PP bitter with by-elections, brands polls ‘not credible’

The opposition Peoples Party (PP) has expressed its bitterness over a miserable performance during the Tuesday’s Local Government by-elections, describing the polls as free but not fair and credible.

Msonda: Polls free but certainly not fair and not credible

Msonda: Polls free but certainly not fair and not credible

PP failed to win a single seat in the By-elections with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) dominating the results, winning three out of the five competed wards.

DPP won in Karonga Khwawa Ward, Luchenza Ward and Zomba Central Ward, while Malawi Congress Party (MCP) won in Mzuzu Chibanja Ward and United Democratic Front (UDF) emerged winner in Mangochi Msikisi Ward.

However, without conceding defeat, PP has blamed Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) for failing to stage fair and credible elections, arguing DPP used intimidation to win the polls characterized by low voter turn-out.

PP Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda told Nyasa Times the by-elections were marred with irregularities and intimidation from the ruling party, which he said was a threat to democracy.

“The recent by-elections were free in the sense that we did not experience acts of violence; but not fair and credible. What has happened is a threat to democracy. The by-elections were marred with
serious voter apathy and irregularities,” said Msonda.

Msonda described the voter apathy as a clear indication that Malawians have lost trust in the Commission and are still bitter with the way Mec conducted the 2014 Tripartite Elections won by DPP.

“In some wards like Khwawa in Karonga and Luchenza in Thyolo, we witnessed acts of intimidation to opposition monitors by the ruling DPP cadets and serious irregularities,’’ claimed Msonda.

“The matter was reported to Mec and NICE officials as well as the Police but no action taken. The Peoples Party made an official complaint to MEC but typical of the Commission no feedback was done and the Commission in its wisdom went ahead and declared the by-elections free, fair and credible’’.

Msonda has since warned that the 2019 elections shall be characterized with high level of voter apathy, numerous irregularities, anomalies, discrepancies and intimidation by the ruling DPP if Mec and other electoral stakeholders do not address the issue of electoral reforms.

Political analyst from University of Malawi, Boniface Dulani observed that PP “house is in disarray.”

But announcing the results on Wednesday, MEC chairperson, Justice Maxon Raphael Mbendera said the electoral body was impressed that the by-elections had “all the required components of transparency, inclusiveness, freeness and fairness.”

Mbendera while bemoaning the voter apathy, declared the elections as free, fair and credible, and has since urged institutions of higher learning in the country to conduct a research on the causes of voter apathy in Malawi.

The highest percentage voter turnout in the five wards was 42.72 percent registered in Luchenza Ward while the lowest was 13.42 percent in Zomba Central Ward.

The average voter turnout was 25.87 percent compared to the turnout during the Tripartite Elections which was 70.7 percent.

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nichifukwa mwabatumbu bakumulivindele nadi ukuyoghoya za mcp. mwanguba nacihitukuko kuno alekengenge bakilli nabingu wachindele mukhozya nasoni. ibo milandu yakukoma ulikumazya ndiwe? kwiba nakukoma bolako nchii?wembwa wee.kayipase voti lako mcp tione pala uzakawina.


Bulshit msonda and your fucken Joyce plus pp. You must thank the late prof mutharika for his kindness to take Joyce as vice unfortunately you killed our beloved president. Eeeish! You must know that pp is finished come 2019 general elections you will win nothing

Che Ngana

Tamugwireni Pamkonopo Namfedwayo!Amache Kulibe.Kholo Lothawa Mwana Siliona Mdalitso.


hahahahha….PP inatha..akukhiyani basi…yambisani mpingo..zandale zakukanikani…idiots


A Msonda, vinyake ivi kuyowoyapo yayi. Imwe namwe lekani waka chipani ichi yambani MCP. Imwe mwekha mukuwona yayi na umo vinthu vikwendera?

If I were Msonda, I would be very realistic to dump this PP and re- position with the party that has the future. Imagine ku DPP milandu ilitho! Ku PP milandu ilitho! Surely Brother Msonda you do not see these set backs of these two parties? Kuwina these two parties will just be because of the passiveness of Malawians.

Mr. Msonda, tell your Brothers and Sisters in PP to come home in MCP.


pp muzingolira mpaka 2019 wooooo …kenakoso muzaliraso coz mcp nde siizakunyengererani koma kukumbusa cashgate mpaka muzabweze money zathu….makape inu

Wawa Phiri

Walira Ken mayooo! Kkkkk. Cashgate and jetgate…usova.


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Big papa

iwe kenede shutup your big mouth!!!! stupid, if you huv nothing to share to the public just follow your mum uzikamutumikira tizibwezi take uko osati fwe fwe fwe apa, karadyo.

Keen Observer

People only talk of Chasowa, what about Fanikizo Phiri who was also shot on the chest with a live bullet & died.

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