PP attributes Malawi strikes to failed administration

Opposition People Party (PP) spokesman  Ken Msonda has described a wave of industrial strikes rocking Malawi as a sign of failed administration.

Msonda:  Failed DPP administration

Msonda: Failed DPP administration

Speaking  during a Point Blank a one-on one interview program on the privately owned Times Television on Wednesday,  Msonda said the problem rocking Malawi could have solved a long time ago should the government was organized enough and ready to address the concerns of Malawians.

“There is no point of sealing off Anti- Corruption Bureau Offices, the Judiciary because of the strikes instead of addressing the concerned of people.  Let’s assume the police were also on strike, would the government also have sealed off the police offices?”

He said although the issue of salaries harmonization is a good development Msonda said the government missed out because it did not consult the stakeholders in the first place.

“The staff workers at the judiciary are under Judicial Service Commission, workers at University are under University Council. So the government would have first consulted these bodies on t salary harmonization not just working up one day telling the workers that we are not increasing salaries because of harmonization. That’s not the way it is supposed to be done,” he said.

Economic problems facing Malawi have resulted in strikes by various government workers demanding higher pay. For example, support staff for the judiciary has been on strike for over six weeks, seeking a 45 percent pay increase which the government says it cannot afford.

Workers at Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau went on strike demanding a 70 percent pay raise until the government sealed off their offices and threatened to forfeit their December salaries if they did not return.

Meanwhile, the support staff in the Judiciary have vowed not to return to work come January 5 2015 unless there is a positive response from the Executive on the implementation of their conditions of service as approved in 2012.

In his legal opinion addressed to the Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa dated December 19, 2014, Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale proposed to the government to write the staff and those intending to go on strike to resume work by a set date pending reference of the issue back to Parliament for judges and magistrates and Minister of Finance for support staff.

However, law professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Danwood Chirwa, has described proposals as outlined in Kaphale’s opinion as illegal because asking the Executive not to effect conditions of service as approved by Parliament was tantamount to usurping powers of that particular arm of government.

Prof Chirwa also said the Executive had no mandate to discipline the support staff because they are hired and fired by the Judicial Service Commission which was established by the Judicature Adminstration Act.

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48 thoughts on “PP attributes Malawi strikes to failed administration”

  1. the Northern speech says:

    Its not the north only who is not sufferin with this rulin even kwawo komwe anayamba kulira so zinazi osamangoza ve asimple reserch for ur self

  2. Nyale says:

    Please, please, why listening to anthu opanda nzeru ngati amenewa. It is not a secret that economy is going down because Azungu ansiya kutithandiza. secondly it is also a fact that it is because of cash gate scandal…. so what do you want PM to do…. give him a chance

  3. Vavlov says:

    Precedence has been set by increasing politicians’ salaries. It makes sense therefore that civil servants who get peanuts be considered too. In fact they deserve not less than 45% increment of their meagre salaries. These are the people who do the work, not politicians. in fact does a poor country like Malawi need politicians to develop? It is time Malawi came up with an innovative way of governing the country. Don’t just focus on reforming the civil service, do the same for the political governance of the country. The roles of MPs versus councillors need thorough analysis for prudent usage of tax payers’ money.

  4. Malawian says:

    The money for effecting the salary increase will come from the account number one. This is the pot where all taxes collected in Malawi are kept and used for national development endeavors. So what this means is that the salary increments if effected will negatively affect Malawian tax payers and NOT Peter Mutharika and his ministers and MPs as Kabwila, Nsonda and some CSO leaders would like us to believe. A simple example is how this move would affect the amount of money that can be available for buying medicine, building roads and so on. Workers of ACB, Judiciary are already well-off than their counterpart in the civil service, therefore they deserved the increment. You can check the facts with the Ministry of Finance. Malawians lets face the facts and avoid being used by opportunists who do not have a gainful career in life. At the same time its high time our media houses started to talk to specialists ONLY on matters relating to NATIONAL INTEREST, other than every JIM and JACK, who have no idea regarding how a country works to see significant development. Focus on people who appreciate what is called evidence based debate or discourse.

