PP brands resignations as ‘political pruning’

The once ruling Peoples Party (PP) has described the wave of resignations of its top officials a ‘political pruning’.

Msonda:  Its cut the chaff

Msonda:  Cleasing process

PP for the past year has lost some of its key executive members including the presidential running-mate to the May 2014 Tripartite Elections, Sosten Gwengwe.

On Tuesday the party faced another blow when its National Deputy Director of Women, Ettinor Koloviko resigned the Joyce Banda led political party, claiming the political grouping has no future.

PP Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda told Nyasa Times in an interview, what is happening in the party is normal in politics.

”Few months to and after any general elections there is a political wind that blows. This is the period referred to as political pruning  season,” argued Msonda.

Msonda described those dumping the party as ‘weak leaves’ that cannot stand the political wind  currently blowing in the party.

”Thats what happens to weak leaves, if they can’t stand strong winds, will surely fall -off.”

He then dismissed suggestions that the party was losing its feet to be considered as one of the country’s major political groupings.

”PP is not shaken because our grassroot is solid; the strength of a  political party is measured by it’s structures at
grassroots level; branch, area, constituency, District and regional not National Executive Committee (NEC). Peoples Party is very strong at grassroots level,” said Msonda.

A fortnight ago the party’s vice president for the South, Brown Mpinganjira resigned.

Joyce Banda’s running mate in last year’s elections Solsten Gwengwe also announced his intentions to rejoin the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as another vice president for the North Harry Mkandawire also resigned.

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Keen Observer

Inu anthu angakhalirenji mu Chipani pomwe mwini wachipanicho anathawa???????? A ship needs a Captain.


PP and indeed anyone else should not forget that there in Malawi practising professional politicians who will always trek to where the grass is greener without batting an eye. Their grounding principle is to maximize short term personal returns. They practise their political profession on the side of the greener grass. They are always chasing personal short term returns, whatever that will take. Just thank them for their service whilst in PP and wish them well in the quest for glory elsewhere right now.

Jackson Mzoza

a a a a Amai mudachepa nazo anakudyerani panthawi yantendere pano akuti zawola akuthawa nde tizititi bola khwangwala amabwera zitawola. abwezi alero ndichoncho pepani Ama

Mabattery a mlakho

MPAKANA SOSITENI GWENGWE MWANA DALA?Mkulu wokulira mmimba ndi mphechepeche!Timatama tonse ukugawa njinga tinatheratu!Kkkkkkkkkk!


watch out chipani chizazuka ichi asiyeni oipawo azipita.

ZZ Junior

I strongly feel sorry for Amai and PP in general. This is their own making especially on the part of Amai and her goons. Firstly when she got power she immediately forgot about all her friends. She made new friends this also goes to her sons. These were not true friends but rather gold diggers who will abandon ship when the well runs dry. Niayiwenitu

Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere

The PP foundation is cracking under the political pressure of “cashgate”, and incompetence. While the snake body has been dealt a near-deadly blow, the “head” is getting bruised and scarred (kusupukasupuka); execution by a thousand cuts.
Joisi Banda’s confederates are turning away from her; and they will soon turn against her. And the only ones left will be the ones with suicidal tendencies, like Mr. Msonda. PP should just swallow their (false) pride, and dissolve the party. The sooner the better, even for the remaining officials.


Akuthawa wa amafuna zophaipha si ma freedom fighters zitsiru

White Thamanga

Namwe ba sonda mwasala pa kiti mwegi wa magwana tinapimva kuti namwe mwasalenda.

Greencardless Malawian
Greencardless Malawian

I wouldnt term Harry Mkandawire’s move a loss to PP; the normad is always on the move…only fools would consider him an acquisition.

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