooma guy can talk! Bravo! He really went to school!

  18. Kwangwagwa says:

    Comment number 1, you say you love Gondwe too much. What kind of stupidity is this? How can you say you love him too much. I do not understand.

    1. JJB says:

      Can you show us where comment number 1 said what you are saying? It is this kind of umbuli that frightens some of us.

      You comment on nothingness.

  19. Batman says:

    Goodal is a spent force, he was rejected in his costituency Mzimba North but only to opted nyapapi try young energetic pple

  20. Njanjanja says:

    Dziko liri mmanja mwa agalu

  21. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Gondwe and Peter dont take civil servants for granted!!! My fellow civil servants lets take these machona guys to task if they are changing the our incremental date frm 1 july to dec 1.

  22. Kas says:

    Strikes are looming

  23. MABVUTO says:

    CSTU-Its time for us to show government that we matter.If our economy is not ok,why should we go ahead and start implementing malate subsidy? Those are ambitious plans for a well to do economy.Lets ensure that the revision of salaries is implemented effective from the usual 1st July,2015 and not the one we are hearing such as the December,2015.
    Our stand should remain the same and no civil servant should slacken backwards.Rentals have gone up and everything on the market has sky rocketed.
    Its time we stood up our feet.

  24. Francis Kayuzga says:

    The majority of civil servants are at the entry grades for example, Primary school teachers, the majority are at grade L and grade J secondary teachers. these are the people who do actual work in the field. they have to be considered first when making revisions.

  25. kanyika dk says:

    more fire raph jooma ,ma mp a dpp angoti dwi mumalo momenyera ufulu ma civil servants. pp woyeee ndamusowa jb

  26. vavlov says:

    Gondwe is a spent economist, in fact he has been overrated in Malawi. It is time he retired

  27. IPTE 8 says:

    well said Hon Juma.
    It is not only laughable,but also bizarre to hear that the financial year is gradually changing shape from the usual July 1 to October 1 last year and now to December 1.

    Be specific Mr Finance minister on the percentage and revert to the original July 1 and not the cycled December 2016.

    Above all, when are we IPTE 8 and fellow Odl 3 teachers getting employed?
    Tatopa nawo ulowa bwana athu we love you so much.

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