  5. palibe says:

    No 34 you yourself are a liar. Kwanukwanu ku nyika tatopa nanu ma bulundi inu mwamva

  6. palibe says:

    Ma strikewa akungosonyeza jelousy lomwe the northerners ali nalo pa APM ndi dziko la Malawi popeza paja iwowo dziko lawo ndi NYIKA ndipotu ndizoseketsa kuti akungogangalika ndi za kuno kwathu ku Malawi. Kwanu mukukozetserako chiyani kodi agalu ma CSOs inu. Uchitsilu bwanu.

  7. Thyolo Thava says:

    No. 30. yu are a liar and shameless. Just leave JB alone. These strikes is a sign that anthu atopa nanu and not that the strikes are being fuelled by her (JB) ai. Lets acknowledge kuti DPP ko, ma style akutherani. Ifetu kwa Nkando kuno we still love JB and we are well aware that you , stole her votes. So msiyeni JB kumene aliko, amele mnofu wa Bakha.

  8. The problem of running the government on contract basis. Every one wants to get away with money they can eat the whole of their life after retirement. Kale likati lizibwelera then the one party government was good as it was there to develop the country.

  9. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    We are in this situation just because of you the PP’S. Although we are saying DPP stole government money, but the party which was seen in town flying with government stolen money was PP. We can’t trust PP in more. If you are anticipating that you will come back in government, you are cheating yourselves. Go to hell Musonda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Edwin says:

    Pp is a party which has no future cz of cashgate

  11. MAGONJA says:


  12. Mwana ovuta says:

    Pp the only party which managed to proved peoples need , enawa angozikakamiza kukhara pa u president ndiye aziona ( educated but being poor in peoples managemen thuts our APM.) MWINATU ALI BUSY NDI NAMWALI AKWATILA KUMENEYU ,coz sindikumvesa za madala amenewa.

  13. NO wonder the Dpp led governement is not bowing down to the demands of the ACB, on pay increase moreover they are sealing it off coz of their dirty tricks.These people and many others deserve the increase. why not ? the pay for the MPS rose recently they work,few hours a day others are speechless and others are just sleeping in pariament,but their wages was,increesed why on earth not the hard working,people.Mind you malawians are God ioving,people. your government would have been overthrone by a spateof strikes. Since the DPP took over the government nothing has changed except for,the poor facing the hardships.Remember 2019 is not far from now.

  14. shingirai loga says:

    Inu a pp you are all failed crocodiles who put this country to a ruin.

  15. Mbaya Malawi Eish. says:

    This Government is fond of being telling lies than the truth,

  16. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    PP & Dpp are all cashgate parties.They have alot of skeletons hidden to Malawians.Malawi was led by a clueless woman who new nothing apart from praising the colonisers kumangoti Azungu kuti while thieves were dipping their filthy hands into state coffers until she lost to the current govt that wormed its way through crooked means.Lets hope 2015 brings some new things.

  17. Paul Macmillan says:

    Malawians are sleepy people you don’t want someone who tells the truth.
    This is a nation that believes in being told lies.

    I have followed Peoples Party spokesperson views, opinion and interviews on matters of national concern and I believe he says the truth.
    I wished we had many of such people here in RSA.

  18. Lofesi Mchacha says:

    Msonda we are all aware that the strikes you are referring to are sponsored by PP in a desperate attempt to divert peoples attention from cash gate issues. These problems are a result of the stupid and senseless leadership of that great woman thief known as JB where this stupid brainless Msonda was part of including another useless Sembereka.

  19. ujeni says:

    DPP will wake up and start work in 2019. Even Patricia Kaliati is busy mixing bleach to apply to her face

  20. Political Analyst says:

    Anyani kusekana zikundu!

  21. Faya says:

    PP as a party failed misably asamasokosere ai,cashgate tikuvutikanaye iyi becoz of PP,shame on you.

  22. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Ngakhale enanu mukutsutsa Msonda akunena zoona. Tisayiwale kuti pa nthawi ya campaign DPP inatiwuza kuti they have the solutions to the problems. Where are the solutions? It is completely useless to blame PP now. Pajatu DPP inasiya mabvuto ambili mu April 2012 ndipo a PP anathetsa mabvutowo. Kutseka makhoti for two months now ndikukwela kwa mitengo is not a solution.


  24. Mpandamphanga says:

    Petulo cannot manage this country, he had promised malawians a lot of goodies in order to win votes. Look today all those promises are falses. Fools with his Namchilima of civil servants akulandira ma chage fame!

  25. Marioshona man says:

    Msonda Kukamwa kwako. P P is the cause of all this .
    Go to hell with your stinkey party . We are suffering because of your party .shut up !

