PP defends Mutharika on boards appointments

Former ruling Peoples Party (PP) has defended President Peter Mutharika’s decision to appoint civil society and non-governmental Organisations’ leaders into boards of parastatals.

Msonda:  Nothing wrong appointing Malawians

Msonda: Nothing wrong appointing Malawians

There have been growing fears that the drafting of the CSO and NGO leaders into parastatals would eventually silence the civil society from its noble duty of providing check and balances against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government.

Mutharika has appointed Chris Chisoni of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) alongside anti-human trafficking activist Habiba Osman.

Consumer rights activist John Kapito has been appointed to chair Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) board, Malawi Watch executive director Billy Banda is heading Malawi Gaming Board and National Lotteries Board while Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) executive director Dalitso Kubalasa is heading to Small and Medium Enterprise Development Institute.

Another inclusion on the list is  Malawi Eectoral Support Network boss Steven Duwa as member of the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) board.

PP publicist, Ken Msonda told Nyasa Times there was nothing wrong with the appointments.

“There is nothing wrong for ruling DPP appointing CSO or NGO leaders to head Parastatal boards or as members. Those appointed are Malawians; it is their Constitutional Right to serve their country in various positions and responsibilities,” said Msonda.

Msonda added: “As to whether the appointed will not compromise their activism in discharging their duties depends on the individuals personal integrity, behaviour and character. We wish them God’s guidance.”

The once ruling party gave an example of Martha Kwataine and Faustace Chirwa who once served diligently as MACRA and MACOHA chairpersons respectively while maintaining their role as CSO leaders.

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36 thoughts on “PP defends Mutharika on boards appointments”


  2. wamkontho says:

    SRWB madzi sakwezedwa chisawawa wa CAMA uja watela

  3. ndadabwa says:

    a msonda akudyetsani ma yelo bazi womwera filizesi. hehehe!!!!!!!! koma ndiye mukuvutika nazotu

  4. PP set a wrong precedence by appointing Sembereka.

  5. Charter says:

    Looking for his?

  6. Manuel says:

    Looks like when JB is not around Nsonda says logical issues

  7. True man says:

    Kabwila sangavomereze zopusazo anthu akusowa ntchito ena double double, amalawi ophunzira palibe? no wonder mbava ponseponse.

  8. Matako says:

    We should all applaud the president for appointing these people in various positions. It is up to them to put their mouth(past criticism) into action. They have made certain demands on government of the day now its their responsibility to diligently address the issues affecting us all. No excuses folks. You have been given responsibility and we are not only watching but also counting on you. Do not compromise your integrity.

  9. kwangu says:

    Well spoken, kodi abiti abwera liti?

  10. akimu jimu says:

    wel done mr msonda but please dont take it for granted just keep on maintaining your position .conglatulation mwana wakwithu!!!

  11. ndakuona kaneni says:

    Thats being a democrat lets give credit where it is due. kumeneko ndiye kubwera kemso! Well spoken it started with jb appointing civil society leaders into parastatals and government

  12. nkhurya vyane says:

    shaaaaah so pp spokesperson is intelligent and can think like a democrat?
    I dont like pp because of its bad policies but for once the thin pp spokesperson has spoken sense! Amusonda kodi Amai abwera liti?

  13. nyoni memory says:

    kumeneko nduye kubwera bwana kennedy msonda.
    more fire!
    Exellent job as usual and we are proud of you. Osamangosutsa zilizonse ngati momwe amachitila a jesse kabwila ngati zili bwino kumayamika ngati zalakwika kunena kunena.
    Pitilizani bwana wathu timakunyadilani

  14. Moyenda Maseko. Zomba says:

    Timakunyadilani bwana musonda mumatichotsa manyazi. Mwayankha mwanzeru kwambiri. Mumayankha mwanzeru nthawi zonse ndipo timamva kukoma tikamakumverani pa wailesi. Pitilizani ntchito yabwino yoteteza a mai ndi chipani chathu chokondedwa cha pp

  15. marvel chikondi says:

    Thumbs up for Msonda. He has spoken sense.

  16. concerned Citizen says:


  17. big thought says:

    It is indeed good comment from Mr K Msonda. Those appointed were criticizing the operation of the Institutions they are heading. My advice is that they should bring a change in the pricing of the institution’s products and services in the manner they wished good for the Malawians who are poor.

  18. Khumutcha says:

    Msonda has spoken sense. People always want to make stories where there are none.

    They clearly rely on God’s guidance while serving on the Boards, and what they do God will judge. Otherwise, being on Boards does not always mean their activism role is compromised. Good examples are Kwataine, Kapito, and Faustace Chirwa who maintained their stand, and discharged their roles in both circles dutifully.

  19. Gunz says:

    I hope the new board members who are heading CSOs and NGOs do better and make a difference after a long time of constantly criticising the parastatal institutions leadership and services. Time to assess their capabilities. We are watching!!

  20. Newx ichocho says:

    Good good msonda

  21. Ndanena says:


  22. JAYJAY says:

    Mr. Msonda always talks facts but it is unfortune that when you are on the oppsite side of the fact ,you look at Msonda as senseless while it’s you who is senseless.Zikawonengeka kambani zikakhalanso bwino yamikilani,osakakamila choipa chifukwa chokonda chipani ayi umenewo nde umbuli.

  23. Asante says:

    Sonda, what position are you vying in mighty DPP

  24. yale says:

    A Keneth Msonda sopano

  25. john k black says:

    Why is this news? The PP is a failed estate.

  26. Jelbin mk says:

    I think Musonda is mad no wonder they failed to steer a ruling party to victory, do u mean it is enough for someone to be appointed on the basis of being a Malawian? Would he be happy to see one of the players in a football pitch holding and blowing a whistle while playing? Would you do the checks and balances on your own actions? If yes then there is no need to have these stupid NGOs,thus why we need federation or even secession of the north because we feel very very embarrassed to be associated with the name Malawi as a whole with this kind of government operation system where politics take centre stage in everything ranging from basic needs to luxurious things its all over politics politics politics shame on Malawi,thus why Kaunda told Banda that he was ruling dead people.

  27. Jose' says:

    Thumbs up Ken. Maturity at its best

  28. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Look who is talking? Since when did u start talking sense. A double tongued man. Give him 3 weeks u will hear what he will utter frm the same mouth. U surprise me.

  29. Msonda Ken Ndiwa Nzerutu Zina Zija Zinakhala Za Ndale, Koma Zoona Zake Ndimunthu Ozitsata Ndithu.

  30. chilungamo says:

    Now let us wait, we will shortly find him being appointed in one of the Boards, by the way there r around 50 or so Boards and we have only seen half of the new appointees! Ndiye wina azayambe kunena kuti DPP is destroying PP or poaching from other political parties, the answer is crystal clear we r all Malawians and we need to be considered for these appointments whether friends or foes!

  31. pearson sadala says:

    I choose to differ. He is speaking as msonda i guess

  32. Azibambo eni eni says:

    Good examples but not sure if all would be as the examples and knowing how dpp works, it will be easy to put scones in their mouths!!

  33. Azibambo eni eni says:

    Nothing to think about but may be what do you say guys?

  34. Joi says:

    Wayankhulako za nzeru nsonda since you were born..PP yanyamuka waku political dust bin

  35. Rasta says:

    Good start Ken. You have given an impression that you love your country. It is my first time to hear a logical argument from you. I mean this is what we need to comment the real issue with real example and clear the mist of opposition when there is nothing to oppose.

    Good for you reporter too.

    What do you think guys?

Comments are closed.

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