  26. He does not know what he is talking about. There is a difference between the statutory corporations and government departments like the Judiciary, Law Commission, Human Rights Commission, Parliament etc. These had similar or have similar structures and grades unlike the university. The university of Malawi had different salaries from government. These days those working fir ACB. Law Commission, Parliament, the Judiciary, Ombudsman, etc have different salaries. The harmonization is targeting these departments. It was Muluzi who created the confusion and Msonsa remains confused. Laughable. Teachers and medical personnel were taken as less essential under useless Muluzi.

  27. Patriot says:

    Amene wakwiya ndi zimene wanena msonda akayanike ufa pa chingwe.

  28. jayne gondwe says:

    komanso.!……presdent wangwiro sazapezeka kwathu kuno… bola akanango pezeka wa 50%…nanga chonchi….zokhumudwisa.

  29. shatapu zanu you said Msonda said so but you are bringing in another dunderhead Chirwa,the evil haunting Malawians is the systematic quickloot fast-plunder under the watchful eye of the disgruntled pp led government FACT!You are driving vehicles bought by well wishers cum thieves of public money,and giving insulting comments to the same grieved unsuspecting Malawians GOD HAVE MERCY!!!

  30. wapa Nkhata Bay says:

    A PP ndinunso ayi. Timvako chiyani kwainu. Inuyo zinakulepherani kale

  31. Liberalist says:

    Although PP is not morally right to critique DPP since the present predicament has come because of their cashgate, DPP of Peter Mutharika has completely failed to show wise leadership in matters of problem solving. Peter is displaying what we know him of; academic freedom saga. Unfortunately some good Malawians voted for him & the same courts gave him the presidency

  32. Tuyuni says:

    Msonda, you are a big Man you always tell the facts, sealing the offices it’s not a solution to our problems,one day they will seal police stations.

  33. Namahocha says:

    Yes! Dpp has failed us! I regret my vote! Peter z the worst president! Why all these strikes? Kodi kusawapatsa salary kungathandize? Muwopseza angati? Failed leadership indeed!

  34. Zadziwika says:

    What can a man on the bench say??? I don’t blame you Msonda!!!! Dikirani 2024 bola muzichulukana ngati mchenga ku north-ko, otherwise mudzaliranso, elections is about figures+ intelligence!

  35. gule says:

    how is unemployment treating you?

  36. dumbilo says:

    Mzonda. how would the govt seal the offices of Police if they were on strike when it is the ppolices job to seal offices. anyone could enter and steal guns etc- well it would be a state of emergency and the army would provide security and seal offices etc. I can how see how ignorant yiu are

  37. Kanyimbi says:

    Msonda ndi PP yakoyo machende anu. Ife tikuvutika chifukwa choti munaba ndalama (cashgate) ndiye mmalo moti mupepese kwa a Malawi mukuyankhulanso zopusa? Mavuzi anu.

    1. Weniweni Balakasa says:

      Akanyimbi mwina simumamva chingerezi nchifukwa mkutukwana. Zimene wanena Msonda ndi zoona zokhazokha.

  38. Vuka says:

    A Msondaaaaa..mwakalamba kapumeni..u MP unakukanikani..JB dznt trust u das y sh dznt tel u ha whereabouts ..c’mon!! siyani ndale

  39. tchaka says:

    Msonda ameneyo? Ndekuti nthawi pp kunalibe ma strike? Somebody remind me please

  40. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I agree with PP. It is DPP’s lack of foresight that is rocking Malawi. Goodall Gondwe is not as effective as some people believe.

  41. ujeni says:

    Malawi government is in sleeping mode, it will wake up in 2019 to distribute maize during campaign and that is how effective it is.

  42. kanyika dickson says:

    kkkkk dpp woyee,

  43. phwitiko says:

    It’s true Ken,at least during amai we were able to c development.

  44. Odandaula says:

    This govt. doesn’t have nego. skills yet is a govt. with more learned people I salute a Chair he knew how to cool hot Iron

  45. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    A professor in Law . Can this be true really ?

  46. Emmatuwa says:

    DPP ndichipani cholephera pa 13th January 2015 demo on APM amva m’bebe
    aumbale dyando wapititse ku ndagala

  47. Msonda ukati kamutu ngati chibulumwa unganene chani iweeee

Comments are closed.

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